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Vanguarde anchored in nostalgia and aimed at truth in his indie rock exposition of the trappings of conspiracy theories, Lost Inside a Hole

Vanguarde’s latest single, “Lost Inside a Hole,” anchors indie rock fans in the comforting nostalgia of the 90s Britpop era, in the same vein Mansun, while delivering some uncomfortable truths to those lost in the trenches of conspiracy through fear of confronting material reality. Rather than berating, the single extends an olive branch to pull listeners back from the dark, bitter realities of conspiracy theory knitting circles.

Through each note of this expansive indie rock allegory, compassion resonates deeply, ensuring the song’s message of empathy and understanding cuts through the noise of our post-truth era. The middle eight of the song unfolds with the spectacle and heat of a dying star, offering a mind-bending experience that allows for a reawakening of critical thought amidst prevailing paranoia.

This single is an essential listen for anyone who values indie rock’s potential to challenge and deliver vindication. In our times of unparalleled division, Vanguarde is the cohesion we’ve been crying out for.

Lost Inside a Hole was officially released on March 19th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sarah O’Moore – Troubled Mind: A Soulful Reflection on Contemporary Tribulation

Sarah O’Moore’s latest single, ‘Troubled Mind’, from her upcoming debut EP ‘Social Paralysis‘, is a poignant exploration of mental health and the complexities of modern life. The powerful narrative challenges the listener to introspectively sit with societal expectations and personal struggles and proves that good songs make you feel, great songs inspire profound shifts of perception.

‘Troubled Mind’ is a testament to O’Moore’s exceptional ability to blend genres, fusing elements of RnB, Folk, and Soulful Jazz into an indie singer-songwriter production. Her vocal harmonies, reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and Macy Gray, carry endless emotional weight, resulting in a hauntingly affecting delivery as the instrumentals complement her voice perfectly, creating an eye-opening soundscape which addresses the disconnect in conversations about mental health. She delves into the reality of living with the scars of trauma and facing an uncertain future, a theme that resonates deeply in today’s climate. Her music offers a space to sit with struggles authentically, without succumbing to the pressures of toxic positivity.

Inspired by James Joyce’s “Dubliners”, O’Moore’s upcoming EP, ‘Social Paralysis’, promises to delve further into themes of social stagnation and the struggles of today’s youth. ‘Troubled Mind’ sets the tone for this journey, inviting listeners to confront the unspoken and find solace in shared experiences.

Troubled Mind was officially released on March 29; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ami Leigh’s Dark Soul was reinvented in the shadows of the G185TARR Death by TripHop Remix

G185TARR’s remix of Ami Leigh’s debut single, ‘Dark Soul‘, is a masterful reinvention that amplifies the original’s raw innovation and emotional depth. This collaboration, a long-awaited fusion of talents, brings a new dimension to the track, infusing it with a darker, more enigmatic edge.

Ami Leigh, a multifaceted musician from County Durham, UK, originally captivated audiences with ‘Dark Soul’ in March 2019. The track, known for its candid confessions and intimate revelations, showcased her ability to weave personal narratives into compelling musical tapestries. In this remix, G185TARR, a producer with a discerning ear for unique soundscapes, has skilfully reimagined the song, maintaining its core while introducing a beguiling Trip-Hop flair.

The ‘Death By TripHop Remix’ elevates the original’s beguile to the nth degree. It retains the affecting shimmers of the angular cutting guitar strings while allowing Ami Leigh’s direct vocal lines to pierce through the veil of the Trip-Hop-ed production. The remix adds swathes of style to the substance that Ami Leigh is quickly becoming renowned for.

With vocal lines that ache in the same vein as Mazzy Star and an artful approach to songwriting, Ami Leigh pushes the boundaries of alt-indie into dark new territories. This remix, rhythmically bolstered and erratically arcane, is a stunning ode to the panache of Trip Hop. It’s a track that resonates with those whose souls are married to the shadows, inviting them into the disquiet turbulence of a sound that is both haunting and profoundly contemplative.

Stream the official music video for the G185TARR Death by TripHop Remix of Dark Soul on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nick Cave Meets the National in Harry White’s Latest Feat of Melancholic Liberation, A Way to Go

Harry White’s single, A Way to Go, extracted from his seminal LP Elvera, released on February 23rd, is a profound exploration of introspective lyricism and eclectic soundscapes.

The London-based artist embarked on a new musical chapter with his third album. A Way To Go, in particular, stands out as a vivid illustration of White’s artistic evolution. The influence of Nick Cave permeates through the keys and the gravelly drama of the vocal lines, while the introspective and intimate lyrics carry the magnetic flair of Leonard Cohen.

White’s venture into a more eclectic sound palette is evident in the fusion of electronic effects and the inclusion of a scratchily turbulent backbeat, hinting at The National’s influence. This backdrop is more than just a sonic layer; it’s a canvas for White’s philosophy that the world’s end is inevitable, regardless of individual actions. This theme, rather than being oppressive, is presented with a liberating twist, making A Way to Go a paradoxically uplifting anthem of melancholy.

The track is a compelling blend of styles, reminiscent of the transcendent zeal of ELO, yet amplified with a gothic romanticism unique to White. As the singer-songwriter gears up for live performances, A Way to Go solidifies his position as a seminal artist on the London circuit.

Stream A Way to Go on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Matt Camillo – Stop to Look Around: A Transatlantic Synthesis of Americana-Tinged Folk-Rock and UK Indie

Matt Camillo’s seminal single, Stop to Look Around, is a striking synthesis of 90s-tinged UK Indie and American Folk Rock which proves that aged 23, the London-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist possesses a maturity in his music that belies his years.

The track resonates with the melodic influences of Travis, Stereophonics, and Beady Eye, evident in its steady indie rock chords. Yet, it’s the subtle infusion of Americana into the rhythmics that sets this song apart, creating an uplifting yet bittersweet sound that is quintessentially English in its melancholy.

Lyrically, ‘Stop to Look Around’ carries the essence of a love song, yet it’s imbued with a level of artistic ambiguity that allows listeners to find their own meaning within its verses. This narrative flexibility ensures that the track leaves a lasting impression, regardless of how one interprets it.

Camillo, who began composing music at 13 and has since dabbled in Electronica and Pop before settling into the singer-songwriter genre, shows a keen understanding of his musical influences. His experience, including opening for acclaimed acts like Never the Bride and playing at notable venues shines through in this single.

The song’s production balances simplicity with sophistication, allowing Camillo’s vocal delivery to take centre stage. The instrumentation supports without overpowering, creating a harmonious backdrop that complements the lyrical journey. As a precursor to his upcoming acoustic debut EP ‘(Would You) Believe?’, this track cements Camillo’s status as a rising star in the indie scene.

Stop to Look Around was officially released on February 9th. Stream the single on Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tyler Street’s latest indie-folk confession, ‘Faith, Wisdom, You’, is spiritual poetry in melodic motion

Candid, confessional, and captivating in equal measure, the latest single, Faith, Wisdom, You, from the Dallas-born, Napa-based singer-songwriter Tyler Street is poetry in melodic motion.

After the raw yet euphonic timbre of the acoustic guitar strings, the up-and-coming luminary cuts straight to the crux of the lyrical essence of the single, which resonantly explores a melancholic exposition of an inability to control the tides of emotion. The gentle vocal performance provides a scintillating juxtaposition to the lyricism, which carries the admission of uncontrollable anger.

With hints of Frightened Rabbit and The National within the indie folk production fused with the soulful warmth of Jack Johnson and the emotional intimacy of Elliott Smith, Tyler Street cultivated his sonic style to complement his soulful aura, which echoes the self-awareness and mindfulness inspired by his spiritual awakening. Take notes of the Eckhart Tolle-esque introspection while losing yourself in the transcendence of the guitar notes as they’re artistically amplified by the presence of chamber strings.

Faith, Wisdom, You was officially released on December 21. Stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Succumb to the sonorous resonance in Sophie Lilah’s latest indie dream pop single, Hazy

Sophie Lilah’s latest single, Hazy, took a few leaves from the songwriting books of Big Thief and Angel Olsen but left plenty of room for her own dreamy indie pop innovation by crafting a soundscape that entwines the ethereal with profoundly grounding magnetism as the lyrics traverse stratospheres of emotion and experience.

The song is a breath-taking ode to its title, sweeping listeners up in melodiously airy tides that reveal new depths with each listen. It’s a dreamscape that keeps giving, a testament to Lilah’s ingenuity and ability to create music that resonates on multiple levels.

There’s something so seductive about surrendering to the soul in the melodies that have been polished to indie pop perfection and strike a delicate balance between accessibility and depth in the ambience which alchemically becomes intimately expansive. The themes of longing, boredom, guilt over laziness, and everyday maladies are handled with a deft touch, offering resonance and relatable catharsis in no short measure. Her lyrics transcend language to open windows to her vulnerable yet juxtaposing empowered soul. We can’t rate Sophie Lilah highly enough. Get her on your radar and anticipate her next ahead of the curve move.

Hazy was officially released with the B-side single, Take Back the Power, on December 19. Stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Karyn Ann released the most affecting Americana single of the year with her latest single, 8 Hours

8 Hours by Karyn Ann

Instead of reinventing the wheel, Karyn Ann spun it in a brand-new direction with her latest timelessly enrapturing single, 8 Hours; a hauntingly beautiful ballad that captures the essence of Southern gothic magnetism, wrapped in a production that’s swallowed by arcane reverb.

The song is a masterful blend of timeless melodies and a stylistic distortion on the guitars that gracefully wrap around the vocal lines. These elements collectively weave a sonically cavernous landscape that seductively entices listeners into the depths of melancholy that the song explores.

The release, which is sure to resonate with fans of artists as diverse as Chelsea Wolfe to Brandi Carlile, elucidates the disassociation of losing your grip with the latter half of the space-time continuum, a theme that is both esoteric and deeply human.

The emotive lyricism of 8 Hours showcases Ann’s raw vulnerability, a trait that has seen the American songwriter praised and performing at notable festivals and venues. The narrative behind 8 Hours is as darkly compelling as its composition, delving into the hours that went missing when Ann awoke in a stranger’s van, with only a dim recollection of the preceding events. This raw and exposed nerve of a song not only reveals Ann’s prowess as a singer-songwriter but also demonstrates her ability to turn personal tribulation into profound artistic expression. She’s a phenomenon in her own right.

Stream or purchase 8 hours on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

BLOCKED personified stoicism in her ethereal alt-indie single, I Don’t Mind


The Melbourne-based Singaporean singer-songwriter BLOCKED reached the epitome of ethereal magnetism in her artfully quiescent self-produced single, I Don’t Mind.

After some of the most accordant and assured acoustic guitar chord progressions I have ever aurally bore witness to in the intro, the single intensifies in ornate beguile through the introduction of quiescent chamber strings which swell around the shoegaze-y vocal lines, which will captivate fans of Cigarettes After Sex and Elliott Smith.

I Don’t Mind is just one chapter in the four-part story of growth and resilience told through the artist’s forthcoming EP, which encapsulates mastering the art of letting go. Socrates couldn’t have said it better himself.

I Don’t Mind will be released ahead of the highly-anticipated 4-track EP, no worries, which is due for release on November 17th. Stream I Don’t Mind on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lynden. accentuated the sweetness in his bitter-sweet indie symphony, You

Jumping off raw emotion as a precipice, the Manchester-based Indie singer-songwriter, Lynden. delved deep when orchestrating and writing his love song, You.

His husky-with-melancholy vocal harmonies make his porously impassioned lyrical proclamations even sweeter to fall into as they ring as assuredly as the gentle acoustic guitar chords against the angular guitar fretwork.

The Cigarettes After Sex inspiration is easily legible within the euphonic atmosphere, but Lynden. stopped at wearing the inspiration on his sleeve instead of assimilating the whole outfit in his quintessentially authentic hit that you’ll need to prise from my playlists from my cold, dead hands.

With John Davis (Blur, Jamie T, The Kooks, Inhaler) in charge of mastering, there was little chance of You falling flat. I always keep my ear to the ground for fresh original acts in my home city; Lynden. was the first artist in a long time that made me prick them up.

You will be available to stream You on all major platforms, including SoundCloud, from August 9th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast