Aistè – Say When: Nostalgic Hookish Pop

Aistè took me right back to the nineties with her latest single Say When, which was released July 11th, 2018. Through her latest single the London based up and coming Urban Pop artist channelled the same level of amplified sass as you heard with Destiny’s Childs inception. Yet, Aistè chose to keep the production of her track Lo-Fi and raw to allow her soulful vocal style to bleed through the mix. The beat is set on the foundation of vintage 808’s to provide that extra touch of nostalgia to her single around the personal resounding lyrics which won’t fail to resonate.

Unlike with most Pop inspired tracks, there is an infinite amount of progression, even the bridges to Say When don’t fall foul of repetition. The balance between digital and acoustic instruments is absolutely on point, the concordant clashing of heavy drum machines with licks of the sax is more than enough to make you want to keep coming back to Aistè’s sounds.

You can check out Aistè’s latest Pop hit by heading on over to YouTube

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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