Don’t Make A Fit: California rapper MidTrip is only rolling the potent soul-calming ‘Slopes’

Released from his latest eight-track ‘Sheet of Tabs Vol. 1‘ album, MidTrip keeps it real on this new quick-fire track about staying relaxed with so many distractions around as he keeps in the buzzing zone with ‘Slopes‘.

MidTrip is a Portland, Oregon-born, Hollywood, California-based indie rapper. He has a wildly vivid imagination, that strikes a sharp-witted whirlwind of gusty rhymes into our earth-bound stratosphere.

This is the story about wondering when his crush is going to come around as he urges her to keep it chilled, as his mind isn’t keen for any extra drama. His mind is all about making money and doing what he loves right now, as he keeps happy while disregarding all the smoke and mirrors around him.

With a self-assured swag and rampaging flows which leave you gasping for air at times – and featuring a foot-stomping beat – he emphatically puffs out the doubts of others and only smokes in the good vibes, as he throws down a rigorous effort.

Slopes‘ from the highly confident Hollywood, California-based indie trap artist MidTrip, is a fast track which has your mind racing like a finely-tuned sports car throughout. He raps with such a mighty style which has your heart beaming with intrigue, as he takes us for an introspective look into his world of breathtaking bars-filled speed, that will have you blazing to this new track.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more stories via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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