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Ethan Yates will be here for the ‘Rest Of Our Lives’

Ethan Yates is a Christian singer/songwriter from East Texas, USA; don’t let that tempt you into making assumptions about his music, though – this is no confessional, congregational piece, rather a beautiful, gentle acoustic-focussed track with a definite Americana-meets-indie, college-radio vibe.

There’s a real Paul Westerberg/Replacements feel to Yates’ vocal, some delicate slide guitar, and an almost Kings Of Leon feel to the rockier parts. Little bits of alt-rock like Paramore and mellower Bring Me The Horizon, Taking Back Sunday, or Dashboard Confessional meld with choice Americana like Counting Crows and the Jayhawks, with some beautiful harmonies and a perfect understanding of melody and composition, ‘Rest Of Our Lives’ really is as good as it comes.

You can check out ‘Rest Of Our Lives’ on Spotify; Follow Ethan Yates on Instagram and Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes


Georgetown grunge trio Tough on Fridays released their most relatable single yet with Cabin Fever.

Georgetown grunge trio Tough on Fridays has been on our radar since we heard their unforgettable 2018 single, ‘The Waywards’. With their latest single, Cabin Fever, their pop-punk edge has been stripped-back and replaced by doom-laden tones that will win over any fans of Porcupine Tree.

The gloomy, progressive anthem, complete with a thrashing rhythm section and angular cutting guitar notes that bring Shoegaze nuances into the mix, is a raw admission of the frustration experienced while locked away from normality.

What makes Cabin Fever so intense and cathartic is the realism of the angst. It was delivered in the same despondent way we’ve all been feeling over the past year.

Cabin Fever officially released on May 3rd; you can check it out for yourselves by visiting Tough on Fridays’ website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Only Headed Up: Texas rapper JToni rips the mic on impressive ‘Pop My Shit Freestyle’ (feat. Lul Roddo)

After enduring lots of ups and downs in life, JToni sparks up the vibe to forget the past with his latest track that flows into your mind with a blast on ‘Pop My Shit Freestyle(feat. Lul Roddo).

New Orleans, Louisiana native Justin Fiallos aka JToni, is a thriving Texas-based Public Relations graduate of the University of North Texas and top notch hip-hop artist, who makes that real bite music that take a chomp out of your hungry speakers.

He aims for the top and realizes that so many out there only want to hate, as when they see you doing well they get super jealous of your success. Love is hard to find and when you do, its a smart plan to hold onto and nurture it.

With a determined flow that has you supremely impressed, the time to stay up top is here and never going back to those broke days, is of course the aim. You feel your head bouncing up and down like a trampoline, his style is likable and everything is effortless and legit.

Taken off his latest tremendous ten-track album called ‘Only Way Is Up‘, ‘Pop My Shit Freestyle’ (feat. Lul Roddo) from Austin, Texas-based JToni, is the street-hop buzz cut that slices through your hair to give you a fresh fade, that is such a top listen and one of the most exciting hip-hop releases so far of 2021.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

On A Road To Change: Aorta Project soothes our worries with the intoxicating electronic single ‘Wounded Warrior’

Wounded Warrior by aortaproject

As you feel like you are stepping into a hallucinatory world of mysterious forces, Aorta Project puts your senses into another level of surprise with the new single called ‘Wounded Warrior‘.

Aorta Project is an absorbing dark alt-electronica act led by Houston, Texas composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Steven Sheffield. He creatively meshes that reflective music, which has you thinking much deeper than before.

Fans of Deadmau5 and Jon Hopkins will be especially pleased here as the backdrop filters in with a fresh backwash-feeling like the oceans salt water potion — to cleanse you from the toxins of yesterday — as the incredible ingenuity is quite striking, as it somehow leaves your imagination alive with ideas like never before.

This is the true message of taking time to heal if you have dealt with something traumatic. You need to have a chat with yourself to improve within — as you are the only one that can really make it happen — not anyone else.

The female-led vocals has you in another world, as the atmospheric beat lathers your mind with peaceful energy, where there was trauma and heartache before.

”A catalyst for catharsis, Aorta Project transforms our darkest moments into transcendent epiphanies of self expression and reflection.” – Aorta Project

Wounded Warrior‘ from the terrifically stimulating Texas-based dark alt-electronica Aorta Project, shows us into a state of mind that can pulsate like a hallucinogenic mood to the other side, as you find yourself again and make that change that you know is needed.

If you want it enough, its never too late to change lanes and drive into a better life.

Hear this stunning new single on Bandcamp and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding Confidence: Hip-Hop violinist Shrey Panda drops debut track that has your body mesmerized on ‘Conquest’

As his skills bend tremendously with the ultimate belief in himself after he was enlightened, Shrey Panda builds up our mood with one of the most fascinating experiences you will hear all year with ‘Conquest‘.

Shrey Panda is a superb hip-hop violinist from Austin, Texas, who makes the type of music which opens the door to your mind, looking deeper to find that best version of yourself and ultimately winning at what you set your goals towards achieving.

”Through melodic violins, classical instruments, and colorful beats, I take listeners on a story about triumph, self-doubt, and ultimately finding confidence in one’s self.” – Shrey Panda

Inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Hans Zimmer, and Beethoven, he seems to morph your speakers into play-dough — as molds your mind like he has special powers — urging and twisting you into his music kingdom, with seemingly effortless charm.

You sit back and marvel at his brilliance, he has been building up for this moment and perfecting his craft night and day. The calm is unleashed so spectacularly here, to wash away all that suffocating self-doubt that does nothing to help you grow.

Conquest‘ from enrapturing Texas-based hip-hop violinist Shrey Panda, is that awe-inspiring track that puts your attitude into fifth gear, you are ready to make those moves you have been talking about, as you bounce your head to this instant memorable debut classic. With more music to come, it feels like we are witnessing the rise of someone different to the rest.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trusting You: Houston’s Bill Grippin is making moves ‘On Me’

With the Marlboro Red lit up and burning strong as he ponders his next mission, Bill Grippin shows us that he truly gets what he needs to do in order to succeed, on this quick-fire single called ‘On Me‘.

Powered by his label Another Level Music, Bill Grippin is a Houston, Texas-based hip-hop artist/music producer, with a unique blend of skills that are raw and rapped with such witty bars, that he has you bobbing your head around and feeling his groove.

Full of straight up rhymes that has you listening intently as you turn him up to the max, he leads us into his mind with an impressive array of smartly lipped lyrics, that has you respecting his street flow.

On Me‘ from Houston rapper Bill Grippin rips into your mind as a soundtrack to show us that you need to put things on yourself and not rely on anyone else. Whilst some others are making excuses for the lack of opportunities during these times, the only way is to open your own doors is to make it happen no matter what.

Check out the track audio on YouTube and see his IG for more news and tracks.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hate This Feeling: Trevor DeBenon evokes emotional flashbacks with the excellent debut ‘Don’t Wanna Feel Anymore’

With a fresh look and tasty beats, Trevor DeBenon leads us into that time she didn’t feel the same way you did on ‘Don’t Wanna Feel Anymore‘.

Trevor DeBenon is a youthfully exuberant Houston, Texas-based producer, who truly loves what he does and has made his much-anticipated debut song, that comes from the deepest part of his heart.

The vocals shine a bright light on the fire within, as he looks determinedly for the new path after this road has been blocked by someone else. The beat is crisp and has you listening intently, the catchy nature has you moving your body slowly, albeit with that feeling that you remember all too well. The world can be a harsh place if you don’t have thick skin, those thorns can slice you open quickly, unless you learn to bandage yourself up quickly, as you know better days are around the corner.

Don’t Wanna Feel Anymore‘ from the talented young producer Trevor DeBenon, is a track all about those strong feeling you had that unfortunately weren’t reciprocated, as you wonder about what could of been and seeing her moving on so quickly on the same night hurts really bad. The true lesson digs deep, but will forever make you stronger and help you learn to only give your heart to those who deserve it.

Stream this breakup single on Spotify and follow him on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Slow Down: Texas emcee B Tha One shows us how to ‘Let It Go’

Taken off B Tha One’s debut ten-track hip hop album called ‘Two Sides to My Story‘, ‘Let It Go‘ sees him eagerly shedding off that last remaining self-doubt to fully flourish and be at one with himself in the world, with an entertaining effort of top quality.

B Tha One is a talented Austin, Texas indie rapper who imperviously flows with a consciously enlightened style that captures the real picture of life, with no unnecessary flash or fake energy in sight.

This is the story about hurting hard from being back-stabbed and lied to, it stings hard like a bee’s furious bite at first, however over time you heal up and learn to grow that vital thick skin, that is absolutely impenetrable.

He raps with a true sense of what is going on in reality and sweeps your mind into another place, the stories of avoiding temptation in this easy-to-lose-it type of world shows you the way forward, as you build a metal fort around your own demons, so that they never escape again.

Let It Go‘ from the B Tha One, is that call to take time to search for yourself, as you replenish your soul after much stress and dealing with undesirable drama. His haunting flow washes all over your bodies hard-to-reach toxins, as he brings us a track to feel a bit sad and inspired with.

Stream this powerfully portrayed single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fly Away: Reezan hits the skies with the slider ride in the sky new single ‘Barcelona’ (ft. Maahir)

Taken off his five-track album named ‘Hop On A Beat‘, Europe-chasing Reezan shows his ever-increasing wordplay with the jet-hopping new track about getting away from it all and having new adventures on ‘Barcelona‘ (ft. Maahir).

Reezan is the Dallas, Texas-born, final year Electrical Engineering student at UCLA, who hops into our speakers to fly out of current times, so he can feel alive again and replenish the soul in warmer climates, after a wild twelve months on planet Earth.

With a confident flow, these two rap with conviction and self-assurance, their bars aid the plane to fly higher and with grace, each flow streams in to ultimate altitude, as the beats wraps your mind to remember those days of easy travel and partying without fuss.

Barcelona‘ (ft. Maahir) from the indie Texas rapper Reezan, is the story of cruising with that fresh feel as you get out of stagnation, to fly free and land happy in a new country away from all the pettiness from small-minded folks, who just don’t get it.

Hear this track on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Fight It: Houston RnB singer Melo Bermon deals with mixed feelings from former lover on ‘Might Need You’

Opening up his heart for us to see all as he fights the pain, Melo Bermon tells us the story of a girl he loves deeply, even though he knew she wasn’t the right one for him on ‘Might Need You‘.

Melo Bermon is a smoothly-voiced Houston, Texas-based RnB singer-songwriter, who performs from his deepest soul, each word sung means something personal to him, as he sings about love lost and learning about himself through adversity.

His sensual voice opens the door to where they were together when things were so beautiful and loving, you thought that this would last forever with the kisses and long nights in each others arms. Then things changed quickly and you feel the emotion spill on the table, his heart is broken and he is in a state of confusion, as to why he let her in so close.

This is the tale of love gone wrong and learning to only open your world to someone who you feel a mind connection with, not just body lust, as that can lead you astray, despite the short term benefits that feel so good.

Might Need You‘ from the heart-broken RnB artist Melo Bermon, is the story about how you need to trust your instincts that come to you early on, otherwise you will paying with a broken heart that will take long to heal, but eventually will repair itself when you leave her memory behind and start again, to find someone who has your best interests at heart.

Check out this video on YouTube and see his career rise on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen