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Houston-based rock/hip-hop-fusion band Wizards of Atlantis dominate proceedings with Stop the Transmission

Splitting up our earlobes like a hungry Lion looking for prey, Wizards of Atlantis are at their excellent best with a roaring single to snack on all day and this one is called Stop the Transmission.

Wizards of Atlantis are an experienced 3-piece Houston, Texas-based indie rock/hip hop band who make that classic sounding music vibration to remember the 90s with.

We continue to push the boundaries of what can actually be fused together and still sound pleasing. Our attitude is: If it sounds good to us, it is good.” ~ Wizards of Atlantis

Soaked with a supremely confident sound which has the power to change perspectives, Wizards of Atlantis show us what years of time in the game sounds like when you make music with a real backbone.

Stop the Transmission from Houston, Texas-based indie rock/hip hop-fusion band Wizards of Atlantis is a laced up track which shall take you back to an exciting time. Furnished with scratching and so much creativity to thrive deep inside, this is a sure-fire dance floor winner for those who love that classic Beastie Boys-like vibe.

Hear this buzzing new track on YouTube and see more on their Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Hate My Head: Max Diaz sends us into a flashback-fueled state of overpowering lirium

Dropping probably the most sternum shaking track you are likely to encounter today, Max Diaz is in absolutely belting form with a Nirvana-like performance to remember forever on lirium.

Max Diaz is a Houston, Texas-based indie alt-rock singer-songwriter who shreds the mics wherever he lands because of the potent velocity of his delivery.

Music Speaks. It doesn’t matter what you look like, or who you are, it’s a universal language that should be enjoyed by everyone.” ~ Max Diaz

Showing us a vocal force that might change your entire perspective of life as you saw it before, Max Diaz bravely raises awareness for those who have been savagely treated in abuse of many shapes.

With lockdown making some relationships barely livable for so many, this is such a vital message to surely motivate those who need some encouragement and that lift to move into safer waters.

There is so much to love about a band who puts in their 100% on each note. Max Diaz certainly delivers and with much aplomb, too. There is volume blushing passion in droves here, with a glow of intensity that shall wake you up if you didn’t realize how it all ends in this story.

lirium from Houston, Texas-based indie alt-rock singer-songwriter Max Diaz might be the most important release yet of 2022. If you need a pick-me-up. This is the track to play loud. All night long.

See this excellent video on YouTube and via more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Houston rapper Evvo wonders why they can’t be together on, ‘Y’ (feat. Colegend)

Showing us where the truth is when there is so much confusion in this strange world, Evvo is back with a new street track that has you nodding your head with the catchy beat leading you in the right direction on, ‘Y(feat. Colegend).

Evvo is a Houston, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist who keeps things underground in all of his tracks and blesses the mic with another creative display.

Slicing the competition over with devastating effect, Evvo takes us into a story that is packed with emotion and real talk, that will compel you to take a closer listen as you get the full picture. There is a confident demeanour on offer that has you putting those fresh shades on, to make sure that you look as fly as possible to impress that human who you feel is the right match.

Y(feat. Colegend) from Houston, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist Evvo demands attention with his latest release that is all about wondering why you can’t be with this special human who you feel is perfect for you. Rapped with a mellow style but maintaining a stylish vigour, this is a single to reflect with as your crew support you on your romantic journey.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ayoofleetony shows us his self-enlightened mentality with ‘Unfair’

Directing us into his growing intellect that realizes that life is actually truly harsh sometimes even though it shouldn’t be, Ayoofleetony sparks up our contemplative thoughts with an honest track that will have your feet tappin’ on ‘Unfair‘.

Antonio Rogers aka Ayoofleetony is a Houston, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist and singer-songwriter who moved around a lot growing up and stakes his claim as one of the more promising emcees in the game.

Skyrocketing high with a top underground release that will unquestionably capture your reflective imagination as you look inside yourself for guidance on how to survive current climates, Ayoofleetony drops a single that will put you into a better state of affairs. His style is not too heavy or in your face, as he guides you into a story that so many will certainly relate to as they avoid all the hate and carnage outside, that can break you down if you let it.

Unfair‘ from Houston, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist and singer-songwriter Ayoofleetony, is a catchy single that shows us his smartly-penned lyrics and favourably likeable flow that seems to just pour honesty onto the blood-soaked streets. He raps about the world’s unjust ways and is loaded with sketchy potholes – which carry you into a globe that is filled with stories – of real-life events that can either make or break you. This is the perfect track when you need to contemplate why there is so much hate brewing endlessly when there should be peace and love throughout.

Check out this unleashed video on YouTube and follow his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Houston RnB artist Lacañgan is floating into her arms on ‘Cool’

As his optimistic heart swirls into a cheerful spin that has never been felt before in his whole life, Lacañgan just knows that this is his soulmate that makes him slow down and feel grateful for this sweet love on ‘Cool‘.

Lamar Lacañgan aka Lacañgan (pronounced La-Kon-Yawnis) is a California-born, Houston, Texas-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter, actor and producer.

When you know it’s time to finally go all in and give it everything you got.” ~ Lacañgan

Directing us into a movie-like story that has been made with a calming ambience that helps us get away from the quick swipes and meaningless one-nighters, Lacañgan reminds us that discovering that key to your lock is such an important journey in this plastic world.

Initially gaining recognition in the early 2000s as a signed act to Red Hill Records, Lacañgan was as part of the Christian group called Kindred 3.” ~ Lacañgan

Cool‘ from Houston, Texas-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter/actor/producer Lacañgan, is the kind of candle-lit track that will cause bodies to swoon and blush to form. This is the story all about giving thanks to that caring lover who has grabbed your heart so naturally, as you move away from the previous games and put your whole soul into what you have. Sung with a smooth attitude and an honest tone, this is a single that will have you dancing closely with someone who you really feel is the one.

Listen to this romantic new single on Soundcloud and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Step Up: Houston rocktronica artist SD83 slamdunks all the way with ‘I Wanna Be Like You’

On a pulsating beat that is razor-sharp and served with so many Championship moments that has you in awe, SD83 drops this basketball-inspired track that will have you mightily impressed with ‘I Wanna Be Like You‘.

SD83 is a Houston, Texas-based rocktronica guitarist/designer/music producer who deals with chronic pain and social anxiety.

This is my NBA 2K contest instrumental. It’s action-packed with guitars, backboard glass breaking, whistles and drops! Inspired by the NBA and Michael Jordan.” ~ SD83

After many years of being in rock bands – SD83 soon discovered that performing solo in the EDM/dubstep world with his signature guitar riffs added for full effect – was the way he wanted to go.

There is so electricity here as this supremely skilled musician takes us for a head-shaking ride of a lifetime, which certainly has you motivated to go and ball out. You feel the transfixing energy that flows through each quarter and has you reaching for the volume button to turn it all the way up to max.

I Wanna Be Like You’ from the courageous Houston, Texas-based rocktronica guitarist/designer/music producer SD83, is a bass-thumping journey that has you in a cheery mood all of a sudden. This is the type of track to put on when you feel like gaming or working out, as it is bound to get your body excited for the day ahead. Life should be about elevating yourself to achieving anything you want, as you leave your doubts in the dust with this fine new single.

Hear this full-paced sizzler on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Cry For Me: Houston’s Eric Ashley does the best he can on ‘Leslie Anne’

Unleashed from his recent 10-track album ‘So Much For So Much More‘, Eric Ashley sings with earnest love about that relationship that just couldn’t work on ‘Leslie Anne‘.

Eric Ashley is a Houston, Texas-based indie rock/pop solo artist and multi-instrumentalist who is completely enchanted by the whole creation process that he willingly wraps himself into each day.

So many artists have gone country, hip hop and metal that I feel like the pulse of catchy rock music is getting weaker by the day. These kinds of infectious melodies over interesting chord progressions are my musical DNA.” ~ Eric Ashley

Sung with a decisive style and featuring thoughtful lyrics, Eric Ashley is quite mesmerizing on this latest single from an artist who has taken charge of his own destiny. He performs with the wind at his sails like a confident sailor of the seas and takes our minds into this romantic story that was more complicated than first presumed.

Leslie Anne‘ from the Houston, Texas-based indie rock/pop solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Eric Ashley, is a touching single that is loaded with silky vocals and a catchy ambience that will have you bobbing your head and feeling the energy attached. This is a pertinent story that will have you examine deeper within yourself, as you finally say goodbye to that person who you truly cared for but couldn’t be with.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more via the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ride Together: Houston RnB singer-songwriter folxzb wonders why their true love is with someone else on ‘YDLR 2.0’

With a silent X vibe that has your lively ears feeling tranquillized and somehow aroused at the same time, folxzb feels that his ultimate soulmate is with the wrong person right now on his new cuddle-close release ‘YDLR 2.0‘.

folxzb is a Houston, Texas-based indie RnB/soul artist, who mixes in some Trap with his sound that is massively shaped by his home surroundings and personal relationships.

Released from his distinguished new 8-track ‘Moments After‘ album, folxzb is in a highly studious mood with a track that will have you reminiscing about your true love who is for some reason with someone who doesn’t harmonise with them at all. Sung with a thriving emotion from a loved-up man who knows what he wants, this is a rousing experience that might give you shivers all over your spine.

YDLR 2.0‘ from the Houston, Texas-based indie RnB/soul solo musician folxzb, is a colossal effort that is sung with a real class and desire to be with his special lover. He feels their magnetism stream through his body each time they are together, as he wonders when the time will come when they will be holding hands real tight.

Sometimes the best love is the one that keeps you waiting, for the right moment when your hearts connect as one.

Hear this new single on Spotify and find out more about this engaging man on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brain Focused: Houston rapper Gallowayyys wonders if he is indeed a ‘Chain Smoker’

Featuring a spark-filled beat that keeps it coming with real flair twisted inside, Gallowayyys lights up slowly and has us sifting through the foggy clouds that have been effortlessly created on ‘Chain Smoker‘.

Gallowayyys aka Blake, is a highly creative blonde-haired Houston, Texas-based indie rapper, singer, music producer and planes-walker.

Having grown up in various diverse environments across Texas, his expressions effortlessly shift from a hedonistic focus on self indulgence & toxicity, to deeper narratives about identity & everything that makes us human.” ~ Gallowayyys

You feel like he is inspiringly self-enlightened and gets that this is his opportunity right now, as he displays ravashing vocals that has you turning up the volume to get a better listen. This mezmirising beat is so intriging and takes you to a facinated place, with a fresh track laced with a motivated feel which has you ready for anything.

Chain Smoker‘ from the very concious Houston, Texas based soul-seeker, rapper, singer and music producer Gallowayyys, is a terrific single that seems to consume you and take you to a place you remember from your youth. The vibe is alive and the energy is lit, from a truly exciting talent who seems to be evolving right before our eyes. He sings with such a wonderful freedom that is quite outstanding, as he brings us a tasty track that will be stuck in your clothes all night long.

Hear this flasy track on Spotify and see his style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feel It In My Bones: Char Elizabeth knows what she wants on the sensually stimulating ‘Rock With Me’

Taken off her latest six-track EP that is filled with so much love, the wonderful Char Elizabeth dances until sunrise on her new kiss-soaked single all about reaching heights unheard of before on ‘Rock With Me‘.

Char Elizabeth is a well-traveled Canadian-born, Galveston, Texas-raised, and New York City/Houston-based RnB singer-and acclaimed songwriter.

She would be introduced to the late great Jason Mizell-aka Jam Master Jay, and signed as an artist and writer on his label, JMJ records.” ~ Char Elizabeth

There are so many candles on this track that you might need to get some extra matches delivered to keep up, as the flame strikes real hot and has your heightened imagination in a real tight twist of romance. Char is a truly elegant performer with so much class on each note – as she naughtily turns the bright lights off – so that our curious bodies may join together as one.

Rock With Me‘ from the world class Houston/New York-based indie RnB singer and award winning songwriter Char Elizabeth, is a late-night love track that has the night feeling real slow as you get closer to your ecstatic lover. Showing us her clear vocals which are so crisp and beautiful on your intrigued ears, this is a steamy new single that will have you blushing for hours. Just like she intended.

Hear this fine new release from a truly skilled musician on her Spotify and see more stories via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen