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FingersHand – Gotta Feeling: Psychedelically Sweet Alt Electro Pop

From the intro in FingersHand’s latest single “Gotta Feeling (Something’s Going On)”, your soul is soothed, and your imagination is set alight.

It’s always refreshing when artists write music to indulge in an intrinsic pleasure rather than orchestrating tracks with aggrandized ideas ambling around their minds and worming their way into the soundscapes. Gotta Feeling is practically a breath of warm, kaleidoscopically cathartic air.

There’s a playful and almost juvenile air to Gotta Feeling, despite the maturity in the talent which allowed them to cook up such a psychedelically sticky-sweet earworm.

FingersHand captured the same soul-filling vibe as offered by the likes of ELO, but with their delectably unique brand of retro-futurism, there was plenty of distinction found in the playful Polyphonic Alt Pop hit.

You can check out FingersHand’s latest single Gotta Feeling for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Melbourne’s Mechanical Pterodactyl show us the music world in ‘Stars In Our Eyes’

Melbourne’s Mechanical Pterodactyl show us the real music world in the dreamy-pop indie wonderland ‘Stars In Our Eyes‘.

This is the creation of multi-instrumentalist and producer Yen Nguyen, Mechanical Pterodactyl build Dreamy-pop creative compositions that place lasting lyrical melodies over a richly woven blend of captivating acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. There is so much skill here, the musicianship is of top quality.

After working in such varied genres such as Jazz, Hip Hop and Rock, you can feel the multi-skilled passion of this excellent artist. This is different music and the video is so true. Sometimes we go for a dream without fully mapping it all about like a master-plan. Things can go wrong real quick with reality strikes.

Melbourne’s Mechanical Pterodactyl are quite epic on the new single Stars In Our Eyes‘. This has dreamy-pop lathered up and stuck all deep in our ears, the song is radiant and fresh. They join the lists of Australian bands that are joined together with goodness, the golden age of bands in the marvellous music-crazy country.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Head through for the Facebook link.

If you like Bandcamp then head through and support them.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Franklin Gotham – Keeping On: A Choral Americana Power Pop Masterpiece

With each new release from Franklin Gotham, they surpass the expectation which their preceding single set. Their new evocatively powerful single Keeping On feels so timely it is practically serendipitous.

The Virginia, US-based Americana Power Pop artist has a tendency to craft melodies which are sharp and succinct enough that you’ll feel them scratching away at your soul. Keeping On is definitely no exception. The harrow of the previous 6-months has evidently had a profound impact on Franklin Gotham’s equally as profound production style.

The dreamy melodicism in Keeping Melodicism is enough to disrupt your rhythmic pulses as the angular guitar licks explore the full tonal palette. Optimism rings in the shimmering highs of the guitar notes as much as it does in Franklin Gotham’s gentle, reassuring and downright stunning vocals. It’s hard not to feel a little emotional while listening to the tender compassion contained in this choral Power Pop masterpiece.

You can check out Keeping On for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


ZORYA – Dreams: Ambiently Avant-Garde Dream Pop

“Dreams” is the recently released ambiently Avant-Garde single from London-based Alt Pop artist ZORYA. Hit play, and slip into the artfully bold, tonally cathartic layers of the devilishly progressive track which unravels with perception-shifting spiritual wisdom.

The ethereally enticing dreamscape pulls you in with baroque and gothic elements, but it is ZORYA’s vocals which will leave the tightest shackles around your synapses as they verse poetic lyrics which lead you through arcane metaphors for life.

You can check out ZORYA’s track on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


SESPOOL – lost waves crash: Tenderly Inviting Indie Synth Pop

Whether I was feeling aurally sensitive when I hit play on SESPOOL’s latest single or he packed a potent dose of bruising alchemy into it, I can’t be all too sure, but even the melancholically playful synth notes seemed to sting in the authentically enrapturing release.

The San Francisco artist, songwriter and producer has had plenty of success within Rock acts such as Rin Tin Tiger, but discernibly, he has plenty to offer while going solo. In lost waves crash, his tenderly inviting vocals perfectly complement the purposeful beats and synthlines which orchestrate a dreamy compelling soundscape.

We’re officially stoked to hear their upcoming album.

You can check out Lost Wave Crash on SoundCloud.

For more info, head over to SESPOOL’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


LA multi-skilled musician James Waterman rustles in with fresh new single ‘Moses’

LA multi-skilled musician James Waterman is back with this dreamy-pop pearled song called ‘Moses‘.

The California artist shows his skills yet again on this fantastic track that shows the intricate nature of the song. Taken off ‘Smiling‘ is throwback to the styles of music that inspired this artists life suck as classic rock, pop, punk, soul, and dance music. After just turning 30 in the midst of a pandemic, he found himself reflecting on some of the moments and inspirations from over the years.

Moses‘ from James Waterman is like that happy-go-lucky travel song, it comes up so bight while the darkness of the world blankets the skies. This is the type of music that should be appreciated as it has been created with that rare kind of energy. One that has been made with years of experience and love. The multi-talented percussionist, singer-writer and composer shines yet again on this standout track.

Click here for the Bandcamp link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


AnLony – Mertsd2ac featuring Anna Maria Olsson

Part of AnLony’s ‘Pe Ra Tu Ja’ EP (the title a sort of modernistic portmanteau of peregrine and thuja), a musical commentary on Anlony’s life during 2019 and 2020, ranging in scope from the birth of his nephew to the political struggles in Hong Kong.

‘Mertsd2ac’ is just shy of five minutes of experimental fusion, starting softly, with building chords over the sounds of rain, thunder, and birdsong, before the vocal, an almost chanting, droning (in an obviously intentional way), building slowly before the beautiful, haunting violin of Anna Maria Olsson slides in around the three minute mark.

Find AnLony’s music on BandCamp.

Review by Alex Holmes


Sean Millea – Little Bit of Sunshine: Compassionately Emotive Indie

Up and coming Alt Indie artist Sean Millea dropped their seminal single “Little Bit of Sunshine” during lockdown. It may be a rough demo, but if you’ve got a soul, the tender evocative nature of the release won’t fail to resonate.

The track kicks off with delicately warm Neo-Classic keys before Sean Millea’s distinctive beyond definition vocals find a perfect place atop of the ever-evolving soundscape which slides into a feat of melodically explorative Alt Indie which pulls in faint yet masterful nuances of Hip Hop while Sean Millea offers an aural experience which isn’t all too different to what you can expect from the Verve.

Little Bit of Sunshine is as absolving as music comes. Do yourselves a favour and indulge in this compassionately emotive mix.

You can check out Little Bit of Sunshine for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Qeeran – More Than Enough: RnB-Infused Bedroom Pop


Even a global lockdown couldn’t stop Malaysian-born, Melbourne-based artist and producer Qeeran releasing yet another smoothly amorous RnB-infused bedroom Pop single.

Hit play on “More Than Enough” and you’ll sink into a hazy, atmospherically sweet soundscape which has plenty of familiar sentiments to share with anyone who has experienced conflict burning between insecurity and infatuation.

Any fans of The 1975, SG Lewis, Alina Baraz and ELIO will undoubtedly want to delve into this evocatively nostalgic melancholic bedroom Pop masterpiece.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out More Than Enough for yourselves. In the meantime, check out Qeeran’s equally as airy and resolving releases via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


René Le Feuvre has infused sincerity and serenity on the airwaves with “Whispers and Whistles”

Whispers & Whistles is the 5th single to be released by Alt Indie Folk Pop artist René Le Feuvre. The serenely comforting soundscape stands as a testament to the Australian artist’s matured and organic nuanced sound.

They may draw influence from the likes of Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran, but there’s nothing assimilative about Whispers and Whistles. It’s a sticky-sweet ambient earworm which was served straight from the soul.

With some artists, music is just something they do. While with artists like René Le Feuvre, you can tell it’s who they are. Their soulful melodic abilities are as much of a part of them as the blood the passion runs in.

Whispers & Whistles is available to stream via Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast