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Conor Latcham brings realism to romance with their disco-pop track, ‘Do You Think You’re in Love?’

If you’re still sore from Daft Punk’s disbanding, the sonic indie disco pop grooves in Conor Latcham’s ‘Do You Think You’re in Love?’ brings all of the funk-laden consolation you could possibly ask for.

With Luke Marc Hughes (Tom Odell, Lewis Capaldi) on drums and Barry Grint (Bowie, Prince, Beatles & Oasis) in charge of mastering, the production matched the talent exhibited in the subversively relatable track.

Given the number of love songs hitting the airwaves (probably every second at this point), it’s nice to hear an almost-lovesong. It’s passion-driven; it grooves away from the sickly sweet proclivities of pop that allow all tracks alluding to love to sound like the lyrics were written by Disney screenwriters. We can see how Latcham came about their ‘blue-collar poet’ reputation. We can also see how he is going to take the scene by storm in 2021 and beyond.

You can check out Conor Latcham’s track, released by Trident Records, via Spotify and SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music Pop

Narley Tree puts a warming funk twist on their indie pop-rock debut ‘In Your Head’

Soul pop fans are going to want to pay attention to Narley Tree’s debut indie single, ‘In Your Head’,  which comes with a warming funk twist while never compromising on the international commercial potential. After spending years as a session guitarist, founding member and singer-songwriter, Alex decided to release their debut; based on In Your Head, he was well overdue.

With a Maroon 5-style level of smooth, In Your Head is an intimate declaration of affection sweetened by high-octane power-pop melodies. By switching from dreamy grooves to massive pop-rock choruses, In Your Head offers everything you could possibly ask for. But if that wasn’t enough, Narley Tree will be releasing their forthcoming debut EP – you’ll want them on your radar before that drops.

To fully appreciate In Your Head, head over to YouTube and check out the official music video that premiered on February 12th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music Pop

Swipe right on Coupdekat’s latest synth-pop single, ‘Love Online’.

UK-based singer-songwriter Coupdeka brought narrative pop to the next level with her latest single, Love Online, which optimistically captures the potential for love during Covid times, even if it has to be digital.

Under the influence of 80s indie icons such as Mazzy Star, The Slits and Blondie, Coupdekat brought a comforting feeling of familiarity to the track as she runs through the dystopic pitfalls of dating in 2021; if you know, you know. And if you know, you’ll undoubtedly find plenty of resonance in lyrics such as “we only make love online”.

Any fans of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Shiny Toy Guns will appreciate Coupdekat’s indie approach to contemporary pop with Love Online.

You can hear Coupdekat via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Searching For The One: Phil Mitchell Band bring us something real to hold onto with ‘My Love is True’

Taken off their much-anticipated fourth album called ‘A Better World‘, Phil Mitchell Band return with the lovely new single about that beating heart on ‘My Love is True’.

Phil Mitchell Band are an entertaining Chicago, Illinois-based indie-pop act, who formulate that real heart-warming music and features Alvaro Soto on lead guitar with a fine team of various talented singers.

With a story about finding the one no matter what obstacles get in your way, you feel like you have jumped into a time machine and landed in the 80’s, when life was a lot more simple. This is a sweet story full of positive energy, that feels like it is wrapped around you in a caring bow.

The stunning vocals give you a massive hug and you feel happier inside that healing heart that needs all the goodness in the world, after a horrific year that has questioned all of our beliefs.

My Love is True‘ from Chicago’s well-liked Phil Mitchell Band, is a sweet story full of loving vocals and striking lyrics, that captures your heart and makes you feel like it is possible to find that right person on your path to self-enlightenment. That ever-lasting love is the key to unlocking all of your dreams after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on their Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music RnB

That Sweet Craving: LA’s PYXIE lights up the nights adventures with the catchy indie-pop/rap track ‘Flattery’

As she busts a cheeky move on the tempting dance floor after work, PYXIE tells us what she likes on the fresh new body-moving single called ‘Flattery‘.

PYXIE is an original puzzle-solving indie pop/hip-hop artist from sunny Los Angeles, who loves the creation of those magical words and its many forms that fascinates the hungry mind, as she enchantingly evolves into her own brand of unique music that is wonderfully ever-evolving.

With her lovable penchant for learning new things each day with such alluring innocence, she flow in between the rap, funk and RnB genres the most, morphing them together depending on where her imaginative juices take her to that particular day.

This is the story about loving it when you hear those smooth words from a former stranger, your mind suddenly races and you love the rush each time. You only want it honest though, as that is what you are truly after and nothing less.

Flattery‘ from LA wordsmith PYXIE is a fearless song from a criminally underrated indie singer/rapper, who puts in her best work yet with a display of pulsating lyrics combined with her confident vocals, that will make the shyest of us blush with excitement.

Hear this rising talent on Soundcloud and see more of her adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music Pop

Mike Cortes – the New York-based musician/writer drops first solo single with ‘Unstable’

Mike Cortes

‘Unstable’ is the first single from newcomer Mike Cortes, but he’s far from new to ‘the scene’; with a publishing deal and writing credits for numerous other artists over the last six years, this is Cortes putting everything he’s learned in the last six years into practice for himself, with a gentle little dance-pop track. Part Hispanic-beat, part soft, catchy pop chorus, held together by Cortes’ high, sing-song vocal. It’s a great little opener, a perfect radio-friendly pop track, dance beats mixing with a bouncy skank groove bassline and choppy guitar-and-keys chords – there’s a touch of Deanz, Tommy Ljungberg, Aiyo, or Blaeker. It’s a track that promises much, much more from Mike Cortes.

Check out Mike Cortes on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Fresh Start: Leifer only wants them to grow together on ‘You (Everything I Do)’

With so much new-found self-awareness flowing rapidly into his lungs as he passionately calls for their love to be so much stronger than it has been lately, Leifer conveys his feelings to his partner that he is only here for the long-term on ‘You (Everything I Do)‘.

Leifer is a wandering Kinderhook, New York-based indie pop singer-songwriter and storyteller, who sings with so much conviction and growing maturity as he finds his true identity in this complex world, with many puzzles awaiting to be solved.

He sings with such flowing sureness that this is it, he is ready for more and the past is in the past. The core isn’t broken yet and wants to make this happen.

The harmonious melodies keep you intrigued like a neatly wrapped present that is almost ready to be opened — you think you know what it is but aren’t 100% sure — as the mystery keeps you locked into the picture, of what it actually is.

You (Everything I Do)‘ from the emerging Kinderhook, NY solo artist Leifer, draws us into the story of wanting to prove that he is indeed the real deal and a royal flush. The hope is that his partner gets it soon, otherwise he will be left wondering if it was even worth all the effort and time spent, building up trust and love in the first place.

Hear this new sweetly textured single on Soundcloud and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music Pop

Mikaela Seegers & KOLA take us on a cinematic journey with ‘Inside Out’.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more captivatingly heartfelt pop track that hit the airwaves in 2021 than Mikaela Seegers & KOLA’s single, ‘Inside Out’, which was co-written and produced by Karan Wadhwa for his short film, ‘THE DUO’. You’ll also be able to see Wadhwa’s work in the official Inside Out music video. With every progression in Inside Out, you’ll be as emotionally connected as you are rhythmically arrested in the cinematic release. Paired with the music video, Inside Out is enough to swallow your consciousness entirely.

Mikaela Seegers’ pop vocals spill poetic imagery to paint a picture of a tainted, torrid romance with affection as KOLA’s rap bars lay down harsh unfiltered truths to provide powerful duality. It’s a single which gets better with every listen; one that compels you to squeeze every ounce of powerful meta wisdom from it.

You can check out the official video to Inside Out that has already garnered 23,000+ streams since its premiere on February 26th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music Pop

Singer-songwriter Abby Lokelani has made an ethereal debut with ‘Morning Glory’.

Boston-based Berklee scholar, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Abby Lokelani made her 2021 debut with the single ‘Morning Glory’; it speaks so personally you may just feel interrogated by the questioning lyrics.

With a semi-orchestral arrangement searing beneath Abby Lokelani’s vocals and finding synergy with the quiescent finger-picked guitar strings, there’s a sonically ethereal air to Morning Glory which amps up the evocative charge of the image-conjuring lyrics.

Any fans of Daughter, London Grammar and Deerhunter will want to take the time to delve into this promising exhibition of multifaceted talent which we hope to hear much more of in 2021 and beyond.

Morning Glory is available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Never Seen Again: The Sitch ask for the stars to align on love-lost new single ‘Unread’

As they think deeply about that special soul who made them fall in love, before then disappearing into the sky forever, The Sitch wish that this mysterious angel would just reply even once, just so they knew what happened on ‘Unread‘.

Invigorating Yokohama, Japan-based indie-pop duo The Sitch sweetly fuse that purely mixed music to perfection on a sweet beat that has you wanting more and more. Their energy is genuine and loving, the treasure hunt to find their fleeting partner has you entrenched into their story.

They work together so well as a team, as you get a bit lost in the story with the vocals romantically has you daydreaming deeply about the one that got away in your life. This is a duo who mesh together so nicely, each word is meaningful and you can’t help but like this story that is so well done and delivered with such class.

Unread‘ from joyful Japan-based indie-pop bedroom act The Sitch, is a cute song that has you wondering if they will ever find each other — as the story unravels like a movie — with you wanting them to kiss at the end, to make everything better again.

Stream this top new song on Spotify and see more from their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen