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I Got The Playbook: MC Rae is ready to ball out on raw debut track ‘Talk My Shit’

Cruising in with his passionate delivery that has been slowly forming for years during his army tours, MC Rae is ready for more in his life through music, on his debut track called ‘Talk My Shit‘.

Kinney McRae II aka MC Rae, is a motivated American hip-hop rapper, courageous US Army soldier who has served in Kuwait and Korea, proudly a Newport News, Virginia-born native, who makes that energetic music about how he sees his local neighborhood and what struggles are present each day.

His raps with that raw enthusiasm, his pen and paper has been busy for many years since he was young, waiting for the moment to express his feelings on what are really the issues with his country that he serves, but wishes was fairer for all.

This is the story about being ready to conquer his dreams now, he feels confident in his bars after taking heat from small minded folks before, who will be really quiet as he rises in the game to claim his spot.

Talk My Shit‘ from Virginia soldier/emcee MC Rae, who flows in with a barrage of truths about modern day society in his hood as the current political mess only swirls in and hurts the small businesses and hard working folks, who just want to work hard and put food on the table.

This is a socially conscious track that lifts the lid on what is really going on away from the television channels, as deep music like this always tells you the truth.

See this track on YouTube and follow his journey on IG.

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Love looks good on you: Sleep Walking Animals drop stunning debut ‘Aengus’ Fool’

Introducing us to their music for the first time, Sleep Walking Animals stroll in confidently with their debut track ‘Aengus’ Fool‘, which is a self-described confession of infatuation and desire.

Sleep Walking Animals are your new favorite invigorating five-piece indie folk/rock band from Manchester who also spend a lot of time in London. They have been inspiring by the current world pandemic to finally get their music out there to be heard all over the globe. The close-knit group make that deep introspective kind of music that has so many layers, you might need to get that warm coat on.

They have been waiting for so long to have released music and you can hear the band in top form, Tom Glynn-Carney’s voice projects tremendously over the willing guitars, the smoldering class of this actor/musician is smokey cool and fantastically etched all over the curious walls, as he goes to ear-bending notes you feel in your bones and will never forget.

These are the underground legends that haven’t been crowned yet, the quality is utterly incredible as they toy with your soul, the sound of genuine world class musicians at work is a feeling you just know instantly.

This is the story about waiting for them to come home as you care about them so much and want to be with them so badly, you will shout from the highest mountains to let the world know of your intentions.

Aengus’ Fool‘ from the thrilling Manchester/London, UK act Sleep Walking Animals, is an awakening story of desire that can either turn into healthy love or overboard infatuation, if you take the boat too far into the ocean.

The long journey to this point was absolutely worth the wait. We would be fools not to want more and to ignore this outstanding group of talented men, who have manifested their desires into this delightful debut.

Stream this reflective track on Spotify and follow their travels on IG.

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The new chapter begins: Irish indie label Hidden Hill drop debut love-filled track ‘Westside’ (feat. Joexxvincy, Remy Lebeau and Craig Cameron)

Hidden Hill send us a scrumptious debut track with a song that will instantly have you feeling better on ‘Westside‘ (feat. Joexxvincy, Remy Lebeau and Craig Cameron).

Brand new Irish indie music label and producer collective Hidden Hill are here to show us what quality 2021 music sounds like on a R&B/Hip-Hop groove-fest for our bodies to dance to.

There is much to like on this excellent and smooth wonderland of sensual energy for us to enjoy and lather ourselves in, while we admire that gorgeous soul who we want to be with so badly.

This is the story about how she wants to look the best for you and how you are certainly down for this notion. You feel the sexy soundscapes as the honest raps and smooth vocals open the door for us into this love song- that will make you move and groove all evening long.

Westside‘ (feat. Joexxvincy, Remy Lebeau and Craig Cameron) from new Irish label Hidden Hill is that song you put on late at night as you light up the candles and from there you pour two drinks and see where the night leads. This is the side you want to be on and this is a song you just lay back to and enjoy all night while being with a special partner in your life.

Life is about enjoying yourself to the fullest after all.

Support their journey by streaming the track here on Spotify and see what they get up to next on IG.

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That sweet plan A: Smokiecoco drop fun-filled debut single ‘Candy Crush’ (Prod. By VICEVERSABEATZ)

Smokiecoco gift-wrap us that sweet-toothed dentist-hating track you can’t help but snack on through their promising debut music video and single ‘Candy Crush‘ (Prod. By VICEVERSABEATZ).

Midlands, UK brothers and best friends A The Cray and Middy are indie-pop duo Smokiecoco. They are a fine new outfit that make that vibrant easy-listening mellow music energy for the world to enjoy and dance to, while nibbling on some sweets at the same time.

With confidence in absolute abundance, the brothers with a charming smile each, ease their way into the candy shop and proceed to have so much fun- they probably have shares in the franchise. Oozing freshness and commercial appeal, they take us on an exciting ride through wanting that girl so bad and telling her that she will be missing out otherwise.

The beat is so hot you might need a cold shower after listening to this top debut effort that will be stuck in your teeth-and brain-for days and days as you gaze into the candy jar while desiring more of course.

Candy Crush‘ (Prod. By VICEVERSABEATZ) from UK brother duo Smokiecoco is a song that the ladies will love especially as this has all the goodness and sweet pleasures you could want in a song.

Ditching the plan B for this one is a smart idea as these boys are going to win many fans due to their happy style, fresh looks and catchy music.

Watch this video and support their exciting music journey on YouTube and follow the fashionable fellas on IG.

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That sweet feeling inside: Depollock wants to be ‘More Than Friends’ on upbeat electro-pop summer breeze debut release

Depollock is here with the debut single called ‘More Than Friends‘ and this will have you grooving along with a goofy smile on your face all day long.

Moon Rider Records musician, artist, and editor Depollock is here a mood changer that doesn’t need a ring. The melodies are sweet and summery which is just the perfect tonic to add into your music beverage.

His vocals lift so easily over the doom and gloom and the indie-pop daydream becomes reality in your mind as you work out what to say to your crush. His pure love is easy to hear in a song that is so magnificently made, the excellent production seems so effortless and vibrant which captures your imagination.

The optimistic energy fields come alive on this extremely satisfying listen for our tired bodies. Love should be tender like this, your genuine words that keep it real for them to entertain in their mind.

More Than Friends‘ from new artist Depollock is a fine song that is carefree, romantic and perfectly encapsulates what so many of us are feeling. If you are single right now, its been so hard to meet someone as the world is locked down. We find ourselves desiring a friend of ours to be our lover and this narrative is sung with tender care here.

If it doesn’t work out you might lose the friendship forever but it it does work out, you will be in love with someone you know well and care about so much. Life can be simple and sweet sometimes after all.

Cheer up your mood via the song on Soundcloud and see what comes next on IG.

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Debut days: ‘Classic Weekender’ from Manchester rock band Sterling reminisces on those wild weekends

Manchester based indie-rock band Sterling get us in the mood via their debut track ‘Classic Weekender’ and this is a quality release from the new boys.

The explosive start is like a fuse that has been lit and is still sparking bright. Their fierce energy is so welcome in these dark times and this is an Indie Rock thump that knocks the door down to let everyone know that they mean business.

The Manchester boys made the wise move of using the legendary studio Vibe Recording Studios in Cheetham Hill. You can feel that this is going to be a band that will make noise in the UK music scene as they are building their name up to make maximum impact.

With their first EP ‘Billy Boy’ being carefully crafted as we speak and set for release in early 2021, this is the first taste that we have gotten and we want more. The lyrics are honest and reminisce for the fun days of the weekend when we could all go out and not blink twice. The story of going out and having a fun time without a worry in the world.

This has that 90’s Brit feel to it and the bass-lines are so rhythmical and get you in the mood to go down to your local and chat with your mates with a cold brew in hand. This is that Friday night vibe when the lights are on and the conversation is loud and where memories are made.

Sterling from Manchester, UK bring out a debut to remember on ‘Classic Weekender’ and this is the tune to play real loud during those nights that you wish could return to normal again.

Fire up your Friday nights on Spotify and see more of the band on their IG & FB.

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Finding your voice with debut release: ‘I’m Going Down’ by Ristlynn shows total honesty

With a new direction comes much excitement and also much anxiousness. You have put your emotions out there to the world for the first time and this can be a scary feeling. Ristlynn is a brand new artist and he drops the honest story of his current feeling about life on the rhythmical ‘I’m Going Down‘.

His Electro-Pop style is magnetic and he takes us on a story of feeling really down right now. The drinks are flowing way too much and the stress level is at an all-time high. The world is a crazy place and he is struggling to get out of this worrying rut. We all deal with traumatic experiences differently and this is a hard time. Through music however, the expressive nature will help and may new fans will relate to this song and this is a great way to get it all out in the open. Healing through music is healthy, instead of bottling it all inside.

With a catchy style, honest lyrics and an expressive energy, Ristlynn shows the world what he is all about on ‘I’m Going Down‘. This is a welcome addition to the airwaves of the world as honesty is often lacking in music with bling and swag overshadowing what music is actually about- helping others and making music that means something.

To hear this fine new track go to Spotify and follow the journey on Insta.

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Northern California rockers Furlough Fridays open up the airwaves to quality music with ‘Quantum Leap’

TGIFF by Furlough Fridays

Northern California rockers Furlough Fridays open up the airwaves to quality music with ‘Quantum Leap‘, This is the type of song that you have been missing in your playlist and impresses on all fronts.

Known as the go-to alternative grunge rock group in their local area, this 4 piece are certainly a great listen. Some bands catch your attention right away and some don’t. After taking a break for 3 years in 2015 to re-energize, you feel the extra bit of motivation here and this hunger makes you like them even more, if that is even possible.

With a really raw sound, the biting bass line beasts through the creaking door and you feel the wave of life’s frustration gushing through like a powerful set of waves that drowns you for a few seconds. You feel the pain here and the cry for help, the world is so harsh right now and so many of us are sinking in the mucky mud of 2020. We are all gasping for that fresh air again as we wonder if this is all just a really bad dream.

Quantum Leap‘ from Furlough Fridays is a powerful rock song, full of strong vocals and guitar riffs that are highly impressive. This is a band that are showing their true sound, there is zero doubt that we are listening to a quality outfit here that knows who they are. This is a song to truly appreciate and to admire the haunting honesty.

Click here for the Bandcamp link.

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Singer Edenhill impresses us all with new pop debut track ‘Afterlife’

Edenhill is a new artist and impresses with a pure pop single called ‘Afterlife‘, a song that is crystal clear and shows the world a fine new talent.

With a strong voice and a riveting story, this is a track that is full of energy and desire. A new artist with lots to prove and he is off to a great start. This has that little bit extra that we all love.

You love them so much and would do anything to be with them. You always say that things are okay even if they aren’t, you want things to go well and not have any drama. You feel like you are living in a different world and are sad a lot when you are alone. The world has made things dark but you hold out hope that things will be okay down the road.

Edenhill shows us his pop style on ‘Afterlife‘ and this is a terrific sign of things to come. So often, artists come and go like the seasons but this feels different.

Click here to stream

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Debut track ‘One of Them Days’ from Gwa-La is a hard-hitting truth single of substance

Gwa-La is US rapper and also a former member of Gwap Boys in Colonial Beach. He is back with a bang on the inspirational ‘One of Them Days‘ which is a true story about real life experiences that hit home.

Gwa-La is now fully focused on his solo career with the support of record label Don’t Lose it Records which was started by his cousin, Miquan Johnson. This family bond has enabled Gwa-La to fully flourish and the results are for all to see.

This is an emcee with substance. He doesn’t want to get wrapped up in pain and suffering anymore. Dealing with petty beef is becoming tiresome, this young musician just want to make music, get rich and live far away from toxic people. This is a fair call and sounds good to this writer.

With a passionate flow, the beat is crisply formulated to bring across such a quality Hip Hop track that is quite steaming hot. This is a debut song that will uplift anyone listening, this is that rare kind of music that is truly felt. The struggle is 2020 is real.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Insta page.

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