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”Barns, Babes, and Bourbon” is a story of Brandon Bing’s three favorite passions

Sometimes its best to keep life simple and just do what you know. This is certainly the attitude of Country and Western singer Brandon Bing. Big Hoss keeps things light and fun in his new single called ”Barns, Babes, and Bourbon”.

Taken off his latest EP- “The Florida Man”, ”Barns, Babes, and Bourbon” follows the same popular formula as his previous music to much success. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Florida native Brandon Bing knows what he likes and depicts this perfectly with descriptive lyrics and a happy-go-lucky attitude to life that makes him feel down to earth and likable. ”Barns, Babes, and Bourbon” is an American winner, due to the simple strategy of getting folks onto the dance floor, and enjoying the evening. Keeping things simple is something the world needs more of and Brandon is a perfect guide to this path.

Stream this song and more from Brandon Bing on his YouTube channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Likeable Florida Rapper Reek Geeked brings out positive summer Hip Hop track with “I Got Flavor”

Brought up in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida and currently in Titusville- MC ‘Reek Geeked’ is creating quite a name for himself. With a smooth flow and by being himself, he has a solid formula going that is sure working. His strategy is smart as he is slowly building up and featuring on bigger and bigger shows.

Never a hater, the Florida rapper speaks about supporting friends and motivating instead of hating. The Hip Hop game is a fickle place, with artists going from being huge to nobodies in a matter of months. With fun and consistent music out all the time, he is doing all the right things. With a few tweaks, for example by making a Facebook music page, he will see the results. I guess all the kids are on Instagram or TikToc these days, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

Music-wise, ‘Reek Geeked’ has a good music style and I found myself bouncing to this track and it would be a perfect ride-along song with the homies cruising around, headed to the beach or club. 

Look for more music from the Florida Rapper here on YouTube.


Fiend Titan’s ‘Gods Green Lawn’ shows the collective can rap with personality

Tampa Bay-based artist and producer collective Fiend Titans showcase their strongest selves yet on ‘Gods Green Lawn’ – a track from their recently weed-day dropped EP Fiend Tapes, Vol. 420. 

Gods Green Lawn’ is a laid back, Florida rap track, reminiscent of early Injury Reserve stylings with a beat that feels well picked and matched to the collective’s individual voices. It’s a sort of weirdly sunny affair, even though the beat doesn’t quite announce that in any starkly obvious way. It’s a subtly impressive track, growing as it goes, as the personality of each rapper comes through stronger in the latter halves of their verses. 

What makes this track work so well is the personality of each that shines through that comes combined with verses transitions that feel impressively thought out and flowed on. There should be some good things to come from this collective yet. 

You can check out Gods Green Lawn on Fiend Titan’s Spotify page here.


Dion Kerr releases single D.O.T

Dion Kerr has dropped the latest piece ‘D.O.T’ using the ever-growing power of sound to create this short piece of music, solidly based on sound.

Whilst some people may not be a fan of listening to music without vocals, it’s safe to say that just having sound can be just as good and this track proves that. Going through a range of different instruments and combining them together, giving off a Rock essence but also combining a more Funk style to it as well.

The use of instrumentation is key here and the way it goes together, starting off with that slow tap on the drum, adding in that pluck on the strings and then incorporating the Rock tune of the electric guitar. Then to give it a more laid back sound, adding in the sound of the trumpet and combining that with all the other elements that are played throughout.

The best thing about this piece is it shows you don’t just have to have someone’s voice, that you can pull the listener in and take them on a journey through sound. This one combines many elements and some you might not even put together but it works.

Listen to Dion Kerr’s D.O.T by heading over to bandcamp now.

Review by Karley Myall


Jackboyvick has dropped his latest track Make A Scene (BUMMEE TAPE untold story)

International Rap and Hip-Hop artist Jackboyvick has dropped his latest single ‘Make A Scene’, this is what Rap is all about.

What really stands out in this track, is the revised vocals they’re what makes this song so fun to listen too, using the technique of sampling beats, repeating the lyrics  in a more techno sound after each verse is rapped to give it that Hip-Hop feel, each word is strong and the pitch stays at this mellow pace.

The instrumentation and the use of sound really stands out within this piece, you can hear throughout the use of different synthesiser beats to create the overall rhythmic sound.

You can check out Jackboyvicks latest track by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


Brandon Bing releases newest single Back Porch

Country at it’s finest is what Brandon Bing’s single ‘’Back Porch’’ offers. Something that isn’t the most listened to genre anymore is Country but Brandon shows his listeners just how good it really can be and how good of a mood it can put you in.

When you listen to the impressive Country sound that Brandon Bing brings to this track it’s so exuberant, it moves you and creates this buoyant atmosphere and it’s safe to say that Brian loves to let his booming amounts of energy shine through in his music and you can definitely hear that for yourselves through Back Porch.

Combining the iconic sound of the Ukulele, but adding in the high-pitch trombone as well as the compelling sound of the violin. So many different instrumentals used to create this creative and energetic Country song and there’s no doubt about how well it actually sounds.

Go to YouTube now to check out Brandon Bing’s new single Back Porch.

Review by Karley Myall


Billy Mick releases new single Take It As It Comes

Billy Mick has released his track ‘’Take It As It Comes’’. With a variety of sounds from Country, Hip-Hop and Pop, he has created something that gets you feeling good.

With an up-lifting rhythm and a cheerful atmosphere to go along with it, not to mention the crazy amounts of energy that is injected into it. Billy sure knows how to take his audience by surprise, at first you’d think it’d be more a 80’s classic hit, with the use of synthesizers, gated snares and programmed beats, the synth of the song leads you into many dimensions and that’s why this one needs to be added to your playlist.

But then this full on Country sound comes rolling in and combines with that 80’s throwback style, a rather diverse mixture but one that works so incredibly well together.

Billy Micks has completely delved into music in such a positive manor, not being afraid to mix it up and rather than modernising his sound to be more up to date with this day and age, he instead wanted to hook his audience in and send them back on a journey through time and it’s so mesmerising to listen too.

Check out Billy Micks Take It As It Comes by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


Give 2 The People (G2P) – The Sound: Playfully Grungy Funk Metal

Playful vocals, rampant guitar riffs & tasteful wah-wah solos, a stagger drumming section & a protagonist bass guitar – the elements that more or less make up G2P sound.

G2P is a three-piece act from Tampa, Florida and you can bet that the sound they’re bringing is as sunny as their homeland. “The Sound” is a snappy funk-metal song that is bound to delight listeners that are into RCHP, Primus & Faith No More (obviously). The drumming is vigorous yet concrete; the electric guitar’s sound is palatable and brings the heat with the song’s main riff. The bass is all-around slashing and serves as the main groove provider. Regardless, I think it is the vocals that take the cake. The listener who is either way into this sound will easily perceive an immediate influence from Mike Patton – which let’s be clear, 99 out of 100 times is nothing less than complementary to a musician.

You ought to let G2P funk you up; check out “The Sound” here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


J. Marquis – Motions ; A brilliant art of music in motion

On the real, this is an amazing single from J.Marquis. It’s a song that’s denuded of soulful swings. The song was so remarkably pitched in a cool way, that, from time to time the vocal facet of the artist push out a nice sound that tends to resemble that of Drake’s deep vocal sound.

The rhythm that comes out from the song could be likened to an A-list type of insouciance. You don’t have to look or try too hard to decipher what’s really packed in this song. From the very first seconds of the song, you’ll be ushered into a high realm of reverie by the soft but yet intriguing nature of this song.

The lyrics are brilliantly penned with a call to a direct clear course and a little bit of storytelling. You might as well find this song kinda snappy but it does not take away the fact that it brought back to life the hip-hop history of social solitaire behaviour.

Whatever the reason that will make you think what thought of this song after getting to listen to it, we will still agree that the overall art was impressive and coated with an unalloyed quality sound at least.


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Handmade, Amigo Proves It’s Better to DIY

There aren’t many tracks that can get me to proclaim feelings of love before the chorus even begins. But Handmade Amigo’s second debut single “Let it Roll, Or the Whale” hit the spot like no other musical collective have before. The Psychedelic Soft Indie Rock & Roll Jam is a carnality of uplifting pleasures that reminded me of the sweet melodies of bands such as Dinosaur Jr.

They teased the introduction with a lullaby of sonorous sound before crashing into the verse with a raucous ensemble of percussion headed by a bass soaked atmospheric beat. Attempting to deconstruct this track is ion impossible. The complexities and melodies fuse themselves so tightly together, it’s just best to sit back, relax and enjoy the cacophony on offer from The Orlando, Florida based quartet.

The Handmade Amigo’s switch from rattling guitar riffs with an adequate pinch of moody reverberations straight through to piano sweeps to reincarnate the song through every second of the 04:26 duration.

Judging by the innocently charming music video, they’ve got a long way to come in the industry, but I’m most definitely sold on what they have to offer.

Check out their latest hit via BandCamp now:

Head on over to their website to check out the official video to Let it Roll, Or the Whale: