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Laura Mustard extended a folk-pop invitation into the wild with ‘Will You Go Walking?’

As the days get darker and the chill in the air compels us to stay indoors, the folk singer-songwriter, Laura Mustard, provided an opportunity to rekindle your affection for the outdoors with her latest single, Will You Go Walking?

The captivating arrangement beautifully intertwines Irish musical roots with a contemporary folk-pop sensibility as the track blossoms under Musgrave’s artful composition, where sun-soaked progressions and warm melodies create an inviting and heart-warming atmosphere.

Musgrave’s Nashville-based background, combined with her rich and diverse musical influences, shines through in this enchanting piece. Her love for rhythm and syncopation, rooted in her classical piano and percussion training, adds a unique depth to the song’s structure.

Will You Go Walking? is more than just a melody; it’s a reflection of Musgrave’s personal journey and her deep relationship with introspection. Her experiences with learning how to embody body positivity and live with a chronic illness imbue her songs with a profound authenticity and emotional resonance.

Musgrave’s storytelling prowess, influenced by the poetry of Walt Whitman and Mary Oliver, is evident in the song’s lyrical depth. The lyrics take the listener on a journey, evoking images of nature and emotional landscapes that are both vivid and poignant. Take the invitation into the wild; you won’t regret it.

Will You Go Walking was officially released on November 10; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Leah J Jones captured the grace of grief in her latest single, Saints and Stars

As tenderly compelling as I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie, with all the ethereal iconography and tonality to boot, the latest stripped-back and sonorous score, Saints and Stars, from Leah J Jones strikes all the right evocative chords while establishing the singer-songwriter as the Joni Mitchell of our generation.

With a perfect touch of baroque melancholic malady to tinge the magnetic release with a mournful resonance, it’s impossible not to be affected by this attest to grief which captures the interplay between sorrow and gratitude for what a loved and lost figure granted us with their life. It’s a stunning testament to how influence is one of the few things in this life that isn’t ephemeral. We can’t wait to hear what is in the pipeline from the celestial song crafter.

Saints and Stars was officially released on November 5th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Karyn Ann released the most affecting Americana single of the year with her latest single, 8 Hours

8 Hours by Karyn Ann

Instead of reinventing the wheel, Karyn Ann spun it in a brand-new direction with her latest timelessly enrapturing single, 8 Hours; a hauntingly beautiful ballad that captures the essence of Southern gothic magnetism, wrapped in a production that’s swallowed by arcane reverb.

The song is a masterful blend of timeless melodies and a stylistic distortion on the guitars that gracefully wrap around the vocal lines. These elements collectively weave a sonically cavernous landscape that seductively entices listeners into the depths of melancholy that the song explores.

The release, which is sure to resonate with fans of artists as diverse as Chelsea Wolfe to Brandi Carlile, elucidates the disassociation of losing your grip with the latter half of the space-time continuum, a theme that is both esoteric and deeply human.

The emotive lyricism of 8 Hours showcases Ann’s raw vulnerability, a trait that has seen the American songwriter praised and performing at notable festivals and venues. The narrative behind 8 Hours is as darkly compelling as its composition, delving into the hours that went missing when Ann awoke in a stranger’s van, with only a dim recollection of the preceding events. This raw and exposed nerve of a song not only reveals Ann’s prowess as a singer-songwriter but also demonstrates her ability to turn personal tribulation into profound artistic expression. She’s a phenomenon in her own right.

Stream or purchase 8 hours on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

East London RnB Luminary 8rii became the Queen of Headstrong Hedonism with ‘T.O.T.Y’

East London’s hottest independent RnB artist 8rii fuelled some fire into the genre with her latest single, T.O.T.Y, which fuses a gritty production with a solid backbeat to keep your rhythmic pules kicking and swathes of soul which spill from the earwormy vocal melodies.

Between encapsulating the East London attitude and searing her infectious sonic signature, 8rii ensured she established herself as one to watch with T.O.T.Y (the Time of the Year).

Since the age of 15, the songwriter has been crafting her own inexplicably fresh and fiery tunes, driven by a deep-rooted passion for music, showmanship, and the thrill of performance. So far, her discography is as versatile as they come. Whether she’s amping her audience up for a night of hedonism or setting the tone for introversion and self-care, her lyrical prowess always hits the mark while she tracks various eras of RnB.

After a whirlwind year, her latest single is set to close the year on a note as high as the track itself which captures the empowering liberation of embracing life’s journey and taking the rough with the smooth.

TOTY will be released on November 27, stream it on Spotify, and keep up to date with all new releases via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

ZOĒ conjured indietronica alchemy within the dreamily hued layers in her latest release, TELL ME

ZOĒ’s latest seminal single, TELL ME, is an intricately constructed track that weaves a tapestry of sound, skilfully balancing indie pop roots with a bold foray into progressive electronica. ZOĒ’s vocal prowess is the linchpin of the composition, providing a soulful constancy that enriches the dreamy, layered soundscape. Her voice, both innocent and imbued with the gravity of truth, serves as a beacon guiding the listener through the philosophical musings of the lyrics. The song’s thematic exploration of autonomy resonates deeply, posing introspective questions about self-reliance and the solitary nature of personal answers.

Since her debut with “Long Time Sun” in 2020, ZOĒ has accumulated a loyal following, captivated by her unique sound that refuses to be eclipsed by its commercial sheen. The distinct layers in TELL ME underscore this signature style. There’s a richness and depth that hints at her evolved artistry, stemming from her spiritual journey and commitment to authenticity.

The backdrop of ZOĒ’s life—her role as a mother and her connection to nature through her cat, chickens, and bees—adds a personal dimension to her music. These elements of her world seem to inform her art, allowing her to create music that is not only a salve for her soul but also for those who seek solace in her sound.

Heading into 2023, ZOĒ stands out as an artist to watch, promising a journey into the heart of music that is as transformative as it is melodic.

TELL ME was officially released on November 10th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ross Flora grappled with the melancholy of unfulfilled potential in ‘As the Crow Flies’

Ross Flora

Ross Flora’s EP, As the Crow Flies, is a poignant and reflective journey through the heart of country folk. Hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Flora’s upbringing in a milieu rich with R&B and Bluegrass influences is palpably reflected in the acoustically adorned, stripped-back title single. His gruff, resonant timbres weave through the wistful yearning harmonies, creating a tapestry of sound that resonates deeply with anyone who has ever grappled with the melancholy of unfulfilled potential.

The lyrical tempo of As the Crow Flies is akin to a melodied spoken word sermon, imbued with regretful poetry. Flora’s background as an English major shines through in his lyrical craftsmanship, as he skilfully interweaves themes reminiscent of literary greats like Dickinson, Thoreau, and Whitman. The result is a narrative that is both deeply personal and universally relatable; Someone hand him a Grammy for the line “I’d be half the man I’d ought to be less than half the time”.

Ross Flora’s journey from the family farm to Nashville, performing over 4,000 shows and collaborating with acts like “Johnny T” Band and “Smoke n’ Guns,” has clearly honed his ability to capture the essence of southern rock and outlaw country. If you want to hear a heart poured out in melody, hit play on As the Crow Flies.

Stream the As the Crow Flies EP, which debuted on October 27 on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The soulfully-funked hues in Jeremy Hilliard’s single Lay Down Like Lovers captured the haze of utopic affection.

Taken from his LP, which is rooted in swathes of nostalgic funk and soul, Trouble for Another Day, singer-songwriter, Jeremy Hilliard’s standout folky neo-jazz pop single, Lay Down Like Lovers, is a fitting ode to the serenity of passion. The dreamy hues capture the haze of unconditionally all-consuming love as the groove pockets deliver oceanic depth, ensuring Lay Down Like Lovers is a release you can fully immerse yourself in.

If you can’t get enough of the lyrically driven song-crafting finesse of Paul Simon, Kurt Vile, Neil Young and Bob Dylan, you will be instantly enamoured with the poetically mellifluous beguile within Lay Down Like Lovers, which is hopefully the first of many hits from the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, who is coming into his own away from his successful band, PEAK, which has made America’s Northeast their touring circuit.

Stream Lay Down Like Lovers on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Susan Ritchie lit a beacon of tranquillity and wisdom in ‘It’s High Time’

Susan Ritchie, whose name has become synonymous with authentic artistry on the Central CA Coast, lit a beacon of tranquillity and wisdom in the standout single, It’s High Time, taken from her debut album, Life is for the Living. So much more than solely a musical score, it’s a journey into the heart of what it means to find peace and meaning amidst the chaos of modernity.

Ritchie gave the adage ‘live and let live’ brand-new potency within It’s High Time by speaking chapter and verse on how it takes nothing to accept trans men and women who are just looking to align their minds with their appearance. Her ability to weave everyday experiences into her songwriting, while giving a nod to the universal experiences we all share, is on full display here. The song is a reminder to pause, reflect, and embrace the moment, a message that resonates now more than ever when it is too easy to be consumed by the insanity which breeds on every corner of the internet.

The influence of her early inspirations, from James Taylor’s finger-picking to the sweet yet sassy blues of Bonnie Raitt, is evident in the song’s composition. Yet, It’s High Time is unmistakably a Susan Ritchie creation. It’s a song that showcases her evolution as an artist, blending soul, blues, rock, and folk into a seamless and captivating experience.

Regardless of how many people find comfort in Susan Ritchie’s soulfully sonorous sound, she speaks directly to you through the intimacy of her lyrics and the magnetically powerful delivery of her gilded-in-introspective-gold lines.

Stream It’s High Time on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lou Reed meets Tom Waits in the tender warmth of Lance La Breche’s latest seminal piano score, One Last Dance

Killing The Pistanthrophobe by Lance LaBreche

With vocal lines as arresting as the plaintive harmonies drenching Tom Wait’s Closing Time LP with soulfully spirited melancholy, the standout single, One Last Dance, from Lance La Breche’s upcoming album, Killing the Pisanthrophobe, is a piano-led score you’ll want to surrender to time after time.

The Lou Reed-esque keys also play a heavy hand in allowing you to succumb to the impassioned gravity within the single orchestrated by the Raleigh, NC residing self-taught singer-songwriter, who photographs architecture in the daylight and renders resolving melodies by the shroud of night.

The bluesy sepia-tinged tones and the endlessly compelling yearning for perfect nights to last forever won’t fail to fill you with the same tender warmth which flows through the score which abandons inhibition for vulnerability, to superlatively stunning effect.

Stream and purchase One Last Dance on Bandcamp, and keep Lance La Breche on your radar for the release of his forthcoming LP, which is set to drop on December 15.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jake Speikers captured a daydream of longing with his 80s-swathed new wave single, Nostalgic.

With music fans clinging to nostalgia like there’s no tomorrow, the Minnesota singer-songwriter Jake Speikers has shown them the future of 80s-integrated pop with his choral dream of a new wave single, Nostalgic.

With Phil Collin-esque drum fills punctuating the dreamy atmosphere of the release which finds the middle ground between The Midnight and Cigarettes After Sex, the nostalgic pop wheel wasn’t reinvented, but it was creatively reimagined in this impassioned earworm that captures a daydream of longing in panoramic picture that you’ll want to expose yourself to time after time.

If you can’t get enough of the DIY pop artist’s achingly sweet sonic signature, you won’t have long to wait for the release of his debut, which traverses his experiences of coming out, heartache and coming of age. We’re already invested.

Nostalgic will hit the airwaves on November 17; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast