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Start Over: Underground Orlando trio NOT just want to replenish their energy with much-needed sleep on ‘The Worst Twelve Hours Of My Life’

With a highly ambitious and speaker-grabbing style which has your head bouncing around like a beach ball in summer, NOT recall that time when nothing seemed to go right on ‘The Worst Twelve Hours Of My Life‘.

NOT is a pleasurable Orlando, Florida-based indie alternative pop-punk/post-hardcore trio band. They ravage the unsuspecting airwaves with a succulent blend of drum-bashing entertainment that is stacked full of speaker-breaking vocals, and rampaging guitar riffs.

Their door-breaking noise slams all of the pesky wind back into the sun-lit sky – as they seem to fly into our lives like unsung superheros – to satisfyingly bringing back a sound which disappeared like Batman into the night a few years ago. This is a foot-stomping and sweat-flowing song which will have your ears alive, alert, awake and feeling blimmin’ fantastic.

The Worst Twelve Hours Of My Life‘ from the fiery Orlando indie post-hardcore/pop-punk three-piece chargers NOT, shows us a story which so many have felt recently. You feel that things could be way better as the day hasn’t gone anywhere according to plan, as you try and fall asleep but your eyes just stay open like a 24 hour convenience store.

This is a terrific track which quickly pushes the blood back into your head and lights your attention up quickly, to remind you that this genre isn’t dead, instead its gone back to the underground to reinvent itself again. Starting over sometimes is the only way to truly evolve after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on their revved up IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Address My Spirit: Ferociously determined Florida rapper Billy the Kid grinds his way to the top by himself with ‘Reaper’

As he performs with a hard-fought energy which shows that he has had some really tough times in his life, Billy the Kid finds his way through the dark with the edgy new single ‘Reaper‘.

Billy the Kid is a determined Florida-based indie trap artist. He expresses himself through a spellbinding effort here that swarms into your mind and has you thinking so deeply about your own journey in life.

Billy often recounts his experience with societal under-dwellings, exploring the themes of mischief that plagued his upbringing and was the cause for severing both family and personal ties that have left Billy scarred, solemn, and grief-stricken.” ~ Billy the Kid

He feel like he is the total underdog in this game that can swallow you up quickly if you let it, the past haunts him so much but he refuses to lay down and totally give up.  His rap style is supremely underground, as he smashes the fragile windows that were holding him back before, and flow angrily with so much fire in his hungry belly.

Reaper‘ from the Florida-based rapper Billy the Kid, is a tortured soul type of track which shows how he is bravely reaching the top of the mountain, despite what has happened before. He is a striking artist who gives his all on each viciously performed verse, as he raps a whirlwind of power through the speakers to flip your mind upside down. This is a song all about knowing you have had it tough, but have the strength to rise above all else that can blunt your progress upwards, no matter who or what is in your corner.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

My World Is Ending: Thundering Tampa metal band Mikky Malice turn up the heat with a blowtorch on ‘Sinner’s Requiem’

As they have our exposed ears ringing with their powerful sound that has your body feeling sparked up like an electrician who has just been shocked unexpectedly, Mikky Malice return mightily with their latest offering which is named ‘Sinner’s Requiem‘.

Mikky Malice is a high-octane groove alt-metal band from sunny Tampa in Florida, USA. They force ahead with hard-biting and explosive soundscapes that slashes the tires of anybody driving too slow, and has your unsuspecting speakers shaking like a feisty rattlesnake.

Sinner’s Requiem touches on some of the issues surrounding a person’s death. The anger, torment, and persecution of finding out a person’s true nature the pain and suffering of the people he caused around him. That same person realizing too late all the pain he caused to loved ones, but pride and fear keep him silent and unrepentant until death takes him. Everyone has a book of sin kept, what will yours look like? This song Sinner’s Requiem is for some a chance for healing and its message is hope for others.” – Mikky Malice

His formidable vocals are on full blast the whole way through as his fragile larynx reaches the ultimate passage to the other side – as the band are on top form with a strong display that has you feeling either nervous or reinvigorated – as they fuse together with an experienced sound, that has your heart pounding.

Sinner’s Requiem‘ from the fast-paced groove metal band from Tampa, Florida named Mikky Malice, has your thoughts really alive as you think about what comes after your life. They rage in and slam the front door with reckless abandon, with a flurry of roaring noise that will highly please metal fans, who are looking to quickly let out some bottled-up steam. This is a song that will annoy the neighbors, but is a track you need to hear rather loud.

Stream this new track via Spotify and check out their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Making Deposits: Florida rapper Burt Bankkz makes sure his crew is the main topic on ‘Exotic’

With an engaging booty bounce from his female fans and a ravaging rap flow that has his hungry eyes seeing the winning line, Burt Bankkz tears it up quickly on his latest catchy single that is all about knowing what you truly want from life called ‘Exotic‘.

Burt Bankkz is a fast-rising Florida-based indie rapper. He has distanced his mind from breaking into houses and only smashes down bars of gold now, with a fiery delivery that has him chasing that tasty paper he desires.

This is the bold story of being honest about your past and how you wish to now do things differently, as the team you have assembled are teamwork tight, and ready to roll with you no matter what.

He raps with such a purposeful vigor that sets him apart from most – his real-life lyrics are quick-fire and blazing a chronic of intrigue – as he leaves it all on the line with impressive bulldog-like tenaciousness.

Exotic‘ from the confident Florida, USA-based rapper Burt Bankkz, shows us a man on a mission to truly succeed no matter what. He turned his back on crime and only sparks up raps now, that lace down on your mind and has you turning him up. This is an unrelenting track that is full of exploding rockets that turns the visual story rather racy, as he shows his quality on a heat-filled, cash-flowing new single.

Listen to this racy track on Spotify and check out his IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Show Me Your Wild Side: Fluid Florida rapper Alex hotboxes in the rover with ‘Roll Up’

As he chills calmly with her snug right next to him in his comfy ride, Alex twists the bars together to have us smokin’ with joy on his new track called ‘Roll Up‘.

Alex Hughes aka Alex, is a focused Sarasota, Florida-based rapper and father. He makes that catchy music that has you nodding your head and tapping your toes, as you turn up the volume to catch each lyric in its prime.

His music career started when he was playing lead guitar and vocals for a few punk rock bands at the young age of 16. As time passed he grew and developed into an independent and well rounded artist for multiple genres.” – Alex

This is the story about cheekily speaking to each other with a massive smile – the flirting is at an all-time high as you chill in the car together with 420 blazing freely – as you keep things light and have the time of your life.

With a bouncy beat and freshly flowed bars that turns the cold air into hot energy as you spark up the sound, this is a top track full of mainstream appeal.

Roll Up‘ from the determined Sarasota, Florida-based hip-hop artist Alex, is a journey-filled new single that has you thinking about that special person who you feel so comfortable with. You laugh at each others jokes and everything seems so relaxed, as you gaze into each others eyes and wonder if this is the best you have ever felt romantically.

Things can be so simple sometimes and this is when you should embrace the moment, to never ever let it go.

Stream this fire new single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jaye King – Jazzy gospel-influenced groove with the uplifting ‘Me & You’

Jaye King

Mixing up soul, gospel, a little hip hop, and some mellow jazz-influenced easy listening pop, ‘Me & You’, the new single from Floridian-native Jaye King is a funky, feel-good, soulful ode to living life, partnership, and celebration; fusing Gregory Porter, a touch of John Legend, and maybe a little of Norah Jones and Jamie Cullum’s style all mingled with some upbeat spirituals and dash of R&B feels, and you’re smack in the middle of the ballpark here. There’s clear passion, some raw, honest lyric-writing, and lashings of faith and love in ‘Me & You’, and it shines through – you can hear the smile in King’s voice as he’s singing. This is genuine, upbeat and uplifting, chilled and cool and red, red-hot all at once. If there’s such a thing as soul food for the ears, then ‘Me & You’ is it, in spades.

Check out ‘Me & You’ through Jaye King’s website, or via Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

That Booming Feeling: Dethhaus fire in hot with high-energy new instrumental effort ‘Track Three’

Dropped from dizzy heights through Rakka Rakka Records, Dethhaus stomp on the mic and let it rip handsomely with their latest single simply called ‘Track Three‘.

Dethhaus is daringly eye-piercing instrumental band consisting of Johnny Void from X-Ray Youth (guitar, bass, and keyboard), and Justin Welch from Elastica (drums). This impressive work of art was produced and mostly recorded in Room 101 in Central Florida, as well as also being recorded in windy England, UK.

This is a fast-paced and thundering storm of a splashing single that has your awakened eyes wide and your awaiting body shaking in anticipation for more to come. The distorted cacophonous melody has you feeling fully awake and without needing that coffee boost, as the electrifying energy is one that you can’t easily forget.

Track Three‘ from the deafeningly exciting Florida/England instrumental duo Dethhaus, rampages excitedly into your scared ears like a buzz saw on your fragile hair – as the ferociously intoxicating sounds somehow has you so thrilled – and a bit anxious at the same time. This is the perfect kind of video game music or from a dramatic scene from a movie. They are both seriously talented artists and provide us with a lovely mixture of crashing sound waves, to get you uplifted for the days events.

Stream this fantastic new single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Only Going Up: Tampa rapper Matt Chibbs flows with so much style on ‘Space Isle’

With his newspaper ready to be consumed by a man on a mission upwards, Matt Chibbs shows us into his unique world with the new galaxy-gazing single called ‘Space Isle‘.

Matt Chibbs is a thoughtful Tampa, Florida-based solo indie hip-hop artist and music producer, who creates that totally original music that is like no other rapper in the world.

This is the story about doing what you gotta do, no matter what anyone else’s vibe is about as you are only looking to gain knowledge in this wild world. His raps are hard to hear at first — as then you dive in head first — appreciating his skillful bars that shows you total authenticity.

You feel his enthralling flow wash over your mind smartly, as he takes us for a ride like only he can. The busty beat is super complex and makes you nod your head rhythmically, as it completely suits his style and has you smiling from ear to ear.

Space Isle’ from Tampa, Florida musician/producer Matt Chibbs, beams us up to the bright lights beyond what our mind can comprehend. He has a striking style of rapping that has you bouncing along and appreciating his cleverly meshed style. Being yourself in this copycat world, is the only way to live after all.

Hear this quality new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Can’t be loved, Till I love myself: Javii reminds us to be kind to ourselves on ‘Self Love’

With a peaceful whistle and a gentle sound that has you feeling so tranquil, Javii tells us the message that we all need to hear on ‘Self Love’.

Joel Javier Zorrilla aka Javii, is a brave Miami, Florida-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter. He is a courageous creative who has endured a tough life and has used music as his escape, from a wind-swept upbringing full of storms and carnage. He chose to float away from the thunder on his guitar lifeboat — and is now free to be his own lifeguard — and swims majestically with a calm mind to help others.

This is the true story filled with heart-stopping moments, as you remind yourself to stop being so harsh when you make silly mistakes. The world can be gloomy and grey at times, as you look to love someone else during your journey of doing the same for yourself.

He has such a calming vocal exterior, that seems to brush away the dust that can fog up your mind. Each guitar strum is made with so much peace and care — as you feel like you are drifting from the bad vibes that are easy to soak into — moving into the road that you really want to be on instead.

Self Love‘ from Miami, Florida’s Javii, opens the creaking door to where you need to be, as the world blusters over your mind sometimes to shake all that noise on you. Having the self-awareness to take some time to mellow out and worry about yourself for a bit is definitely needed. Being positive and kind to yourself in this quick-swipe and compare society, is the only way to stay sane after all.

Stream this quality single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Ain’t Really Like Me: Florida rapper Aries Kyss moves on after the ‘Sucker4love’

As he tries to move on after having his heart broken into unfathomable pieces which might be lost in the lonely dumpster forever, Aries Kyss shows us how he truly feels on the quick-fire new rose-breaker called ‘Sucker4love(prod. johnnyfriend).

Aries Kyss is a rapper and songwriter from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He makes that real music that is about life and love, in this crazy and totally unpredictable world.

He sings with such zest and raps with an emotional wrapping paper soaked into the fibers of his bones — performing in such a flamboyant style that has you completely immersed into his music — like when you are swimming in a fascinating pool and just don’t want to get out.

This is the honest message of being careful who you love, as things can turn toxic if you give too much away too soon and they then know where the keys to your heart are and will drive you around like they wish, until you crash and burn.

Sucker4love‘ (prod. johnnyfriend) from Fort Lauderdale, Florida rapper/singer Aries Kyss, is that honest story about love that didn’t quite work out this time as the core of the trust seemed to break down rather suddenly. She already had a plan B and that hurts you badly — as you take some time out to fully comprehend the moves that happened — so that you may learn from this and never (ever) let it happen again.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and check out IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen