Stand Strong: Hannibal can see this romantic future blossoming on Roses

Taken from his recently dropped debut album MHB, Hannibal shows us that true love exists if two hearts may connect as one beautiful budding romance swollen with tenderness on Roses.

Hannibal is a forward thinking RnB solo singer-songwriter who has just released music featuring artists from Austria, Peru, The Dominican Republic, and the USA.

Hannibal’s musical influences during his upbringing span artists from Sean Paul to John Legend to India Arie.” ~ Hannibal describing his inspirations in music

With an elevated aura that shall hug your cold ears and calm all your anxieties in an instant, Hannibal shows us that innocent attraction is what dreams are made of in this rather strange world we live in.

Roses from RnB solo singer-songwriter Hannibal is a season-shaking single that leads us into the glow of new love and all the possibilities. This is all about finding that special soul and never letting go, no matter what challenges you face. Sung with that endless care that is rather riveting on our lonely ears, guiding us through such a splendid story to treasure forever.

Sometimes you hear a song and everything stops while you smile contently. This is one of those rare moments.

Feel the vibration on YouTube and see more on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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