Be Free Again: Atlanta dream-pop sensation Sarah Rae shows us the way to finding inner acceptance on ‘Dancing Sun’

As this gleefully happy beat rises above all else blocking your much-needed vision, Sarah Rae shows us what the next summer will sound like on her catchy new single called ‘Dancing Sun’.

Sarah Rae is a captivating indie dream-pop artist from the bustling city of Atlanta in Georgia. She wonderfully creates a spiritual experience that has you transfixed, as your body relaxes again to recharge after taking a battering in 2020/21.

”This dream-pop single was written to promote a state of euphoria, and acceptance. Knowing that we are the ultimate magician of our lives, and no matter what your situation — you can dance in the sun.”-Sarah Rae

You feel free, as you float in your mind and stop the pressure points from escalating to undesirable levels of pain and suffering. This is the perfect song to express the mellow state that we all need to be in, so you can be truly happy again without the stress of the world weighing you down like a ton of bricks on your tired shoulders.

Dancing Sun from Atlanta dazzling dream-pop artist Sarah Rae, has your body placed lovingly into a different orbit – as she sings through your whole soul to give the world something really special – that is a shiver to the spine to help you replenish properly, after a maddening twelve months of uncontrollable chaos.

Stream this fresh new soulful song on Spotify and see her IG page for her adventures.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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