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Texas R&B Rapper DomOnEarth charms his way in with ‘’Take Out’’

Well, I’m just tryin’ to hang back and get some take out food. The Hip Hop game can be a tough place to be in. With artists chewed out as fast as they were welcomed in, ‘’DomOnEarth’’ doesn’t seem at all interested in playing that game and just wants to make sensual music to make his girl happy.

Born in a small suburb of Minneapolis, USA and after growing up in famous Texas, he says he has a midwest heart with a southwest swag. With lots of talent and tight beats to complement his skills, ‘DomOnEarth’ flow is effortless, like he is a complete natural. With music about love, he’s a sure fire hit with the ladies I’m sure. 

‘’Take Out’’ is the follow up to recent song ‘’Slide’’. A song with a dazzling beat, this Rapper is on the right road to greatness. In his own way. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Deidre Thornell has released incredible single ‘Keep on Loving Me’

Deidre Thornell has dropped her latest single ‘Keep on Loving Me’ a truly mesmerising piece with a heartfelt lyrical approach.

Infusing a contemporary country sound with the occasional pop twist, throughout this piece it’s extremely powerful and the emotion pours through each word sung. Having that brittle texture to the voice as Deidre pours her heart and soul into the music she produces and you can hear that every second.

Having that trusted companion of the acoustic guitar guiding the song along and combining alongside the vocals. That soft strum, nothing too drastic, keeping it simple and really letting her voice cut through and show just how well she can hit those high notes and how incredible the vocal ranges are.

A fantastic piece by Deidre, one that is filled with passion and positivity and one that needs to be added to your playlist.

Listen to Deidre Thornell’s ‘Keep on Loving Me’ by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


NEOS have released their single People

Texas-based band NEOS has released their single ‘People’ infusing their Indie sound through fascinating vocals and smooth instrumentals.

Starting off with the slow pluck on the guitar strings as the vocals begin to come through having this rather deep tone to them with that rough texture, intertwining perfectly with the flow of the instrumentation.

Adding in that tap of the tambourine and beginning to combine the calming tone of the acoustic guitar paired with the electric. The way the instrumentation sounds gives it this real mellow feeling, you feel relaxed as you listen even when everything does tend to heighten and begin to increase in volume.

Sounding similar to artists such as Coldplay, having that mesmerising vocal range that pulls you in straight away whilst having that powerful instrumental that brings the piece to life.

Check out NEOS’ single People by clicking here now.

Review by Karley Myall


AndyJMotion has dropped latest single Lights

Artist AndyJMotion dropped his single ‘Lights’, embracing his New Wave sound and having a fast pace flow and an infectious rhythm.

Having that repetition of the lyrics bouncing back and forth, using humming to kick start the Rap, the vocal ranges are fairly raspy and tend to have this rather harsh texture to them as they go from being fairly flat to stretching out to amp up the volume, and the voice does tend to crack in a rather brittle way in parts.

The overall rhythm is upbeat, it keeps the flow going steady and pulses through the vocals as it tends to stay simple but still has its own lively feeling to it, as it tends to flow in and out of other elements, coming in louder and fading out quicker. Towards the end, the guitar like sound begins to climb out of the background and give it this dose of edginess.

Be sure to check this one out by AndyJMotion it’s definitely got a catchy beat.

Listen to AndyJ Motion Lights by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


Jerry Impini has added a new raucous twist to Americana Rock with their latest single “Not Involved”

Jerry Impini’s latest single “Not Involved” kicks off with a sonic blast of overdriven guitars which you may not be used to hearing in Americana Rock. But anyone who appreciates fresh new approaches to the genre will definitely want the Texas-based up and coming artist on their radar.

After hearing Jerry Impini’s Duelling Piano Rock track “Been Bad For Me”, we’ve learned that we can always expect attention-piquing ingenuity. Not Involved definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s animated, it’s fierce, and charisma drips from it.

Some of the guitar progressions may not be the cleanest, but the disorder in the track amplifies that raucously infectious Rock n Roll energy which will never go out of style.

You can check out Not Involved for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Duelling Piano Rock Pioneer Jerry Impini Has Released Their Latest Single “Been Bad for Me”

Not content with the already-established genres, Dallas, Texas-based artist Jerry Impini has created their very own. If the prospect of Duelling Piano Rock doesn’t get you excited, I feel a little sorry for you.

Alternatively, if your attention has been piqued by the pioneering take on Rock, it will definitely be stated by Jerry Impini’s raucously energetic hit “Been Bad for Me”.

In traditional Rock, keys tend to take a backseat (with the exception of sporadic solos). But in Been Bad for Me, the piano progressions which exude Jim Jones-style frenzy dominate the soundscape. The level of energy which will hit you when you hit play on Been Bad for Me is unparalleled.

It may be a niche sound, but we will always champion the artists who stretch their imaginations before orchestrating their music.

You can check out Jerry Impini’s single Been Bad for Me by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Producer and Rapper Curt McGurt releases “Tscon”: Hard hitting Hip-Hop – right up in your face!

It has to be done! There really is no way around it! Curt McGurt is a beloved mixture of Busta Rhymes and Akon with much, much more. His style of rap is jab, jab, punch and repeat! His lyric, deeply articulated and intriguing, and without missing a beat, makes his syncopation complex and flawless. His hook line, “This sh** came outta nowhere” is the only line that is questioned. No-one wakes up in the morning with chops like that. If you did, you would get dragged to church for the next deliverance service! No, Curt McGurt’s craft is seasoned, well honed, well researched and brilliantly delivered.

Like all talented philosophers and orators, McGurt carries you along effortlessly at breakneck speed, never glancing back. It sounds as though his engineer must have been in heaven because there is no evidence of cutting and splicing his vocal together. If that really was one take, it’s a masterpiece that you have to hear. This Gatsby knows how to throw a good party and I’m excited to see what comes next.

Get your note book out and pen to the ready. Listen to “Tscon” here at Spotify.

Review by Susan Harriott


Lend Me Your Ear – Luv EXP: Soulful Witty Hip-Hop

You should believe these fellas, if you get down with soulful hip-hop, you should Lend Them Your Ear.

Okay, their name is Lend Me Your Ear and as someone who acknowledges that one of the first problems that new coming artists will have to face, is how they will name their project; Lend Me Your Ear has done a splendid job there, I’m sure you will agree. I mean, on probably the first artistic decision that they had to make, they gloriously hit the nail on the head.

And their name is only a small portion of this Austin, TX duo’s goodness.

Off their 2019 album called “Forbidden”, we have listened to the song “Luv EXP” (over & over & over). The music production is gorgeous to the bone. From the outstanding, vigorously cool rapping by both emcees to the beautiful instrumental, and God forbid if we don’t pay the proper attention to that sax; this sounds like body lotion for the soul.

This is a concrete artistic proposal that Lend Me Your Ear are offering here: hip-hop music that is digestible, splendidly ear-pleasing and simultaneously stuffed with artfulness. Play “Luv EXP” and get hooked.

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


The New Society – Feeling Ways: Rise & Grind

It seems a shame to judge The New Society based on the merits of their latest tack Feeling Ways. Musically the arrangement is solid in this Pop, Rap Hip Hop track that’s fuelled with an infectiously smooth flow and brought to life through it’s funk baselines, the rhythmic vocal ability being the ultimate cherry on the cake, yet I can’t help but feel that songs about grandiosity have been done to death. The disappointment in this track hit me like a brick when It came to the chorus as I waited for a hint of lyrical originality.

The Texan based duo that forms The New Society uses their inspirations from Calvin Harris and Drake for their tracks, but what use is that inspiration if you’re just going to churn out tracks about superficiality?

I would love to hear a track from this band that are singing REAL emotion and feeling that you can get behind and immerse yourself in the track rather than indulging them in their delusions of gangster grandeur.

If that’s exactly the type of music you go for check out Feeling Ways via Soundcloud using the link below:


Hassan Nowai – Kudos: An Old School Hip Hop Revival

Hassan Nowai is a Hip Hop & Rap artist from Dallas, Texas who is becoming notorious for his ability to bring tight music to life through his use of juicy old school beats.

He’s a man of many talents, he’s a music artist, photographer & designer, but is his music the full package? He’s got a strong following behind him for a reason. His unashamedly brash attitude resonates through his plethora of playful tracks. What stands out in his debut track ‘Kudos’ produced by Juan RIOS is the punchy beats that are fuelled with palpable synergy. He creates a storm through his synthesised tracks each of them is as enigmatic as the last & follows and inexplicable pace.
Hassan has a relentless rapping style which he wraps around his refined sound.

There’s an unambiguous element of contempt to his lyrics which he uses to express his disdain toward the bludgeoning rap scene but still manages to pertain a fresh sound that’s a pleasure to indulge in. The sound is not overly polished which gives Hassan’s music a quaint and almost twee style.

Check out his latest track Kudos on SoundCloud using the link below!

Join his army of fans on Twitter & Instagram!