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The Rotary Fifth – Take Your Aim: Artfully Ethereal Dream Pop

It may not be all too often that we get the pleasure of describing Pop as stunning, but with the artful mesmerism contained in The Rotary Fifth’s single “Take Your Aim” we were left with few other ways to allude to the striking serenity contained in the soundscape.

The wavy lucidity behind Take Your Aim will be of plenty of appeal to fans of Shoegaze artists such as Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. Yet, the effervescent tone of the single moves Take Your Aim away from the usual dreary tones of Shoegaze to orchestrate a sound which doesn’t just border on ethereal, it’s gone to the other side and sent a postcard.

You can check out The Rotary Fifth’s latest single Take Your Aim for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Phony Bedtime – Invitation: Transient Dream Wave Accordance.

Phony Bedtime

Georgia-based up and coming artist Phony Bedtime released their phantasmically mesmerising latest single “Invitation” on August 14th, and it’s exactly the kind of hazy ethereal dreamscape which you’d expect to hear in a David Lynch feature.

The layers of transient synth-led Dream wave accordance wouldn’t allow you to believe that Invitation was a DIY production. There’s a distinctive polished and cinematic sound behind Phony Bedtime’s haunting approach to Indie Pop which any fans of Big Thief, Slowdive, and Angel Olsen are going to want to check out.

Invitation is just one of the singles which you will find on the artist’s latest album “Possum Songs” which is available to listen to on SoundCloud. Each of the melodiously sweet orchestrations will give you another reason to fall slightly enamoured by Phony Bedtime and their lucid brand of aural alchemy, but Invitation still remains the most potent mix of reverb-laden catharsis.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


BERG – What If: Ethereally Pensive Indie Dream Pop

Any fans of Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten are definitely going to want to check out the melancholic masterpiece which is BERG’s single “What If”.

With Faris Badwan (Horrors) in charge of the production, he’s instilled the same cutting atmospherics as you’d find in any of his own tracks. But the London-based singer-songwriter has undoubtedly made her own arrestive mark on the airwaves with What If.

What If is much more than an ambiently restorative hit that you can slip into. It may feed you catharsis, but the striking pensive textures which linger in between the reverb won’t fail to resonate.

My soul may now feel significantly heavier, but BERG’s downtempo synth-infused single succeeded where so many up and coming artists fail. The intensity of the soundscape is enveloping, whilst the majority just scratch at the surface.

What If is the latest ethereal teaser from BERG’s upcoming debut album “Fake Love”, we’ve already joined in the hype around the release, and you undoubtedly will too after you’ve sampled the first single.

You can check out BERG’s latest single What If for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Vince Villafan – Easy: Prodigally Restorative Dream Pop

Vince Villafan released his latest work of cathartic aural alchemy “Easy” on September 17th. If you appreciate silvery euphonic soundscapes you might as well start preparing your playlists for the downtempo hit.

There was no forgetting the up and coming artist after the release of his earlier released single “Don’t Remind Me”, but it’s safe to say that in the short time between the two releases, Vince Villafan has found a way to instil even more mesmerism into his sound

Through a mix of Psychedelic Dream Pop, Indie, and sweetly sensuous Jazz, Easy unfolds as a prodigally restorative mix. Faith No More’s single Easy is practically anthemic in comparison to Vince Villafan’s accordantly arrestive new release. That may sound like ridiculously high praise, but once you hit play, you’ll see that the adoration is more than justified.

You can check out Vince Villafan’s latest single Easy for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alfie Carpenter – Mother: Harmonically Atmospheric Dream Pop

Up and coming Indie Folk Singer Songwriter Alfie Carpenter released his latest single “Mother” on February 22nd and in the process created one of the most ingeniously atmospheric ambient singles we’ve encountered this year.

While the prelude to the single may have been slightly drawn out, once you’re safely in the hypnotic grips of the single, you can start to appreciate that the celestial, artfully-rendered harmonics of the single were well worth the wait.

There’s probably no faster way to get a hit of aural catharsis than hitting play on Mother, or any of the rest of the Dream Pop singles which feature on Alfie Carpenter’s latest album “Land Song”. Which is an album that I’m sure that a lot of insomniacs are going to be grateful for.

You can check out Alfie Carpenter’s latest single Mother for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


BARXX – Little Finger Love: Viscerally Compelling EDM Dream Pop

I really hope I’m not the only one struggling with that innuendo, but before I start to digress I’ll have to tell you how viscerally stunning BARXX latest track Little Finger Love is. BARXX created a dreamy EDM Indie Pop sensation with her single and you’d be pretty hard pressed to find anything reminiscent to her standout style. The Dallas based artist uses a synth heavy mix to provide the perfect platform for her deep yet soaring vocal style which constantly switches up throughout the track in a prodigally fresh fashion. The breakdowns and build up’s that are contained within the multilayer, almost transient beats are as sharp as they come. Each kick and snare of the drum machine has a piercing effect, so if BARXX’s vocals weren’t enough to have you hooked into this track the EDM beat offers no apologies as it sticks it’s claws into you. The amount of progression which is packed into this beat is almost unfathomable; it seamlessly flows from a succinct and sweet prelude into a heavily dubbed Dance hit. Winner

You can check out BARXX’s latest track Little Finger Love for yourselves on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Miracle Mvsic – Infatuation: Soul Inspired Dream Pop

Miracle Mvsic’s latest track Infatuation stands as testament to how far R&B & Soul has come in 2018. The prodigal singer and songstress has embraced a contemporary style whilst still sticking to the roots of Soul. The swampy, synthy, utterly sublime mix almost comes close to being a Trap beat, but rather than putting Miracle Mvsic’s music in a box I’ll tell you that you’ve probably never heard anything similar to Infatuation. The pioneering orchestration behind the track accompanies her blissfully concordant vocals which almost allow the track to stray into the Dream Pop. Her lucid vocal prowess constantly switches in momentum in time with the beat which creates one of the emotive Soul tracks I’ve had the pleasure of treating my eardrums to this year.

If you could imagine if artists such as London Grammar, Big Thief and Angel Olsen embracing a little Soul & R&B then you’d get pretty close to the sound Miracle Mvsic created with her latest single, which followed on from the success of her latest album Under Münlite 

You can check out Miracle Mvsic’s latest single which was dropped June 1st on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alys Revere – Homecoming: Alternative Electronic Dream Pop

Alys Revere’s latest track Homecoming is Indie in the ultimate definition of the word. The 1:58 track was recorded through Garageband on his phone, as soon as I noted that I prepared myself for something truly distortedly abhorrent. The aural hype that I found within Revere’s latest track Homecoming blew me away. Obviously the quality of the production wasn’t all too terrific, but somehow that fed even further into the waves of Alternative Dream Pop which bled through the soundscapes of the conceptually fresh artist. Now I’m infinitely excited to see what the Dallas, Texas based artist can cook up in a studio after being treated with his experimentally harmonious creation of Lo Fi. Genre wise, you can expect a mix of Trap, Shoegaze, and Electronica.

You can download and stream Alys Revere’s latest single Homecoming which was released on May 21st, 2018 on BandCamp now along with his first single I Don’t know. With his second release it’s clear that Alys Revere is slowly finding a way to stamp down his own elementally experimental style.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MADHAUS – Join Me in Hell: EDM Dream Pop for the Pensive

With his second single Join Me in Hell the emerging Hollywood artist MADHAUS has created a sound which I can say with absolute certainty that I’ve never heard before. He poured so much pensive passion into the Urban EDM mix he created an entirely new genre. The Indie scene has the Smiths, and now the EDM scene has MADHAUS to help you cathartically resonate with some earth shatteringly grounding lyrics. Usually when you get an Urban Dance mix that talks about getting wasted it’s normally pretty hyped up, MADHAUS went in completely the different direction and tapped into the darker hazes of getting high. Sobering indeed. Beat wise you can expect a hauntingly heavy Trap beat packed full of snares, kicks, rattles and drops to help you sink a little bit further into the already bewitchingly resounding beat.

You can check out MADHAUS’ insane new drop Join Me in Hell which was released late 2017 on SoundCloud, thankfully since then MADHAUS has bounced back with an astoundingly fierce Alt Rock track Chokers & Chains which can also be found on Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandegast


Kini Solana – In Bloom: Ambiently Visceral Dream Pop

If your Pop sensibilities sway the sonorous and dreamy way, you’re bound to adore Kini Solana’s latest track In Bloom. The blissfully melodic beat sets an archetypal ambient tone which fluidly progresses throughout the track. With palpable passion projected into the microphone it’s clear to see why Kili Solana shies so much iridescently brighter than the rest of the ambient Electro Pop acts on the scene to date. Perhaps what I loved most about Kini’s stylised soundscape was the fact she didn’t pander to her depicted innocence in the usual fractured twee styling, her music was ethereally spellbinding and sobering in equal measure. Not many Dream Pop singers manage to wrangle lyrics about decomposing into their tracks and get away with it. But In Bloom isn’t your ordinary Dream Pop track. The Trap style beat brings the contemporary edge whilst Kini’s vocals offer a soaring synergetic expression of harrowed talent.

To check out Kini Solana’s latest singles you can head on over to her SoundCloud page & connect with her via Instagram

Review by Amelia Vandergast