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Love Me Jeffrey – Wet Feathers: Progressively Turbulent Alt Rock

LA Alt Rock artist Love Me Jeffrey has recently made their unmissable debut with the evocatively powerful single “Wet Feathers”. The single kicks off with dreamy layers of reverb-laden guitars which almost allow you to become complacent in the sonorous melody. Then, you get a taste of the distinction in the vocals.

The vocals are reminiscent of artists such as Evanescence’s Amy Lee’s, but dare I say Love Me Jeffrey’s vocalist offers significantly more emotion through her pensively dynamic vocal stretches?

Fans of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine are sure to appreciate the hazy Shoegaze instrumental arrangement which seamlessly picks up intensity as Wet Feathers progresses until you reach the melodically turbulent outro.

Love Me Jeffrey perceptibly isn’t your average up and coming band. With their captivating authenticity and ability to spill plenty of soul into their sound, their debut oozes with contemporary appeal. The extended length of the track may mean that it’s not the most radio-ready track we’ve heard this year, but Love Me Jeffrey’s talent is indisputable.

You can check out the official music video to Love Me Jeffrey’s latest single by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


18PM – Poolside: Post-Punk-Infused Indie Pop

Alt Indie artist 18PM has recently made their debut with their album 18pm! and they didn’t fail to set themselves apart with their unique mix of Post Punk, Shoegaze and Indie Pop.

The album was released on October 10th, and while each of the singles welcomes you into a new era of music, the best introduction to 18PM’s sound has to be “Poolside”.

While the sound could have been a little more polished and melodious, Poolside is still a compelling high-energy single, it just so happens that the high energy is slightly caustic. But fans of bands such as The Wedding Present, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Joy Division certainly shouldn’t have an issue with the slightly ominous air which lingers around the cuttingly angular guitars.

The contrast between the slightly cold instrumental arrangement and the sweetly magnetic Indie Pop vocals made sure that 18PM had our attention from the very first verse.

You can check out 18PM’s track Poolside along with the rest of their debut album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ryan Kristian – Sleep to Dream: Languorously Indulgent Indie

Alt Indie artist Ryan Kristian’s latest single “Sleep to Dream” is lucid enough to make you believe it was produced in a fever dream.

The amorously tender soundscape is just one of the singles you’ll find on the Sydney, Australia-based artist’s latest EP “Arcane”; which you won’t be able to resist playing in full after being introduced to Ryan Kristian’s sound through Sleep to Dream.

Even the progressions seem to exude an indulgent languor in Sleep to Dream which incorporates elements of Shoegaze, Psych, and Indie creating a pensively hazy soundscape. From wails of the organ to colourfully kaleidoscopic guitar progressions, the instrumental arrangement offers a vibrantly textured tonality which you’d be hard-pressed to find from another artist.

From the prelude to the outro, each element in Sleep to Dream resonates with an intellectual artfulness. Ryan Kristian may be an independent artist, but that is by no means an indication of their ingenuity or ability to write hauntingly soulful tracks.

You can check out Ryan Kristian’s latest single Sleep to Dream for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Astral Elevator Presents the Psych Rising, Manchester Oct 5th – Last Few Tickets Remaining

If you’re looking for psychotropic aural escapism Astral Elevator has you covered with the Psych Rising, happening in Manchester on October 5th.

On any given night in Manchester, you’ll find an array of gigs to stumble into, but once again Astral Elevator has deftly curated a line up of the finest Psych Rock, Shoegaze, Garage Rock, Post-Punk, and Psych-Doom which you definitely won’t want to miss out on.

Amongst the 15 bands performing across the two stages (no clashes!), you’ll spot the leaders in the revival of psychedelic tones along with promising up and coming talent ready to offer ascension through their colourfully riotous riffs.

In running order, here’s the international array of bands who make it more than obvious why they made the cut.

Astral Elevator


Hazel’s Maze – Cheshire-based Alt Rock offering Melodiously cathartic, ethereally captivating tones.
Artist Links: Facebook, Spotify

Sauce – Manchester-based fourpiece renowned for their refreshingly authentic wholesome Rock vibes. It’s like being thrown back to the 90s when everyone seemed to love each other a little more. Artist Links: Facebook, Spotify

Korto – Punchy riotous supersonic Kraut Rock three-piece bringing their high-octane, sporadically chaotic energy all the way from the French Alps.
Artist Links: Facebook, Spotify

PALE RIDER – One of Liverpool’s most promising newcomers ready to spill their kaleidoscopically nostalgic aural alchemy.
Artist Links: Facebook, Spotify

The Kundalini Genie – Quintessentially captivating hazy melodic Psych Pop reviving the 60s style with Indian Classical, Blues, Folk, and Jazz thrown in for good effect.
Artist Links: Facebook, Spotify

Hey Bulldog – Containing easily one of the best guitarists in Manchester, the three-piece will prove exactly why they’re worthy of that accolade as they blend sonic futurism with rhythmic vintage nostalgia.
Artist Links: Facebook, Spotify

Kill Your Boyfriend – 2 Piece band flying in from Venice to leave us slightly disconcerted with their dark noisy Shoegaze-laden Post Punk. Imagine PIL and Magazine with a psych infusion and you’ve got Kill Your Boyfriend.
Artist Links: Facebook, Spotify

SeRvo – Cavernously phantasmic ambient Psychedelia from a uniquely captivating French artist renowned for making Shoegaze colder than we’ve ever heard it before.
Artist Links: Facebook, Spotify

Frankie Teardrop Dead – A highly acclaimed Manchester-based Dream-Wave act who fuse Psychedelia with roots-deep Rock n Roll to spill enough catharsis to lull to you into a state of colourful euphoric bliss.
Artist Links: Facebook, Spotify

Psychic Lemon – Masterfully crafted Space Rock from the Cambridge-based act who have given the revival of Psych Rock a brand-new trajectory.
Artist Links: Facebook, Spotify

Phobophobes – The South London Six-piece utilise their serpentine sordid rhythms to flirt with nostalgic tonality whilst simultaneously gripping you with their modern magnetic air of aural dejection. This set is definitely not to be missed.
Artist Links: Facebook, Spotify

The Telescopes – After the release of their 11th studio album, the Telescopes are ready to bring their consciousness-expanding soundscapes to Manchester once more. Expect a stripped and exposed bed of Psychedelic Indie.
Artist Links: Facebook, Spotify

The Gluts – The Milan-based fourpiece will be bringing their atmospherically-charged brand of Noisy Psych-steeped experimental Post Punk to douse you in blistering progressions of over-driven guitars.
Artist Links: Facebook, Spotify

Gnod – Raging Psychedelic Noise from the Manchester-based collective who have been rearranging synapses since 2006 with their caustically indulgent sound.
Artist Links: Spotify

Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska – Rounding off the live acts will be the Psych Krautrock band who endearingly describe themselves as being the “UK’s Worst Hawkwind tribute band” – we definitely don’t agree.
Artist Links: Facebook, Spotify

Info: 5th Oct 13:00 – 03:30, Night People & Twisted Wheel, Manchester, £35 + bf

Tickets for the event are now on final release and can be purchased via Skiddle

For more info, head over to the Facebook event page.

Amelia Vandergast


Post Punk Meets Shoegaze in The Final Sound’s Latest Single “Rainmaker”

If you’re looking for an aural nostalgia hit, look no further than the latest single “Rainmaker” from the up and coming Post Punk artist The Final Sound.

Rainmaker is the first single to be released from The Final Sound’s upcoming album. The synthy, Indie hit is sure to be of appeal to fans of 80s Post Punk artists such as Echo and the Bunny Men, The Chameleons, and the Cult.

But that’s not to say that the Final Sound didn’t add their own alchemically atmospheric style into Rainmaker. Instead of your usual gritty and dark soundscape, the artist has found a way to incorporate soul into the record which won’t fail to resonate – especially when the hooks drag you into the big choruses.

You can check out Rainmaker for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Edith Lane Reinvents 90s No Wave Alt-Rock with Latest Single “Polaroid”

No Wave fans will definitely want to turn their attention to the latest release “Polaroid” from up and coming Alt Rock artist Edith Lane.

Sharing the same alluringly antagonistic energy as the likes of the Pixies and Jane’s Addiction with the same sonic riffs and bity vocals it’s hard not to fall into the caustic track from the first verse and be pulled along by the volatility of the instrumental tide.

You may find more chaos than concordance in Polaroid, but if you look for that malevolence in music, you’ll find a new aural home in the Melbourne-based 5 piece powerhouse’s latest single.

Even at 7 minutes long, Polaroid still doesn’t feel like an endurance test, the constant and unpredictable progressions in the soundscape will ensure that you don’t get a moment of complacency.

You can check out Edith Lane’s single Polaroid for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Shoegaze meets Dream Pop in Drew Elliott’s Latest Blissfully Transient Single “A World, Stood Still”

“A World, Stood Still” is the transiently blissful Dream Pop single from the Nashville-based artist Drew Elliott which was released on June 30th. Despite his geographical location, the compulsion to create archetypal Country Blues hasn’t gripped him yet. Instead, the quaintly melodic single plays with an artfully pensive tonality which should enamour any fans of Big Thief, Jeff Beck, Sharon Van Etten and Slowdive.

The ambient pacing and soft instrumental layers which offer plenty of lush reverb infuse elements of Shoegaze into the single, while Drew Elliot’s vocals Dream Pop vocals rest neatly above the mix.

To feel the full effect of Drew Elliot’s latest single A World, Stood Still head on over to YouTube where you can watch the official music video.

Keep up to date with all of Drew Elliott’s latest releases via Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sky Turned Backward – Two Lights and a Candle: Shoegaze Under an Experimentally Ingenious Mind

Thought you’d heard it all when it came to Shoegaze?  Prepare for the dreamy sludgy work of mesmerism “Two Lights and a Candle” from Massachusetts-based artist Sky Turned Backward.

The cinematically haunted soundscape wouldn’t sound out of place in a David Lynch soundtrack for the experimental way the tonality runs with an ominous fever pulling you through every progression. Alongside the reverb-soaked guitars, you will also be treated to the infusion of dark and moody electronica and archaic film noir-style orchestral effects which pull together in a seamless arrangement by the alternative artist. In typical Shoegaze style, the vocals to Two Lights and a Candle bleed into the instrumental mix leaving whispers of poetry only just legible throughout the concordantly structured single.

Fans of My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Swans, Lydia Lunch and Magazine are sure to appreciate what Sky Turned Backward created with their latest single which released in September 2018.

You can check out Sky Turned Backward’s latest single Two Lights and a Candle for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lolo Shang – Gone Are Those Days: Sticky-Sweet Shoegaze

Any Post Punk & Shoegaze fans aren’t going to want to miss the archaically sublime soundscape created by up and coming New Brunswick band Lolo Shang with their latest single “Gone Are Those Days”.

Whilst there may be plenty of sticky-sweet reverb on the guitars, digital effect has been kept far from the timeless immersivity of the single. Rather than assimilating the sounds from former decades, Lolo Shang weaved in an eclectic mix of influences to ensure that their sound was kept as fresh as it could be. With the hint of sweet and sonorous progressions from bands such as the Violent Femmes and the raucous lyrical bite of bands such as Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and the Cramps, there’s plenty of depth to stick your teeth into as the resonantly indulgent single unfolds.

You can check out the official video to Lolo Shang’s latest single Gone Are Those Days for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sidney Berthier – I Hate Rock n’ Roll: Experimentally Transient Blues Meets Shoegaze

Well, ‘I Hate Rock n Roll’ is certainly a bold statement for a title track but hear him out.

Sidney Berthier may have decided to go with shock tactics when it came to naming the track, yet, when it come to the bluesy experimental composition he absolutely knocked it out of the park thanks to his prodigally futuristic style. The up and coming artist created a rhythmically reverb-heavy single which almost flirted with the Shoegaze sound thanks to the crunchy guitars. So, if you could imagine My Bloody Valentine meeting the psychedelic transience of the Doors, you’d come close to getting an idea of Sidney Berthier’s authentically pioneering style. Hopefully his single will inspire more artists to stay away from the revival sound and veer toward contemporary reinvention of the classic.

You can check out Sidney Berthier’s latest single I Hate Rock n’ Roll out for yourselves by heading over to Vimeo.

To keep up to date with all his latest releases head on over to his Facebook page.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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