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Spener blurred the lines between indie-rock and neo-soul in his compassion-driven single, Dial Away

North of England-born, Barcelona-based artist Spener blurred the lines between indie-rock and jazzy neo-soul in his slickly smooth seminal single, Dial Away.

I’m not entirely sure what is more enamouring in Dial Away, the euphonically consoling soundscape or the lyrical compassion that extends a sense of unconditional empathy that is scarcely found elsewhere to the listener.

While the mainstream media leaves us inclined to believe that artists like Amy Winehouse only come around once in a generation, Spener blows that notion out of the water with the sheer visceralism of his down-to-earth candour that can easily become addictive through his hook-laden vocal lines.

Dial Away is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Barcelona-based rock artist MANU RENO shakes the speakers awake on ‘When I’m Gone’

NocturnA by MANU RENO

Taken from his latest album which is the 12-track ‘NocturnA‘ that dropped on the 21st February 2022, MANU RENO elucidates the rock fans to arouse from their past respite on his new hardcore rock single, ‘When I’m Gone‘.

MANU RENO is a Barcelona, Spain-based indie-rock singer-songwriter who makes the kind of music that thumps through the very veins of your dazed body that will be enthralled by each second.

Bass player, forever rocker…Solo albums, all by myself (written, composed, performed and recorded).” ~ MANU RENO

Bellowing a call to look deeper and to never forget your journey in this detour-filled world that can catch you out like a mouse on cheese, MANU RENO breezes in with a comprehensively sturdy performance that shows us his extraordinary experience and lyrical awareness from his life on the road.

When I’m Gone‘ from Barcelona, Spain-based indie-rock singer-songwriter MANU RENO is one of those songs which might cause you to reflect deeply on your life as you see it. He is a rugged storyteller who has clearly lived and seen all the wars and hate which can break fragile souls into tiny fragments. Sung with a deep velocity that will have you listening so intently, this is a rock track that might have you closing your eyes, and imagining what everything will look like when you aren’t on this planet anymore.

Hear this heavy new single on Bandcamp and check out his website for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Didn’t Ask: Darià Artiola looks for that true resolution on ‘Questions That Spin’

With his first solo album that is set to be dropped in Spring 2022, Darià Artiola has our minds wondering intensely as to what the world really means and if things will ever be truly tranquil again with ‘Questions That Spin‘.

Darià Artiola aka Aroarer is a Tucson, Arizona-based, Barcelona, Spain-born indie music producer and singer-songwriter who performs with a nostalgic mindset that attempts to teach us more about those hidden shadows.

With a thoughtful attitude that is supported by cleverly-penned lyrics and touching vocals, Darià Artiola shows us where the key is and urges us to take off those suffocating goggles that hides what is really going on. He is an artist who seems to blend through eras and makes a real impact here on this intelligent new single.

Questions That Spin‘ from Barcelona, Spain-born indie singer-songwriter and music producer Darià Artiola, is an honest single that asks if the pieces shall ever fit. He displays impressive calm energy and brings us a beat that rinses all the self-doubt out of our hearts, to encourage us to look deeper than most do. This is the type of track to play loud when you feel like pondering the nuances of the world, before reverting back to whatever you need to achieve to make it in life.

Hear this epic new track on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hope You Stay: North London’s 3000Wavier sings glowingly about the pretty girl from ‘Barcelona’

With his next hot album ‘Mega Drive III‘ getting that extra shine and almost ready to be seen by millions, 3000Wavier continues his upward ride to worldwide fame with a song that will have you smiling for days called ‘Barcelona‘.

Wavier aka 3000Wavier, is a dashing North London-based indie Latino singer-songwriter, who makes that happy type of music that has you putting your clean sunglasses on swiftly and heading away from the gloom, as you cruise into those fresh beaches overseas to meet your dream girl.

He sings with that daydreaming attitude, after being on the tough streets around he knows that he can’t be there for too much longer. The goals is alive inside, as he imagines her flowing long hair, cute smile and tanned skin. He wants her to stay and never leave his side as he is besotted by the idea of being with her and going for adventures all over, without worrying about anything else.

Barcelona‘ from the fast-rising North London singer-songwriter 3000Wavier, is that soothing song that is best listened to on the beach with a tasty beverage ready to be consumed. He sings with that crisply tuned vibe that lets you know that he will reach his dreams, as she waits for him eagerly on the beautiful beach in sunny Spain.

Stream this saucy new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Special Feeling: Emerging Irish singer Donnatella drops enchanting new single ‘Hooked’

As she charmingly sings about that innocent friendship which has turned into so much more, Donnatella is feeling the exciting attraction deep inside her veins, which has her so ‘Hooked‘ on his exhilarating love.

Donnatella is a new and well-traveled Ireland-born, Spain-based indie RnB singer-songwriter, who shows her determination with a breathtaking array of vocally stimulating soundscapes, that is all about her life and reaching those obtainable dreams.

You feel her sweet story about being so drawn to their touch, the way they laugh and their smile. Life feels so good when you are with them and her dynamic vocals lift you up and takes you to a peaceful place, far away from the madness of the world.

This is a young singer who has taken the brave step of becoming a full-time musician during a pandemic, the belief in herself is so palpable and you love her sweet style that is so classy and fresh.

Hooked‘ from the spellbinding Barcelona-based, Irish-born singer Donnatella, is that romantic single that you has you joining in on the catchy chorus, as you totally relate to her intimate story about feeling that all worries seem to vanish, when you are with that special soul.

See the epic video on YouTube and see more about her rise on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fly Away: Reezan hits the skies with the slider ride in the sky new single ‘Barcelona’ (ft. Maahir)

Taken off his five-track album named ‘Hop On A Beat‘, Europe-chasing Reezan shows his ever-increasing wordplay with the jet-hopping new track about getting away from it all and having new adventures on ‘Barcelona‘ (ft. Maahir).

Reezan is the Dallas, Texas-born, final year Electrical Engineering student at UCLA, who hops into our speakers to fly out of current times, so he can feel alive again and replenish the soul in warmer climates, after a wild twelve months on planet Earth.

With a confident flow, these two rap with conviction and self-assurance, their bars aid the plane to fly higher and with grace, each flow streams in to ultimate altitude, as the beats wraps your mind to remember those days of easy travel and partying without fuss.

Barcelona‘ (ft. Maahir) from the indie Texas rapper Reezan, is the story of cruising with that fresh feel as you get out of stagnation, to fly free and land happy in a new country away from all the pettiness from small-minded folks, who just don’t get it.

Hear this track on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen