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‘Got the Juice’ is the new Hip Hop club banger from Houston rapper Dre LaDon

Got the Juice‘ is the new Hip Hop club banger from Houston rapper Dre LaDon who further cements his name in the US rap scene.

You have the juice inside, that extra little x-factor that you are either born with or not. You feel that this is your time and others are taking notice of your style, your raps and they can see it in your eyes. This is your time and you are ready to take this to the next level upwards.

This beat is crystallized with some extra oomph that is so rare. This is one of the rise-along tracks to pump loud in your mates care while going to go and pick up your other friends. This is music to be enjoyed with the volume up real high.

Dre LaDon was the first rapper to have a Hip Hop track played at his beloved Houston Texan stadium in the NFL. This shows that he is willing to go further to others to get his music played, far and wide. ‘Got the Juice‘ is the vibe that you will want to share with friends and this is a fine rap track in 2020.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Michael Shanks rocks on fantastic ‘Creature of the Night’

Texas singer-songwriter Michael Shanks returns with his riff-fused lit brand new song called ‘Creature of the Night’.

Michael Shanks is a carefree musician, singer-songwriter and bandleader from Texas who has played from Buenos Aires to Beijing. ‘Creature of the Night’ has been called the darkly whimsical lovechild of Jimi Hendrix and Tom Waits.

Born in the wild, worldly sprawl of Houston, Texas, from a very young age Michael experienced music from around the globe. At home his family would jam the likes of the Doors, CCR and even Beethoven, but out in Houston’s thriving arts scene he was introduced to Ravi Shankar, Philip Glass, Joe Guitar Hughes, Astor Piazzolla and countless other internationally known musical innovators. This melting pot of music paved the way for Michael’s broad musical vision that looks beyond borders or genres.

With his upcoming EP, ‘Space Sounds: from the Deepest Orbits to the Nearest Hearts‘ out soon, this is an exciting time for the carefree musician who strides out confidently here on ‘Creature of the Night’ from Michael Shanks. There is soul here as he describes watching certain people who turn into zombies in the world and turn into creates. This is a fun track that grooves you like back in the 70’s with it’s solos and rock-out attitude.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Erich Joseph fires in with terrific ‘Arizona Heart’

Texas singer Erich Joseph returns with the fantastic ‘Arizona Heart‘.

Erich Joseph is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer based out of Houston, Texas. Picking up the guitar at age 4, Erich has been in love with music since he first tried to play. The bug was set already. From listening to everything from Frank Sinatra to Periphery and by playing in a variety of bands as a young teenager. Erich built up an eclectic music taste, and it shows in his songwriting. He is also the lead guitarist of local band Nick and the Groove. This is an artist who likes to push himself.

Erich Joseph’sArizona Heart‘ is a story of giving your all no matter what. No matter what the circumstances, you can achieve anything you want. Coming from Arizona, Erich knows what hard work is and does what he can do make sure that his standard is high. This is as fine indie-rock track for 2020.

Stream here via Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Katy JØ sings sweet smoke signals on jazz-tingled debut ”Spark The J”

Katy JØ is a young indie jazz artist born and raised in Houston, Texas. Her first bluesy-jazzed single “Spark the J” has just been released and this is a perfect wind-down track at the end of the night.

Her goal is to keep Jazz and Funk alive in her generation and Katy JØ is certainly on her way to doing this. With a laid-back style and plenty of soul, Katy let’s her voice do the talking and her mellow style resonates through the speakers. Everything is natural and the vibe keeps your head bouncing.

She is continuously working on growing her craft, and will be releasing an album towards the end of 2020. This young artist is only just dipping her feet in the game and this is an excellent start.

Spark the J” has an irie reggae-jazz style that fuses with some lofi-hip beats with extra treats for our ears.

Jazz it up in your life here via Soundcloud.

Stream this new track via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Producer duo The Oth3rs saunter in with superb instrumental ”Mundaze” soundtrack

Houston in Texas is the home of Hip Hop instrumental duo The Oth3rs and they return with brand new track ”Mundaze”. This is a fire track that has an eerie outlook to it and I get lost in the succulent beat that oozes through the speakers.

This is the first single of the upcoming project “Tuesday and Thursday“. This is second instrumental album from the production duo and is hotly anticipated. The artwork is so dope to add to this epic track that soothes the tired soul.

The Oth3rs impress on ”Mundaze” and this skilled duo roll straight through with this quality track with no vocals. The Houston based team are an act to watch as they build up their skills all the time. This is a duo to watch as they get more known globally. I like the crisp quality on this song and more will surely follow to this high standard.

Stream this excellent instrumental track on Soundcloud and enjoy the deep sounds.

Find out more about this Hip Hop instrumental duo on their Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Lovelast helps us escape with Indie-Electronic ”Afterglow”

Sometimes relationships just don’t work out. For whatever reason, be it timing, feelings or miscommunication, it’s a sad and unfortunate time. There is one positive and that is the afterglow. The memories and lessons we have learnt from each other. However they are remembered, we must carry those onto the next human we care for.

Afterglow” is all about the sad disintegration of love that was once so strong and seemed like it would be forever.

Formed in Houston, Texas, Lovelast is the indie pop lovechild of the singer-songwriter Chase Rutherford-Jenkins. Now based in San Francisco, his music feels like it should be in a motivational video, as it has that feel and connection.

We are guided all the way by the tranquil beat and stunning backdrop in this song and the story is quite sad but inspiring at the same time. The beat is tremendous and I felt like I was flying in the clouds, in a somber and reflective mood. ”Afterglow” is a fantastic song, deep in story and packed full with a towering ending that is mightily impressive.

Click on the SoundCloud link for more inspirational music from this super talented artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen




Brandon Tyree – The sound of future past

Brandon Tyree is a torch bearer, one of those artists who is taking the musical traditions and classic sounds of the past and bringing them into the future and repackaging them for a modern audience. Not that there is too much of an overhaul going on in his soulful R&B, you can clearly see the lineage of his music but here the dexterous band sound is channelled through a more modern set of sounds.

This more electronic rendering adds sophistication and effortless uptown cool, and whilst classic piano sounds are still at the heart of the music its clinical beats and synth driven swirls mark it out as a part of a cutting edge soul reinvention. That said, some things never change and Give Me Another Chance is an expertly and exquisitely delivered vocal and despite its modern trappings a sassy and soulful groove beats at the songs heart.


A&R Factory Present: Sugar Joiko

Sugar Joiko is a strong, soulful musician. Her powerful range and soothing vocal talents make her a unique and fresh addition in the world of current and future music. With unprecedented confidence and the right attitude, Sugar Joiko continues to turn heads in the realm of Electronic and Pop culture.

She has been affiliated with record labels JetSet Music Group, Clipper’s Sounds, and Vous Records. She has collaborated with several artists in EDM such as Dean Mason, Ron Reeser, Made Monster, DJ Storm, Loreno Mayer, and more. Her first EP Album entitled, “DJ Save My Life” released on March 3, 2015.

Her latest album, “Motionless” released October 18th, 2016. Now available on iTunes, and more.