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Niels Bacher tells a very 2021 love story through his latest single, Too Sick to Love

Too Sick to Love is the latest single to be released by the alt-pop artist Niels Bacher whose lyrical candour knows very few bounds; in the best possible way. The single starts with muttered lyrics atop of lo-fi trappy beats and faint piano melody; as the momentum picks up, the dissonance starts to slip away until you’re in the midst of a raw whirlwind of emotion that carries reminiscence to The King Blues and Linkin Park.

With lyrics such as “I’ve never been this close to the edge before” “I’m scared I can’t do anything right anymore”, Bacher acted as a confidant to everyone who knows the scars that come through a mental health battle. Especially for anyone who knows how it feels to be romantically ostracised by your own mind.

Too Sick to Love is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Never See Her Again: Silver Magpie wishes his true love would stay behind on ‘The Storm’

As he begins to flap his dusty wings so he can fly to where he deserves to be after sheltering away where it didn’t feel quite right before, Silver Magpie ponders deeply as to why his lover is sailing so far away and not into his arms instead on ‘The Storm’.

Silver Magpie is a Guadalajara, Mexico-born solo indie rock singer-songwriter. He is a creative soul who has hidden his feelings away for too long, as he now expresses himself through his music creations, which only seek to find his true path in this rather confusing world.

Mainly influenced by post-punk/alternative rock bands with some shoegaze/dreamy hints. I’ve always had trouble fitting in, always the weird/nerdish kid at the back of the class.” ~ Silver Magpie

You feel his underdog mentality the whole way through, as he wonders why his love doesn’t turn around and join him hand in hand in again. He is unsure about this new path they have chosen and senses that he should stay behind – even though there could be something exciting waiting for him – if he just took the chance and joined them on the current-filled sailboat.

It took some time to redefine my sound and learn new things to deliver better music. This song is dedicated to all of those who have drifted away (sailing away) from others during this pandemic.” ~ Silver Magpie

The Storm‘ from the motivated Guadalajara, Mexico-born indie artist Silver Magpie, is an emotion-filled journey about the wind-swept thoughts, that are flying dramatically into his reflective mind. He wishes it was calm and easy to work out, but for now his feelings are mixed, as he only thinks about why they left him behind.

Life can take you onto many differing paths. Ultimately, its up to you to work out which way you think the elusive treasure is hidden.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more news via his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wipe Those Tears: Zasxee shows us the way to relieve past pain on ‘Hemingway’

With a kind tone which certainly feels like she knows that something needs to end but doesn’t want it to, Zasxee shows us her incredible DIY talents on the latest single release that will put you into a thoughtful trance called ‘Hemingway‘.

Zasxee is a striking indie alt-rock multi-talented singer-songwriter, music producer, cat lover, bassist, and music engineer. She makes a blend of hypnotic music mixture of treats that has you moving into a new world – as you feel her dynamic skill-set right next to you- that has your curious ears feeling warm and healed from the blustery coldness outside your creaking door.

Her lyrics are smartly written and has you quickly wrapped into a rather strange mood, as you turn up the volume so you can fully immerse yourself into her mindset. This is a wondrous effort that has you so reflective – her vocals leads you away from the darkness and instead seated by the window – so that you may get that fresh air needed for your brain to function properly again.

Hemingway‘ from the youthfully promising Zasxee and her cute kitty cat Piper, is a lovely song that is packed full of intrigue. Her vocals are hard to hear at first as she mysteriously locks you into her stunning spellbinding spell of wonder. This is a track to play when you feel a a bit down after a break-up and need some further inspiration to brush off the pain – so you may confidently move forward with your life. To quickly find a new path that was meant for you and not one that was slippery like before, is the only way to avoid those temptation-filled pitfalls of doom.

Hear this lovely new single on Spotify and see more on her IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Just The Words On The Page: Nav’s Hook wishes there was more written on the soulfully reflective ‘Letters’

As he wonders what might have been had they had more time together, Nav’s Hook takes time to reminisce on this groovy blues gem called ‘Letters‘, that has you lighting the fire and thinking back to the good days that are sincerely missed.

Nav’s Hook is an India-born and based, Cyprus-raised, indie alt-blues singer-songwriter, who has also lived in various countries. He comes in with over twenty years experience in the music game, and has recently started this new project.

Cyprus was the beginning of my musical experience where as an teen I regularly tuned into a British radio station called BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) where anything and everything “British Rock” was played. Of course, later time spent in America only furthered my passions into the kind of music I always wanted to make.” – Nav’s Hook

His superbly toned vocal range is filled with so much easy-to-hear class and the soundscape here is of the highest standard, as you feel the warm energy and totally admire the quality here. The carefully-penned lyrics are so honest and have you thinking back to those moments you certainly wish you could have back.

”‘Letters’ came about while going through a box of old letters. It’s that “dim the lights down with a drink in hand” kind of Rhythm & Blues story of dealing with separation and finding closure in written letters. But sometimes they were so beautifully written that instead of moving on, you found yourself slipping into reverse mode.” – Nav’s Hook

Letters‘ from the India-based indie alt-blues singer-songwriter Nav’s Hook, shows us a man on a mission to express his new art. He flood our minds with a memory that he cherishes so much. As he now sits down by the fire with a beverage, and marvels at these incredible times, that makes him wonder could of transpired if the timing had been different.

See this top lyric video on YouTube and find out more on his FB music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Don’t Feel Fine: North Hollywood metal band Helen 55 follow their vision on the mask-filled mission ‘Dr. 9’

With an intensely ominous sound that summons the hidden ghosts to reappear suddenly from the scraps of the putty masks, Helen 55 showcase their potent vision to a volume that might shock many like a bolt of powerful lightning on your unsuspecting body with ‘Dr. 9.

Helen 55 is a rampaging alt/rock/metal band from California’s North Hollywood area. Formed in 1997, and after disbanding from 2002 to 2018 – they are now stronger and hungrier than ever – to make that window-smashing music that wakes up your lethargic souls, to levels of passionate enjoyment.

Taken off the new album, ‘SLEEP | DEATH’ (pronounced-The Fine Line Between Sleep and Death), this is a tremendously intoxicating track that defied gravity, as they splinter all speakers with their incredibly raw sound. The cleverly-made music video is creepy and full of masks that turn into something else when thrown away to the floor, as they gravitate a style that has your mind alive and slightly shaken.

Dr. 9‘ from the ferocious alt-metal act Helen 55, is a statement of intent from a clearly in-tune band. They show us a thunderous song that bolts in rather quickly and sparks a fire inside you, that is rather rare during these dark times. This is a respected unit that has shared the stage with heavyweights such as System of a Down, Papa Roach, Thrice and more. They are back with vengeance and this is a foot-stomping effort that will have the hairs on your arms standing up to full attention.

Their vision and motivation is clear. The band is back and better than ever.

See the music video on YouTube and find out more about their vision via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

My World Is Ending: Thundering Tampa metal band Mikky Malice turn up the heat with a blowtorch on ‘Sinner’s Requiem’

As they have our exposed ears ringing with their powerful sound that has your body feeling sparked up like an electrician who has just been shocked unexpectedly, Mikky Malice return mightily with their latest offering which is named ‘Sinner’s Requiem‘.

Mikky Malice is a high-octane groove alt-metal band from sunny Tampa in Florida, USA. They force ahead with hard-biting and explosive soundscapes that slashes the tires of anybody driving too slow, and has your unsuspecting speakers shaking like a feisty rattlesnake.

Sinner’s Requiem touches on some of the issues surrounding a person’s death. The anger, torment, and persecution of finding out a person’s true nature the pain and suffering of the people he caused around him. That same person realizing too late all the pain he caused to loved ones, but pride and fear keep him silent and unrepentant until death takes him. Everyone has a book of sin kept, what will yours look like? This song Sinner’s Requiem is for some a chance for healing and its message is hope for others.” – Mikky Malice

His formidable vocals are on full blast the whole way through as his fragile larynx reaches the ultimate passage to the other side – as the band are on top form with a strong display that has you feeling either nervous or reinvigorated – as they fuse together with an experienced sound, that has your heart pounding.

Sinner’s Requiem‘ from the fast-paced groove metal band from Tampa, Florida named Mikky Malice, has your thoughts really alive as you think about what comes after your life. They rage in and slam the front door with reckless abandon, with a flurry of roaring noise that will highly please metal fans, who are looking to quickly let out some bottled-up steam. This is a song that will annoy the neighbors, but is a track you need to hear rather loud.

Stream this new track via Spotify and check out their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Come Back Home: Splendid new Boston rock band Silvirtongue know what they want on ‘Heartstrings’

Taken off their much-awaited upcoming debut EP, Silvirtongue skillfully tell us the true story of wanting that loved soul to be present right next to your caring eyes again as there is so much more to say on ‘Heartstrings‘.

Silvirtongue is a promising Boston, Massachusetts-based four-piece alt-rock band. They are a new act who have been working hard over this supremely challenging last year, and power in with a sterling effort that needs our attention.

Inspired by classic bands such as Radiohead, Oasis, The Pixies, Pearl Jam, U2, The Cure and The Police, you feel their quality throughout this absolute gem. After a few seconds you quickly realize that this is a specially brewed band, who are oozing natural class without trying overly hard.

The band formed when things got tough for all of us at the start of 2020. With some original works already lined up, band vocalist and bassist (Cozzo) reached out to some musician friends both new and old (Kelleher, Colarusso, McGuirk). Within a years time they were writing collectively, and have been ever since.” – Silvirtongue

You hear such clearly intention-filled vocals here that are backed up by a sensational sound, who seem to get it all right with ease. Your head seems to nod organically and there is so much pureness here – nothing is ever rushed unnecessarily – as you sit back and admire such cleverly penned lyrics, that seems to mesh perfectly with the mood at hand.

Heartstrings‘ from the booming Boston alt-rockers Silvirtongue, is the movie-like story about wanting to be with someone so bad, as you had feelings back in the old days at school. There is something there that you can’t stop thinking about it, and you want to be close, so you can find out exactly what it is. This is a fantastic track that will certainly have your heart beating with so much energy, and is one of the most exciting releases from 2021.

Stream this new track on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chris Sunfield goes in for the kill with his latest avant-garde production, ‘Predator’

With the dark sensuality of a She Wants Revenge single, theatrically macabre lyrics, and cinematic film noir feel, Chris Sunfield’s latest single, Predator is an intoxicating mash of baroque folk, pop, jazz, electronica and hip hop.

Just when you’re starting to think that you’ve got the soundscape figured out, Predator throws fierily slick rap verses from Ya Favorite Lightskin into the mix that will be a hit with any fans of Banks and Steelz. With avant-garde instrumentals contorting free from constraint under the bars, Predator absorbs you just as much as you absorb the soundscape.

Predator is one of those tragically rare singles that you could listen to a thousand times and still feel assured that you would take something new from the next listen. The artistry on exhibition here is practically unparalleled. We can’t wait to hear what Chris Sunfield unleashes next.

The official music video to Predator premiered on May 28th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

terrel flower explores disassociation with his Lynchian glitch-hop track, ‘I’m not me’.

Experimental artist terrel flower has released his sophomore single, I’m not me, it may be difficult to pigeonhole in terms of genre, but in terms of feeling, it’s a reflection of dissociative ennui that kicks with an artfully Lynchian feeling of desolation.

Sticking to the darker side of the tonal palette in the downtempo and minimalist single, terrel flower gave the single a chilling atmosphere that allows you to carouse in monochromatic lament. With elements of glitch hop and ambient EDM within the single, fans of Portishead and Hooverphonic will want to indulge in the dark yet compassionately resonant single that welcomes you in and offers solidarity from the track title alone. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but neither was Albert Camus’ poetry, and therein lies the outlier beauty in I’m not me.

I’m not me is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I’ll Keep On Trying: Melbourne’s Izzy Day asks for calm away from the noise on the supremely beautiful ‘Silence’

As she sweetly adores the person who makes her soul so happy and free, Izzy Day wants the moment to last and for the fights and discontentment to be over for good, on the spectacular new single that urges ‘Silence‘.

Izzy Day is a delightful Melbourne, Australia-based, Gold Coast-born, indie alt-soul singer songwriter and music producer. She smartly connects retrospective stories of life into alluring soundscapes to warm up your cold feelings, that has your mind lathering up so much goodness to heal up.

Silencerelays vulnerable challenging moments along the journey of love. Its melodic vibe carries you through, unmasking a paradox of emotions, between feelings of disconnection and deep longing.”Izzy Day

You feel the stunning aura around her — as she gracefully takes us on a peaceful journey that has so much relevance in this quick-swipe world — that demands our attention needlessly at times. Her wonderful vocals are so crisp and angelic, as you end up closing your eyes and imagining that close touch with that special human who you feel the most for, as you stay tight in each others arms.

Silence‘ from Melbourne indie soul artist Izzy Day, sweeps you away into a world that is so dreamy and peaceful. She sings with that freedom which is so rare. She tells us the story about loving them so much — that words aren’t even needed — just being there together as one. That is true love after all.

Stream this fine single on Spotify and see her social journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen