Alicia Michilli’s Piercingly Candid EP Release “Letters from the Edge”

Soulful music doesn’t always leave you with chills, but when it does, it’s a sure sign you’ve just stumbled across an artist worth putting on your radar.

Up and coming singer-songwriter Alicia Michilli has recently released her 6-track EP “Letters from the Edge” as the best introduction to her piercingly candid style.

Which, I suppose you would come to expect from an EP of that title. Still you won’t find it hard to appreciate the ethereal levels of strength within Alicia Michilli’s vocals. Which is what makes the EP so ironically beautiful when her vocals are blasting lyrics such as “I’m two steps away from a breakdown, carry me over the finish line”.

With poignant lyrical punches such as those to roll with accompanied with Neo-Soul Blues Rock instrumentals, you’re in for an emotive ride through each of the singles contained on Letters from the Edge.

You can check out Alicia Michilli’s EP Letters from the Edge for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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