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She ran away forever: Florida singer-songwriter David Omlor tells us the sad story of ‘Truth’

Taken off his thoughtful memoir about the shocking covid-19 events of 2020 called ‘Entropy‘, David Omlor brings us the story about a girl he knew that lost her youth real quick and changed her name to ‘Truth‘.

David Omlor is a Philly-born, Florida-based indie folk/blues singer-songwriter who keeps it honest always. He makes music to help keep him sane in this weird — almost alternate universe time like an episode of Rick and Morty –and hopes that his lyrics may help others out there who are also feeling sad and alone.

After working with his band Benjamin Road for the past few years, he locked himself into a room at home and through Zoom and Dropbox, David decided that staying busy and putting out some solo music was the smart thing to do, as watching the news only makes you more anxious and frightened anyway.

He sings with such grit and meaning, each word is sung with that storyteller mentality and you can feel the heartbreak in his vocals. The lyrics tell us the story that has sadly happened to so many young girls, who grow up way too quickly in this often dark and cold world, full of monsters who ruin the fun of so many.

Truth‘ from humble Philly-born and raised indie singer-songwriter David Omlor, is the heartfelt story about a girl that lost her sweet innocent mentality and ran away due to the blows that she endured. She needed someone to stick up for her but didn’t receive it, and her life changed forever.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


She’s The One: Black Rambo is back with new passion-filled single ‘Baby Your Fine’

As he sings with such passion and meaning, Black Rambo wants to be her King on the new single from this veteran in the music game called ‘Baby Your Fine‘.

Well-traveled Florida/Colorado-based RnB/hip-hop artist Black Rambo, is a man on a mission to be heard and he makes that raw storyteller type of music that is made from the streets, as he tells you what its really like to survive in these wild times.

This is the story of his lust for her, as he wants to show that he is in this for the right reasons and wants there to be no doubts at all, about his true intentions.

He sings as a man in love does, he has imagined what it would be like to be with her and wants this to work, no matter what he has to do in order for this to happen.

Baby Your Fine’ from Florida/Colorado singer/rapper Black Rambo, is a song that shows his love for a girl that he really wants to be with. He sings and raps with that glow in his eye and this is a track to play with that person who you want to vibe with.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


I’m taking off like a rocket: Kiwifrooot kindly squeezes out a tasty gem on ‘Bliss’

Taken off the new four-track EP ‘Dual‘ and with a delicious flow meshed into a stompin’ beat that has you happily sliding around your lounge like a kitty cat on ice skates, Kiwifrooot sends our fragile hearts into absolute ‘Bliss‘ with a striking track that seizes the day with aplomb.

Kiwifrooot is an emerging Gainesville, Florida USA rapper/singer, who makes that real personal music that is meaningful and thoughtful, a rarity in this often judgement-filled selfish world of fake bling and quick-swipes.

This is the delightful story of a mover and a shaker that is headed towards that ultimate bliss in life. While ignoring the fake souls who only want to greedily take a bite out of all the good things you have going on in this world, this is the step into action anthem that encourages you to just go for it. Life is about following your dreams after all.

Bliss‘ from Florida hip-hop artist Kiwifrooot, is a underground legend that is going to found, the quick-fire beat and elegantly performed vocal delivery is a wonderful sound to hear, the catchy rhythm grabs your soul instantly, and welcomes you in to inspire you at the same time.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see the music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Always be hungrier than you: EEETEE rises up through the stifling heat of the street on ‘Crazy Mutha-Fucka’

Featuring a hungry flow which has that real spark of someone who has really lived, EEETEE tells us the ultimate underdog story of never giving up no matter what the obstacle on ‘Crazy Mutha-Fucka‘.

EEETEE is an enlightened hip-hop artist based in Lake Worth Beach, Florida. He creates that real rap sound that is born from moving around a lot as a kid and surviving the wild streets to make ends meet.

Now thriving on the roster of Slap Box Music Group, you can feel him turning things around to reach his goals through his witty lyricism and honest portrayal of life as he sees it.

The wild stories of the movie-like street life and doing things you wouldn’t do now just to survive ring true, with the lights sometimes startling and blue, his world seemed like it was going downhill but he stayed on the music path and never regrets it.

He never deviated from his belief and this separates the nearly-men telling half-true stories from some dingy bar to drunken ears of the half-listening, to the ones that actually pushed through to make it happen. Whether through some luck or persistence, all that matters is that the goal is on the way to the back of the net and not in the stands.

Crazy Mutha-Fucka‘ from motivated South Florida emcee EEETEE, is that lighter spark in your mind that shows you that you can win when you are down and low, that special angel came into your life and guided to you where you needed to be, opening up doors to other good souls to embrace you.

No matter what happened in the past and how crazy you have been told you are, getting to where you need to be is possible if you try and never give up. Your vision lifts you up through the smokey fog to take you to that peaceful place where you can be in the zone and feel at home.

Hear this street banger on Soundcloud and see more of his moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Cat got your tongue: Orlando’s Yaqub Howell burns the fakes and moves onto the ‘Ballin’ mentality

Taken off his latest raw seven-track release called ‘Goat Talk II‘, Yaqub Howell shows us his stylish rhymes on the new single ‘Ballin‘.

Yaqub Howell is an emerging Orlando, Florida emcee who raps about real-life experiences surviving this world full of flashy fakes, that take what they can and don’t give anything back. He has moved on from worrying about those selfish former friends and only wants to build new bridges with like-minded humans, who are ready to work together as one.

With furiously flame-lit bars about been taken for a tame kitty cat when he is actually a wild lion, you can feel the pulsating energy filling his ever-growing bones, as this scissor-sharp song build up into a powerful mountain of strength, that can’t ever be underestimated.

His passionate flows streams rapidly through the gushing waterfall and quickly drowns out any fake haters that claimed to be real friends but are actually the devil in disguise.

Ballin‘ from flourishing Orlando rapper Yaqub Howell, is a strong statement to all those that casually spoke bad about him when first started out and have now flipped the switch, but have come when the lights are off and the party is over. He has gleefully moved onto bigger and better things, with the treacherous fools left smelling the dust-filled gas fumes.

That moment when you realize your value takes a while to come, but when it does, you know deep in your soul that those former friends that took your kindness for weakness, just don’t get it and never will. Real sees real eventually.

Stream this fine track here on his Spotify and follow his rise up on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Slicing away the doubts: Roses from Bones cuts through the loneliness with ‘Guillotine’

Whilst looking after his father recover from a dreadful accident, Roses from Bones sings from the darkest part of his soul on the impressively sharp ‘Guillotine‘.

Roses from Bones is the consciously advanced DIY indie-folk music project from Florida-based Chris Fritz. He sings about being lonely, dealing with self-doubt, fitting in and having the courage to follow your dreams, no matter what locked doors are in front of you.

His eerily honest voice fills the room full of darkness, his unfurnished room with the air mattress in the corner sinks into the creaky floor of his parents house, as he finds the inspiration to make the type of music he has been visualizing for years.

With recording studios closed due to pesky covid restrictions, he has done an outstanding job to almost-perfect the production, his over analyzing mind lathering over the thoughts, as he realized it was actually done and the time to move on to the next song was near.

With strong vocals that show his ambition, each word is meaningful and with deep thought as he sings so brightly and with that extra hunger in his spine. This is the ultimate underdog who refuses to be shut out, the talent is there and can be heard marvelously here, as he starts this new journey to full enlightenment.

Guillotine‘ from Florida’s indie-folk project Roses from Bones, is that special track that makes the hairs on your arms stand up as you nod your head and turn the volume up, eager not to miss any word from this humble underground gem.

Slowly edging away from his doubts, this is the story of breaking free from the shackles of society and being free with the caring sounds of true music.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Need to forgive: Darren Hoffman is simply brilliant on ‘Redemption’

Taken off his latest sizzling EP called ‘Ballad of Miami: An Opera of Land & Violence‘, Darren Hoffman returns with the story of how her forgiveness is a one way street on the excellent ‘Redemption‘.

Darren Hoffman is a fantastic Brooklyn-New York-based, Miami, Florida-born, multi-instrumentalist and producer, who makes that supremely heart-warming type of music that is deeper than most, due to his ever-growing self-awareness with the world around him.

”Ballad of Miami: An Opera of Land & Violence tells the story of love and hate within a child of the city as they witness industrial destruction, toxic culture and an attempt at redemption. I wrote this piece as a contemplative, abstract and poetic exploration in five movements; examining the past, present and future of humankind’s environmental and cultural attack on the land currently known as Miami, Florida.”- Darren Hoffman 

The spacey sounds unleashes into a groovy experience like none other, as you feel the classy and dedication this creation has endured over many months. You feel like this is a road trip gem, a waterfall of spectacular sounds that are blended with precision, that is taken from a world that is being hurt so unnecessarily.

With the supreme skills of Morgan Guerin on the synths, bass, drums and co-production, this is an ear-hugging experience like no other. They way that they appear to mesh these soundscapes into a smorgasbord of delight, is a treat for us all to savor.

Redemption‘ from the delightfully multi-talented NYC producer, drummer, guitarist and singer Darren Hoffman, is one of the better songs you will hear this year and the musicianship here is first class and puts you under s spell that you don’t want to get under from.

Stream this underrated masterpiece here on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


They are missing out: Jennifer Msumba blossoms beautifully on indie-pop single ‘Wrong Kind of Pretty’

Jennifer Msumba- The Album by Jennifer Msumba

With a sad story about caring for someone that doesn’t feel the same, the inspirational Jennifer Msumba is back with her latest single called ‘Wrong Kind of Pretty‘.

Wauchula, Florida-based autistic indie-pop singer-songwriter, award winning filmmaker and thriving YouTuber Jennifer Msumba, is that special kind of soul who makes music to shed light on the autism spectrum, and to show that you can have a successful life doing what you love. She makes that blend of music that brings joy to your heart, with stories about following your dreams, having fun and love.

“Music has always been where I go to express myself when I couldn’t any other way. I think we all are connected through our emotions even if our experiences are very different. I hope my music finds its way to those who need it.” – Jennifer Msumba

Her voice is so pure and glows in your speakers as her sunflower attitude blossoms free, her confidence soaring all the time and she sings with such freedom and love.

Wrong Kind of Pretty‘ from the incredible talent of Jennifer Msumba, is that heartbreaking story that so many of us will relate to. You have strong feelings for a person you think so much of, but sadly they keep on looking at someone else to leave you feeling down.

Sometimes you think it will work out and you are so sure of it, you would bet your house on this happening. The only way to face this moment, is to move on and find someone that looks at you with that goofy smile, the same one that you look at them with.

Stream this sweet song on Bandcamp and see more on her inspiring IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Staying away from the undesirable reality: Trevor Griffin brings that classic groove back on ‘The Second I Said It’

Taken off his uniquely brilliant five-track EP called ‘The Sky Is Falling! the Sky Is Falling!‘, Trevor Griffin brings us an enthralling new single to thoroughly enjoy on ‘The Second I Said It‘.

Inverness, Florida-based and future North Carolina resident, writer, producer, alt-indie rock musician and Au-pair Trevor Griffin, fuses his marvelous mixture of honest lyrics and groovy energy to manifest into a real hug-close and don’t-let-go type of song, that has so much soul attached to its inner-woven sinews.

His voice is so clear and catchy, with a warning about how the economy in the USA might crash soon and that we need to live right now. With an insightful look into the currently world, he performs with that honest self-awareness that tells us that life is the way we created it and we can only get out through good music. That is our escape pad so we need to use it wisely.

The Second I Said It‘ from the gifted Florida singer-songwriter Trevor Griffin, is the type of song that you play when you feel like dancing to a real catchy tune to break free from those negative thoughts. He blends all his skills together to make your fingers click, despite the political undertones about current times.

The sky might really be falling too, so living life to the fullest and telling that special soul in your heart that you love them, is absolutely paramount.

Hear this in-the-trolley gem on Spotify and see more from his wild adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Hook-Filled Bars Grind Against Reverb-Softened Beats in Sammi Sosa’s latest single ‘Reckless’

Sammi Sosa

Floridian Hip Hop artist, Sammi Sosa, started to find his feet in the underground in 2020, in 2021. His unique melodic approach to rap is set to take him to new heights. His latest single ‘Reckless’ featuring Forever will have plenty to do with his ascention.

With an ambient electronica prelude, you’ll instantly be drawn into the atmospherically-layered mix which drips with serenity; there’s an arrestive contrast between the sedative reverb-softened beats and Sammi Sosa’s grinding hook-filled bars. Plenty of new artists fall in the trap of assimilating popular Rap artists. Not Sammi Sosa. His fearlessness when it came to using his natural charisma allowed his authentic talent to shine through in Reckless. We’re already stoked to hear what urban earworms are in the pipeline.

Reckless was officially released on January 13th, you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Stay up to date with new releases from Sammi Sosa via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast