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Top of My Lungs: Jughead is on a mission to rid himself of the virus on Everlasting

Showing such conviction to move far away from a past shadow that sapped him of much innocence, Jughead wishes he had never met that monster and vows to flee the ruin forever on Everlasting.

Jughead is an emerging young indie rock solo singer-songwriter who performs with a sparked up level of intrigue that shall give you goosebumps at times.

Jughead is about the presence one feels in their soul. He represents the outcast, the blind spots in society. Have you ever felt forgotten? Alone? This is your music.” ~ Jughead

Marauding through with heightened intent in the darkness, Jughead bursts through the walls and breaks into his cold soul that needs that all-important warmth again.

Everlasting from the mysterious indie rock artist Jughead is a hugely passionate statement to extinguish the past and start up fresh again. Projected with much force and speaker-squeezing excellence, we find a song that shall light the fuse that has been missing.

Guiding us away from the storms, this is a powerful effort that should encourage us all to let go of anything that is holding us back in life.

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They Came Back Like Boomerang: Orlando rapper Bottomboii Shawn makes his own route with ‘Been On’

Taken from his recently strapped twelve track ‘Fully Loaded‘ album, Bottomboii Shawn shows the world what is takes to get out from the gutter to make it big on your own with ‘Been On‘.

Nardogan Shawnn aka Bottomboii Shawn, is a highly motivated Orlando, Florida-based indie rapper. He is a hungry artist who fuses that street-story type of hip-hop flavor, which is full of bass-heavy beats to shake the nervous speakers and real stories of survival from the hood.

This is the message of being left for dead and starving at times – until you realized that to truly get fed – you need to man up and act like a King would. After some resourceful activities, you find you niche and intend to keep that cash flow smiling for good.

With effortless charm and a bars arsenal that delves deep into the past with the future already secured, the hard work pays off with a ravaging display behind the mic, as we hear a man on a mission to never go back to those dark times. Loaded with a busty beat that keeps you enthralled, this is a track that has you admiring his desire to never give up when the chips were down.

Been On‘ from the emerging Orlando hip-hop artist Bottomboii Shawn, is that honest truth-packed story all about seeing who your true team is. He had a tough life growing up and had nothing for a while as people let him down again and again, as he now thrives and sees those who doubted him coming back to eat even though they don’t deserve it. Loyalty is everything for this young rapper as the world has hardened him up. His only mission now is to make sure that being broke again, is never an option.

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High As The Ceiling: Philly rapper Jay Vonte hungrily grabs for all the bags on ‘POPPIN’ (feat. Drippy Jay)

On a cash-delivering track that shows his high motivation to make sure that he is never broke again, Jay Vonte dusts off the haters on the swag-delicious new single all about showing others the constant success on ‘POPPIN(feat. Drippy Jay).

Jay Vonte is an emerging Philly-based indie trap rapper with a motivated vigor to always be evolving his sound. He brings us a confident new flow and isn’t shy about telling us about it.

After the underground success of his first single ‘To The Max‘, he seems in the mood to build on his name with a very enthusiastic effort. There is no messing around here, as both of these youthful artist dominate the mic, and drop some skillful bars.

The main intention in each of his songs is to bring a happy and good-vibe to the listener, while also delivering a melodic and creative flow.” ~ Jay Vonte

POPPIN(feat. Drippy Jay) from the Philly-based indie trap rapper Jay Vonte, is a club-sweating new single which is a new school track of style-oozing gusto. He makes its clear that there is only one way to go and that is always upwards. He raps with self-assured breeze and opens up the windows so that only clear air may enter where he is at. That blaze-filled energy is clearly evident and he shows much promise on this new single.

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We Are Not The Same: K.I.R.B. tires of the fake competition who have limited skills on ‘Back Down’ (Prod. YUNGBRATZ)

With his fast-paced delivery that slams all doubters to the dusty curb, K.I.R.B. rips through the top floor and tells us exactly how he feels about those who do it wrong and need to retire on ‘Back Down (Prod. YUNGBRATZ).

K.I.R.B. is a young and emerging San Diego, California rapper who is nineteen years old. He solidifies each bar with an unmistakable edge that cuts through all doubts – as he shows his highly flying skills with real music – which shows us his determination, to not let any circumstance define him.

Growing up in a low-income neighborhood of Imperial County, Michael Kirby spent most of his time surviving. Surrounded by crime, drugs and violence, he turned inward to find his salvation. He started writing poetry while in middle school and started making music in high school. Now 19, he loves performing because it allows him to express himself. “My parents did a great job protecting me from that environment by keeping me inside the house during my childhood,” Kirby said. “But without music, I probably would be lost.” – K.I.R.B.

His raw raps are consistently rugged and with boundless energy, your heart is moved into your mouth as you marvel at his terrific style, that swarms over the beat like a hungry musician who knows where he is going. This is the mark of a future great – who feels like he is in tune to what he needs to produce – as his name is on the lips of all rap fans, who follow the underdogs making their claim for the throne.

Back Down(Prod. YUNGBRATZ) from the rising underground California rapper K.I.R.B., is a focused effort that shows his intent and he drops down like Batman, with a fiery effort which is of the highest quality. He is ready to take over and asks that the minor rappers leave their mics at home, as he is going to expose anyone who displays weak skills. He is not the same as the rest.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Moving On Up: Perth rapper Perry P smartly keeps his head to the grind to avoid temptations with ‘On The Low’

Released through Pharo Chino Records, Perry P returns after his well-received second single ‘6IXTY P.’, with the smoothly flowed new single that has him deeply ‘On The Low‘.

Perry P is an emerging Perth, Australia-based trap artist. He has a distinctive style that sweeps away all the distracting dust that has been built up – and lets in a new artist who seems to have so much hunger – plus that extra determination to succeed long-term.

“To me it’s a realisation that the life I wanna live is only a step away, that all the work being put in will soon pay off in the biggest ways. The title ‘On The Low’ represents the quiet grind I’ve been on to make things happen, me having my head down trying to piece things together, and that I won’t allow any outside thoughts and opinions to enter my inner matrix on my way up.”Perry P

You feel his impressively polished flow stream through like a water slide only getting more exciting, as he raps so clean and fresh to keep the dishes firmly on the rack. He tells us the story about how his head is down and not looking around too much, as his focus is only on bagging that precious paper.

On The Low‘ from the Australian rapper Perry P, has us putting our shades on so we can can keep that poker face on tight. It feels like he has built up his loyal crew smartly and has his ravenous eyes firmly on the ultimate prize – and its this type of attitude – that has our attention firmly on what he can possibly do in this fickle world, if he can cleverly stay away from those easy-to-get-into temptations.

Stream this official visualizer on YouTube and see his vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m That Cocky: J.Pressure feels like he can do anything he sets his mind to on ‘1 Inna Mill’

With a breathless delivery technique that has you listening rather intently, J.Pressure drops his new single that leaves no doubt about his world-conquering intentions on ‘1 Inna Mill‘.

J.Pressure is an emerging music producer/hip-hop artist. He makes that freestyle-type music vibe that is quick to the point and has the tops off quickly. You may know him by his latest release Jolly.

This is the story about knowing that you don’t do the chasing and that its actually the other way around. He is an assured artist who knows what he wants and how to get it too. Its this type of style that makes him different to the rest, as he lifts the lid off and takes all the butter he wants.

His delivery is rather unique with a breathy-exterior that has you listening twice to see if you have consumed the track properly. With a quick-fire song like this, it feels like he is only warming up and doing his stretches, with the three-point shots still some way off. This is a man who takes his time and does things when he feels like its the right moment to pounce.

1 Inna Mill‘ from the rising underground music producer/rapper J.Pressure, is a bedroom-lit track that will fill your mind with fascination due to its mellow delivery and effortless flow. Mixed with a busty beat that has you feeling like you need to have more confidence in your own abilities too – you will feel that anything is possible-  after listening to one of the more self-assured tracks of 2021.

Stream the new single on his Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Travel The Galaxy: New Jersey rapper Malik Pollux plants the greens on ‘Money Trees’ (Prod. by Janesh)

As he carefully waters the roots so that they shall grow healthily for many generations to come, Malik Pollux shows us his improving skills on this fresh new cut called ‘Money Trees(Prod. by Janesh).

Malik Pollux is an emerging Hip hop artist from Plainfield, New Jersey. This is a young rapper with a smart head on his shoulders  — who makes that likable kind of music that is easy on the ear — and shows us his charismatic flow which never goes overboard, or turns unnecessarily braggadocios.

This is the story about thinking further than today, as you build up different streams of income that are going to benefit you and your family. In a world that is so short sighted with blinkers on sometimes — this is a welcome mentality and shows his enlightenment to what is really important — far away from the tempting cash-quick game, that mostly ends with blue lights and tears.

Money Trees(Prod. by Janesh) from New Jersey artist Malik Pollux, waters up our curious minds with smart ideas on how to cultivate our own grow. Sowing that long term plan into the ground is the mentality of this quality song, that gets you thinking about how you are working your own paper.

Stream this freshly made video on YouTube and find out more about this emerging artist via his IG.

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Gotta Be Careful: Boston rapper Ace Capone knows the next move needs to be the right one on ‘HeadSmoke’

With the blaze game on the tightly rolled every time he’s hungry, Ace Capone rips a freestyle quick-fire track to tease us into his next creation on ‘HeadSmoke‘.

Boston, Massachusetts rapper Ace Capone, drops that raw street-hop trap that has you in a flux of emotions, as this rapid energy of a video has your head spinning, as to who he really is.

The mysterious raps has you thinking extra deep as you transfix yourself into his state of mind. The money is slowly starting to build up and he is seeing results, as the pressure mounts up too and loyalties are tested real quick. Its crazy how a maddening pandemic can actually help you truly find out who your real friends are, and who definitely isn’t.

HeadSmoke‘ from emerging Boston rapper Ace Capone, is that raw new track to let us know that he is keeping his eye on the prize, as he gets his music collection ready to blow up. The team needs to be strong however, otherwise all the cards will fall down like a ton of bricks and fold it down to the ground, to be locked up forever.

Check out the video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen