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We want what we shouldn’t: Tay Drummond speaks the truth on the excellent breakup RnB single ‘Toxic’

Tay Drummond sings with such honesty on the breakup anthem for our minds to think deeply about on ‘Toxic‘.

Formally from Wisconsin, Tay Drummond is a Florida-based RnB/Soul singer-songwriter that is making big moves. He has recently learnt that lots of patience is needed to truly succeed at anything you set your mind to in life. Talent is great to have but without patience, you won’t really reach your goals.

He sings of a story that so many of us can relate to. You are with the wrong person and only now do you realize this. You thought they were all yours but you now know that the time to end things is now as they are so toxic for your soul. The trust is gone and the core is now broken.

With a passionate vocal performance, he sings about needing to take a long break from someone that you once loved. The beat is heavy but never overbearing and this is the type of song that makes an impression with fans all over the world. With more music like this, it shouldn’t be too long until a label snaps him up, as the quality is so easy to hear.

Sometimes we want what we shouldn’t have and we try and keep the light alive but the wind keeps on blowing it out. The time to start fresh is here and ‘Toxic‘ from West Palm Beach, Florida RnB singer-songwriter Tay Drummond is a trip our heart needed to move on.

Working out what your soul needs takes time and a lot of patience that seems out of reach, until you find it inside yourself.

Hear this top song on his Soundcloud, follow on Spotify and see his journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Doing things his way: Bryce Mattox drops intriguing debut music video that’s refreshingly ‘Different’

With his own way of doing things, Bryce Mattox shows everyone that you can be ‘Different‘ to the rest, if you really want to shine in life.

Bryce Mattox is a rising Memphis, Tennessee-based Hip-Hop artist who has a way of thinking that sets his apart from his peers. He likes to look outside of the box and create his own lane. With a flourishing flow that swerves around the doubters, he slides through the bars like a master chef chopping up dinner.

His delivery sweeps through the dust of the dull, as he raps with a huge smile and a big swing to get that hole in one. This is the story about believing in your abilities and not listening to the small-minded people that don’t want you to win. He has charm in abundance and this video showcases his undeniable talents, through his lens of exhilaration to be doing what he loves.

Different‘ from the likable young Memphis emcee Bryce Mattox, is that exciting new music video that brings a bounce to your step and a grin to your face. This is an exhilarating talent who raps with quick-fire charm and uses all of his skills to get his inspiring message across via a fresh track, that shows so much promise.

In a world full of artists that think you have to be like someone else to succeed, this is a heartfelt reminder that its so much better to do your own thing. The real ladies like an original thinker after all.

Hear this hot new unique track on YouTube and see his fresh style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Breakfast time gets Dangerous(X) with Honey Nut Cheerios

Lighthearted, sample-filled, with a non-stop flow that’s in your face from start to finish, ‘Honey Nut Cheerios’ is 1’18” of ‘statement of intent’ hip hop from DangerousX, all rapid-fire hi hat triplets and thunderous bass kick behind DangerousX’s aural assault.

Sure, there’s an Eminem/Shady vibe going on, the lyrical content turning slights into ‘rap-fuel’ in the way Marshall Mathers does so well, spitting out put-downs over the heavyweight backing. Sadly, it’s over too quickly, but ‘Honey Nut Cheerios’ shows some real promise here; keep an eye out for DangerousX – who knows where he’ll end up.

Listen to ‘Honey Nut Cheerios’ on Soundcloud; check out DangerousX on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Showing his influence: Herm C delivers strong showing on new underground single ‘Power’ (prod. Emkay)

Herm C returns with a fiery delivery on his latest fast-paced hip-hop single called ‘Power‘ (prod. Emkay).

Montgomery, Alabama-native Herm ‘Bugsy’ Calhoun aka Herm C, is a prolific emcee that has also lived in California and Atlanta. He is a musician that has that extra self-motivated attitude that is the only way to succeed in this flaky industry that can make you famous quick and also spit you out to the has-been dumpster in the same year.

With an electrifying beat that is a sparked up with production of the highest order from Emkay, Herm C destroys the competition with his signature OG style that slams the breaks on anyone that thinks they are the best in Alabama. He dices through the pack like a Najee Harris juke, stiff arm and burst through the seam for a 80 yard touchdown. This is an emcee with swag and juice.

Street stories are laced in plentiful and he is a man who feels like he parachutes in the club through the roof right into the booth. His hunger is highly noticeable as he is fully focused on the end goal and that is to be successful and not let anything or anyone distract him from greatness.

Power‘ from Alabama rapper Herm C is the type of raw track that makes you listen intently to each bar and appreciate the high skill level to constantly barrage the mic with such confidence. This is a man that seems to know the difference between money and power and he shows the world his lyrical delivery on this top notch single.

Stream this track on Soundcloud and see more about future projects on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Who is real and who is fake: Mike Ruggi drops defining Hip Hop story about that ‘Feature Presentation’

Mike Ruggi is back with another exceptional release that bolts the door shut on fake friends that don’t truly believe in him via ‘Feature Presentation‘.

Mike Ruggi is a formidable indie hip-hop artist from West Chester, Pennsylvania, who prefers to let his music do the talking. In an often boastful world where narrow-minded loud mouths unfortunately rule the roost at times, this is an attitude that shows he is a real musician; who is in it for the right reasons.

After a plethora of quality music releases in 2020 from debut album ‘Movement‘ including the excellent ‘Runnin‘, this is the final single release of last years project, as we await to see what 2021 has in store for this fine emcee.

The story about how some people criticize you behind your back but then when they see you have something exciting happening, they are there to show you fake love. This is a cowardly action that is one that particularly frustrates this excellent lyricist.

Mike Ruggi swarms the mic and stings hard on this colossal track; his hunger is particularly paramount as he lets it rip with bars that are ferocious and with intelligent impact.

He raps with that forthright raw style that awakens your senses, as he builds up the story and smashes through your speakers with vicious venom that will leave most rappers breathless. He is a rare kind of wordsmith that respects the culture and what the core of hip-hop stands for.

Being yourself is so key in the world as it unlocks so many doors that others can’t even fathom as jealously consumes the weak, even if they are a supposed friend. Looking into the mirror each morning and knowing you aren’t a fraud is a currency that can’t ever be magnified. Mike Ruggi knows this and that is why ‘Feature Presentation‘ is a sensationally real track that deserves love.

Stream this powerful song here on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Yung Tilla has brought the hedonistic high-vibes with his RnB Hip Hop track ‘Cash App’

‘Cash App’ is the salaciously fresh latest RnB Hip Hop drop from Yung Tilla, a Burlington, NJ-hailing artist who has garnered plenty of hype around his mischievously hedonistic sound since making his debut in 2018.

Tune out of the lockdown misery and into Cash App which blazons with late night high energetic vibes. If you could imagine what it would sound like if Chris Brown and Tory Lanez had an aural lovechild, you’ll get an idea of how adrenalizingly smooth the grooves in Cash App are.

Yung Tilla’s energy is infectious enough to allow you to shake off any apathy which has creeped into your psyche in recent months, but if there’s anything bigger than their creative energy, it is his motivation. Yung Tilla created ‘Tilla Tuesdays’ to drop a new song every month during lockdown and with their new album due to drop in 2021, he’s definitely one to watch.

You can check out Cash App by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The introvert anthem of 2021: Bilal Abbey breezes past the fake hype merchants on ‘Social’ (feat. Clara Kent)

Bilal Abbey drops more truth on the superb new single ‘Social‘ taken off his latest seven-track project ‘Mellowhead‘, that also features his fellow music collaborator and soulfully real singer-songwriter; Clara Kent.

Self-aware Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania hip-hop artist, audio engineer, and music producer Bilal Abbey performs his deep-rooted blend of music solo, and also with the hip-hop collective Tribe Eternal.

After being exposed to music his whole life, in fifth grade the bug really bit and hasn’t let go since. By the ninth grade he was already making his own beats and started rapping. From there, the rest as they say, is history.

After studying and recording in Atlanta a few years ago, he used that valuable time to perfect his craft and hone his skills into the sound that he felt fully reflected, what he wanted to portray to the world.

This is the story about how some people are way too social and don’t put enough effort in and just expect everything. This is the voice of the chilled introvert that makes music to be mellow with and keep the vibe just right, the way it should be. There is no flashy swag here, only enlightened mystique that puts your heart in a good place.

With Clara busy manifesting her dreams and singing with a sweetly coasted honey-dipped style that makes your neck and back shiver in exhilaration, this is a combo that packs a hug full of top vibes for your soul to be replenished by.

His easy-going rap style reminds you of that classic old school energy that is sadly lacking in most modern day hip-hop, that is drowned in polluted plastic that does nothing but suffocate the brains of the youth, and has no lasting value. Right here, this is that consciously real music that will be timeless.

Social‘ is an excellent single to start 2021 with Pittsburgh’s Bilal Abbey and Clara Kent are in sensational form on this soulful track that is best listened to with the candles on, wine chilled, and lights down low.

After all, keeping true to yourself is the only way forward while you ignore the fake flashy posers and knowing that they aren’t real at all, is the way to finding your own tribe and to follow your dreams. Real knows real.

Hear this underrated emcee show the kids what quality hip-hop sounds like on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


King J takes us to CALI with their latest single

‘CALI’ was just one of the gritty transfixing tracks dropped by up and coming US Rapper, King J, in 2020, hit play and you’ll see for yourselves that he’s one to watch in 2021.

With the harsh bassline blazoning beneath the light trappy beats which bring a touch of Cali sun to the track, it’s hard not to get immersed within the dominant, complex hit which has become a testament to King J’s trailblazing style and their ability to cook up an infectious vibe within their music.

In 2020, King J started to rise up from the underground, in 2021, he’s set to break plenty of new ground with his game-changing approach to reviving Old School Hip Hop.

You can check out the official video to CALI which dropped on November 10th by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Space-bound music with soul: Mercury Lens are stunningly pure on mysterious ‘Nails’ (ft. Sonic Elixirs)

Mercury Lens are back with an excellent new single that gets your heart beating so much faster on the smoothly painted ‘Nails‘.

Spectacular Southern California producer Mercury Lens just dropped the debut album ‘Extrasensory‘ and is on a heart-inspiring mission to launch meaningful music all over the galaxy. With a magnificent blend of ambient, electronica, hip-hop, and film scoring, this is a work of art that demands closer inspection, as our ears need a lift after these gloomy times.

With a marvelously mysterious beat that feels like someone playing the piano up above you, the wondrous waves crashing in the distance puts you at peace with yourself. This is a calming instrumental interlude that does wonders to your mood and has to be on your visualization playlist to gather your mind so you can achieve those goals that you have always wanted to achieve.

Here is a new song with the only purpose of helping us find peace while gazing up above or in the seas of change, each second spent listening here adds to much value to your tired body and soul. With a replenishing potion so easy to sip on, as you turn this up and let it consume all your thoughts to find clarity; you find yourself again and relax from the stress of life.

Nails‘ is a quality track by Mercury Lens and scrumptiously delivers what is on the tin and more. The lively layers are wrapped up in out-of-this earth melodies that are sure to have you staring into space and wondering what else is out there.

Hear this top track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Bringing heat in the bullpen: ‘Do It’ is Nite Owl’s motivational anthem for the uninspired

Nite Owl is back with more tasty fruits of his labor on the foot stompin’ classic that gets you off your feet and boots you into action called ‘Do It‘.

Prolific St. Louis, Missouri emcee Nite Owl is a man on a mission and who wants his music heard all over the world. After dominating his local area and earning the respect of his fellow peers and adulating fans, its time to think bigger and he knows it.

After striking a home-run all the way out the stadium by winning the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball music competition, this is a man who is staying in the big leagues and never going back to the minors. When you have a taste for the top and are hungry enough deep inside, there is no turning back ever again if you have the right mindset.

His fiery flow is so motivated and there might be heatwaves steaming up your speakers. He is all about results and this is a lyrical delivery that needs our respect. He raps like a first round pick that is headed to the all-pro game with the best of the best.

There is a thunderous beat that stamps down hard and the sunroof is on full display with a catchy chorus that will get everyone getting real low. This is a song that gets clubs full and loaded with excitement everywhere and the punch lines hammer down and don’t let go.

Taken off the latest album ‘Nitro 2020‘, ‘Do It‘ from celebrated St. Louis emcee Nite Owl and is an ode to those who need a voice and he shows that by being one of the hardest working artists in the game, it is possible to fulfill your dreams and be who you want to be in life. If you want something enough, go get it done and don’t look back in anger.

Fire up your imagination on Spotify and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen