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Different Hairstyles Every Tuesdays: Zonjjy tells us his story as he shows us that signature poise with ‘Trust Me’

With the substantial local support that only serves to help him grow stronger, Zonjjy shows us his cult status with a tale all about feeling in control and bringing his lover with him to the top on ‘Trust Me‘.

Zonjjy is a UK-based indie singer-songwriter, music producer, and rapper who tells us real-life stories that have only made him more self-enlightened after previous issues that threatened to sink him down forever.

With his confidence at an all-time high as he guides us into his city, Zonjjy is at his original best on a track that will probably be stuck in your head for days on end.

Trust Me‘ from the UK-based rapper/singer-songwriter Zonjjy is a likeable release from an underground artist who has had to claw his way to where he is today. With his country on the edge and his ears to the street, you feel like he is leading us into a world that is actually transpiring right before our ever-watching eyes. This is the time to build up and take your chance, as you brush away the past and move into the future with that much-needed bounce in your step.

Looking up rather than down is the only journey one should take in this overly-complicated world.

See this new music video via his YouTube page and view more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Warm Place: EmMeka sips on the white wine together with his new lover on ‘Yellow’ (feat. N8TR)

Released off his brand new 4-track EP called ‘Week 25‘, EmMeka keep the lights on low and finds the right song that makes everything seem so flawless on ‘Yellow(feat. N8TR).

EmMeka is an Atlanta, Georgia-based hip-hop/RnB/soul-fused Nigerian-American music producer, singer, rapper, and writer.

A massive Atlanta Falcons fan himself, you feel his touchdown appeal here with a spiral-like accuracy brewing the whole way through this electrically passionate new single.

I like to incorporate my own composed and performed live instrumentation on the piano, guitar, bass, drums, and synth leads into my signature style.” ~ EmMeka

Taking us on a voyage of self-discovery as you lock lips and gravitate closer towards that new romantic interest, EmMeka sends our naked spines into a euphoric shiver with this sumptuously inviting track you will find so tempting.

Yellow(feat. N8TR) from the understated Atlanta-based Nigerian-American music producer and RnB/hip-hop/soul singer/rapper EmMeka, is a romantic single with silky vocals and a top-notch beat – that gets your body grooving to the vibe – as you cuddle close with that special soul who truly cares about what you say.

This is that slide-close track to play late at night after you have gotten back from a night out, and just want to get inside that warm place that feels just right.

Hear this new single on his Spotify and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Look For Purpose: Westside Ultra feel invincible on rapid-fire ‘Drunk Villain Freestyle’

As he takes command of the mic beside him and vows to always be in control of his own destiny, Westside Ultra sips up quick and lashes down his raw bars on the brand new ‘Drunk Villain Freestyle‘.

19-year-old Westside Ultra is a Midwest-born, Texas-based indie rapper who has made it his mission to grab hold of his future and never let go no matter what.

Growing up with a father who has a passion for music, it only made sense that some of that became ingrained in him at a young age. It wasn’t until years later in high school, that writing and putting out music as something fun, would lead to a full-time passion for music and the industry.” ~ Westside Ultra

Displaying his youthful charm and shredding through each verse with signature aplomb, Westside Ultra dusts off anything shadowing over his shine on a track that leads us into his thoughtful mind that knows these bad habits could break him down at any moment.

Drunk Villain Freestyle‘ from the upcoming Midwest-born, Texas-based indie hip-hop artist Westside Ultra, is a story all about setting aside those inner doubts that can hold you back as you attempt to keep things simple and down the demons one gulp at a time. He displays impressive rap skills with a beat attached that seems to suit his aura just right. With so many artists in the game and those bills piling up, it is certainly hard to keep the faith. This seems to be a rapper who understands his strengths and just wants to forge ahead until he truly makes it on top.

Life is about taking risks after all when others decide to take the easy route and never fulfil their true potential.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leave Me Be: UNDERXTED feels like he is totally alone on ‘I D C’

Taken from his new ‘The Forbidden Tapes Vol. 1‘ from this month, UNDERXTED shows us where his mind is at right now while he fights off those vicious demons that threaten to destroy him forever on ‘I D C‘.

UNDERXTED is a small-town Tennessee-based indie rapper who makes that type of music that comes from the deepest part of his soul as he finds his way in this convoluted world.

Starting out of a storage shed with a laptop and microphone.” ~ UNDERXTED

Reloading our ears with a contemplative look into the world which he sees, UNDERXTED sends us an emotionally-charged track – that has so many layers to unwrap – you might need some time to comprehend this offering. The vocals are intense and the beat brooding, as he draws us a vivid picture of what is currently going on as the hope he once had has been shredded into tiny pieces.

I D C‘ from the Tennessee-based rapper UNDERXTED, is a haunting track that has you feeling so sad about the potential outcome if you stop caring altogether. This is a dynamic artist who leads us into this web of heartbreak that he has clearly experienced before, as he shows his displeasure and disinterest with everything unfolding. With an honest melody and a consistent beat, this is the type of track that will have you looking into the mirror and wondering who in your life actually truly cares about you.

See this new video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Look At Me: M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s can’t help but be impressed on ‘See Tha Way’ (feat. Senyon)

Taken off his newly released 7-track album called ‘V.i.b.e.s, Vol.1‘, M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s endeavours to fight the feeling of looking closely at her hips but can’t seem to move his eyes away from true beauty on ‘See Tha Way(feat. Senyon).

M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s is a London, UK-based indie rapper who loves to express his true stories about the adventures of life and all those vitally substantial lessons learnt.

Featuring the rising vocals of the spectacular East London RnB songstress Senyon, you feel the kinetic energy between these two artists who mesh so well together at every turn like an enthralling chemistry class. With the smooth style of M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s attached to the centre of this delightful track, there is much to like about this loving romance about two souls who feel like the vibrancy is just right.

See Tha Way(feat. Senyon) from London, UK-based indie rapper M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s, is a sizzling track that might cause a few blushes to appear out of nowhere. There is so much sensual tension as the eyes lock in close and the hands start wondering, with that smile you can’t help but beam brightly into the night. This is a track to play late at night with your lover, as you gaze close and let the evenings adventures unfold naturally.

Delve your spirit into this soothing new release on Spotify and follow his vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Different To The Rest: Wesco sets his own trends with ‘Rare Blend’

Following on from his first release called ‘World of Optimism‘ from late 2020, Wesco is back with a new single about showing us that he is rather distinct to the trend-following copycats out there who cry over spilt milk with the swag-packed ‘Rare Blend‘.

David Wesco aka Wesco is an underground rapper who has opted to keep his location hidden for the time being.

We find an introspective soul in full voice here who makes a raw blend of hip-hop – that is loaded with vividly told stories about making it – in this harshly populated dog-eat-dog world and lets us know that he is for real.

As glances around the corner with his clean shades on tight, Wesco makes his move and isn’t too concerned about what anyone else thinks. There is much smoothness in his voice and he sounds so calm, with that collected mentality that has kept him away from any needless issues that can pop off at any moment if you surround yourself with the wrong people. This is the vital message of independence that is marked by a consistent beat, which appears to suit this assured message completely.

Rare Blend‘ from the raw indie rapper Wesco, is that mixture of hardcore flows that slices through the naked speakers and catches your attention quickly. This is a statement track from a trend-supplied artist who shows us what his purpose is. Looking for greatness and avoiding the traps that so many get their souls clenched into, is the only mission that he is interested in. Sometimes in life, you need to be so focused – that you refuse to fit it anywhere else – as you conquer those lofty goals that you are so convinced you can obtain.

Stream this fiery new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Strong Ankles: Ohio rapper Kashi Jayy calls it how he sees it on bar-packed ’12 AM LONGWOOD DRIVE’

Taken off his new 9-track project called ‘Kashi Kruegerr 3‘, Kashi Jayy drops it real and straight up with his raw single all about stating his intentions with the world and what he envisions in the future on ‘12 AM LONGWOOD DRIVE‘.

Kashi Jayy is an underground Ohio, USA-based indie hip-hop artist who makes a different kind of music style to most as he seems to see life through a self-enlightened picture.

As he skillfully sparks one up to keep the thoughtful mind focused on the task at hand, you feel like Kashi Jayy is leading the way to a better life with just a pen and pad for company. With so much carnage outside and unnecessary drama draining our attention – this feels like the time to fully expand and take on exhilarating assignments – that are going to keep your mind alive as you find that path to true happiness.

12 AM LONGWOOD DRIVE‘ from the Ohio, USA-based indie rapper Kashi Jayy, is a top drawer track from an artist who has seen the way that so many people act when they see you doing well. He rips down the suffocating barriers that could hold him inside if he let them and shows a new mindset for us to truly look deeper inside, with a ruggedly pure display filled with honest lyrics that are so profound. This is the type of track to really immerse yourself into – as you keep the lights down low – to quietly work on your next project away from the tempting distractions outside.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying To Survive: Ben Jamn reminisces about the journey to true contentment with his supportive partner on ‘My Love’

As he glances back at the long road to finding that elusive happy home away from the suffocating city smog and blazing lights, Ben Jamn knows that he has the backing of someone ready special who understands what it takes on ‘My Love‘.

Small-town kid, Ben Jamn is a determined West Virginia-based indie singer, rapper, and composer who assembles a nostalgic blend of uplifting soundscapes that takes you into a happy world again.

Ben Jamn is absolutely excellent on this stunning new single that has you drifting away into a daydream-filled state. With honest lyrics and smooth vocals which are a real ear-warmer, you feel like you are in a delightful trance to learn from his experiences. This is a striking moment when you know you need to get out of a busy environment, that is truly holding you back from being content in life.

My Love‘ from the multi-talented West Virginia-based singer, rapper, and composer Ben Jamn, is a peaceful single that has you smiling broadly. This is a well-constructed track that has you thinking about shifting into a much better frame of mind, that only brings you a picture that is replenished with loving memories. With a lost world spinning way too fast on its over-stimulated axis – this is a vital reminder that it’s probably best to live somewhere you can feel safe – and spend time outside in a garden with those who you truly care about.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Always In My Zone: Salvhni shows that he is a veteran where it counts on ‘You’

Produced by niko x lcs, Salvhni turns the lights down low and gets the night started with his sensual single that is all about making sure that she knows that he is completely dedicated to ‘You‘.

Salvhni is a fresh Atlanta, Georgia-based indie rapper. After a tough last few years, he sounds in an inspired form and isn’t slowing up now as he is in a vitally reinvigorated mood.

Showing us his calming vocals that pulsates with a passionate edge that only someone who was thought lost by many, Salvhni shows his fans that their faith in him was correct. He sings with a majestic delight that has your inventiveness skyrocketing, which lets you into a mindset of a determined creative who never gave up on his dreams.

You‘ from the youthful Atlanta, Georgia-based indie hip-hop solo artist Salvhni, is a loving track that shows his gratitude for that special soul who makes him so happy. He has been down but refused to be counted out, as you hear the heartfelt emotion that flows out his lungs like a man reborn. With a confident mentality, smooth vocals, and his reflective lyrics, this is a stunning new single that will have you listening a bit closer than most songs you hear this year.

Check out this new song on Spotify and hear more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Your Heart Used To Have a Vacancy: Chicago rapper Erik Evy wonders if they can make it happen again on ‘No Harm No Foul’

With his new full project set for an early 2022 release, Erik Evy teases us with a new single that is all about hoping that the timing is better with someone who you really care about on ‘No Harm No Foul‘.

Erik Evy is a youthful Chicago-based indie hip-hop solo artist who shows us his lyrical chops on his latest effort that is made with his signature reflective style.

As he radiates that big grin to show us that he is back in a happy place, Erik Evy verbalises the airwaves in reinvigorated form with a truly chilled-to-the-max performance that showcases his growing talents behind the mic. There is no flashy moves here – only mellow vibes – that has you thinking that he is ready to make things right with a former flame that he wants back in his life.

No Harm No Foul‘ from the Chicago-based indie rapper Erik Evy, is a likeable new single all about how you feel like everything would work now with that special love of your life. Rapped with a thoughtful edge and flowing briskly with honest stories, about how things just didn’t match up before as you weren’t quite ready. Sometimes the hands of time just need to be in both of your corners, so that you may lock lips and forget about the past as the future is the only thing that actually matters.

Check out this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen