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Omni Optometrist prescribed the antidote to sonic monotony with his jazzy prog-rock track, ‘Converging Forces’

Omni Optometrist’s (AKA Mitch Protheroe) jazzy synth-driven prog-rock-driven soundscapes won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re looking for the antidote to sonic monotony, look no further than his latest Avant Garde orchestration, Converging Forces.

Between the frenetic time signatures which the scintillating symphonic tones weave through, there’s just enough room for star-roving constellations of trip-hop to add to the superlative almost dystopic in nature instrumental score, which adds a touch of interstellar ambience to the release.

Along with Omni Optometrist, Mitch Protheroe’s creativity has known many guises; he started composing under the name Of Keys and Cages in 2008, since then, he has released several jazz fusion records and has only become more ambitious with each subsequent release. After honing his production skills, he’s reworking his old demos and slowly but surely started introducing them to the airwaves from his studio in Florida. If Converging Forces set the standard, we can’t wait to hear what follows.

Converging Forces is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Interview with Abyssal Voyage: Navigating the Future of Alternative Hard Rock

Welcome to an exclusive interview with the rising stars of Florida’s alternative hard rock scene, Abyssal Voyage. In this candid conversation, we delve deep into their future goals, information on their upcoming releases, the electrifying energy of their live performances, the secrets behind their unique sound, the musical influences that fuel their creativity, and a few surprising facts they can’t wait to share with their devoted fans.

Can you share with us your band’s future goals and aspirations? What do you hope to achieve in the next few years, as Abyssal Voyage?

Our biggest goal as a band is to become an established, profitable business known for delivering quality entertainment to the fans we (hopefully) make along the way. We also aspire to one day provide employment and scaling opportunities within the entertainment industry for those with the same discipline, direction, and dreams that, we as a group, all share together. There’s no real idea what the future holds for us and we don’t want to set limits for ourselves. We’re just learning as we go and always try our best to navigate the obstacles that all artists, especially Independent Artists, tend to encounter.

We previously reviewed your track Time, What can fans expect from the new music you are creating, and do you have any future release upcoming?

We’re so grateful for what you wrote about ‘Time’. We took it to heart when you guys deemed us with such titles as “Juggernauts in the Hardcore Scene”! We just released our second single, ‘Step’, which is filled with nothing but groove during its 5 minute time span, and has also given our band a more prominent boost in our local area. We have another single coming out, hopefully, by the end of the year with the immediate goal for all of 2024 to really be pushing the brand of ‘Abyssal Voyage’ and prepping the public for our debut album. We don’t really write our music in any sort of conventional sense. It’s mostly riffing based on the vibe we have with each other during some random moments at practice, then tightening up and adding flavor to each song over weeks and sometimes months from inception.

Your live sound is known for being unique and captivating. Could you share some details about the type of equipment you use to achieve this distinctive sound? Are there any specific pieces of gear that are essential to your live setup?

From what we’ve been told by our fans, our songs or “sound” are all unique from one another and our energy live is unparalleled to most performances they’ve seen. Which you can imagine made us feel incredibly confident in our writing and performing abilities since their statements confirmed to us our ability to communicate the vision of our songs to the listener successfully! What makes our live sound so distinctive are all the elements each member brings to our live setup. Andres having such an animated and passion-filled frontman persona, Cory’s indie-ambient flare with mood shifting whammy bends and the rhythmic section being driven by Verb’s grooving low tones and sporadic mid-range bass scales that hold the balance around Dyl-Pick’s unique riffing style; all that’s powered by a 2 amp stereo setup, being complimented by Todd’s massive drum kit that holds every percussive tone a rock band could ever need!

It’s always interesting to learn about a band’s musical influences. Can you tell us about the artists or genres that have had the greatest impact on your music? How have these influences shaped your sound?

There’s so many artists to name, a few would be: Korn, System of a Down, Van Halen, Megadeth, Guns N’ Roses, Nas, and Modest Mouse. Each member has a large repertoire of influences ranging from Hard Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Rap, Indie, Pop, and even Dance music that they bring to the table respectively. This wide range of sonic ideologies gives us such a creative push that we feel adds to the unique reputation that Abyssal Voyage is starting to develop amongst fans.

Fans love to discover interesting tidbits about their favourite bands. Could you share an unknown or fun fact about Abyssal Voyage that you think your fans would find intriguing or surprising?

Every member in the group is playing/writing/practicing outside of their normal ranges. Our entire rhythmic section, for example, is playing their secondary instruments. As stated in the previous question, each member’s respective influences adds a semblance of musical and tonal progression that pushes each different member to dive head first into a new level of focus and creativity that, with continued effort, keeps transcending to new heights throughout the lifespan of Abyssal Voyage.

Interview: The inspiring soul Isabella Lavalle tells us all about her Love Interest

With a beautifully poised and other-worldly sensational sound, touching vocals and an air of calmness about her despite the harrowing winds outside, we were blessed to have a chat with the wonderfully authentic Isabella Lavalle recently. Telling us all about her new single Love Interest, crushing on Fall Out Boy and life in musically vibrant Chicago, we find a captivatingly expressive artist who truly loves what she does.

Llewelyn: Hello, there Isabella. We truly appreciate your time and for having a chat with us. Let’s start off with this. Do you recall the precise moment when you knew you wanted to be a musician and what sparked your interest?

Isabella: I don’t know if I remember the precise moment when I knew I wanted to be a musician but I know that every time I write songs and the words just flow out of me onto the page without really trying it feels like a magical, other-worldly sensation that I just want to have over and over again. The fact that a song can start from a little line I’ve jotted down and then become something bigger than itself is really mind-blowing to me, and the fact that it may feel that way for someone else is insane, too.

Llewelyn: Please tell us all about your latest release Love Interest and what the vision behind the project is.

Isabella: I think the vision for Love Interest – or the reason it was written – is because I write a lot of sad songs which are my favourite things to write, but I was having a mild case of writer’s block so I turned to writing a song that was a little more upbeat and youthful just for a change of pace.

Llewelyn: You’ve spent lots of time in Chicago and in Melbourne, Florida. What is the local music scene like in your local area (where you’re staying now) and where should we go and listen to authentic music with soul?

Isabella: With Chicago specifically, you can find people performing and playing music while you’re walking down the street – it’s kind of always around. In Florida, I’d say there is less of a music scene so it was something I delved into and grew a passion for on my own terms.

Llewelyn: What do you enjoy most about being a music creator and how do you stay inspired in such a strange time for humanity?

Isabella: The thing I enjoy most about being a music creator is that I have complete freedom as to what I write and put out into the world. I’m a very expressive person so having a career where I get to do exactly that is perfect. And as for inspiration, I keep a little handy section on my Notes app full of little one-liners or ideas I get throughout the day, and sometimes I’ll look through them and pull something out that inspires me or goes with what I’m writing.

Llewelyn: What was the last song that you listened to and are there any artists you’d love to share the stage with?

Isabella: I think the last song I listened to was either Because by the Beatles or Suzanne by Leonard Cohen. I would love to share the stage with Fall Out Boy but I don’t know if I’d be able to make it through without fangirling. Same with Taylor Swift, Billy Joel.

Llewelyn: If you could take only 5 things with you on a deserted island, what would they be and why?

Isabella: I would say my cat but I don’t want to put them in that situation. Honestly, sunscreen, an umbrella, a bag full of books, my piano and a flare.

Llewelyn: Finally, do you have any live shows soon or what does the future hold for you musically?

Isabella: I think this next year or so I’m just going to continue to put out singles and EPs and get my music heard a little more. I always have the bigger picture and crazy ideas in my head though so we’ll see soon.

Fuel the romance within on this gorgeous single via Spotify.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Florida’s DJ Blitz breaks down the windows on Taking Over Future 3

With a sensory overload which might trigger many sentiments usually saved for a blockbuster movie, DJ Blitz destroys all fragility with a rather laser-swooshing effort to turn up when the day is dull, Taking Over Future 3.

DJ Blitz is an in-demand Miami, Florida-based electronic producer, songwriter and acclaimed DJ who loves it when thousands are bending the floors of dance floors everywhere.

At the age of 16, Blitz knew that he wanted to be a DJ after hearing a song titled “Alone” by one of his influences, Producer / DJ Marshmello.” ~ DJ Blitz

Fleeing the trenches and gaining steam like a runway train throughout, DJ Blitz justifies the hype with the type of performance to wake up early for. With a dominant production and so much to be inspired by, this is a rather sledgehammer-like display for those who love it rather barrage-filled.

Taking Over Future 3 from Miami, Florida-based electronic producer DJ Blitz is a rather weighty experience to cherish for anyone who needed to knock the dust off. Lathered in a powerful vortex of menace, while the hardcore soundscape tears down the frantic and grows up the innocent ears left.

This is one for those clubheads who are still on the sweaty dancefloor.

Listen up on SoundCloud. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Money Mike Sandberg – Reflection

Money Mike Sandberg, also known as Michael Sandberg, is a American hip-hop artist hailing from North Miami Beach, Florida and raised in Syosset, New York. He discovered a love for writing as a teenager, initially composing poetry for his grandfather to uplift him while he was in the hospital. After his grandfather passed away in 2015, Sandberg continued to hone his writing skills, eventually transitioning into music that resonates with people from diverse backgrounds.

In Sandberg’s 2021 release “Reflection,” I can sense his passion and influences from artist such as Logic, Eminem, NF. The opening line, “keep on reaching high with your expectations low,” shows great wisdom and is a sentiment I fully support. Furthermore, the catchy hook “back to reflection” provides valuable advice that I can get behind.

To truly make these lyrics shine, consider ramping up the production. With a little extra effort and attention to detail, you can elevate your music and define your sound. So why not give it a try? Your audience will thank you on your next release !

Check out Money Mike Sandberg on Instagram and Spotify.



When I See You Again: ZoeBoy Oso shall never leave the beaches on Foot Soulja

Dropping a sizzling single which shall reignite the dedication needed to be successful in this wild world, ZoeBoy Oso jumps off the porch and shows us all that he isn’t playing games on the excellent new track Foot Soulja.

ZoeBoy Oso is a Fort Myers, Florida-based indie hip hop artist who drops incredibly bar-heavy tracks to get those bodies moving when needed most.

His Haitian background and upbringing is very apparent in his music as well as mannerisms.” ~ ZoeBoy Oso

With an intro to turn up loud and a lyrical web of body-clinching swords to slice with, ZoeBoy Oso might be exactly what the doctor ordered. He’s fearless and raps with that ravenous hunger you are only born with.

Foot Soulja from Fort Myers, Florida-based indie hip hop artist ZoeBoy Oso is a rather thunderous effort, which is crowded with street stories. Taking us deep into the underground with a superbly enticing tune to savour, we find an emcee who is certainly in form right now.

Rich in quality and loaded with a catchy beat to spark up with, this is a sure-fire speaker-ripper of note.

Turn this up on Spotify. See more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lyfe Interview: Showing us inside Miami on Tonight I want to Sing This Song

Portraying so much mature insight and thoughtfulness in bucket loads, Lyfe sat down with us recently so tell us all about his exciting journey through many forms. We find out about the 3 morning pages routine, gratitude and the mind-numbing galaxy in Silicon Valley.

We appreciate your time today. Where in the world do we find you, and how do you usually start your day?

Lyfe: I am based in Miami, Florida. I actually have a very strict routine. Every day I wake up, I write the 3 morning pages where I write anything that comes to my mind. Kinda like journaling, but at the same time, releasing any thought or emotion in my mind. Then I follow with the 10 daily blessings of gratitude, where I write things I am grateful for. As an example, I could write “that I am grateful for this interview because it gives me the chance to tell my story to more people”. Then I follow with an alpha wave meditation, to try to get my mind right to pursue my objectives!

You were born Antonio Trincao. How did your character Lyfe start and when did you know it was time to make music?

Lyfe: My birth of “Lyfe” came when I moved to Miami in January 2021. After 4 years in Silicon Valley, living a very intense lifestyle as a tech entrepreneur, I did a 5 day tech detox in Miami, that made me connect with God and the Universe. It came naturally to my mind as a divine thought, the name Life, but with the twist of using with the “y”, so that triggers my fans to question “their why in their lives”. When I was doing the 5 day tech detox, I was writing about a variety of things such as “what are my dreams”, “what are my fears”, “what do I love to do”, “what am I ashamed of”… And then when I looked back to my life, and my story I realized that my happiest moments were always music. Either when composing music after working, or surprising customers by playing songs that I made to share the culture of the company, or even virtual concerts that I organized… So I thought for myself, well Antonio “You know how to make money”, “you know how to launch a product”… Why don’t you launch yourself as an artist? And that was where I decided to pursue music. Important to say that my teenage years and then college, I was performing in a musical group called “Azeituna”, where I did shows in theaters all over the world, and at one point performed for 150,000 people. So this was going back to my roots.

Please guide us through your latest single called Tonight I want to Sing This Song which drops on the 16th December.

Lyfe: “Tonight I want to Sing this Song” represents my generation’s desire of bringing back the 70s and 80s to our daily lives. After watching movies like Elvis, and Bohemian Raphsody, there is a nostalgia that has been brought back, and I want to embody those eras in our current days. I am an immigrant entrepreneur and music artist that moved to America to pursue his dreams, so the launch of this song is also a testament to all the dreamers and hustlers out there that are trying to win, and pursue their dreams. This song tells the story of you going out with your friends, celebrating all of your victories and find the person you love on the dance floor, and dancing with the most soulful sound of the 70s with the touch of the 80s.

Venice Music is holding it down. Please explain to us how you got connected together?

Lyfe: I actually discovered Venice, through Troy Carter, and I discovered Troy during my tech entrepreneur years. So randomly I was checking his IG profile 3 months ago, and I discovered that he was launching Venice. I got in touch and got to apply, and I am distributing “Tonight I want to Sing This Song” through them. It’s really cool because they have a great community, on-going weekly events to teach us about the music business, and I have been fortunate to learn a lot in the last months.

You’re well-known for your virtual concerts. Please tell us more and why it’s so important to keep loyal fans engaged?

Lyfe: So I think virtual concerts are really what allows you to go beyond what is possible in real life. From a design, scene, effects perspective, I believe that fans should have the power to contribute in show development. One of the concerts I did was outer space, in a stadium with 50,000 avatars, video streamed. Then fans could plugin with their phones or laptops, and the visual experience was just unbelievable. In the near future, I want to have fans contributing for stage ideas, scene ideas, so when I develop my real life tours, I have them leave their mark on the performances they watch!

Can we find you at a live show soon or do you have a tour cooking for 2023?

Lyfe: Absolutely! The first show was 2 weeks ago at The Anderson in Miami, and I am cooking already the next show in Miami, hopefully for the new year’s eve! In 2023, I intend to start touring the US, and perform in cities like NYC, Nashville, LA, and Austin, and eventually make my way to London where my father lives.

Last, how do you feel the music industry could be better to look after its artists?

Lyfe: It’s a battle between the individual versus the institution, but I believe that the power is on the side of Lyfe. 🙂

Pre-save here for quick access on the 16th of December. See more on the journey come to life on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

The country rock renegade Brandon Bing is back in the saddle in his roughneck hit, Don’t Bring Your Car to a Rodeo

Before you head to your first rodeo, learn the ropes from the Floridian traditional country rock raconteur Brandon Bing. Taken from his latest whisky-soaked album, Huckleberry, his seminal single, Don’t Bring Your Car to a Rodeo, is an enlivening invitation into the roughneck culture of rodeos.

The foot-stompin’ rhythms drive good vibes right through the upbeat hit while the folky strings bring the gravitas that Brandon Bing is renowned for in the country music scenes far beyond his own turf. Off the back of his 2021 EP, Dyin’ Breed, he received accolades from the International Singer-Songwriters Association, and he’s toured his sound across the states with appearances at Live Oak in Nashville and at the BMI Songwriters Festival in Florida.

Don’t Bring Your Car to a Rodeo video is is now available on YouTube and you can also stream it on Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Can’t Stay Away From You: Madeline Burns hopes they can try again on Echo

Knowing that they can’t ever surely forget the past when it was so passionate, Madeline Burns yearns for that touch again with someone who has sadly moved on with the stunning Echo.

Madeline Burns is a 15-year-old Florida-based indie pop singer-songwriter who grew up on the musical stage and has been lighting up smiles of her followers since she was 6 years old.

She started acting in children’s theater at 6 and began vocal lessons at 7. She has performed in countless musical theater productions, and in recent years, began writing and recording her original pop music.” ~ Madeline Burns

Like a cosy warm fire in the middle of winter, Madeline Burns shows us where the blanket is and sings with a glorious genuineness that is bound to be in your head for hours. Exceptional to the core and steaming with possibilities, this is a memorable release to get us all dreaming about that ideal partner.

Echo from Florida-based indie pop singer-songwriter Madeline Burns is a vocally outstanding song. Filled with introspective lyrics from someone who has felt the emptiness of missing one person so much. Sung with love and fierce determination, to hold hands with that special soul who lights her up like no one else can.

Listen up to this fine song on Spotify and see more news on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Twist It: Tampa-based artist Jay-T sticks to that strict code on Unknown

Feeling the vibe as he sees those sneaky demon eyes who won’t let go, Jay-T rolls with the molly and doesn’t want the night to end on the no witness single to play boisterously on Unknown.

Jay-T aka Josh Thomas is a Denver, USA-born, Florida-based hip hop artist and music producer who fuses in some pulsating trippy and alternative layers into this progressive track.

Urging the surrounding people in his presence to show him something new that will cause his brain to work as he likes it, Jay-T shows us his entrepreneur mentality and guides us away from the meaningless noise and into a jaw-clenching world that will scare many, and energize others.

Unknown from the Tampa, Florida-based hip hop artist/music producer, Jay-T pulls through from outta space and urges us to keep the night lit like the green he is currently blazing in the end zone. Packed with a superbly vibrant atmosphere, this is a single to play on full when you’re on the way to the club.

Finding out new things you don’t understand yet is the best way to grow your mind.

Listen up on SoundCloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen