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Craymo Interview: Leading us into the real story on Love Me Or Leave Me Alone

We sat down with the ultra focused music producer/singer Craymo who shows us deep inside his music career. Currently showering the world with the pulsating new single, Love Me Or Leave Me Alone, we got to know more about sync placements, golf and Elvis.

Well, hello there, Craymo. Thanks so much for your time and we appreciate you chatting with us today about Love Me Or Leave Me Alone and more. First of all, did you dream about being a musician while growing up?

Hi there Llewelyn! Glad to meet you and happy to be chatting with you. Yes, I have always been a dreamer! Being a singer and performer was all I ever wanted to be as far back as I can remember. My earliest memories involve me singing into my Mom’s hairbrush in her dresser mirror all the while dancing and gyrating on my parents’ bed to Beatles and Elvis songs!

You’ve won many awards recently and have had many placements. Tell us more about the exciting progression in your career?

I have been writing songs since high school. I have had a lot of life experiences since then and have written a lot. The more you do something, the better you get at it. My songwriting has reflected the peaks and valleys in my life. I feel I am a much better songwriter now and recently I have been starting to receive praise for my songs. It’s nice to be recognized and acknowledged for my passion in life. I recently won Best Indie EP for “Love Power” and Best Pop Dance Song and Best Dance Music video for “One Love One World (We Are One) Freedom Mix” my song that promotes equality, inclusion, Hope, love, human rights and peace. I believe that we are one human race and we should treat each other with kindness, courtesy and respect. I wrote an anti-bullying song entitled “Be Myself” and a song about suicide prevention awareness entitled “Moment” after my 1st cousin Michael took his own life. I write about things I am passionate about and I am glad other people can relate to them.

Orlando, Florida, is your hometown. Do you spend most of your time there or where do you feel is the best place to find creative energy during these challenging times?

My current hometown is Orlando. I do spend a lot of time here. The creative energy here is very profound. I feel the best times to create are in the silence, the quiet times, meditating. Allowing yourself to tap into the cosmos. Every song I have ever written seems to have come to me from some other place or dimension.

Please let us know more about your golf game. Do you play regularly and what is your handicap?

Ha! My golf game is just for fun! No, I haven’t played in a while. My handicap is probably a fifteen.

What was the vision behind the creation of Love Me Or Leave Me Alone and who is this song for?

Love Me Or Leave Me Alone arose and was written out of angst and frustration over several dysfunctional relationships. We have all been there, the person who wants to spend the rest of your life with you then the next day they, all of a sudden, decide they want to break up! It’s total devastation, and it really messes with your heart and soul. It’s an ultimatum song.

Gaining sync placements is such a key avenue to a better revenue stream. Which platforms have you noticed actually assist you?

Yes, I am trying to focus more on getting sync placements for my music. I have had a lot of success by making personal connections with music supervisors and film makers. I like Music Get Music, Music Xray and Tracks and Fields.

Last of all, do you have any tours or live shows on the horizon?

I don’t have any tours or shows lined up for the new year but “you never know what you least expect the most!” One of my Dad’s favorite sayings! I feel it’s time to perform on television again. The opportunity is knocking!

Get into this single via SoundCloud. Find out more on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Pulls Away: The American Love Story knows that the mind has trouble letting go sometimes on Drive

Lost in the line with nowhere really to go but over the edge, The American Love Story gets far away from a lonely place that wasn’t serving any purpose on the reflective single about finding a fresh start somewhere else on Drive.

The American Love Story is an Orlando, Florida, USA-based indie rock outfit who is produced by 5x Dove award-winner Andy Anderson.

Searching for that good feeling again, The American Love Story races away in fine form and has dropped an anthem for anyone who is feeling stuck in that daze that can confuse your soul into taking risks you might not have before.

There are supreme vocals on offer and a real gusto seeped into the bones of this quality band, who have forayed into the distance with impressive results.

Drive from Orlando, Florida, USA-based indie rock outfit The American Love Story is a song that will cause us to all think about that moment many have certainly envisaged, or begun already. Featuring a story that is eerily familiar for those who are currently lost, whilst trying to find a compass in this ultra confusing world filled with sandy traps of doom.

Hear this fine single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Orlando indie-folk singer-songwriter Faae spoke for us all in her Anthropocene-conscious single, summer song

Ahead of the release of their debut EP themed around derealization and identity in this smouldering Anthropocene, the Orlando indie-folk artist, Faae, has shared her gracefully haunting single, summer song.

In their own words, summer song is “shining a light at the end of the world”, and heartbreakingly, the lyricism gets even more profound as it explores the mental ties that get taut and tormenting when we try to make positive moves. “it is hard to be better when there is no one to account for you” is a lyric not easily forgotten.

In the style of Phoebe Bridgers, Mitski and Daughter, the instrumentals confound the expressive and vulnerable nature of single with the raw, ragged and still sublime acoustic textures that anyone with a pulse will want to surrender to. I haven’t felt this excited about Indie folk since I discovered Big Thief. And I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one utterly captivated by Faae.

summer song will officially release on July 2nd as part of the artist’s debut EP, rudolph. Check it out on SoundCloud and follow Faae on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nothing Left To Say: Angel Quintas would do it all again with ‘Joni’

Inspired by legends such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Arctic Monkeys and Harry Styles, Angel Quintas is back to his best with the latest single that will take you on that vivid memory lane on ‘Joni‘.

Angel Quintas is a peaceful Orlando, Florida-based alt-pop singer-songwriter who is a self-taught musician who believes that creativity is everywhere if you know where to look for it.

He believes in taking risks, and believes that inspiration can be found wherever he looks.” ~ Angel Quintas

Taken off his fine ten-track album ‘Self-Portrait‘, you feel like you are listening to someone who is only tapping in his growing potential that is so easy to hear.

Angel Quintas takes us for a thought-provoking expedition that is crammed full of sizzling solos that clearly gets you a bit toasty, as you lay back and let him take you on a reflective journey to all the highs and lows of a relationship.

Joni‘ from the Orlando, Florida-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Angel Quintas, is a story all about feeling that things didn’t end too well but you would do it again anyway. There is a sense that there could be a fairytale ending if given another chance. Sung with an intriguing style that gives you flashbacks to another time in your life, this is a compelling song that will grab you by the stomach and feed your soul. Just like that good music always does.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Peace And Love: Craymo calls for that much-needed unity on ‘One Love One World (We Are One)’

Bringing us the Freedom mix to remember those tragic events on 9/11 twenty years ago, Craymo reminds us to heal and hope for a better future on the inspiring new single ‘One Love One World (We Are One)‘.

Craig Raymo aka Craymo, is an award-winning singer-songwriter and proudly LGBTQ artist from Orlando, Florida, who brings us a new reggaeton beat to boost proceedings to a whole new level.

Since 1989, when he first appeared on Star Search, Craymo has shared his gift with the world, and the world has taken notice. He’s licensed a plethora of songs in television shows and indie films for the last two decades, and he’s proven that his star only burns brighter as the years go on.” ~ Craymo

One Love One World (We Are One)‘ from Orlando, Florida-based indie Pop/Rock solo artist Craymo, is a lend-a-hand track that has a true message of helping those in need during this tough time for many millions. He sings with such a positive energy that makes you feel like a shining glow is coming from the majestic mountains above, that helps us grow and join forces again. After so much time inside, its up to us to be strong and assist those who have been down in the dumps lately.

We aren’t all totally free, until we are all happy and doing what we love.

Hear this uplifting anthem on Soundcloud and see more of his important work via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want You So Close: Rosaleen asks her future lover to be gentle on ‘Crystal’

As she sings with a real integrity and rather sweet innocence to the one who she wants to see closer, Rosaleen opens up her soul to be loved by the right person who truly cherishes and respects her journey on ‘Crystal‘.

Rosaleen is a talented multilingual Manhattan, New York City-born, Orlando, Florida-based classically trained pianist, music producer, arranger and indie RnB solo artist.

Besides her native language of English; she is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, and Korean.” ~ Rosaleen

This is an comprehensively absorbing experience from a truly soulful musician – who it seems is only scratching the surface of her profound abilities – as each note is carefully created by such a heart-warming ambiance, that has you feeling incredibly alive inside again. The story of building up your armor to withstand to forces of feeling let down is almost impossible – as we are interwoven into stunningly explained lyrics – which sweetly hopes that the broken glass heart shall be avoided for once.

Crystal‘ from the wonderful twenty-two years young Manhattan indie RnB artist Rosaleen, is a charming single all about making sure that they know that your heart is rather fragile. She has been let down before and don’t want it to happen again, as she beautifully explains this to her possible future lover. The atmosphere is so sincere, packed with lovely vocals made with a crisp texture, for our excited palates to bite slowly into.

Love is so precious and needs to be totally treasured, so that its purest form may never be lost into the rushing winds of time.

Heal up with a wonderful vocalist on Spotify and see more on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

They Came Back Like Boomerang: Orlando rapper Bottomboii Shawn makes his own route with ‘Been On’

Taken from his recently strapped twelve track ‘Fully Loaded‘ album, Bottomboii Shawn shows the world what is takes to get out from the gutter to make it big on your own with ‘Been On‘.

Nardogan Shawnn aka Bottomboii Shawn, is a highly motivated Orlando, Florida-based indie rapper. He is a hungry artist who fuses that street-story type of hip-hop flavor, which is full of bass-heavy beats to shake the nervous speakers and real stories of survival from the hood.

This is the message of being left for dead and starving at times – until you realized that to truly get fed – you need to man up and act like a King would. After some resourceful activities, you find you niche and intend to keep that cash flow smiling for good.

With effortless charm and a bars arsenal that delves deep into the past with the future already secured, the hard work pays off with a ravaging display behind the mic, as we hear a man on a mission to never go back to those dark times. Loaded with a busty beat that keeps you enthralled, this is a track that has you admiring his desire to never give up when the chips were down.

Been On‘ from the emerging Orlando hip-hop artist Bottomboii Shawn, is that honest truth-packed story all about seeing who your true team is. He had a tough life growing up and had nothing for a while as people let him down again and again, as he now thrives and sees those who doubted him coming back to eat even though they don’t deserve it. Loyalty is everything for this young rapper as the world has hardened him up. His only mission now is to make sure that being broke again, is never an option.

Hear this brand new track on his Spotify and find out more about his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Start Over: Underground Orlando trio NOT just want to replenish their energy with much-needed sleep on ‘The Worst Twelve Hours Of My Life’

With a highly ambitious and speaker-grabbing style which has your head bouncing around like a beach ball in summer, NOT recall that time when nothing seemed to go right on ‘The Worst Twelve Hours Of My Life‘.

NOT is a pleasurable Orlando, Florida-based indie alternative pop-punk/post-hardcore trio band. They ravage the unsuspecting airwaves with a succulent blend of drum-bashing entertainment that is stacked full of speaker-breaking vocals, and rampaging guitar riffs.

Their door-breaking noise slams all of the pesky wind back into the sun-lit sky – as they seem to fly into our lives like unsung superheros – to satisfyingly bringing back a sound which disappeared like Batman into the night a few years ago. This is a foot-stomping and sweat-flowing song which will have your ears alive, alert, awake and feeling blimmin’ fantastic.

The Worst Twelve Hours Of My Life‘ from the fiery Orlando indie post-hardcore/pop-punk three-piece chargers NOT, shows us a story which so many have felt recently. You feel that things could be way better as the day hasn’t gone anywhere according to plan, as you try and fall asleep but your eyes just stay open like a 24 hour convenience store.

This is a terrific track which quickly pushes the blood back into your head and lights your attention up quickly, to remind you that this genre isn’t dead, instead its gone back to the underground to reinvent itself again. Starting over sometimes is the only way to truly evolve after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on their revved up IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cat got your tongue: Orlando’s Yaqub Howell burns the fakes and moves onto the ‘Ballin’ mentality

Taken off his latest raw seven-track release called ‘Goat Talk II‘, Yaqub Howell shows us his stylish rhymes on the new single ‘Ballin‘.

Yaqub Howell is an emerging Orlando, Florida emcee who raps about real-life experiences surviving this world full of flashy fakes, that take what they can and don’t give anything back. He has moved on from worrying about those selfish former friends and only wants to build new bridges with like-minded humans, who are ready to work together as one.

With furiously flame-lit bars about been taken for a tame kitty cat when he is actually a wild lion, you can feel the pulsating energy filling his ever-growing bones, as this scissor-sharp song build up into a powerful mountain of strength, that can’t ever be underestimated.

His passionate flows streams rapidly through the gushing waterfall and quickly drowns out any fake haters that claimed to be real friends but are actually the devil in disguise.

Ballin‘ from flourishing Orlando rapper Yaqub Howell, is a strong statement to all those that casually spoke bad about him when first started out and have now flipped the switch, but have come when the lights are off and the party is over. He has gleefully moved onto bigger and better things, with the treacherous fools left smelling the dust-filled gas fumes.

That moment when you realize your value takes a while to come, but when it does, you know deep in your soul that those former friends that took your kindness for weakness, just don’t get it and never will. Real sees real eventually.

Stream this fine track here on his Spotify and follow his rise up on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Insomnia’ is the debut space-rockin’ jam from Orlando planet wanderers Saucers Over Washington

Insomnia‘ is the spectacular new space-rockin’ jam from the Orlando planet wanderers named Saucers Over Washington.

A new side project of Grizzly Atoms songwriter, Nik Sidella, this is quite the breath-taking song. A powerful riff, the production on point, with a UFO-inspired theme that is a bit spooky, and fills your heart with inspiration to rock through the storms that await us.

Saucers Over Washington take their unique name from the now famous UFO flap that occurred in the Washington D.C. area in July 1952, their brand of shoegaze and noise rock is a joy to hear, you get lost in their music and this should be a definite playlist-adder to remember that great music is still around. It might be a bit harder to find but you can find it in abundance.

The idea for the Saucers Over Washington band name was originally conceived as an underlying concept for an album—namely a way to connect the paranormal with shoegaze music—that eventually took on a grander form as a blueprint for a new band and a new approach to both making music and connecting to an audience. This new direction is fantastic and shows how new forms of music will always appear organically. Always a better taste than music with no soul.

Lyrically, ‘Insomnia‘ explores the lead singer’s struggle with the debilitating fog of insomnia brought on by a history of horrific night terrors in childhood and the accompanying frustration of feeling like one has lost control of their own body and mind. The single is the first of two that will be released and eventually featured on a split EP with The Grizzly Atoms to be released later on in 2020.

With lots on the go, a new direction and a hunger to evolve, ‘Insomnia‘ from Saucers Over Washington is up there with the most creative music of the year.

Head through here to the Spotify link.

Click here for the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen