Erin Gibney – King of Hearts: Contemporarily Concordant Country from Nashville Rising Talent

Many Country artists may promise to put a refreshing spin on Country music, yet, very few manage, as very few boast the same levels of talent of Nashville-based artist Erin Gibney.

Her punchy energy was more potent than ever for her fourth single “King of Hearts”, which showcased how much her sound has matured into one full of commercial potential.

With King of Hearts the Country Blues instrumental arrangement remains authentic, with slightly unexpected piano melodies which puts a nice dynamic behind the sound. And it is in Erin Gibney’s lyrics and vocal style that the track is brought right into the contemporary style, there are sure to be plenty of people who can find resonance with King of Hearts. The powerful sentiment behind the single hits even harder thanks to Erin Gibney’s clever metaphorical style of lyricism which provides the ultimate level of distinction to her sound.

You can check out Erin Gibney’s latest single King of Hearts for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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