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I Ain’t Good For You: The mysterious Ma$ia tells her straight up on ‘Energy’

As he tells her honestly how he feels, Ma$ia looks above for that powerful ‘Energy‘ he is striving for in this complex world that can you wrap your mind in undesirable plastic if you aren’t careful.

Ma$ia is a dynamic new producer/musician, who makes that strikingly real sound through his blunt lyrics that tell it how it really is, without sugarcoating anything for show.

With his varied influences including jazz, hip-hop and RnB, you feel a sense of deepness about his whole demeanor as he sings with that style that lets you know that he is backing up each word. This song flows through your curious veins as you feel his frustration with his current predicament, as he is sub-consciously moving to a different place to make his mark in his own way.

Energy‘ from the mystifying dual producer/singer/rapper Ma$ia, is a truthful tale about wanting ones own space for a while as you work out what you truly want in life. Life is wild and being pulled into different tempting directions isn’t at all what you are feeling right now, as you search for the positive energy vibration that feels just right in your soul.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Put It On Me: Emezzy has us all blushing on ‘Body’ (ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill)

Taken off the latest two-track EP called ‘AQUARIUS‘, Emezzy returns with the supremely sensual new single all about seeing that special one you can’t resist for another moment called ‘Body(ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill).

Nnaemeka Keke aka Emezzy is a top shelf Nigerian/American rapper and singer, who carefully combines his music skills to make soundscapes that has you dancing and turning up the volume, all night long.

The busty beat has a party sound to it, as the smooth vocals flow into your eager mind as the descriptive lyrics tell you exactly what the plan of action is for the evening. You feel the love energy around you real close, as the attraction starts to get more intense, their bodies are locked in together and the night is only just getting started.

Body‘ (ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill) from the Nigerian/American rapper/singer, leads us into a story of attraction, as you want to be with them so badly — as the glint of the eye leads you in — to see if there is indeed a connection.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip hop Music

Trusting You: Houston’s Bill Grippin is making moves ‘On Me’

With the Marlboro Red lit up and burning strong as he ponders his next mission, Bill Grippin shows us that he truly gets what he needs to do in order to succeed, on this quick-fire single called ‘On Me‘.

Powered by his label Another Level Music, Bill Grippin is a Houston, Texas-based hip-hop artist/music producer, with a unique blend of skills that are raw and rapped with such witty bars, that he has you bobbing your head around and feeling his groove.

Full of straight up rhymes that has you listening intently as you turn him up to the max, he leads us into his mind with an impressive array of smartly lipped lyrics, that has you respecting his street flow.

On Me‘ from Houston rapper Bill Grippin rips into your mind as a soundtrack to show us that you need to put things on yourself and not rely on anyone else. Whilst some others are making excuses for the lack of opportunities during these times, the only way is to open your own doors is to make it happen no matter what.

Check out the track audio on YouTube and see his IG for more news and tracks.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Gotta Be Careful: Boston rapper Ace Capone knows the next move needs to be the right one on ‘HeadSmoke’

With the blaze game on the tightly rolled every time he’s hungry, Ace Capone rips a freestyle quick-fire track to tease us into his next creation on ‘HeadSmoke‘.

Boston, Massachusetts rapper Ace Capone, drops that raw street-hop trap that has you in a flux of emotions, as this rapid energy of a video has your head spinning, as to who he really is.

The mysterious raps has you thinking extra deep as you transfix yourself into his state of mind. The money is slowly starting to build up and he is seeing results, as the pressure mounts up too and loyalties are tested real quick. Its crazy how a maddening pandemic can actually help you truly find out who your real friends are, and who definitely isn’t.

HeadSmoke‘ from emerging Boston rapper Ace Capone, is that raw new track to let us know that he is keeping his eye on the prize, as he gets his music collection ready to blow up. The team needs to be strong however, otherwise all the cards will fall down like a ton of bricks and fold it down to the ground, to be locked up forever.

Check out the video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip hop Music

Money Mission: Tennessee’s Mystro Pope turns on the ‘Power’ (ft. Loc Sleepy) with ferocious accuracy

With a flow that dives straight into the hip-hop waters of honest flows and stories that feel like a movie, Mystro Pope signals his intent with the hard-edged new single named ‘Power‘ (ft. Loc Sleepy).

Self-motivated Memphis, Tennessee-based rapper Mystro Pope, is a hip-hop artist with that paper-first mentality, who makes music that reflects his one track mindset to be successful, whilst making releases that simmer hot in the streets unforgiving kitchen.

Produced by the strong bass sounds of T-Head, this is a massive statement of starting fresh with a new and loyal crew, far away from the cowards of before. He chases the elusive-to-some money bag with three pointers all over the place, as he shoots his way to that top echelon rap mansion that has all the honey you can eat, avoiding the tempting traps like in snakes and ladders.

His voice lets you know that he is for real and with a top feature from a fellow like-minded street DNA rapper, these two up the volume on a track that is a welcome addition when there is way too many soft-as-ice-cream singles in this genre that add very little value to the world. This is that real talk marauding crew song that lifts you off your chair and finds you searching for more like it.

Power‘ (ft. Loc Sleepy) from the strong-willed Tennessee-based emcee Mystro Pope, busts a hole in your fragile speaker as he takes us for a ride through his street, to show us what needs to be done in order to be successful in this shark-infested world.

Watching the video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Came To Win: JESSICA-DRUE has a sound that is so ‘Infectious’ for the soul

With her ten star flow rushing through into your veins like a powerful waterfall, JESSICA-DRUE puts the gloves on to wrap up the competition via her new fire track called ‘Infectious‘.

JESSICA-DRUE is a smooth-voiced London-based rapper with a leader mentality, who performs from the heart and makes that honest music about the path to true happiness inside the bottom of your soul.

This is the story of doing what you have to do in order to survive in this wild world, that is full of doubt and excuses. She throws down with the best of them here with her catchy rhymes about doing it the right way, as she ignores the lame wannabees who are so clueless that they will get stung sooner or later by the wild game, that she knows all too well.

Her style is raw and never corny, as she blazes in with a confident style that has you bouncing in your seat, as she raps with so much fierce ferociousness and refreshing self-awareness.

Infectious‘ from the superb UK emcee JESSICA-DRUE, takes us on a journey through her world as she rips the mic down to its fragile bones, cutting through all doubts on a catchy beat that matches her ambitions just right. This is a quality track that shows her growth as one UK emcee to truly embrace, as she throws her heart and soul into every line she drops.

Stream the track here and see her IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip hop Music RnB

She’s The One: Black Rambo is back with new passion-filled single ‘Baby Your Fine’

As he sings with such passion and meaning, Black Rambo wants to be her King on the new single from this veteran in the music game called ‘Baby Your Fine‘.

Well-traveled Florida/Colorado-based RnB/hip-hop artist Black Rambo, is a man on a mission to be heard and he makes that raw storyteller type of music that is made from the streets, as he tells you what its really like to survive in these wild times.

This is the story of his lust for her, as he wants to show that he is in this for the right reasons and wants there to be no doubts at all, about his true intentions.

He sings as a man in love does, he has imagined what it would be like to be with her and wants this to work, no matter what he has to do in order for this to happen.

Baby Your Fine’ from Florida/Colorado singer/rapper Black Rambo, is a song that shows his love for a girl that he really wants to be with. He sings and raps with that glow in his eye and this is a track to play with that person who you want to vibe with.

Stream this new single on Reverbnation.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip hop Music

I Got The Playbook: MC Rae is ready to ball out on raw debut track ‘Talk My Shit’

Cruising in with his passionate delivery that has been slowly forming for years during his army tours, MC Rae is ready for more in his life through music, on his debut track called ‘Talk My Shit‘.

Kinney McRae II aka MC Rae, is a motivated American hip-hop rapper, courageous US Army soldier who has served in Kuwait and Korea, proudly a Newport News, Virginia-born native, who makes that energetic music about how he sees his local neighborhood and what struggles are present each day.

His raps with that raw enthusiasm, his pen and paper has been busy for many years since he was young, waiting for the moment to express his feelings on what are really the issues with his country that he serves, but wishes was fairer for all.

This is the story about being ready to conquer his dreams now, he feels confident in his bars after taking heat from small minded folks before, who will be really quiet as he rises in the game to claim his spot.

Talk My Shit‘ from Virginia soldier/emcee MC Rae, who flows in with a barrage of truths about modern day society in his hood as the current political mess only swirls in and hurts the small businesses and hard working folks, who just want to work hard and put food on the table.

This is a socially conscious track that lifts the lid on what is really going on away from the television channels, as deep music like this always tells you the truth.

See this track on YouTube and follow his journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip hop Music

She Gonna Shake It: Gloo only has one thing on his mind on ‘Till The Morning’

With a party style that has the speakers blushing with excitement, Gloo is ready to do whatever is necessary to keep the night alive ‘Till The Morning‘.

Gloo is a confident new rapper who eloquently flows in hot with that extra hunger in his smoke-filled lungs, that let’s you know that he is totally serious about partying as long and as hard as he can, no matter what other things come along.

He raps with that sensual energy on the move-like story of being in the zone that you don’t ever what to stop. You know that this day will end sometime when you have to settle down, but its not today as he rampages into the sweaty airwaves with reckless abandon, as he only has ladies on his mind and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. This is his time and that time is right now to stay young and wild.

Till The Morning‘ from the brutally honest rapper Gloo, is the story of a man on a mission to have as much fun possible before his number is called, as he wants it all and he wants it now.

Hear this new track on YouTube and follow him on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music Rock

The Devil is hiding behind: Shrt_lyf knows he needs to be careful on ‘Bad Bitch’

After highly impressing with his expressive vocab on ‘Pretty Eyes and Blue Levi’s‘, Shrt_lyf is back with his expressive style to charm the ladies on ‘Bad Bitch‘.

Shrt_lyf is a Mexican/US alt rapper-rocker, who entertains with an appeal that you can’t help but enjoy. He makes that hip-hop/rock music that tells stories of love, life and sticking up for yourself in this crazy world full of sharks.

His blue body has you hooked immediately as he saunters in with a pulsating delivery of quick-fire raps and lyricism that only a few in the wold have in their arsenal. His voice is so transcendent and your head just nods, as your body follows with exciting energy.

This is the tale of liking a few girls but you have to be careful as one of them has that devilish look in her eye, that has you wondering if she is only after your money. With a few girl issues already, he sends us a message of trying to find out which one is real, but all this fun he is having is still making him happy inside.

Bad Bitch‘ from the effervescent talent of US/Mexican artist Shrt_lyf, is a wondrous display of honest music creativity through his skillful articulation of letting us know that not all girls can be trusted. With a fast-paced energy like no other, this is a song that captures your imagination, as you admire his creative juices to push out catchy songs each time.

See this wild video on YouTube and follow his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen