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Abandon the Fall wonders why others hide it on Devours You (feat. Dayshell)

Needing a saint to take us away from the complete dismantling of everything you deem important, Abandon the Fall eats through the plastic package away like a hungry Lion ready for mealtime on Devours You (feat. Dayshell).

Abandon the Fall is a Juan Espinoza-created indie alternative rock project based in Houston, Texas, that thuds the bass on full blast always.

Stunning our senses to the height of total meltdown, Abandon the Fall reminds us of early Linkin Park and might be the Heroes we needed this whole time. They rocket fuel themselves into a stratosphere that shall get your attention like when you hear a band who gets it. Passionate music with a message is back, if you let it always intertwine with your overflowing mind.

Devours You (feat. Dayshell) from Houston, Texas-based indie alternative rock outfit Abandon the Fall is an explosive song that will certainly make you feel again. With a passionately brewed outlook and driving soundscapes to put a shiver on your bones, this is something raw, strong and grizzled, with that underrated excellence.

Listen up to this explosive new track on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Abandon the Fall – Exhale: A Phenomenal Resurgence of Alt Rock

With all the atmosphere of Porcupine Tree’s Fear of a Blank Planet album and the glitchy post-rock progressions, Abandon the Fall’s stormer of a single, Exhale, featuring Dayshell, is a phenomenal resurgence of the alt-rock ingenuity that faded away after the turn of the century.

The white-hot wailing guitars, emotionally-charged vocals and stormy transitions right the way through the tumultuous emo-tinged track all pull together to create a soundscape that leaves you more adrenalized with each deftly contorted evolution of sonic finesse. Exhale has become Abandon the Fall’s most popular track to date shortly after the release; the power trio will be unstoppable from here on out.

Exhale is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Wash Away All Pain: Houston instrumental act Abandon the Fall swim with us into the calming ‘Waves’

Following on from the four-track release ‘Infinite Seasons‘ from earlier on in 2021, Abandon the Fall returns with another tremendously skilled track off new EP ‘In Bloom‘, and this one is happily called ‘Waves‘.

Abandon the Fall aka Juan Espinoza, is a Houston, Texas-based indie music producer, writer and rock/pop instrumental musician who seems to fuse the peace back into the world, one song at a time.

You feel like you are underwater on a beautiful ocean floor with cheeky fish just about to nibble at your naked feet, as you swim further in and give them a wave. This soundtrack is definitely made for the movies, and carries you into a place where you don’t need to breathe as everything is natural.

With a stunning ambiance – there is much to wash your soul clean with here – away from all the ugly toxins that this busy world picks up along the way like pesky trash, which can take away your innocence if you let it control you.

Waves‘ from the mightily skilled Texas-based indie music producer and alt-rock instrumental solo artist Abandon the Fall, is a Juan Espinoza-created piece of pure bliss for the soul to lap into like a crystal-clear ocean full of awaiting adventures. There is so much to soak up here on a real reflective soundscape to calmly swim deep inside.

Crash calmly into the ocean on Spotify and see more via the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

True Tranquility: Abandon the Fall guide us to the all-embracing light on ‘Dipper’

Bringing us another sweetly-toothed gem to put under the pillow at night, Abandon the Fall return with another deliciously presented single to munch on delightfully that is off the brand new EP titled ‘In Bloom‘, with the new track called ‘Dipper‘.

Abandon the Fall is a Juan Espinoza-formed indie pop/alt-rock project based in Houston which showcases this extremely skilled artist to open up his wizardry behind the scenes as he makes such serene quality at every turn.

With a lip-licking taste that opens up your dry throat to the next gulp of that tasty juice filled with memorable music, this is an instrumental track to truly feel lifted by. The air seems enlightened as we pack our bags and climb heartily onto the peaceful train, that seems to guide us to where that smile beams the brightest.

Dipper‘ from the excellent Houston, Texas-based indie music producer and rock/pop artist Abandon the Fall, leads us into a world of true intentions and a bright light that will only bring you true happiness. With some incredibly crisp solos and a dash of riveting rock to satisfy your salivated senses – this is a wondrous effort full of that scintillating quality – you just want to jump into like a refreshing lake in the summer time.

Dipping your whole body in to find your passion again, is the best way to stay alive.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking For More: Texas instrumental act Abandon the Fall have our minds floating happily on ‘Satellites’

With a mellow energy which has you thinking of calmer days around the corner as you close off the taps of unhappiness, Abandon the Fall return gloriously with a truly stunning effort off ‘In Bloom‘ which makes you quickly brush off all previous worries with ‘Satellites‘.

Abandon the Fall is a Juan Espinoza-created, Houston, Texas-based indie music producer and rock/pop instrumental artist who makes that introspective type of music which takes you places you forgot existed.

You feel the arch of your back relaxing instantaneously the more you soak subtly into this experience –  as there is so much calm energy rays beaming such welcome signs and good vibes – throughout an instrumental single which is full of that pure pain-alleviating remedy, that no doctor can ever prescribe.

Satellites‘ from the Texas-based music producer and rock/pop solo artist Abandon the Fall, has your mind feeling so much more relaxed from all the stress that has been strewn viciously from this wild world we live in. This is the type of track to put on loud when you are feeling a bit low from all the sneeze-inducing pollution – and need to let your exhausted body and mind be transfixed – into something rather specially brewed with love, to take you away from anything bringing you down.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Flight Above: Houston’s Abandon the Fall look for calmer winds on ‘CityScape’

With the opening track from the new instrumental EP called ‘In Bloom‘, Abandon the Fall fly up above confidently despite the gushing winds that threatens the flight from every direction possible on the alt-rock instrumental single ‘CityScape‘.

Created by Juan Espinoza, Abandon the Fall is a Houston, Texas-based indie music producer and alternative rock/pop instrumental project that aims to reach the inner soul and brighten up the world, from the discouraging darkness around each corner.

Draped in darker hues, Juan grew up appreciating every facet of music. So much so that he went on to produce a myriad of styles for a decade before he deiced to focus on his own music, laying out a blueprint for what would eventually become Abandon The Fall.” ~ Abandon the Fall

The ravishing riffs are rather delightfully toned together to refresh your tired heart from previous losses, as you look to calmer skies that you know will help you feel free like a frolicking bird again. There is much determination felt inside the fascinating layers here, as you look up above to find what makes you truly happy in life.

CityScape‘ from the Houston, Texas-based indie rock/pop instrumental artist/producer Abandon the Fall, is that finding-the-strength-from-withing single to reach those heights that sometimes seem so far away. With so many people – even some friends – wishing for your downfall, you get the sense that this is the mountain reaching single we all need to bathe into.

Finding the right path is hard enough, as you need to look deeper within to truly succeed.

Hear this beautiful new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cascades Of Crashing Wonder: Abandon the Fall hit the nail on the head again with ‘Forever’

Taken off the superbly sparkling star-gazing four-track EP ‘Infinite Seasons‘, Abandon the Fall step up just in time with the stunning instrumental single called ‘Forever‘.

Abandon the Fall is masterminded by the experienced artist, producer, and songwriter Juan Espinoza. He has creatively formulated the type of act that boggles the mind throughout, as he helps us clean out the dusty goggles that we have been wearing during this horrific pandemic, as the fabulously unique Rock/Rap/EDM sound washes over our thirsty bodies, to make us feel happy and hopeful again.

This is a sumptuous effort, full of pure goodness and wonder. Each part of the track has been carefully crafted by a professional who is totally at one with himself, as the melodies marvel the mind and has you in exhilarating raptures of excitement after a long hiatus.

Forever‘ from Abandon the Fall is a striking track that hits home hard in your consciousness, as you close your eyes and imagine the world in a better place, your heart beats faster somehow as you remember what all the possibilities are in front of you, if you just open the door a bit wider and let your body free.

Stream this powerful new song here on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let your psyche go on a journey with Abandon the Fall’s instrumental alt-rock track, ‘October Sky’.

When Abandon the Fall appeared on our radar in 2019, we knew they’d be one to watch. Their latest EP may come without lyrics, but there has been no compromise to the evocatively charged nature of their Alt Rock soundscapes.

‘October Sky’ is just one of the progressive art-rock singles to feature on the 4-track release that will take you on a journey of the psyche as you follow the morosely-tinged melodies through their cutting progressions which leave trails of shimmering echo and reverb behind.

With over-driven guitars and coalescing with darkwave electronica, October Sky will hold plenty of appeal to any fans of 65daysofstatic and This Will Destroy You.

October Sky is now available to stream along with the rest of Abandon the Fall’s Infinite Seasons EP via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Abandon the Fall – Compass Rose: Relentlessly Mesmerising Instrumental Alt Rock

‘Compass Rose’ is just one of the interstellar instrumental tracks to feature on Abandon the Fall’s latest alt-rock EP ‘Infinite Seasons’.

With the morosity of the National resonating in the quiescent interludes, when the track builds up to the breaks, you’ll be on the edge of your seat as Abandon the Fall plays havoc with your emotions and takes control of rhythmic pulses.

Compass Rose is a relentlessly mesmerising single that never leaves you feeling over-faced by the layers of viscerally-charged instrumentals. Instead, it leaves you leaning deeper into the soul of the single which is easy to find in the distinctive guitar notes which linger over atmospheric electronic effect.

Compass Rose is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Abandon The Fall drop new instrumental melodic rock ‘Memories’

When we reviewed Abandon The Fall’s ‘Enemy’ single back in August 2018, Amelia Vandergast likened them to Linkin Park’s ‘Hybrid Theory’, saying ‘the vocals are stripped back and left emotionally bare around the resounding instrumentals’. In the case of ‘Memories’, from new EP ‘Infinite Seasons’, Abandon The Fall have taken that a step further and provided an instrumental track bereft of vocals altogether. It’s not, however, bereft of power or melancholy, that same electronic-meets-metal vibe that was there on the debut coming through across the track. There’s definitely that Linkin Park feel at times, but with thundering kick drums aplenty behind the shimmering, echoey guitars, there’s touches of Enter Shikari and 30 Seconds To Mars in here too. It’s a potent, powerful track with no loss of emotiveness from its instrumental-only nature.

You can hear ‘Memories’ on Spotify; check out Abandon The Fall on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes