Singer Edenhill impresses us all with new pop debut track ‘Afterlife’

Edenhill is a new artist and impresses with a pure pop single called ‘Afterlife‘, a song that is crystal clear and shows the world a fine new talent.

With a strong voice and a riveting story, this is a track that is full of energy and desire. A new artist with lots to prove and he is off to a great start. This has that little bit extra that we all love.

You love them so much and would do anything to be with them. You always say that things are okay even if they aren’t, you want things to go well and not have any drama. You feel like you are living in a different world and are sad a lot when you are alone. The world has made things dark but you hold out hope that things will be okay down the road.

Edenhill shows us his pop style on ‘Afterlife‘ and this is a terrific sign of things to come. So often, artists come and go like the seasons but this feels different.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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