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Billy Boguard – Evergreen Scars: Sorrowfully Dynamic Minor-Chord Pop

Opening up with a cinematic minor-chord piano part before Boguard’s deep, baleful vocal, ‘Evergreen Scars’ is a beautiful, confessional song of grief and loss. Honest, heartfelt, and soulful, Boguard’s vocal tells a story of pain and longing, the full instrumentation dropping in around the minute mark for the unforgettable chorus.

Reminiscent of Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’, with elements of Lewis Capaldi or maybe a male-vocal Lana Del Rey, ‘Evergreen Scars’ tells of two souls destined from the beginning to destroy each other, writ deep with heartbreak and regret, and the inevitable aftermath, healing, and lessons learned, all over a sorrowful track full of power, dynamic, and presence.

Evergreen Scars official release date was November 27th, you can check it out now via Spotify.

Check out Billy Boguard via his website, or on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes


Fire Jane – Blind: Unapologetically Empowered EDM Pop

“Blind” is the intensely euphoric latest EDM Pop single from up and coming Boston-based duo Fire Jane. It finds the perfect balance between emotion and energy by running through as an undeniable testament of the artist’s ability to not only create a radio-ready earworm but to create an infectious drop which will leave you psyched every time you hit play.

Blind feels like an almost serendipitously timely release, when the world is sitting in their respective anger or apathy, Fire Jane is reminding us what visceral emotion feels like. The unapologetically empowered edge to the harmonically succinct vocals is something that I’ll never forget.

You can check out Blind by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Metasonics delivers an Indie Folk Pop shot to the heart with ‘I Love You’

Metasonics set out to change the landscape of the Pop genre in the 21st century, through their debut self-titled album, which was released in 2019, it’s safe to say that they have the perfect aural arsenal to wage the war on the superficial Pop genre.

I’ve probably heard more love songs than I’ve had hot dinners, but rarely, do they leave me as amorously sated as the standout track ‘I Love You’ from the Scottish artist. There’s a profoundness in the simplicity of the candid lyrics which centre around a direct, unfiltered proclamation of love which hits harder with every repetition.

With elements of Indie Folk ringing in the polished production, Metasonics will undoubtedly be of appeal to any fans of Frightened Rabbit, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Twilight Sad.

You can check out Metasonics’ debut album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Gold covered layers of scheming: The Grand Mess wraps a web of mystery on ‘Lie To You’

The moody start soon clings to your heart right away as you wonder what is going to form next. We are not disappointed as this an Electronic-Pop web of intriguing proportions, this is a story that will fascinate and make you think about the way you speak to others. Canadian artist The Grand Mess is in imperious form ‘Lie To You‘ as he lets us into this wild water-slide of twists and turns.

Gold covered and looking for redemption, the waves form with the haunting vocals that grab you by the soul and you won’t forget this track very easily. The light radiates so many layers within, and he wants her to believe him. Sometimes she does and this for some reason, this gives off extra fuel inside to do it again and again. He feels bad about it and knows that this can’t continue as he is the one that has to look into the mirror each day.

The sonic speed in which this song wades in the door, is quite spectacularly composed and the pace ebbs and flows. The intricate energies are such a pleasure to listen intently, as you can’t take your ears away. This feel like an experience like no other and the electric vibrations are hard hitting and go deep within.

With gold lathered all over the vocals, Brooklyn based The Grand Mess shows his self-awareness in speaking out about how he feels inside, the game is fun to stop on ‘Lie To You‘.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Finding your voice with debut release: ‘I’m Going Down’ by Ristlynn shows total honesty

With a new direction comes much excitement and also much anxiousness. You have put your emotions out there to the world for the first time and this can be a scary feeling. Ristlynn is a brand new artist and he drops the honest story of his current feeling about life on the rhythmical ‘I’m Going Down‘.

His Electro-Pop style is magnetic and he takes us on a story of feeling really down right now. The drinks are flowing way too much and the stress level is at an all-time high. The world is a crazy place and he is struggling to get out of this worrying rut. We all deal with traumatic experiences differently and this is a hard time. Through music however, the expressive nature will help and may new fans will relate to this song and this is a great way to get it all out in the open. Healing through music is healthy, instead of bottling it all inside.

With a catchy style, honest lyrics and an expressive energy, Ristlynn shows the world what he is all about on ‘I’m Going Down‘. This is a welcome addition to the airwaves of the world as honesty is often lacking in music with bling and swag overshadowing what music is actually about- helping others and making music that means something.

To hear this fine new track go to Spotify and follow the journey on Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Wondering what you did so wrong: Megzz sings from the heart on ‘Tell Me Why’

Her voice paints the picture of pain and sadness, the sudden end of something so special is so hard to comprehend right now, as you haven’t gotten a proper answer that makes sense to you deep inside. Megzz shows us how she is feeling on the R&B flavored single called ‘Tell Me Why‘.

You were always the one to cal first and this hurts the most. Was it all a totally waste of time or were you meant to learn this lesson in order to know your true worth?

With a powerful voice that is so easy on the ear, you are swept into deep thought here and wondering about past relationships. A beat that captures your imagination is eerily present and you can feel a special singer here. Her honest lyrics are captivating and real, each word has been written from a real experience that needs to time heal. Love conquers all they say but right now you are too sad to think clearly.

This is a high standard here and one of the finest R&B indie tracks around. A crystal clear voice that is held back just right, the sorrow sweeps you off your feet and you want to hug a friend right now to feel better.

Megzz has that extra bit of class that she was born with and ‘Tell Me Why‘ is quite excellent. They promised to stay but lied, this is a singer that is indeed here to stay- in our hearts forever.

Hear this heartbreaking single here on her Spotify and show support on Facebook for news on shows and upcoming releases.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A heartfelt song to get that true love back: Averto shows regret for past mistakes on ‘Cry’

A sensually pleasing voice that meshes with a beat that is quite sumptuously classy, we are let in the door by a duo that tell the true story of a love that is so strong but needs to heal in order to truly blossom. Averto bring us a song to listen deeply to on the Indie-Pop single ‘Cry‘.

Taken off the brand new 4-track EP called ‘1304‘, this is a sexy-sad song that is loaded with regret and also an honest take on how they are deep inside.

Featuring a sax-filled chorus that makes you take notice, you can’t help but enjoy this new single that is hugely relevant in modern day society. With Social Media clouding our morals and values, some elements of short bursts of silly selfishness seeps through into us all sometimes, even if we don’t want it to be this way.

Jahlisa Jade and Zack form together tightly as Averto and this team are rather tremendous here on ‘Cry‘. This is a relevant story for all of us that have been with such a beautiful soul, that somehow seems to hurt us again and again, even if they don’t mean to. Its a lesson into how strong the love really is, if it can be rebuilt with true communication then the chances of survival are greater but this needs lots of compassion and honesty. Only then, can our souls be reconnected into that meaningful love, without constant and traumatic tears.

Hear this regret-filled single on Spotify and find out about future shows on their Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


London Alt-Indie Trio Alchemy3 Has Made Their Lockdown Debut with “Ride Us Through the Storm”

London-based trio Alchemy3 made their Alt-Indie debut on October 29th with the mesmerically compelling release “Ride Us Through the Storm”. Hit play and you’ll quickly come to realise how they came up with their moniker.

The high-vibe creative expression runs rampant through the tantalising soundscape, which is a minefield of aural curveballs, but each unexpected evolution in the single affirms that Alchemy3 have the ingenuity and the positivity to make a difference to the airwaves.

Ride Us Through the Storm is a track which utterly consumes you when you hit play, and I think we can all agree, aural escapism is more valuable now than ever. With vocals which share hypnotic reminiscence with the likes of Nadine Shah floating atop of the intricately orchestrated instrumental arrangement which mixes acoustic instruments with dreamy electric guitar notes, the single unravels as one of the most stylistically and lyrically profound singles I’ve heard this year.

You can check out Alchemy3’s debut single by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast 


Pleaseprettylea – Yack!: Conceptually Avant-Garde Dark Pop


West Midlands, UK artist Pleaseprettylea is due to hit the airwaves with her artfully enticing Dark Pop single “Yack!” on November 25th. With elements of Hip Hop within the darkly hypnotic production, the single transcends genre as it unravels as a powerfully conceptual single which deals with the concept of sickness in relation to vulnerability, trauma and vices.

Pleaseprettylea is never afraid to tackle taboo or difficult concepts in her tracks, Yack! is definitely no exception. It unravels as a theatrical breath of fresh air in a time when baseless information around mental health and self-care seems to be found in every corner of the internet. But with Pleaseprettylea’s Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in counselling, you can fall into the soundscape and find trust in the artist’s wisdom and alluring sound which shares the same immense level of expression as artists such as Bjork, PJ Harvey, Amanda Palmer and Kate Bush.

Yack! is due for release from November 25th, pre-save the track on all major streaming platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


KAiA delivers sun-kissed candid resilience with “Summer is for Lovers”

Under the influence of icons such as Joni Mitchell, Californian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist KAiA always pours her unfiltered soul into her singles to allow her listeners to recognise intimate thoughts which reverberate late at night but are rarely ever spoken.

With her latest single “Summer is for Lovers”, you’ll find yourself commending the candid resilience she shares through her melancholy-tinged poetically meta lyricism. The pensive lovelorn air evades the light sun-kissed instrumental arrangement which features innocent ukulele strums around full-bodied accordant acoustic guitar tones. Summer is for Lovers is powerful enough to throw you right back to your teenage heartbreak while recognising the beauty and fragility within it. If that’s not the ultimate testament of an incredible artist, I don’t know what is.

You can check out Summer is for Lovers via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast