Sun-kissed memory meets dreamy indie-pop reverie in Suni’s Barcelona

Suni, the 26-year-old Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter, delivered a mesmerising escape with their latest single, Barcelona, the shoegazey guitars and indie dream pop aura craft a lush-with-melancholic-soul atmosphere that drifts you away into the heat of bitter-sweet sun-kissed memories. The harmonies sting with emotional potency, amplifying in resonance with every listen as the production nestles into the euphonic middle-ground of Jaws and Cigarettes After Sex.

Suni didn’t just capture an emotion nestled within a sunlit landscape; with Barcelona, they positioned themselves at the heart of a panache-driven pop revolution. The textures within the track act as a key, unlocking a doorway to the pantheon of indie pop singer-songwriters. It’s a musical experience that transcends mere listening, inviting you to dive into an evocative world where each note tells a story.

For fans of introspective and emotionally charged indie music, Suni’s Barcelona is an essential addition to your playlist. Let the music wash over you, and transport you to a place where the lines between reality and reverie blur, and the only thing that matters is the emotional resonance of sound.

Barcelona was officially released on May 17th; stream the single on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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