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BE/\R – BITES: Minimalist Indie Pop with A Boutique South London Twist

South London has no shortage of Minimalist Electronica artists, but BE/\R have no trouble standing out from the crowd with their iridescent talent which enables them to orchestrate empyreal sensations such as their latest single BITES which will be official released as part of their much-anticipated EP this summer. If you’re a fan of Chelsea Wolfe, London Grammar and Zola Jesus, you’re going to love BE/\R’s overwhelmingly blissful sound which is orchestrated by the producer and singer song writer duo. The vibrantly uplifting sounds are composed by Kev Sadikovic and Reggie Thrower, their talents combined make some of the most soronous downtempo Synth Pop on the scene today. The vocal delivery is nothing short of impressive, with the same haunting harmony as artists as London Grammar and Warpaint, yet at the same time you’re treated to a beautiful fractured South East London twang in the female vocalist’s accent which brings a whole new realm of resonance to BE/\R’s sound, which wouldn’t be out of place on mainstream radio.

You can check out the single BITES on SoundCloud today:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


sā·lō – Run: Palpably Pioneering Indie Pop

sā·lō’s latest track Run is a sonorous Indie hit thanks to the combination of heart wrenching vocals and lyrics that add insult to injury. The ingenuity that went into the track is simply astounding, whilst the Lo-Fi sound may not to be everyone’s taste, I can never resist the charms of the reverberation that hang over beats and guitar riffs to create the perfect resonance. Which is exactly what the underground artist achieved with his debut release. The power of the passion that lingers in sā·lō’s indie pop is not something to underestimate. What perfectly rounds his latest track Run off for me was the soaring Soul guitar riff that followed the chorus, it mixes up the track, and shows just how serious sā·lō is as an artist.

The Canadian artist set out to make original music under his array of influences from different genres, he’s hit the nail on the head with his palpably pioneering Indie Pop. This track is universally lovable, whether you’re a Taylor Swift, The XX, Editors or Alex Cameron fan, you’re going to need to check it out.

Check out sā·lō’s Indie Pop masterpiece on Soundcloud using the link below:

Follow sā·lō on Instagram and stay up to date with all of the emerging electronic engineer’s new mixes:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Susannah B – Far More: Goose Bump Inducing Hypnotic Indie Pop

Music just doesn’t get any more moving than Susannah B’s bewitching sound. I’ve dabbled in pretty much every genre under the sun and I’ve never found a musician that’s essence is this uplifting, it’s almost chilling.

Susannah B’s sound which is predominantly domineered from her ethereal vocals loosely fits within the Pop arena, yet the sound that Susannah B has orchestrated in her latest album Far More is unchained. The tracks that make up the album incorporate elements of Pop, Classical, Funk & Soul to create a pioneering sound that I can guarantee that you’ve never heard the likes of before. The production and instrumentals curtesy of John Ballinger are utterly sublime and create the perfect aural alchemy behind each of the tracks.

Susannah is a powerhouse of talent who uses her pleasant vocals (understatement of the century) to create beautifully uplifting tracks that will stand the test of time.  Susannah B’s voice of female empowerment is not something the world will ever tire of hearing.

You can check out the 5-track album Far More using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


Grad Party – Make You Better: Clean Cut Indie Pop with a Little Added Funk

With a sound this fresh, Grad Party could only be from LA. Their pioneering Indie Pop sound is as clear cut and vibrant as it comes. Their electrically ambient sound has a slight reminiscence to artists such as Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Justice & Portishead, yet their sound is stamped in their own iridescent style. Grad Party barely fit in the confines of their Indie Pop branding, there is a palpable amount of Funk and Soul behind their release Make You Better.

Their  release which Grad Party treated their ever-loyal fanbase to on on February 7th, 2018 isn’t the only exciting thing going down for the band in February. They’re also in the running for LA’s Emerging Artist of the Month which the Indie Pop duo irrefutably deserve for their harmonious synthy synergy that they’ve created between them. The sweet Pop vocals are framed around a labyrinth of drops and build ups that this unfathomably genius track incorporates to create an anthemic hit.

You can check out Grad Party’s release of Make You Better on YouTube:

To find out more about Grad Party’s latest releases and tour dates follow the duo on Facebook:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Keelan Callaghan – Sundays: Lo-fi to Leave You on a High

Sundays is the brand new Alternative Rock Indie Pop track from self-made Dream Pop debonair Keelan Callaghan. The Australian based delectably talented musician has used his own production skills to come up with his debut Lo-Fi track that rings as sweet as the sounds of Lou Barlow, Pavement & Fidlar. Orchestrating such a DIY track and enabling it to resonate so sweetly is no easy feat, but he’s smashed it with his first ever release!

What I loved most about Sundays was the gradient ambience of the track, the synthy instrumentals almost carry the same iconic reverb as the Twin Peaks theme tune. When the transient vocals hit, it’s utterly mesmerising. The reverb & effects over the guitars almost meanders over to the Shoegaze arena, so any fans of My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive are guaranteed to love this track as much as I do. Keelan’s lyrical abilities carry their own unique nectarine sensibilities that add to the catharsis that from start to finish is being served up by this track.

With more music to drop throughout 2018, I’m certain that this won’t be the last we hear from Keelan Callaghan and his harmonious home-produced sounds.

Check out Keelan Callaghan’s track Sundays on SoundCloud:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Pop Music That Delivers Style And Substance..Imagine That?

Soulful R&B infuses its way into Hana Brooks latest indie-pop release Used To Be and the result is something which is sure to be a big hit with the clubland masses but has enough integrity to appeal to the more discerning pop pickers and indie movers and shakers alike. That’s a neat trick to be able to pull off, such a meeting of worlds, such a genre-splicing experiment, but she does it with effortless style.

Hana Brooks my be a young, modern artist but she is also a back to basics girl, she has figured out the key factors that make pop music so potent and used that knowledge to deliver perfect, state of the art, music of the moment, music with soul, passion, and a sensual and gently infectious quality. Sometimes the simplest of plans reap the greatest results and this approach of just getting the core ideas locked down so that the rest will follow, is working perfectly for her and I think Hana Brooks is a name which will soon be a fixture in the modern music landscape.


Andy Host – Heartbeats: International Upbeat Brit Pop

I was one of the lucky few who had the pleasure to listen to German singer song writer Andy Host’s brand new single Heartbeats in the build up to its release. The single will be available to download and in a stunning array of other formats from November 17th.  I’ve been well and truly caught up in the momentum of Andy Hosts new sound. To say that Heartbeats is an upbeat track would be the biggest understatement I could ever make. It’s packed full of raw unadulterated positive vibes that will quite literally take your breath away and guide you into a chaotic state of euphoria.

Andy Host uses his talent with his passion for the Indie Pop and Brit Pop sound and truly brings the genres he dabbles within to life. His previous project ‘Louder Than Gray’ was a mix of melancholic sounds in the midst of pensive emotions, his new musical venture couldn’t be more different, it’s overwhelming with raucous energy, love and passion.

You can taste a sample of his brand new single Heartbeats on his website before it is release date.

Stay connected to the musical enigma through the Facebook link below for more info on his new upcoming releases.


Ari Releases Icelandic Electronic Indie-pop Track ‘Spor’

Spor is proof that you don’t necessarily have to understand lyrics to appreciate how great they sound. As a singer working in his native Icelandic, obviously those who will understand the lyrical content will make up only a fraction of the music market place Ari finds himself in but right from the first bar of Spor you realise that this doesn’t matter. The vocal delivery is so smooth, so ethereal, so polished and perfect for the music it sits alongside, once you think of it as another part of the instrumental make up of the song, you won’t even notice the language barrier and there really is no such thing as a music barrier.

The result is a sumptuous, widescreen, electronic indie-pop; it is cinematic and forward thinking, deftly produced and both futuristic and otherworldly. There is probably something of the geography of his homeland infused in the music and it isn’t that hard to notice an almost subliminal description of that lands wide skies and dramatic vistas etched into the music’s glorious soundscaping.


A&R Factory Present: ARLO

Where ‘Ivory’ gained the pop newcomer some impressive praise, ‘Shake The Room’ is poised to floor the fence sitters in proving this 24-year old Londoner has what it takes to stamp his mark all over 2017 and all off his own back.

In the man’s own words : “’Shake The Room’ is about losing confidence in yourself, not trusting your gut and allowing others to control your future”. In pure defiance, he sings “I don’t need your reverence, I don’t need your approval” – constantly striving to be the individual that he was always destined to be.

A songwriter and vocalist who cites influences from current pop giants Adele and Kanye West to 80’s pop heroes Terence Trent D’Arby and Tears For Fears. ARLO displays a natural knack for story-telling with a wise head on his young shoulders, his narrative is delivered by his distinctive vocal all wrapped up in uplifting pop rhythms and triumphant percussion

Shake The Room is the second in a series of songs to come from ARLO across the summer and gives you some insight into what he has to offer.


A&R Factory Present: Wild Front

Organically formed, South Coast Band, Wild Front, aim to pair the unrestrained emotions of music with the capricious nature of life. It came as no surprise when the band formed,as the 4 had been musically working together for years.

Although 80’s rock and alternative indie is a love they all share, their primary musical influences are so different. Jack offers his love of folk and Josh studied classical music at university, whereas Mike and Joe’s musical repertoire ranges from West Coast hip hop to indie folk. It’s this exotic mix that creates their unique anddistinctive sound. Wild Front have just released their self-titled debut EP,and are in the studio constantly writing and recording new material.

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