Wash Away All Pain: Houston instrumental act Abandon the Fall swim with us into the calming ‘Waves’

Following on from the four-track release ‘Infinite Seasons‘ from earlier on in 2021, Abandon the Fall returns with another tremendously skilled track off new EP ‘In Bloom‘, and this one is happily called ‘Waves‘.

Abandon the Fall aka Juan Espinoza, is a Houston, Texas-based indie music producer, writer and rock/pop instrumental musician who seems to fuse the peace back into the world, one song at a time.

You feel like you are underwater on a beautiful ocean floor with cheeky fish just about to nibble at your naked feet, as you swim further in and give them a wave. This soundtrack is definitely made for the movies, and carries you into a place where you don’t need to breathe as everything is natural.

With a stunning ambiance – there is much to wash your soul clean with here – away from all the ugly toxins that this busy world picks up along the way like pesky trash, which can take away your innocence if you let it control you.

Waves‘ from the mightily skilled Texas-based indie music producer and alt-rock instrumental solo artist Abandon the Fall, is a Juan Espinoza-created piece of pure bliss for the soul to lap into like a crystal-clear ocean full of awaiting adventures. There is so much to soak up here on a real reflective soundscape to calmly swim deep inside.

Crash calmly into the ocean on Spotify and see more via the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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