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American social media star, JÚWAN, has released his snipingly riotous pop-punk debut single, OUCH

After going viral on TikTok, the American social media star, JÚWAN, has made his spicy alt-pop debut. His debut single, OUCH, is a confrontationally infectious take on pop-punk with sharp enough lyrics to cut right to the bone.

From tearing apart narcissists to shaming the people that think that questioning someone’s sexuality is a good use of their time, this riotously high-vibe track allows you to imagine what Bowling for Soup would sound like if their music got a potent shot of emotional intelligence.

Instrumentally, OUCH takes you right back to the golden age of 00s pop-punk and alt-rock with the crunchy guitars, sharp lyrical hooks and massive choruses, but JÚWAN is discernibly an artist made for this generation and their search for artists that do more than just superficially scratch at the surface. Seemingly, his magnetism shines through on the airwaves as much as his viral videos. He is definitely one to watch.

OUCH is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

North Carolina’s Snatch the Snail are set to release their warped and wavy surf punk single, Sunk

Snatch the Snail

North Carolina’s most psychedelic retro surf outfit, Snatch the Snail, is set to release their warped and wavy alt-rock track, Sunk. Instead of sending you under as the track title suggests, the Avant-Garde nuances in the colourfully mellow track feed the dopamine with the same generosity of Pavement’s album, Brighten the Corners.

While the bent to the point of distortion guitar notes ring through plenty of wobbly echo and delay, the deadpan vocals sweeten the track that has all the hallmarks of a vibe-out playlist staple. With the experimentalism of Mike Patton and the punk surf vibes of Fidlar, it doesn’t take a genius why Snatch the Snail are thriving in their niche.

Check out Snatch the Snail on their website, Bandcamp and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Drink From The Bottle: San Diego band Halcyon Club set fire to the night on ‘TLITBF’

Released from their December 2021-dropped 2-track EP called ‘Dance ‘Til The Mourning‘, Halcyon Club is in pursuit of the true purpose in this life that is challenging to bear sometimes with ‘TLITBF‘.

Halcyon Club is a 4-piece multi-instrumentalist alt-rock/pop group that is based in sunny San Diego, California in the USA who seem to assemble those dreamy gems you remember from your childhood.

Sending us a mirror-filled single that is high on quality the whole way through, Halcyon Club is quite a sensational listen and stimulate our senses to hold ourselves to that much-needed accountability. With the bottle easy to reach and addictively consuming – seeing through the darkness and into the light-filled road ahead – is the only way to take yourself swiftly into a meaningful mindset again.

TLITBF‘ from the San Diego, California-based indie alt-rock/pop collective Halcyon Club, is such an incredibly revealing track and might be the anthem so far of 2022. We have lived in a bubble for so long that feels like a B-grade movie you wouldn’t even watch on DVD, as our minds try and break out while we find solace in things that we probably should.

Luckily through top songs like this, we may all feel a bit more comforted and can sing at the top of our lungs to get that frustration out.

Listen to this awesome new single on Soundcloud and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling In My Stomach: Romantic Relevance shows us how vital friendship really is on ‘Wedge’

Conveying to us a deeply intimate song that strikes personally right at your beating heart, Romantic Relevance reminds us that keeping a close eye on your friends is of paramount significance during these dark times with ‘Wedge‘.

Romantic Relevance is a Seattle, Washington-based indie alt-rock band that intricately show us their stories about small-town blues, finding your way in this strange world and their religious upbringing growing up.

With a touching story that could fit into a movie, Romantic Relevance shows us why they are one of the most must-listen-to bands in the world at the moment. They give us an accurate illustration of how many of us are feeling right now and avoid the fake flash, to only project realness that is such a welcome listen.

Wedge‘ from the excellent Seattle, Washington-based indie alt-rock act Romantic Relevance, is a track that will have your heart beating faster and your mind strolling to the times when you lost someone close to a tragic event or come close to. Sung with real intent and featuring honest lyrics and a hair-raising vocal shirtless exuberance, this is a meaningful single that needs to be heard far and wide to those who feel a bit lost today.

Someone needs your love out there after all.

See this emotional new music video on YouTube and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nothing Left To Say: Angel Quintas would do it all again with ‘Joni’

Inspired by legends such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Arctic Monkeys and Harry Styles, Angel Quintas is back to his best with the latest single that will take you on that vivid memory lane on ‘Joni‘.

Angel Quintas is a peaceful Orlando, Florida-based alt-pop singer-songwriter who is a self-taught musician who believes that creativity is everywhere if you know where to look for it.

He believes in taking risks, and believes that inspiration can be found wherever he looks.” ~ Angel Quintas

Taken off his fine ten-track album ‘Self-Portrait‘, you feel like you are listening to someone who is only tapping in his growing potential that is so easy to hear.

Angel Quintas takes us for a thought-provoking expedition that is crammed full of sizzling solos that clearly gets you a bit toasty, as you lay back and let him take you on a reflective journey to all the highs and lows of a relationship.

Joni‘ from the Orlando, Florida-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Angel Quintas, is a story all about feeling that things didn’t end too well but you would do it again anyway. There is a sense that there could be a fairytale ending if given another chance. Sung with an intriguing style that gives you flashbacks to another time in your life, this is a compelling song that will grab you by the stomach and feed your soul. Just like that good music always does.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rise And Shine: Leicester rock artist Olly E pushes away the fears on ‘Through Oblivion’

As he uplifts us all to brush off anything holding us back in achieving all our goals in this short life, Olly E sends us a fighter-like message of hope on his new single ‘Through Oblivion‘.

Olly E is a Leicester, UK-based alt-rock solo artist. This is a confident musician who blends in rock, pop-punk, rap and pop, as he seeks to help others find hope through the darkness during these challenging times for humanity.

About the celebration of life, being grateful for the small things and keeping a positive mindset, the track explores Olly E’s purpose, of bringing hope through music.” ~ Olly E

With a spirited vocal experience and smooth raps that shakes your attitude up from its previous unhealthy slumber, Olly E is rather beaming – on this find-that-sun single – that shows us that he will never let anything or anyone bring him down no matter what.

Through Oblivion‘ from the Leicester, UK-based alt-rock solo musician Olly E inspires us to take charge and to never let anything hold us back. This is a mindset-shifting anthem that urges us to feel that much-needed gratitude, which shall have you smiling so brightly and in turn helping others to face their fears head-on to conquer all. Life is better when you are on the right path after all.

Listen to this honest new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Embark on an aural space odyssey with Sunset Afire’s doomy cinematic track, Red Sails

Singularity by Sunset Afire

Doomy, groovy, cinematic tonal palettes feel more fitting than ever, and that’s just what the Brooklyn, New York-hailing post-hardcore outfit, Sunset Afire, delivered with their album, Singularity.

The standout single, Red Sails, is an atmospheric introduction to the nihilistically fuelled minds behind the vicious yet sublimely composed furore in the seminal album.

Rather than going full pedal to the metal, Sunset Afire knew exactly where to throw the fire into the single with the gorgeously layered male and female vocals and where to strip it back to build the tension. Red Sails doesn’t go full-on space odyssey rock opera; instead, it keeps grungy nuances at the heart of the progressively electrifying track that we can’t wait to hear more of. They’ve definitely made an ever-lasting impression with their elevated experimentalism.

Red Sails is now available to stream and download via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Wanted A Peek: N.A.V.E urges us not to fall down the rabbit hole on ‘This Is Hell’

After the downright mind-blowing events that needlessly caused ten innocent fans to lose their lives, over 300 others to be injured, and for so many millions around the world to be confused as to what really occurred, N.A.V.E discovered that the whole room went cold with frigid energy on the ominous new single ‘This Is Hell‘.

N.A.V.E aka Nathan Evans is a Bournemouth/Brighton, UK-based dark alt-electronic artist, singer-songwriter, and music producer.

This is the type of creative artist who loves to blend in rock, trip-hop, and electronica with a moody feel to proceedings, that eerily has you shuddering in suspense for what is coming next.

NAVE’s ‘This Is Hell’ was written and fueled by Nathan’s observation of the recent tragedy at Travis Scott’s Astroworld and the aftermath driven by social media to guide and coerce its users down numerous rabbit holes.” ~ N.A.V.E

This Is Hell‘ from the Bournemouth/Brighton, UK-based dark alt-electronic artist N.A.V.E, leads us into a mournful event that has caused shockwaves around the world for the needless events that transpired. We are hurled into a really gritty track that is filled with an illumination-packed feel that has you looking around rather nervously, as the ambience is rather spooky at times. This is a single to place on loud to get the full effect – as this excellent artist takes us into a mournful tragedy that has generated a lot of reflection – on how future music events are constructed to make sure that this never happens again.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more happenings on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Always Choose You: Baltimore’s Red Skies Mourning misses her so much on ‘Deep Moonlight’

After moving away from the signature grunge sound from before, Red Skies Mourning has us gazing up above as we gravitate closer to our ideal lover on ‘Deep Moonlight‘.

Red Skies Mourning is a Baltimore, Maryland-based alt-rock/pop band that is led by the well-respected singer-songwriter Chris Aleshire.

As we start to fine-tune and modernize the sound, we settled on the idea for the concept of the song to blend The Legend of
Zelda with a The Weeknd/Post Malone vibe of music that’s still intertwined with alt-pop and altrock”. ~ Red Skies Mourning

Featuring dynamic vocals and a likeable sound that is so popular at the moment, Red Skies Mourning takes a trip up in his memory to get a closer look at the flawless woman he certainly craves to be with again. This is such an enjoyable listen and with a track made with so much genuine tenderness, you will find yourself getting lost inside this wonderful creation.

Deep Moonlight‘ from the Baltimore-based alt-rock/pop act Red Skies Mourning, is a love-struck single from an artist who truly misses that special soul. On a romantic gesture that has you swaying slowly and wondering if you are with the right human who makes you feel alive. There is such a passionate sensation here that will take your imagination into a happy place, that has you wishing you could be together forever. This is a track to play with your lover right next to you as your firm hands are locked together as one, or to signal that you are ready to find the one.

Hear this touching new single on Soundcloud and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Dark Sky: Finnish rock band Antivalent knows that there is nothing left on ‘Heavy’

As the infuriating quarrels become too much to handle and the love wanes away like a broken boat sinking into the cold sea below and capsizing dramatically, Antivalent navigates us into an all-too-familiar sad story about how that close bond can shatter into half on ‘Heavy‘.

Antivalent is a pulsating Seinäjoki, Finland-based indie alt-rock act that burns a fiery fuel all over your inquisitive speakers that lights up your imagination on each one of their ear-piercing releases.

Slicing the rampaging riffs with so much skill and preciseness, there is also brilliant vocal electricity on offer to relish from your new favourite band Antivalent. Bringing us a track that is so enjoyable to listen to despite the harrowing story of a breakup that probably had to transpire, there is so much spark-filled exuberance on offer here from an outfit that is quite outstanding on this weighty track.

Heavy‘ from the splendid Seinäjoki, Finland-based alt-rock band Antivalent, is a high-powered performance that is quite unforgettable. Featuring visuals that leads you into the whole story to maximum effect, there is an aspect of sadness but also a relief when it’s all over that is certainly realistic. Sometimes we all just need a break from the constant soulless heartbreak, that can destroy the minds of even the strongest.

See their new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen