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Amelie Blake sings with such grace on ‘Let The Words Unfold’

Amelie Blake sings with such grace and pureness on the indie-pop single called ‘Let The Words Unfold‘.

Amelie Blake is a UK based singer-songwriter with a stunning voice that sweeps through your heart and cleans up the rubbish that is cluttering your blood flow. She has made her own unique sound that has clippings of pop, soul and alternative music. This is a singer you have to be a fan of.

Amelie says that ‘Let The Words Unfold‘ is all about reclaiming your power and not letting outside sources affect you in a negative way. It’s about being who you are and not censoring your true self for the sake of others. It’s about not accepting others opinions as facts and owning who you are, this is a song about being comfortable in your own skin.

⁠I love how this song has been created and the message is so true and empowering. She has battled with this before, just like millions out there. The key is that she hasn’t let it define who she is.

Amelie Blake in incredible on her song ‘Let The Words Unfold‘. This is a singer who sings for the love of music and you can tell that she is a sweet soul, so genuine and authentic. A new role model in this crazy world has risen.

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Alt Pop singer Bex blazes in with ”Secondhand Smoke”

Bex is a Boston-based writer & singer-songwriter with influences from pop-rock, blues and also some neo-soul. She is back with her new song called ”Secondhand Smoke” that was released today.

What ever you breath in you need to believe it. Bex is no quitter and she has the Bonny & Clyde kind of love with this fantastic new pop track. Her vocals are wonderfully pure on this new song and I love the catchy lyrics. The vibe is fab throughout and Bex shows her smooth style.

Secondhand Smoke” from the Massachusetts local is perfect for those long road trips or to get you excited for the day. Without having a sneaky ciggie of course.  This is a simple song that catches the ear and this is a musician to watch. Her voice is so natural and she is poised to fully breakout soon.

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‘Desolate Days’ from Chellcy Reitsma feat. Edward Mifsud is a song about the wild times in 2020

Desolate Days’ from Chellcy Reitsma feat. Edward Mifsud is a song all about the strange landscape that we find ourselves in 2020.

Mellieha, Malta is currently the home of this fantastic singer with such a true voice that is so rare these days, she sings with class and poise on ‘Desolate Days’.

Chellcy Reitsma is fairly new to the music scene but not to the stage; a true artist in every capacity. Originally from California, she grew up in a musical family exposed to American folk, rock and full gospel. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in visual arts with three degrees.

After graduation, Chellcy started her own ethnic dance company and toured around the world performing with many bands and drummers enjoying international recognition within the ethnic dance scene.

After starting her musical journey in 2015 due to major dance injuries forcing her to retire from dancing. Chellcy had always wanted to try her hand at singing-songwriting but never had the time, so she quickly seized the opportunity to start a new chapter and follow her music dreams. Chellcy is now a rising star in the music scene with her own unique fusion style and a retro edge that blends a touch of jazz, with blues and alternative rock.

Desolate Days’ from Chellcy Reitsma feat. Edward Mifsud is so relevant in this wild pandemic and we all hope that it ends soon so we can go back to life. This is a lovely song from such a talented duo who fuse so many styles in one to create such beauty.

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Alex Lleo is on top form with brilliant ‘Easy Way’

Alex Lleo is back in a big way with his excellent new indie-pop release called ‘Easy Way’.

Alex Lleo is a singer-songwriter from Birmingham and he returns with such a gem of a song that will let us all think about what is around us.

Spending time in nature – in Worcestershire’s Lickey Hills where Alex lives and grew up, the awe-inspiring Scandinavian mountains, and surfing the various coastlines of the British Isles has shaped Alex’s creative outlook. You can hear his attraction to the natural world, its peace and its drama, in his music, which is exquisitely-paced, laid-back and rich in melody.

This is such a lovely song and I love Alex’s voice. The vocals are smooth and his stories can be related to. Not taking the easy way out is the answer and instead doing things with a glint in your eye, staying positive no matter what 2020 has brought you. This is a time for us to heal. Alex Lleo from Birmingham does precisely that on ‘Easy Way’.

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Blow Pop effortlessly stroll in with the brilliant indie-pop ‘Nobody’

Set for release on the 16th August, this is Blow Pop’s time to shine as they return with the brilliant indie-pop laced present ‘Nobody‘.

This is all about feeling that you are nobody in this big world of ours. A reflective story of being able to leave a situation quickly if need be. You have a low opinion of yourself and also blame yourself easily for things you really shouldn’t.

Blow Pop have such a stylishly sharp way about them from the ear blessing vocals and fine production. There is indie, pop, dance and disco all fused together like a delicious wrap of lip tingling goodness here. I love everything about this glorious piece of articulate art on this new track.

Nobody‘ from Blow Pop is a lovely indie-pop peach that gives you a pure feeling inside. An 80’s inspired song that is a self-reflection that lots of us feel like even though we shouldn’t. We are all special and somebody.

Stream this fab track here on Spotify.

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‘Time Travel Blues’ is a soulful tale of adventure from The Tattered Rhapsodies

The Woodlands, Texas is the home of The Tattered Rhapsodies and they return with the piano-infused indie-folk ‘Time Travel Blues‘.

The Tattered Rhapsodies have just released their new record, ‘Subversive Folk‘ and this is the 2nd single that certainly impresses off the bat. They have such a unique sound that covers folk, indie, rock, pop as well and some caressing country to keep their fans happy.

Time Travel Blues‘ is all about wanting to travel through time and go on some mystical adventures. You certainly want to go but know that it isn’t possible sadly.

The Tattered Rhapsodies are a happy-go lucky indie-folk band who showcase their interesting sound that is easy on the ear and happy on the heart. They are on top form on ‘Time Travel Blues‘ and I like the sound of this band. The Texas group make beautiful music and we should all support bands like this and stream their music again and again.

Head to Bandcamp to hear this awesome song.

Stream here on Soundcloud.

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LA singer JiLLi takes us on a sad love story on ‘In Another Life’

Los Angeles, California is the home of supremely talented 22 year old singer-songwriter JiLLi who returns with her new stunner called ‘In Another Life‘.

She tells the story of loving someone in another life. You care for this person that are you are with but know that it can’t work. Perhaps in another life it would of worked, the timing was off this time but who knows in another time. This can be a tough feeling as you want it but know that it just won’t happen. There is no perfect journey and you know that this was written in the starts, you just know that you loved each other.

JiLLi is a fantastic talent that raises the bar in 2020 with ‘In Another Life. Her voice is tremendous and fills through the air like a good wine. She is a real talent.

Stream this incredible track here on Soundcloud.

Click here to follow this artists career here on her Insta.

Find out more here on her Facebook.

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Midnight Drive’s ‘Over It’ is the electro anthem of 2020

Midnight Drive are a new electronic act in the game and they return with their 3rd single called ‘Over It‘.

Nothing is going to save this relationship sadly. The love has gone and you are over it. You had amazing memories but the time to turn the page and close the book is now. You need to move on and be free again, finding happiness is this destructive world is key to your mental health.

There is lots of indie electro forces here and the beat is so jarring and thuds into your ears. I love the beat and the raspy vocals make this a winner. This a breakout anthem that is a pleasure to listen to.

Midnight Drive’sOver Itshines through the door like a bright light wanting to force itself in. There is a style and a panache here that is unlike most bands. This is an outfit that are making a name for themselves.

Stream this poignant song here on Soundcloud.

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‘Soup and Chili’ from BahbissCobb is an electronic journey of darkness

Bahbiss Cobb is the solo project of Eric Curry and he has just returned with his new moody electronic track called ‘Soup and Chili‘.

After being in the game doing electronic music for around 12 years, you can feel the experience in this producers music. He has made his own signature beat that certainly delves into your ears and takes you a journey.

The beats are dark and gloomy. They match the song’s cover art as this is all about what is going on in the world as we speak. The energy is underground with a tech house feel. This is all about what we are doing to the world and feel like I am floating over earth while listening to this, my expression is of shock as the world is so tainted.

Soup and Chili‘ from Bahbiss Cobb is a wild ride into the dark side with electronically charged energy that will amaze your heart.

Stream this new song right here on the Soundcloud channel.

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Brooklyn singer-songwriter Annalise Azadian strides on with her gorgeous voice on ‘Good Girls Gone Wild (MIA)’

Annalise Azadian is a Brooklyn, USA singer-songwriter with a jazzy-soul style that impresses highly on ‘Good Girls Gone Wild (MIA)’.

New York City-based singer and songwriter Annalise Azadian is a self-taught guitarist who sings with a tone that is so stunning to listen to. Her raspy voice that makes your heart beat twice. “It’s the only thing I’m meant to be doing,” says the now 18 years old Annalise.

By age 14 she was winning accolades at the famed Apollo Theater in Harlem, performing on American Idol, studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, she is now on a mission to get her name and music out there to the whole world.

Good Girls Gone Wild (MIA)’ from Annalise Azadian is 1 minute 17 seconds of pure bliss. I’m smiling as I write as this is an artist with real soul. She is speaking about life as a good girl and the temptations out there. I hope that Annalise reaches her dreams and I can watch her live one day. She is a real special talent.

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