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Melanie Joy – Screaming into Pillows: A Stormy, Artful Pop Ballad

Before I even pressed play on Melanie Joy’s single “Screaming into Pillows” I knew that it would be a powerful, compelling soundscape.

There aren’t all too many singer-songwriters bold enough to use such striking imagery in their releases. But thankfully, not every artist feels the inclination to portray themselves as a plasticised vacuous deity. Melanie Joy has created a captivatingly candid single with Screaming into Pillows; a soundscape defined by its melancholic frustration, and cinematic instrumental arrangement.

The raw honesty and dramatically intense classic pop single hooks you in right from the prelude. From there on out, you’re treated to Melanie Joy’s nuanced, perfectly poised vocals which contain plenty of distinction in the stormy, artful pop ballad.

You can check out Screaming into Pillows along with the rest of Melanie Joy’s album “Out of the Wreckage” for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


NY Singer-Songwriter Sydney Fay Jazzes Up the Airwaves with Latest Single “Time”

“Time” is the latest single from up and coming singer-songwriter Sydney Fay who keeps her sound contemporary whilst delving into the archaic tones of Jazz to give her sound a vibrantly warm instant accessibility.

Any fans of Nina Simone and Norah Jones are definitely going to want to put the Brooklyn, NY-based artist on their radars. The contrast between the robust piano keys and the urgency of the snappy percussion allows Time to resonate as a flavourful vibrant soundscape while Sydney Fay’s vocals allow poised harmonies to linger over the melodies. If you’re looking for a hit of aural catharsis, you won’t go far wrong hitting play on Time.

You can check out Sydney Fay’s latest single Time for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Singer-songwriter John Witherspoon set to release new single ‘My Dad’

“I was talking just like my dad” is what Liverpool singer-songwriter John Witherspoon sings in his latest single “My dad”.

You may call it a pop ballad, with acoustic guitar and piano harmonies opening up to the narration of real happenings and juvenile memories that show gratitude to his father. But this is not an elementary acoustic-pop ballad where all elements stay unchanged because John plays with rhythms, pauses, melodies, especially in the final bridge where a surfacing organ widens the harmony in the remaining seconds of the song.

Being from Liverpool might have instilled some specific music background in John, with The Beatles playing a huge part in his education as well as the song-writing. However, from the way he structures his songs, it is not to be excluded that he may have drawn much inspiration from artists such as Bob Dylan and Paul Simon – all the good stuff, if you get the point.

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Review By Jim Esposito


Camille Miller – Building Steam: Soft and Sonorous Indie Blues

Singer-songwriter Camille Miller’s recently released the standout single “Building Steam”, if you’re looking for a stark reminder of what it’s like to immerse yourself in pure soulful aural catharsis, look no further.

While there are some impressive harmonic stretches which could put her vocals in the same league as the likes of Stevie Nicks, the real appeal in Camille Miller’s distinctive sound is the magnetic accessibility.

You can feel the artful expression spilling into an atmospheric masterfully crafted soundscape of soft and sonorous Indie Blues in Building Steam. It’s not every day you get to hear an artist bearing their souls so candidly. Camille Miller is a breath of fresh air in the stifling superficiality of the contemporary music industry.

You can check out the standout single from Camille Miller by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Tom Gardner – Wish

If you have clear in mind those melancholic melodies proper of The Velvet Underground, London based songwriter Tom Gardner is going to be your new go-to with his new release ‘Wish’.

The best of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Lou Reed meld for an inspiring background of relaxing harmonies – a final easy-listening work. Simple clean guitar arpeggios accompany Tom Gardner’s soft vocals for a sincere confession of all the things he wishes for, knowing that they will all eventually end.

He seems to want to publish regular releases so we can soon expect to get more of his music.

Review By JIm Esposito


Hiraya set to release new single ‘One More’

The English-Philippino duo Hiraya released their new single ‘One more’ on 14th August 2019.

Folk music sweetly blends to mellow songwriting resulting in a soothing effort that makes of this track a relaxing background tune. Guitar strumming and violin-triggered melodies perfectly intertwine throughout the track allowing the vocals to express their best storytelling features.

The lyrics describe a ‘one more’ moment spent with a loved person, that moment many may have lived when wishing for a “one more night’, “one more drink”, “one more kiss”, before realising that it won’t work out “just like before”. In the end, voice and guitar sing “Don’t overthink, just close the door”.

Review By Jim Esposito


Josie – My Eyes Only: Transformative Music at Its Finest

If you’ve never been mesmerised by the hypnotic concordance of a Handpan paired with ethereally unflinching vocals, here’s your chance to be blown away independent artist Josie’s live rendition of one of her songs “My Eyes Only”.

The fact that Josie plays her soundscapes in seminars on spiritual growth and consciousness should tell you all that you need to know about her approach music. It’s easy for artists to claim that they make music to make other people feel better, yet, that sentiment is undeniable within Josie’s soul exposing single which allows each note to blissfully resonate around the contemplative lyrics.

My Eyes Only may not be your everyday average single, but it’s one which can offer you a striking amount of catharsis and aid transformative self-reflection as you soak up the celestial minimalism.

You can check out Josie’s performance of My Eyes Only for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Zac Chidgey gives Mancunians one more reason to be proud of their city with the single “Dont”

“Dont” is just one of the recently released singles from up and coming Manchester-based singer-songwriter Zac Chidgey. At the age of 19 years old, he’s already found his signature style which blends indie, pop, and acoustic together through the deftly fingerpicked notes on the guitar. When you hit play on Dont it really is no wonder why BBC Introducing were so keen to rate Zac Chidgey so highly.

Even though Dont is an incredibly stripped back and minimalistic soundscape, there’s plenty of distinction to be found between the ambient acoustic notes as Zac Chidgey has fused together the nostalgic appeal of acoustic folk and polished contemporary pop, making Dont an extremely accessible track from the first time of listening.

In the absence of a full instrumental arrangement, there’s a magnetic focus on Zac Chidgey’s reverberant alluring vocals which utilise baritone vibrato resulting in an infinitely alluring amount of mesmerism in his soundscapes.

You can check out Zac Chidgey’s single Dont for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Singer-Songwriter Sham Chewali Releases their Latest Single “the certainty of failure”

Manchester-based Experimental Folk artist Sham Chewali released his latest single “the certainty of failure” on July 29th and shared with the world a poignant and incredibly resonant message weaved into a mesmeric bed of acoustic organic textures.

The prelude and following verses may have you under the impression that you’re listening to an archetypal Indie Folk single unfold, yet, Sham Chewali has thrown in some unpredictable progressions including sharp switch-ups in tonality. The soft almost spoken-word vocals transform into reverberant powerful growls as Nick Cave-style ominous keys, complete with orchestral layers are thrown into the mix.

Usually, with music, you’re able to determine if it has been uplifting or melancholic, yet, with the certainty of failure, you’re left with the same conflict of emotions as Sham Chewali alludes to in the lyrics. It’s definitely a track which needs your repeat attention.

You can stream and download Sham Chewali’s latest single the certainty of failure for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jerhiame releases brand new single ‘Maybe’

‘Maybe’ is the latest single by singer-songwriter Jerhiame following the release of ‘Elizabeth’ in February 2018. 

Besides the main pop theme, the track presents a variety of sounds that swing from soul vibes to gospel choir harmonies before dropping all beats in a smooth final outro, giving a soulful sustain to Jerhiame’s standout vocals.

Born and raised in Louisiana, Jerhiame made his first appearance in the music world in 2016 with his debut single ‘Sad Song’, and drawing inspiration from artists like Ed Sheeran and John Legend, he’s forging his soulful take on today’s pop music.

Jim Esposito

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