They Came Back Like Boomerang: Orlando rapper Bottomboii Shawn makes his own route with ‘Been On’

Taken from his recently strapped twelve track ‘Fully Loaded‘ album, Bottomboii Shawn shows the world what is takes to get out from the gutter to make it big on your own with ‘Been On‘.

Nardogan Shawnn aka Bottomboii Shawn, is a highly motivated Orlando, Florida-based indie rapper. He is a hungry artist who fuses that street-story type of hip-hop flavor, which is full of bass-heavy beats to shake the nervous speakers and real stories of survival from the hood.

This is the message of being left for dead and starving at times – until you realized that to truly get fed – you need to man up and act like a King would. After some resourceful activities, you find you niche and intend to keep that cash flow smiling for good.

With effortless charm and a bars arsenal that delves deep into the past with the future already secured, the hard work pays off with a ravaging display behind the mic, as we hear a man on a mission to never go back to those dark times. Loaded with a busty beat that keeps you enthralled, this is a track that has you admiring his desire to never give up when the chips were down.

Been On‘ from the emerging Orlando hip-hop artist Bottomboii Shawn, is that honest truth-packed story all about seeing who your true team is. He had a tough life growing up and had nothing for a while as people let him down again and again, as he now thrives and sees those who doubted him coming back to eat even though they don’t deserve it. Loyalty is everything for this young rapper as the world has hardened him up. His only mission now is to make sure that being broke again, is never an option.

Hear this brand new track on his Spotify and find out more about his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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