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Sleep Tactics – Herniated: A Debut of Hard Prog Rock Complete with Alchemic Fretboard Mastery

If you appreciate caustic progressive guitars in an instrumental bed of grinding collisions to the tune of filthy Rock and Roll, it’s safe to say that you’ll want to tune into what Sleep Tactics have cooked up with their single “Herniated”.

Herniated is just one of the tracks to feature on the up and coming artist’s debut self-titled LP, and if Herniated is anything to go by, the album will be a frenzied feat of tactual fretboard mastery. Fans of Thurston Moore/Sonic Youth will definitely want to have Sleep Tactics on their radar. Yet, with the vocals, the Philadelphia-based 3-piece have chosen to go with an all-American raucous bite bringing a new dynamic the noisy Prog Rock soundscape.

You can check out Sleep Tactics latest single Herniated for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


DEARBONES deliver Multi-Faceted Prog-Rock Melodies with latest single “THE SLEEP”

Funnily enough, the first lyric in the latest single “THE SLEEP” from up and coming Alt Rock artist DEARBONES perfectly describes what is in store for you when you hit play. “These scales peel razor sharp wires from the spine” is fairly telling of the alchemy which spills from the less than archetypal guitar progressions as they scream throughout the mix yet constantly find new melodic ways to leave you mesmerised.

The Massachusetts fourpiece was founded in 2017 after converging with the aim of offering intellectually compelling lyricism (which borders on ominous poetry) entwined in a blistering Alt-Rock soundscape. For Prog Rock and Post Rock fans, THE SLEEP is a playlist essential, each time you immerse yourself in the track you’ll find new shards of resonance which affirm that DEARBONES are perceptively a band worth getting excited about.

You can check out the official music video to the latest track by DEARBONES by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alta Cura – Burn: Experimental Prog Rock Worth Losing Your Mind Over

While every track on up and coming Irish-based act Alta Cura’s debut EP is a testament to the collective talent from the 5-piece powerhouse, there is absolutely no better introduction to their indulgently fresh style than their standout single “Burn”.

With some freeform instrumental dabbling serving as a misguiding Jazzy prelude, the track evolves into some of the most powerful progressive experimental Rock I’ve heard this side of the 00s. Any fans of Against Me! are definitely going to want to pay attention thanks to the gritty unrestrained bite of the lyrics.

The intricacy alongside ingenuity of Burn goes beyond any amount of expectation, as the single treats you to an earworm of a melody that isn’t going to burrow its way out until long after the single has faded out.

Every guitarist listening to Burn is going to end up wishing they came up with that riff themselves. Yes, it really is that infectious.

You can check out Alta Cura’s single Burn for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Pirlo – Nonchalant af: Psychedelic Alt Prog Rock

“Nonchalant af” is the latest single to be released by Alternative Prog Rock artist Pirlo. With the single the up and coming artist managed to weave a ballad out of apathy into his Psychedelic mix of Indie colliding with Pop and Rock.

Kicking off with a tentative piano melody and progressing into an intricately immersive Rock soundscape Nonchalant af is a quaint single which won’t fail to leave you enamoured which mainly falls down to the playfully pensive lyricism.

Naturally, the vocal style to Nonchalant AF runs like muted poetry allowing the theme of jadedness flow right through the track. But clearly Pirlo wasn’t nonchalant about the production of his latest single. The extended 8-minute mix allows for plenty of room for you to slip into the mix and explore the constantly evolving soundscape.

You can check out Pirlo’s latest single Nonchalant af for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MAXSEL – Shy Landscapes: Lucidly Pioneering Instrumental Prog Rock

With a prelude that would be fitting in any Tarantino film, MAXSEL’s progressively psychedelic single “Shy Landscapes” unfolds. The snaking rhythm of the guitar guides you through the smoky, reverb-soaked mix in an approach to solo guitar instrumental music that is uniquely refreshing.

Don’t get me wrong, whilst I love an intricate screaming riff, we’ve pretty much heard all the Power Metal guitar tracks we ever need to thanks to DragonForce. With Shy Landscapes you’re guided through a lucidly pioneering Rock solo the experimentalism remains as a constant throughout the track with its sinister undertones and breakdowns similar to Sonic Youth’s earlier sound.

If I have sold MAXSEL’s cinematically arresting style, you can check out Shy Landscapes for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now which is just one of the tracks from MAXSEL’s 2018 release “Trip to the Lost World”

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The DemiMondaines – Skin & Bone: Prog Rock with a Polyphonic Bite

Skin & Bone is the latest single from the up and coming Alt Rock powerhouse the DemiMondaines.

The Scarborough, UK based quartet have created a Progressive Hard Rock anthem which wouldn’t be out of place containing any tracks by Muse, Dream Theatre, Deftones or Opeth. The instrumental segments are absolutely out of this world. As you listen to the muddy reverb from the guitar glide against the solid bassline around the cathartically inducing tight roll and snares from the drums it’s hard not to be drawn into the intricate weavings of the mix especially with the addition of the keys.

The vocals may stay in the Classic Rock arena, yet there is nothing archetypal about the DemiMondaines sound which is proven by Skin & Bone in the slightly extended mix which practically drips raucously infectious euphoria.

You can check out the DemiMondaines latest single Skin & Bone out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Leo Raposão – Sandstorm: Guitar-Driven Instrumental Prog Rock

There aren’t many guitarists kind enough to serve up six whole minutes of relentlessly heavy instrumental Rock, thankfully Leo Raposão was inclined to pick up his Gretsch and treat Heavy Rock fans to his latest single Sandstorm. The single is just one of the four tracks from his 2018 EP ‘the Four Directions’. By the time you’ve reach the end of the release, it’s easy to feel like you’ve just been on an epic aural journey. Each pull of the angular guitar sound collides with the tight roll of the drums to create an almost lucid arrangement.

With Sandstorm there really isn’t any room for vocals, the progressions of the guitar carry plenty of emotive momentum as they weave through the intricate breakdowns and hooks which makes Sandstorm a track which is all too easy to slip into. And let’s be honest, any artist who can pull off an instrumental only track already has a testament to their talent. Judging by Sandstorm, I’d go right ahead and say Leo Raposão is one of the greatest guitarists I’ve heard this year.

You can check out Leo Raposão’s latest single Sandstorm which was released in July 2018 yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Samuel Yuri – Arab Theme III: Sludgy Riff Heavy Prog Rock

Arab Theme III is the surprisingly riff-heavy latest track to be released from the prodigal guitar maestro Samuel Yuri. If you’re a fan of guitar-driven, sludgy progressive rock you’re going to adore what Samuel has cooked up. The doom-impounding riffs of the guitar clash concordantly against the harsh snares and the tight rolls of the drum beat in this instrumental only mix. There is no need for lyrics when so much weight is carried within the melody and harmony of the instrumentals in this extended track. Earlier this year we checked out Samuel Yuri’s single Wind Before the Storm; Arab Theme III may not contain the same rhythmically raucous vocal offerings, but we’ll hold the composition in high regard all the same.

You can check out Arab Theme III (yes, it’s a questionable choice for a Prog Rock track name, but trust me) by Samuel Yuri now by heading over to YouTube. Any fans of Metallica, Megadeath, Apocalyptica and Dream Theatre won’t hesitate to stick the high-octane instrumental medley on their playlists.

To keep up to date with Samuel’s latest releases and news, head on over to Facebook and connect with the irrefutably talented musician.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Million Reasons – Dizzy: Aurally Alchemic Guitar-Driven Prog Rock

The latest single by the Million Reasons, draws you in with a dulcetly sweet prelude, setting you up for a sensually paced guitar-driven Rock hit which any fans of Incubus will absolutely adore. Reminiscence between the vocalists is so stark, yet the instrumentals couldn’t be anymore different. Within their sound, they treat you to an infusion of high-octane, hard hitting groove which adds to the raucous momentum of the track allowing the soundscape to explore a myriad of intertwining melodies. The slightly extended Prog Rock track treats you to some intricately astounding instrumental breakdowns which the chord progression of the guitars seem to seamlessly slide through. You could almost accuse the guitarist responsible for that blinding riff of showing off just a little.

With influences such as Queen, The Beatles, Rolling Stones as Rush, it’s really no surprise that the Chicago based 4-piece powerhouse carry a sound that any self-respecting audiophile couldn’t possibly stick their noses up at.

You can check out Dizzy by the Million Reasons from July 13th, head on over to Spotify now to add the track to your library.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Prog’s Not Dead, Its Just Calmed Down A Bit

If you look up the word eclectic in the dictionary, there is no longer a text based definition, there is now just a picture of Greasy Hands, such is the mercurial and varied nature of what they do musically. Phantasmagoria shows their more progressive rock side and if you are already conjuring images of keyboardists dressed as wizards and 14 disc albums release based on ancient Hindu texts, fear not, Greasy Hands are smarter than that.

In fact Phantasmagoria could be seen as the acceptable and modern face of that excessive genre. It creates a hazy and fairly ambient platform on which guitar riffs and gentle pastoral vocals are allowed to dance. Taken from a full length album of which this forms part of the whimsical adventure it is a brilliant teaser for a fuller suite of music and its inclusions of psychedelia, soulfulness, cinematic rock and sweeping soundtrack vibes as well as the afore-mentioned prog, are a delicious taste of the full dining experience.

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