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Yes It’s Hard: Justin Turk shows us how to force open the gates of our inner ‘Passion’

Carried off his brand new 4-track EP called ‘Just In Time‘, Justin Turk sends us a reminder about that all-important strength needed to shine brightly with his latest single named ‘Passion‘.

Palm Coast, Florida-based pop/rock/folk solo singer-songwriter Justin Turk is one of the most passionate artists around who started his career when he was just 14 years old. The moment he first played live, he just knew that this is what he wanted to do for a living.

Old songs can trigger memories and take you back in time to a place of your youth. It can be healing and liberating. That’s why Justin creates music for you and anyone who is willing to listen.” ~ Justin Turk

Showing us that if you stay positive you can actually win, Justin Turk is at his inspiring best with a harmonious song that has you feeling fresh and ready to win in life again. He sings with confident freedom that is certainly a wind of calm, in a gusting world that can push you down so suddenly if you aren’t too careful.

Passion‘ from Palm Coast, Florida-based pop/rock/folk artist Justin Turk, is a dreamy single that urges us to take off those suffocating blinkers as we can actually do anything. With a likeable personality, smooth vocals, and inspiring lyrics that help us to see through all that damaging self-doubt, this is a now-or-never single that shall have you pondering your next moves. The world can be harsh but if you ignore the noise, you can actually achieve whatever you want.

Starting the race is the only way to reach that chequered flag.

Listen to this new single on his website and see more of his actions on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Bricks: Christian rapper D-Rock shows us how he did it ‘Legit’

Taken off his latest 5-track ‘Blessed Up‘ album, D-Rock guides us into his life that only contains those moments that lets you know that he will always be ‘Legit‘.

Derek Johnson aka D-Rock is a Palm Bay, Florida-born Christian hip-hop solo artist who now resides in Macomb, Illinois. After a tough life growing up in the devious streets where he dealt with gang life, drugs, and a stint in jail, we are introduced to a fighter that changed his life around when he found his faith in God and now works in youth ministry.

With a look up at the sky to gain forgiveness at what happened before and gritted teeth at what he wants to achieve, D-Rock is a seriously determined soul who vowed never to see those suffocating bars again and has stood by his word. Easing into the mic with a flow that is packed with intent and so much love for his leader, you sense a reinvigorated artist that is showing the world that it is indeed possible to turn the picture around if you want enough.

Legit‘ from the Macomb, Illinois-based indie Christian hip-hop artist D-Rock, is a flip-scripting track that shows his haters that he has moved onto greener pastures and isn’t ever looking back again. With his past firmly behind him, you feel that this is a statement single from an artist who has had a second chance presented to him and isn’t going to waste it.

With a firm flow and lots of stories to tell – you feel like he’s only getting started on this exciting path – that has changed his whole mindset from the dark into the ever-growing light.

Listen up to this new single on his Spotify and check out the IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Done: Florida’s MASSIVESAD wonders if anyone else will love him with ‘Overrun’

Bringing us an extraordinarily introspective and significant soundscape to start off 2022 with music containing real substance, MASSIVESAD has sleepless nights worrying that he will not be loved properly again with ‘Overrun‘.

Florida, USA-based indie-pop artist MASSIVESAD is the kind of rare musician that you don’t come across too often in life. He makes an ever-evolving mix of constantly sumptuous creations that propels you into a different world than before and seems to only be getting better and better with each release.

Driving the story forward with a kick that makes your heart beat faster, and climaxing with an all-out dance vibe, this is a liberating experience that gives listeners the space to heal from past mistakes by acknowledging the hurt we all cause those we love.” ~ MASSIVESAD

After skillfully exploring the grey areas of mental health that are often never spoken about on ‘Make This Real’, this is the 4th single during this conceptual journey that has been an absolutely mesmerizing listen to wholeheartedly embrace.

This song primarily deals with the struggle to love others, when it is difficult to love ourselves … giving the listener an audible palate and potential template for what it feels like to wrestle with one’s own mental health while trying to connect and maintain meaningful relationships with others.” ~ MASSIVESAD

Overrun‘ from the special Florida-based indie-pop artist MASSIVESAD, is a simply mind-bending track from a quality artist who brings the world something so valuable that you could never put a price on. What is that you may ask? Music that actually matters and helps others.

This is a wonderful gift to start off 2022 that shows us the power of music – as it benefits so many all over the world as they open the curtains and find that ray of sunshine – when everything seems so gloomy and too much to handle at times.

Hear this translucent single that will hold you close like a ghost on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Just Wanna Feel: Javii finds the other side in the healing sunshine on ‘Good Good Good’

As he darts away from the suffocating darkness that caused him to change from the person he wants to be, Javii jumps off that ride and climbs into a much better place where he feels like himself again with ‘Good Good Good‘.

Joel Javier aka Javii is a Miami, Florida-based indie singer-songwriter who sings with a groovy ambience that gets your whole body and mindset moving as one.

Music became a way for me to turn all the negative energy from past life-changing experiences into something positive and creative. The more I create and play music, the more I fall in love with it.” ~ Javii

Taken off his brand new 4-track EP called ‘Sunlight‘, we are let into this inspiring tale from a revitalised Javii who blends in his smooth vocals – that is complimented with a delightfully succulent beat – that takes your powerful mind away from all the self-doubt that shaded you before.

Good Good Good‘ from the Miami, Florida-based indie singer-songwriter Javii, is a therapeutic track that so many of us can certainly sink our teeth into. After all the dark days that took our vital enthusiasm away at times, this is that resurrecting effort that shows that there is indeed a way out of the gloom and into the sun again. When you want to self-improve, there is always a way that illuminates your soul awake again.

Check out this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nothing Left To Say: Angel Quintas would do it all again with ‘Joni’

Inspired by legends such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Arctic Monkeys and Harry Styles, Angel Quintas is back to his best with the latest single that will take you on that vivid memory lane on ‘Joni‘.

Angel Quintas is a peaceful Orlando, Florida-based alt-pop singer-songwriter who is a self-taught musician who believes that creativity is everywhere if you know where to look for it.

He believes in taking risks, and believes that inspiration can be found wherever he looks.” ~ Angel Quintas

Taken off his fine ten-track album ‘Self-Portrait‘, you feel like you are listening to someone who is only tapping in his growing potential that is so easy to hear.

Angel Quintas takes us for a thought-provoking expedition that is crammed full of sizzling solos that clearly gets you a bit toasty, as you lay back and let him take you on a reflective journey to all the highs and lows of a relationship.

Joni‘ from the Orlando, Florida-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Angel Quintas, is a story all about feeling that things didn’t end too well but you would do it again anyway. There is a sense that there could be a fairytale ending if given another chance. Sung with an intriguing style that gives you flashbacks to another time in your life, this is a compelling song that will grab you by the stomach and feed your soul. Just like that good music always does.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Known Each Other Too Long: Tennessee pop artist Savanna Leigh wants to move on with ‘My Fault’ (Alternate Version)

After fearlessly catching her breath to focus on her own dreams with the well-received previous single ‘Girl Underneath‘, Savanna Leigh returns with a striking stripped-down performance of her highly reflective single about trying to move on from a life-changing love with ‘My Fault(Alternate Version).

Savanna Leigh is a highly-driven Brandon, Florida-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based indie-pop artist and AMAX Talent model who was formally in the country-pop duo Lexanna with her sister Lexi.

I think pop has always been where my voice fit, and that’s the type of music that I wanted to do. I just never fully pursued it.” ~ Savanna Leigh

Originally taken from her excellent 5-track EP ‘Changes‘, this new version has you feeling that this track has a truly personal edge to it as she sings with such riveting tenderness – and deep sorrow – for a past relationship that sadly ended. Her expressive eyes tell you the whole story, as her sensual voice lets you into this once incredible time, which has been wonderfully penned by a young woman who is finding her way in this confusing world.

My Fault(Alternate Version) from the business-savvy Nashville, Tennessee-based indie-pop artist and model Savanna Leigh, is a vulnerable release from a tremendously authentic artist who isn’t afraid to show her inner heartbreak to the world. This is a truly exceptional release that shows us inside her mind, as she expresses previously-hidden emotions, to try and elevate her soul into forgiving herself for something that she can’t change.

Moving on and loving again, is the only way you can be free like a frolicking bird gliding high in the sky above.

Listen to this emotionally-charged new version via her Spotify and see her new adventures unfold via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Cut Them Off: YSV x Projectz knows when to pull the ‘Kill Switch’

Skidding into our homes with a flashy car that certainly races up your pulse, YSV x Projectz shows us that they are only interested in those people who are 100% loyal and keen to help them build an empire so big it will never go hungry on ‘Kill Switch‘.

YSV is a Florida-based indie rapper and he is joined by fellow hip-hop artist Projectz on this tire-sliding new single that is filled with fresh flows that catch your attention.

Turning up the speed like someone on a mission to get rich quick, YSV and Projectz make a top-notch team on this bar-filled effort by two rappers who aren’t messing around. They remember when they were poor and how the girls weren’t as keen as they are now – while you sense that they are just focused on success – while eliminating all distractions and fake former friends rather quickly.

Kill Switch‘ from YSV x Projectz, is a quick-fire track that accelerates quickly into your mindset, which has you totally enthralled into their money-making approach. The raps are loaded with honestly-written accounts of how laborious life was growing up, finding a girl who is down with your style, and obtaining that purpose in this flaky world that can forget about you rather quickly. These are two young rappers on the rise, and they intend on taking as much treasure with them as possible.

See this new music video via YouTube and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Late Night Ride: Remy Prosper returns with the sumptuously delivered ‘U Don’t Know’

After previously having his music placed in Netflix’s “Grand Army” and the CW’s “Black Lightning”, Remy Prosper slices off a sizzling single off his 5-track EP release called ‘Supernova‘, with the hot track to raise your temperature called ‘U Don’t Know‘.

Remy Prosper is a tremendously well-respected Los Angeles, California/Miami, Florida-based indie composer and music producer.

His distinct sound and production style stems from a wide range of influences. From classical baroque music to Quincy Jones and The Beatles, Remy’s music background has always been eclectic.” ~ Remy Prosper

You sense that this is a top track to lather calmly inside, with a delightful and elegant style that has you feeling so reinvigorated by the quality brought forward. Streaming into your curious mind with much class – this is a sensual song to be truly enamoured by – as each second just seems to get better and better.

U Don’t Know‘ from the Los Angeles/Miami-based composer and music producer Remy Prosper, sends a shiver through your spine that you might have forgotten existed. There is a ravishing beat here that totally captivates you on this deep house gem of note, that is the perfect Friday night track to truly sink your whole body into. Made with a crystalized feeling you just can’t shake off, there is much to love about a track that will truly have your heart beating so much faster.

Check out this top new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wait For The Rain: Isaac Diskin chases after that moment which will never ‘Fade’

With a glance-filled look back at something incredible that has sadly ended, Isaac Diskin returns with a reflective song full of stunning quality to truly experience on ‘Fade‘.

Isaac Diskin is a Miami, Florida-based indie psychedelia, folk and modern indie-rock artist, multi-instrumentalist and electrical engineering wizard.

His use of synthesizers and digitally manipulated sounds lend a hand in creating his distinctly modern sound while tipping his hat to past traditions.” ~ Isaac Diskin

Inspired by Radiohead, The Beatles and Neil Young, you feel his heartfelt ode to the past legends of yesteryear – as he blends in bluesy jazz elements that are so calm and loving – as each thoughtfully-written lyric takes you to a passage in time that we can all relate to.

Fade‘ from the Miami, Florida-based indie psychedelia rock act Isaac Diskin, is such a fine release from a classy musician who just seems to improve after each single. His superlative vocal ability perfectly captures the moment and you feel so compelled to lay back on your cozy sofa and close your eyes, as you remember when you were forced to leave something that was so wonderfully special.

Sometimes you just need to let the memory fade for a while, so that you may move onto the road that will heal you up splendidly.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Ignored Them: Montreal-based Acid-RnB artist Argota needed much more from his ex on the reflective new track ‘Miami’

As he tries to remember where he left his mind on the Greyhound on the way back from a former lover, Argota drops a really special track that will scintillate your mind on ‘Miami‘.

Daniel Argota aka Argota, is an underground Miami, Florida-raised, Montreal, Canada-based acid-folk/RnB artist and 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist, plus a self-taught music producer and songwriter.

We are swept into this excellent story like a broom that is leading you into the right direction – from an artist who sings with much skill and an introspective style – that is such a first-rate listen that takes you to a place you forgot from your past. The memory of the person you left behind is still so vivid and you wonder if they actualy took some of your soul – as you take some time to find yourself again – due to ignoring all the warning signs before.

Miami‘ from the tremendously exciting Miami, Florida-born and raised indie acid-folk/RnB artist and multi-instrumentalist Argota, is a trancendant track all about find your very important mind through meditation after a traumatic experience. Sung with such a terrific flavour that has you licking your lips like you have just eaten a tasty ice-cream, this is a thoughtful effort up there with the best of 2021. There is something different here, which is definately special, as this will take a few spins to truly appreciate.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen