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Spotlight Feature: Mr Streetz set the bar for other UK rappers’ bars in the first single from his dynamically soulful LP, Wins & Bosses

Mr Streetz

With the soul of Hozier, the grit of Stormzy, the instrumental flair of Rag’n’Bone man and a charisma that is undeniably his own, Mr Streetz created the ultimate hustler hip-hop track with Rags to Riches, taken from his upcoming album, Wins & Bosses.

For the last few years, motivational rap tracks have peddled some dangerous tropes through the fetishization of working your fingers to the bone in ‘the grind’. Mr Streetz provided a more realistic account of an ascent to greatness, which organically makes his driven demeanour that has left success in his sightline since his debut infectious.

After making his debut during lockdown, the UK rapper has dropped 25 singles, three EPs and one album. To date, he has garnered over one million streams on YouTube and 700,000 on Spotify. With his single, Fish in the Sea, garnering over 200k streams alone. There is no stopping his momentum now.

He may be relatively fresh from his debut, but he has already perfected the art of commanding the mic by pouring an equal measure of soul, conviction and wit into it. His bars set the bar for every other UK rapper looking to make a distinctive mark.

“This album is a dedication to all the youngsters who grew up in the late 1990s early 2000s who wanted to be like the bad guys in gangster films, idolising that lifestyle and the money they made.”

The Wins & Bosses LP will officially release on February 24th.

Until then, get your Mr Streetz fill through Rags to Riches on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sirreal Feat. Revron – RAZE THAT ROOF: Riotously Adrenalized Hip-Hop

For his latest drop, the multi-award-winning Canadian hip hop luminary and mental health advocate Sirreal collaborated with Revron to create the volume-cranking bass-heavy drop RAZE THAT ROOF. Whether he’s bringing the party atmosphere to the stage or your speakers, his socially conscious and clever material is one surefire way to raise the adrenalin. It isn’t every day you get hyped by sheer talent alone.

With the sharp and witty lyricism stoking the fire, the track is almost enough to start a zombie apocalypse by raising the dead, let alone the roof. His cheeky, high-energy vocal delivery puts plenty of stake to his claim that there’s no roof that will be intact when he steps to the mic under it. After claiming pretty much every accolade there is for a Rapper in Canada, it is only a matter of time before he deservedly goes international.

The 4K official music video for RAZE THAT ROOF is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Atlanta Hip Hop Pioneer Caleb X Illuminated the Way to Tranquillity with his Vibe-Heavy Hit, Peace

Cleveland, Ohio-born, Atlanta-based artist Caleb X started a flood of tranquil melodicism by bringing in the new wave of hip-hop with his latest single, Peace.

Even with the nostalgic samples implanted in the glossily smooth hit, which illuminates the path to catharsis and emotional sanctity, there is no denying the experimentally contemporary edge that effortlessly complements the authenticity within the bars.

Though he may be influenced by DMX and Tupac, Caleb X ripped up the hip-hop rulebook before creating this vibe-heavy hit that will spice any future-embracing hip-hop playlist up with its mellifluous soul and style.

Peace was officially released on January 20th. Hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

JD True pulled back the curtain in his groove-slicked hip-hop track, Red Pill

While some hip-hop artists need an entire discography to prove their dynamism, the songwriter and rapper JD True only needed three minutes. With superlative style and soul, his latest single, Red Pill, pulls back the curtain on formerly hidden facets of society and how they make their mark on the psyche.

Kicking off with a smooth old-school prelude with funk-chopped staccato guitars, the atmosphere pulls into the mix simultaneously with the melodicism as JD True uses the intricately weaved instrumental layers as a rhythmically mesmerising platform to filter his energetic flow into.

Based on Red Pill alone, it is no wonder that the artist who takes inspiration from Kanye, J Cole, and Big Krit has had no issues garnering hype since his 2021 debut single, Crown Me.

Red Pill was officially released on January 19th. Check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chizabam cranked up the heat in Dallas with his head spin of a hip-hop anthem, Shame

Dallas rapper, lyricist, poet, producer, and sound engineer Chizabam cranked up the energy to the nth degree in his almost nuclear hip-hop hit, Shame. With the grit of hustler hip-hop, the blazing beats of a body-rocking hip-hop anthem and enough vocal twists to get your head in a spin, Shame is a track you will need to be concussed to forget.

The luminary artist stepped to the mic with a tragically rare sense of authenticity and fiery motivation to verse vindication to his fanbase that is rapidly expanding across the globe in reaction to his juggernautical ability to charge right through his bars like a one-man sonic stampede.

It is only a matter of time before the world recognises Chizabam for the hip-hop heavyweight he is. He’s not an icon in the making; he’s already the complete dynamic package.

Watch the official music video for Shame on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jonathan Machen, aka Profit, sells sanctuary in his hip-hop pop track, Refuge

Singer, hip-hop artist and songwriter Jonathan Machen, aka Profit, is living and breathing proof that regardless of how many battle scars your trauma brandishes you with, success will always be in the sightline if you look for it.

Following his viral debut single, Daydreaming, which has amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify alone since it dropped in 2021, his sophomore single, Refuge, is a consoling reminder that everyone deserves sanctuary regardless of the hostility the world has shown you before.

The country hip-hop-meets-pop instrumentals against his compassion-soaked vocals that run through the lyrics and affirm everyone deserves another soul to fall into hits all the right evocative notes while unravelling as a hook-rife melodic earworm.

Jonathan Machen’s distinctive approach to music starts to contextualise around the understanding that his life experiences shaped his creativity more than any artist came before him. After suffering from extensive burns that covered 90% of his body, his self-confidence ebbing away at an early age through bullying and becoming a single father of three while dealing with the grief of losing his mother and everything he owned, music has always been his peace and motivation. Now at 35 years old, in a happy marriage, he is here to confirm that injustice never has to last forever.

Refuge was released on January 6th; check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Decuma unleashed their rogue existentialism in the spoken word viscerally experimental hip-hop track, basketball. ft. yska

Blurring the lines between poetry and hip hop, the atmospherically magnetic first single, basketball., taken from the Detroit rapper and musician, Decuma’s album, let’s play pretend, reaches the pinnacle of gritty dynamism.

Switching up the vocal tone to match the sentiments in each verse as they stay true to their brand of rogue existentialism, basketball. ft. yska is a defiantly disarming window into the mind of an artist committed to holding the world accountable for its prolific sins.

The instrumentals that seamlessly drift through cutting orchestral layers to dark and distorted bit-tune-ESQUE beats to nostalgic jazz hip-hop samples always fall in line with the provoking lyricism that makes no bones about reaching vindication by rehashing injustice.

There is little to tie each blister of candour together. When they are put together collectively, you hear a true account of how generational, romantic and institutional trauma can amount to breaking points for even the most tensile who walk amongst us. Decuma did Nietzsche proud.

Check out the official 360 Video that premiered on January 3rd on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MHE is stratospherically ahead of the curve in his rap hit, On Me

Rapper MHE is so stratospherically ahead of the curve it’s barely in his eye line in his LP MHEvsMHE, which dropped toward the end of 2022. The fiery fusionist standout single, which melds old-school with the new, On Me, sets the pace for the future of trappy atmospheric rap tracks.

While the cleverly layered backing vocals galvanise, his fluidly dynamic verses pull to the front of the mix to exhibit his ability with wordplay, which is right on par with his ability to contort his bars into a rhythmically hypnotic canter.

The candidly confessional hit lays it all down on the line while keeping on the luminary artist’s on-brand cheek and swagger that hits with the perfect mix of attitude, intellect and charisma. In short, he’s a triple threat with a bright future ahead of him in the industry if he sticks to tracks in the same vein as On Me.

Check out On Me via Apple Music & YouTube.

Follow MHE on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jelani Kendall laid his soul bare with sunny indie hip-hop playlist staple, YouSaidLoveAlone

Taken from their tranquilly sublime indie hip-hop album, Bush Tea, the single, YouSaidLoveAlone, is an evocative trip through Jelani Kendall’s creatively introspective mind. After a mellow saturated-in-delay intro, the momentum seamlessly picks up in synergy with the emotion conveyed in frustration through the track that narrates the bitter-sweet ending of a relationship. For anyone experiencing the same, it is a visceral shot of vindication as Kendall pulls new meaning out of common adages.

With Afro Beat textures adding temperate accordance around the US Virgin Islands-hailing artist’s bars and beats, the downtempo standout single instrumentally drips with meditative soul while Kendall lays bare his emotions which run as hot as the sun-soaked timbres intricately weaved together.

YouSaidLoveAlone was released with the LP on December 31st; it is now available on Apple Music and YouTube.

Follow Jenali Kendall on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Wild Rellzz is manically magnetic in his hardcore hustler hip-hop anthem, Papi Chulo ft Young Tigg and Proj3ct Miami

With bars that make Busta Rhymes sound sedate, Wild Rellzz is on maniacally head-spinning form in his latest single, Papi Chulo. After the drop, sleeping on Rellzz will be as impossible as napping through a tornado as it rips through your neighbourhood. To say that his hustler hip-hop is a force to be reckoned with is a massive understatement.

In addition to his high-fire solo work, Wild Rellzz, also known as Jamal Hunte, is also a part of the rap collective Proj3ct Miami. The rapper, entertainer and dancer isn’t the only talent in the family; his older brother is a name that resounds around Miami, Young Tigg.

Rellzz has been dropping music since 2016; there is only so long the underground can contain his insurmountable talent that pairs his domineering attitude with intricately rhythmic beats, which flow as an affirmation that he’s a razor-sharp cut above the rest. The ethereally filmic samples adding atmosphere around the heavy percussive rattle is an alchemic combination.

Papi Chulo is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast