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Feel It In My Bones: Char Elizabeth knows what she wants on the sensually stimulating ‘Rock With Me’

Taken off her latest six-track EP that is filled with so much love, the wonderful Char Elizabeth dances until sunrise on her new kiss-soaked single all about reaching heights unheard of before on ‘Rock With Me‘.

Char Elizabeth is a well-traveled Canadian-born, Galveston, Texas-raised, and New York City/Houston-based RnB singer-and acclaimed songwriter.

She would be introduced to the late great Jason Mizell-aka Jam Master Jay, and signed as an artist and writer on his label, JMJ records.” ~ Char Elizabeth

There are so many candles on this track that you might need to get some extra matches delivered to keep up, as the flame strikes real hot and has your heightened imagination in a real tight twist of romance. Char is a truly elegant performer with so much class on each note – as she naughtily turns the bright lights off – so that our curious bodies may join together as one.

Rock With Me‘ from the world class Houston/New York-based indie RnB singer and award winning songwriter Char Elizabeth, is a late-night love track that has the night feeling real slow as you get closer to your ecstatic lover. Showing us her clear vocals which are so crisp and beautiful on your intrigued ears, this is a steamy new single that will have you blushing for hours. Just like she intended.

Hear this fine new release from a truly skilled musician on her Spotify and see more stories via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wash Away All Pain: Houston instrumental act Abandon the Fall swim with us into the calming ‘Waves’

Following on from the four-track release ‘Infinite Seasons‘ from earlier on in 2021, Abandon the Fall returns with another tremendously skilled track off new EP ‘In Bloom‘, and this one is happily called ‘Waves‘.

Abandon the Fall aka Juan Espinoza, is a Houston, Texas-based indie music producer, writer and rock/pop instrumental musician who seems to fuse the peace back into the world, one song at a time.

You feel like you are underwater on a beautiful ocean floor with cheeky fish just about to nibble at your naked feet, as you swim further in and give them a wave. This soundtrack is definitely made for the movies, and carries you into a place where you don’t need to breathe as everything is natural.

With a stunning ambiance – there is much to wash your soul clean with here – away from all the ugly toxins that this busy world picks up along the way like pesky trash, which can take away your innocence if you let it control you.

Waves‘ from the mightily skilled Texas-based indie music producer and alt-rock instrumental solo artist Abandon the Fall, is a Juan Espinoza-created piece of pure bliss for the soul to lap into like a crystal-clear ocean full of awaiting adventures. There is so much to soak up here on a real reflective soundscape to calmly swim deep inside.

Crash calmly into the ocean on Spotify and see more via the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

True Tranquility: Abandon the Fall guide us to the all-embracing light on ‘Dipper’

Bringing us another sweetly-toothed gem to put under the pillow at night, Abandon the Fall return with another deliciously presented single to munch on delightfully that is off the brand new EP titled ‘In Bloom‘, with the new track called ‘Dipper‘.

Abandon the Fall is a Juan Espinoza-formed indie pop/alt-rock project based in Houston which showcases this extremely skilled artist to open up his wizardry behind the scenes as he makes such serene quality at every turn.

With a lip-licking taste that opens up your dry throat to the next gulp of that tasty juice filled with memorable music, this is an instrumental track to truly feel lifted by. The air seems enlightened as we pack our bags and climb heartily onto the peaceful train, that seems to guide us to where that smile beams the brightest.

Dipper‘ from the excellent Houston, Texas-based indie music producer and rock/pop artist Abandon the Fall, leads us into a world of true intentions and a bright light that will only bring you true happiness. With some incredibly crisp solos and a dash of riveting rock to satisfy your salivated senses – this is a wondrous effort full of that scintillating quality – you just want to jump into like a refreshing lake in the summer time.

Dipping your whole body in to find your passion again, is the best way to stay alive.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking For More: Texas instrumental act Abandon the Fall have our minds floating happily on ‘Satellites’

With a mellow energy which has you thinking of calmer days around the corner as you close off the taps of unhappiness, Abandon the Fall return gloriously with a truly stunning effort off ‘In Bloom‘ which makes you quickly brush off all previous worries with ‘Satellites‘.

Abandon the Fall is a Juan Espinoza-created, Houston, Texas-based indie music producer and rock/pop instrumental artist who makes that introspective type of music which takes you places you forgot existed.

You feel the arch of your back relaxing instantaneously the more you soak subtly into this experience –  as there is so much calm energy rays beaming such welcome signs and good vibes – throughout an instrumental single which is full of that pure pain-alleviating remedy, that no doctor can ever prescribe.

Satellites‘ from the Texas-based music producer and rock/pop solo artist Abandon the Fall, has your mind feeling so much more relaxed from all the stress that has been strewn viciously from this wild world we live in. This is the type of track to put on loud when you are feeling a bit low from all the sneeze-inducing pollution – and need to let your exhausted body and mind be transfixed – into something rather specially brewed with love, to take you away from anything bringing you down.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Flight Above: Houston’s Abandon the Fall look for calmer winds on ‘CityScape’

With the opening track from the new instrumental EP called ‘In Bloom‘, Abandon the Fall fly up above confidently despite the gushing winds that threatens the flight from every direction possible on the alt-rock instrumental single ‘CityScape‘.

Created by Juan Espinoza, Abandon the Fall is a Houston, Texas-based indie music producer and alternative rock/pop instrumental project that aims to reach the inner soul and brighten up the world, from the discouraging darkness around each corner.

Draped in darker hues, Juan grew up appreciating every facet of music. So much so that he went on to produce a myriad of styles for a decade before he deiced to focus on his own music, laying out a blueprint for what would eventually become Abandon The Fall.” ~ Abandon the Fall

The ravishing riffs are rather delightfully toned together to refresh your tired heart from previous losses, as you look to calmer skies that you know will help you feel free like a frolicking bird again. There is much determination felt inside the fascinating layers here, as you look up above to find what makes you truly happy in life.

CityScape‘ from the Houston, Texas-based indie rock/pop instrumental artist/producer Abandon the Fall, is that finding-the-strength-from-withing single to reach those heights that sometimes seem so far away. With so many people – even some friends – wishing for your downfall, you get the sense that this is the mountain reaching single we all need to bathe into.

Finding the right path is hard enough, as you need to look deeper within to truly succeed.

Hear this beautiful new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Vibe Is A Given: Exhilarating Houston rapper Zilla.Zill elevates our mixed mental mindset with ‘Know What You Worth’

Taken off his brand new sixteen track album called ‘The Legend of Zilla‘, Zilla.Zill drops an inspiring quickly rapped message of striving for that value you know you possess, as good vibes will then manifest organically on ‘Know What You Worth‘.

Zilla.Zill is an indie hip-hop artist who is based in Houston, Texas. He feels like a comic book hero who is actually real, his mindset takes us on a thrilling road to that promised land.

Small town islander with some quotes on his mind.” ~ Zilla.Zill

He flows with such an enthusiastic abandon, the humor is legendary and the mood lightly salted, the honest message about the world is impressive as he leads us into a better place beyond the stale norm. The beat is funky and fresh like a new fade, the smile beams brightly and has you feeling like the world can be a compelling ride if you let it be.

The City of New Metro is in chaos and only one hero can change it’s fate.” ~ Zilla.Zill

Know What You Worth‘ from the skilled Houston, Texas-based hip-hop artist Zilla.Zill, is a superb effort from the underground poet who soothes our strange moods and somehow massages the right part of our brains. Its all about the mental mindset and keeping that optimism on upper overdrive, as the moody grumps will always try and take your shine away no matter what. This is the type of track that is needed more in this confused world, as he lathers hope all over our hungry-for-real souls.

Hear this new single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Flight Risk: Eminencee leaves his blade in the cooler on freshly rolled ‘Kings Run’

Released from his latest top drawer eleven-track album named ‘Grateful‘, Eminencee shows us his ever-growing skill set with the crown-wearing new single that sprints past any self-doubts with ‘Kings Run‘.

Eminencee is a highly talented former football player and Houston, Texas-born indie rapper. He smartly presses the edge and swerves swiftly into our consciousness, with a tremendous bars-stacked display of utter brilliance.

This is the story of making sure that you are super careful about the company you keep, as you are only rolling with the big dogs now who are all about that King mentality. With an impressive armory of flows that gushes down like an avalanche of mind-blowing expressive lyrics to wash your soul clean again – you feel yourself automatically sitting back and taking this all in with a head nod of satisfaction – that very few artists have under their silky sleeve.

Kings Run‘ from the underground Texas-based, beanie wearing rapper Eminencee, shows us a classy artist in absolutely top form that is Superbowl bound. He flows with such an abundance of charm, wit and consistency, and this is a excellent single which reinvigorates your soul, after hearing way too many candyfloss-weak tracks lately. Perhaps we are listening to an artist who is only getting started, as he moves away from his previous life in sports, to a fully-respected hip-hop emcee.

The quality inside this track should give you all the clues needed, to help you make that decision quickly.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want Some Action Baby: MR LINEN keeps it cool as ice on ‘Go Fast Boat’

Speedily released with a bouncy summer groove from their fresh new debut album ‘Stay Cool‘, MR LINEN turns up the speed with reckless abandon with the exciting single to get you into the mood for a well-reserved party named ‘Go Fast Boat‘.

MR LINEN is an Austin, Texas-based yacht/pop act. They make that quick-fire music vibe that has you brushing your hair back and making sure those sunglasses are looking as clean as possible.

Steeped in irreverent charm and heavily influenced by pop sensibilities of the 80s and 90s, ‘Stay Cool‘ is a summery collections of songs tailor made for pool parties, beach trips and backyard BBQs.” – MR LINEN

This is that intriguingly happy track that has you calling your crush up, as you both organize a party that everyone will always remember. Things move rather quickly and it will get steamy, as those hot days just has you jumping into that inviting swimming pool, without a care in the world.

MR LINEN is a five-year-old French Bulldog with a really good ear. He was born April 2, 2016 in Houston, Texas. The runt of a three-puppy litter, he was adopted at only three months old, given the name “Larry” and moved to Austin with his new family.” – MR LINEN

Go Fast Boat‘ from the absorbing Austin pop music group MR LINEN, has our minds racing through the calm waters as we strive heartily into this story that has you thinking about a fun time with some beautiful people. You feel invigorated by this catchy effort that has you feeling that you are in a different time from now. The sun is shining and the energy is alive here. This is that summer track you need in your life.

Stream this sunny new single on Spotify and see more woof-powered adventures on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

On A Road To Change: Aorta Project soothes our worries with the intoxicating electronic single ‘Wounded Warrior’

Wounded Warrior by aortaproject

As you feel like you are stepping into a hallucinatory world of mysterious forces, Aorta Project puts your senses into another level of surprise with the new single called ‘Wounded Warrior‘.

Aorta Project is an absorbing dark alt-electronica act led by Houston, Texas composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Steven Sheffield. He creatively meshes that reflective music, which has you thinking much deeper than before.

Fans of Deadmau5 and Jon Hopkins will be especially pleased here as the backdrop filters in with a fresh backwash-feeling like the oceans salt water potion — to cleanse you from the toxins of yesterday — as the incredible ingenuity is quite striking, as it somehow leaves your imagination alive with ideas like never before.

This is the true message of taking time to heal if you have dealt with something traumatic. You need to have a chat with yourself to improve within — as you are the only one that can really make it happen — not anyone else.

The female-led vocals has you in another world, as the atmospheric beat lathers your mind with peaceful energy, where there was trauma and heartache before.

”A catalyst for catharsis, Aorta Project transforms our darkest moments into transcendent epiphanies of self expression and reflection.” – Aorta Project

Wounded Warrior‘ from the terrifically stimulating Texas-based dark alt-electronica Aorta Project, shows us into a state of mind that can pulsate like a hallucinogenic mood to the other side, as you find yourself again and make that change that you know is needed.

If you want it enough, its never too late to change lanes and drive into a better life.

Hear this stunning new single on Bandcamp and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trusting You: Houston’s Bill Grippin is making moves ‘On Me’

With the Marlboro Red lit up and burning strong as he ponders his next mission, Bill Grippin shows us that he truly gets what he needs to do in order to succeed, on this quick-fire single called ‘On Me‘.

Powered by his label Another Level Music, Bill Grippin is a Houston, Texas-based hip-hop artist/music producer, with a unique blend of skills that are raw and rapped with such witty bars, that he has you bobbing your head around and feeling his groove.

Full of straight up rhymes that has you listening intently as you turn him up to the max, he leads us into his mind with an impressive array of smartly lipped lyrics, that has you respecting his street flow.

On Me‘ from Houston rapper Bill Grippin rips into your mind as a soundtrack to show us that you need to put things on yourself and not rely on anyone else. Whilst some others are making excuses for the lack of opportunities during these times, the only way is to open your own doors is to make it happen no matter what.

Check out the track audio on YouTube and see his IG for more news and tracks.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen