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The New Society – Feeling Ways: Rise & Grind

It seems a shame to judge The New Society based on the merits of their latest tack Feeling Ways. Musically the arrangement is solid in this Pop, Rap Hip Hop track that’s fuelled with an infectiously smooth flow and brought to life through it’s funk baselines, the rhythmic vocal ability being the ultimate cherry on the cake, yet I can’t help but feel that songs about grandiosity have been done to death. The disappointment in this track hit me like a brick when It came to the chorus as I waited for a hint of lyrical originality.

The Texan based duo that forms The New Society uses their inspirations from Calvin Harris and Drake for their tracks, but what use is that inspiration if you’re just going to churn out tracks about superficiality?

I would love to hear a track from this band that are singing REAL emotion and feeling that you can get behind and immerse yourself in the track rather than indulging them in their delusions of gangster grandeur.

If that’s exactly the type of music you go for check out Feeling Ways via Soundcloud using the link below:


Hassan Nowai – Kudos: An Old School Hip Hop Revival

Hassan Nowai is a Hip Hop & Rap artist from Dallas, Texas who is becoming notorious for his ability to bring tight music to life through his use of juicy old school beats.

He’s a man of many talents, he’s a music artist, photographer & designer, but is his music the full package? He’s got a strong following behind him for a reason. His unashamedly brash attitude resonates through his plethora of playful tracks. What stands out in his debut track ‘Kudos’ produced by Juan RIOS is the punchy beats that are fuelled with palpable synergy. He creates a storm through his synthesised tracks each of them is as enigmatic as the last & follows and inexplicable pace.
Hassan has a relentless rapping style which he wraps around his refined sound.

There’s an unambiguous element of contempt to his lyrics which he uses to express his disdain toward the bludgeoning rap scene but still manages to pertain a fresh sound that’s a pleasure to indulge in. The sound is not overly polished which gives Hassan’s music a quaint and almost twee style.

Check out his latest track Kudos on SoundCloud using the link below!

Join his army of fans on Twitter & Instagram!


Byran Motley Releases Post-Grunge Track ‘Hurt’

Simultaneously paying homage to the more melodic end of Seattle’s grunge scene and the strands of classic rock inspired scenes which were evolving into any number of post-, alt- and nu- subsets around the same time, Hurt revels in a big, powerful and muscle bound sound. But it is much more than just another homage to rocks past. Whilst it flits through and flirts with everything from Zeppelin-esque grandeur to New Wave of British Heavy Metal guitar motifs to Nu-Metal’s dark and edgy sonic world, it also offers a glimpse of rocks future. Or one possible one at least.

It is interesting that one track can reference so many past glories yet keep them all enough at arms length to allow room for new ideas to burst forth at the same time. Hurt is a blend of the cold, doom-laden edge of Danzig’s dystopian blues-metal and the emotive, sonic drama of Staind, but with more than a nod to the likes of Soundgarden and built as much on an intangible weight as the power of the musical delivery itself. Post-grunge? Is that a thing yet?


John Pagano Band release rocking blues track ‘Trouble on Heels’

There is a famous quote that those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. But I would add that those who do remember the past are free to take its finest moments, hone and refine them and use them to build bridges into the future. John Pagano and his cohorts do just that.

Let me draw a line connecting the points on a journey, a line connecting West Texas back street bars with smoky Chicago blues clubs of an earlier era, another from a re-emerging East Coast alt-country scene to the open highways heading west. Others joining rock with roots, southern boogie with urban blues, the profound with the profane, the familiar with the exploratory.

Stare at the pattern of the lines for a long time, and then shut your eyes. The stars dancing behind your eyelids is the music of these outstanding musicians. It’s the soundtrack to a road trip, one travelling foot on the floor, top down, beer in hand.


Clear your mind with DEVIN’s track ‘Bring You In’

An argument can be made that music of all genres are different iterations and expressions of the human soul. It’s that word though, soul, which has truly been able to define a very specific type and level of understanding and vulnerability and power in honest expression. For DEVIN, it requires only the simplest elements. A piano performance, a snap-beat and a chance to let herself shine through is all that’s needed for a soulful performance. To capture something so beautiful and so simple is a tradition of R&B, but all the more reason to respect these styles. Bring You In is DEVIN’s invitation to stop your day, clear your mind and focus on only this gorgeous sonic message.

Despite the rudimentary nature of the mix, it’s not right to discount the music as lazy. While the spotlight remains on the smooth and caring vocal performance, the piano isn’t just dropping compressed loops like a lot of musicians who strive for minimalism. There’s heart in every stroke. The snaps don’t provide much rhythmic variety, but act as a grounding element coming from something more intimate than the traditional metronome or bass and snare combo. In some ways, this incredibly basic beat can be called more intentional and romantic than layered beats with a richer sense of motion. All things said and done, this song is beautiful and worth slowing down your daily momentum to appreciate.

-Paul Weyer


A&R Factory Present: Sugar Joiko

Sugar Joiko is a strong, soulful musician. Her powerful range and soothing vocal talents make her a unique and fresh addition in the world of current and future music. With unprecedented confidence and the right attitude, Sugar Joiko continues to turn heads in the realm of Electronic and Pop culture.

She has been affiliated with record labels JetSet Music Group, Clipper’s Sounds, and Vous Records. She has collaborated with several artists in EDM such as Dean Mason, Ron Reeser, Made Monster, DJ Storm, Loreno Mayer, and more. Her first EP Album entitled, “DJ Save My Life” released on March 3, 2015.

Her latest album, “Motionless” released October 18th, 2016. Now available on iTunes, and more.


A&R Factory Present: Eloah Jones

Eloah Jones is a driven, passionate and charismatic singer and songwriter with a truly unique approach and a diverse set of talents under her belt!

Now 17, Eloah has been acting and singing ever since she was 11. Eventually, due to her hard work and committed passion, was was finally able to bring her music to the next level and work on something amazing. Eloah recently released a brand new single, “Soldier”, which is inspired by artists as diverse as Selena Gomez or Lana Del Rey, just to mention but a few.

The single is catchy, direct and personal, while Eloah’s stunning vocal performance truly captivates the audience in a unique way.

One of the most striking things about the single is the way Eloah managed to craft a song that feels thought-provoking and deep, yet extremely catchy and easy to relate to, adding depth and sensibility to her blend of pop.

Hailing from Texas, Eloah is quickly generating quite a buzz around her music and talent, not only in her state, but also nationwide, as more and more fans become familiar with her warm vocals and amazing songwriting abilities.

Eloah even released a lyric video to the single, Her new single SOLDIER is now available on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify.


A&r Factory Present: Drayter

Drayter is an award winning pop/rock band from Dallas,Texas. Renowned for their high-energy live shows and emotionally charged modern rock songs, Drayter stitches together melodies from both pop and traditional rock ‘n’ roll that are impassioned, heavy at times, most assuredly danceable, and pop in all the right places.

With Liv Miner’s angelic female vocals, jazzy bass lines, combined with Cole Schwartz’s slicing guitar and driving percussion, Drayter’s sound is both unique and familiar to even the most discerning music fan.

It is great to see such a young band, making great music. They take a whole range of musical influences from Foo Fighters to Periphery to create there own style of progressive rock with soaring melodies.



A&R Factory Present: Northern National

Northern National is an Alternative band from Dallas, TX. Fronted by Michael Rossi and Michael Kanne they released their debut studio single “Love Is Fire” on May 6th, 2016.

“Love Is Fire” was co-produced by Daniel Stringer (X Ambassadors, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Johnny Stimson) & Jordan Critz (Green River Ordinance), and is the first song off of their upcoming EP, “The New Age”, which is set to release in the fall of 2016.


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