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BARXX – Little Finger Love: Viscerally Compelling EDM Dream Pop

I really hope I’m not the only one struggling with that innuendo, but before I start to digress I’ll have to tell you how viscerally stunning BARXX latest track Little Finger Love is. BARXX created a dreamy EDM Indie Pop sensation with her single and you’d be pretty hard pressed to find anything reminiscent to her standout style. The Dallas based artist uses a synth heavy mix to provide the perfect platform for her deep yet soaring vocal style which constantly switches up throughout the track in a prodigally fresh fashion. The breakdowns and build up’s that are contained within the multilayer, almost transient beats are as sharp as they come. Each kick and snare of the drum machine has a piercing effect, so if BARXX’s vocals weren’t enough to have you hooked into this track the EDM beat offers no apologies as it sticks it’s claws into you. The amount of progression which is packed into this beat is almost unfathomable; it seamlessly flows from a succinct and sweet prelude into a heavily dubbed Dance hit. Winner

You can check out BARXX’s latest track Little Finger Love for yourselves on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Miracle Mvsic – Infatuation: Soul Inspired Dream Pop

Miracle Mvsic’s latest track Infatuation stands as testament to how far R&B & Soul has come in 2018. The prodigal singer and songstress has embraced a contemporary style whilst still sticking to the roots of Soul. The swampy, synthy, utterly sublime mix almost comes close to being a Trap beat, but rather than putting Miracle Mvsic’s music in a box I’ll tell you that you’ve probably never heard anything similar to Infatuation. The pioneering orchestration behind the track accompanies her blissfully concordant vocals which almost allow the track to stray into the Dream Pop. Her lucid vocal prowess constantly switches in momentum in time with the beat which creates one of the emotive Soul tracks I’ve had the pleasure of treating my eardrums to this year.

If you could imagine if artists such as London Grammar, Big Thief and Angel Olsen embracing a little Soul & R&B then you’d get pretty close to the sound Miracle Mvsic created with her latest single, which followed on from the success of her latest album Under Münlite 

You can check out Miracle Mvsic’s latest single which was dropped June 1st on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alys Revere – Homecoming: Alternative Electronic Dream Pop

Alys Revere’s latest track Homecoming is Indie in the ultimate definition of the word. The 1:58 track was recorded through Garageband on his phone, as soon as I noted that I prepared myself for something truly distortedly abhorrent. The aural hype that I found within Revere’s latest track Homecoming blew me away. Obviously the quality of the production wasn’t all too terrific, but somehow that fed even further into the waves of Alternative Dream Pop which bled through the soundscapes of the conceptually fresh artist. Now I’m infinitely excited to see what the Dallas, Texas based artist can cook up in a studio after being treated with his experimentally harmonious creation of Lo Fi. Genre wise, you can expect a mix of Trap, Shoegaze, and Electronica.

You can download and stream Alys Revere’s latest single Homecoming which was released on May 21st, 2018 on BandCamp now along with his first single I Don’t know. With his second release it’s clear that Alys Revere is slowly finding a way to stamp down his own elementally experimental style.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MADHAUS – Join Me in Hell: EDM Dream Pop for the Pensive

With his second single Join Me in Hell the emerging Hollywood artist MADHAUS has created a sound which I can say with absolute certainty that I’ve never heard before. He poured so much pensive passion into the Urban EDM mix he created an entirely new genre. The Indie scene has the Smiths, and now the EDM scene has MADHAUS to help you cathartically resonate with some earth shatteringly grounding lyrics. Usually when you get an Urban Dance mix that talks about getting wasted it’s normally pretty hyped up, MADHAUS went in completely the different direction and tapped into the darker hazes of getting high. Sobering indeed. Beat wise you can expect a hauntingly heavy Trap beat packed full of snares, kicks, rattles and drops to help you sink a little bit further into the already bewitchingly resounding beat.

You can check out MADHAUS’ insane new drop Join Me in Hell which was released late 2017 on SoundCloud, thankfully since then MADHAUS has bounced back with an astoundingly fierce Alt Rock track Chokers & Chains which can also be found on Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandegast


Kini Solana – In Bloom: Ambiently Visceral Dream Pop

If your Pop sensibilities sway the sonorous and dreamy way, you’re bound to adore Kini Solana’s latest track In Bloom. The blissfully melodic beat sets an archetypal ambient tone which fluidly progresses throughout the track. With palpable passion projected into the microphone it’s clear to see why Kili Solana shies so much iridescently brighter than the rest of the ambient Electro Pop acts on the scene to date. Perhaps what I loved most about Kini’s stylised soundscape was the fact she didn’t pander to her depicted innocence in the usual fractured twee styling, her music was ethereally spellbinding and sobering in equal measure. Not many Dream Pop singers manage to wrangle lyrics about decomposing into their tracks and get away with it. But In Bloom isn’t your ordinary Dream Pop track. The Trap style beat brings the contemporary edge whilst Kini’s vocals offer a soaring synergetic expression of harrowed talent.

To check out Kini Solana’s latest singles you can head on over to her SoundCloud page & connect with her via Instagram

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Island Empire – Polymath: Captivatingly Conceptual Dream Pop

London based Electronic Dream Pop duo Island Empire have just released their nostalgically steeped debut EP Polymath. Whilst each of 4 tracks is as compelling as the last, it was the title track which blew me away. It’s hard to encapsulate in words just how resounding the synergy is between Island Empire’s domineering vocals and synth beat which wouldn’t be out of place in a Human League track. Yet, Island Empire’s vocals bore more of a reminiscence to the Indie Pop from bands such as London Grammar and Warpaint. Comparisons may be able to be drawn to Island Empire’s soundscapes, but the singer indisputably has a prodigal style which is quite frankly a breath of fresh air.  With such a radio ready sound, I wouldn’t be surprised if Island Empire see’s a short ascension to the top with their chillingly sweet approach to lyricism, production and vocals.

If you’re a fan of bands such as Shiny Toy Guns, Kill Hannah and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, I can guarantee you’re going to want to check out Island Empire’s debut EP Polymath on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Cleanest Hippie – Who Needs Genres Anyway?

Because we live in a world where everything needs to have an appropriate label and people have gone to war over the wrong sub-genre being attributed to a particular artist or album, lets call this alt-rock-dreamstate-psych-pop. Perhaps throw in some 90’s college rock and that’s probably enough to be getting on with.Some might describe it as dream-pop, but a better term might be term dreamy-pop, for whilst it does wander the same hazy and sonorous pathways of the former, it is built on a confident and robust pop structure, beats are solid, guitar lines chime or soar rather than blur and fuzz and the vocals walk the perfect line between dreamscape and drama.It is a touch of louche and languid brilliance, a hazy torpor of sound that sits on a groove equidistant between Wilco and The Church…if you can imagine such a thing. Well, now you don’t have to!

Dream-pop with a gym membership? Washed through indie without the fashion fixations? Pop music built more from fluidity than hook? Who cares? It’s great and that’s what matters and it also does that rare thing these days of filling a hole in the generic map and also cleverly sits mid way between cultish and commercial. Who would have thought that just one track could join so many dots?


Scuttlebuggs – The Wolf: Ethereally Resounding Dream Pop

Chicago, Illinois based duo Scuttlebuggs have to be one of the most charming pairing of musicians I have ever heard. The lyrics are bordering on absolute genius, they serve as a punch in the stomach through their pensive penning through a style Nick Cave would even approve of. “Well she calls herself a slut, what kind of slut would believe that she’s alone?” It doesn’t get anymore perfect than that. Genre-wise, Scuttlebuggs skate between a Lo Fi Dream Pop sound and throw in some Folk to perfectly round off their ethereally strange combination of sounds. With their single the Wolf, they well and truly set the rulebook to sound on fire. The power of the Jangle Pop guitar harmonies with a little Folkish flair isn’t to be underestimated.

The Wolf is just one of the standout singles from Scuttlebugs album End of the Itch which is available to stream and download via Bandcamp. The rest of the album is just as perfect as the Wolf, if you like your music a little on the stranger side, you won’t want to miss out on Scuttlebuggs.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


“Paper” – Catherine’s Room’s Latest Electronic Dream Pop Track

Catherine’s Room, an experimental music group from Rome, is a band with a sound that is smooth and relaxing yet also strong and in constant motion. Their latest track “Paper” presents their very own dream pop sound through a track which keeps developing through to the end, with constant additions to the instrumental texture as well as a vocal chorus melody that is as clear and clean, somewhat reminiscent of the undistorted reflection on a clear and still sea. Featuring simple phrase shapes and a minimalistic approach to melody creation the song still manages to evolve and develop through to the final notes.

“Paper” starts off with electronic organ carpets that set up the relaxing and atmosphere which develops into a dreamlike sensation as the beat kicks in and the vocal melody starts developing the first verse. Right as the chorus emerges, the vocal melody stands out even more, with long luscious notes accompanied by a build featuring soft string, creating a cinematic sound that it image evoking and delicate. Later on in the song, the entry of the electric guitar shakes things up and the image becomes slightly distorted while the melody remains clear and crisp. Catherine’s Room have a unique artistic vision and know how to craft sound in a truly effective way that is capable of communicating emotion and evoking images. Check it out!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


A Hope For The Future – Loaded Gun: Wake Up To The Future Of Dream Pop.

Ironically the band Hope for the Future does just that for its genre with their debut hit Loaded Gun.

A Hope for The Future are a futuristic collective of musician’s which hail from Stockholm, Sweden with their effervescent Alternative Dream Pop Sound. Their New track Loaded Gun alludes to their musical influences. The female lead vocalist has all of the powerful synergy of fellow singers from The Cardigans, and The XX whilst the minimalist in part, monstrous in others is a slight nod to other contemporary Alternative artist such as M83 and Arcade fire.

They create an enriched harmony throughout the track through the effect of the jingling guitar which rattles charismatically all through the track to lead it up to an explosive sound in the chorus. A Hope For The Future have definitely created an anthem through Loaded Gun that wouldn’t be out of place on a Made In Chelsea soundtrack.

The collective have created a universally lovable sound with their relatable and resonant styling that shines with euphoric charisma.

You can check out Loaded Gun, and their other new single Friend on the links below!

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