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London’s Alt Rock secret The Lightness Of Being release smashing track ”Can’t Keep”

The Lightness of Being is a 4-piece strong baseline filled band based in lustful London and they roll in the front door with ”Can’t Keep”. The band seems to make earth shattering alternative rock songs and mix them together like a sticky piece of gummy glue. The boys main influences are The Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age and everyday life in wet yet inspiring London City.

Can’t Keep” is about keeping lies inside and how unhealthy it is. The sound is so powerful and the band smash through with their signature brand that is great to hear. London’s clubs will be anticipating a huge crowd when they play live again. This is a wild ride and I enjoy each second while listening to ”Can’t Keep” from The Lightness Of Being”.

Set for release on the 3rd July, stream this track now on the growing Soundcloud music channel.

Head through to the Facebook page of this high-powered rock band with a point to prove.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


William Moore trips in with lockdown-inspired ”Exponential”

You love her so much and care about her immensely. After being so close for these months, the cracks are starting to show and frustration has reached fever pitch levels of massive proportions. You feel like she is starting to lose herself in this lock down time and you are worried. Both of you are driving each other up the wall and you need a break. Badly. You need her though and are walking on egg-shells. What will be the outcome of this worrying tale?

New artist William Moore is in paranoid mood with his song ”Exponential”. The pandemic has hit record levels and both him and his lover are both losing it. This is a theme that is so common in 2020 and more of these stories are bound to emerge from the shadows.

This is a catchy pop song that totally sums up the years adventures. The year was supposed to be so much but ultimately was and is an absolute shambles. This is a good track and a new artist is born. Let’s hope that his girlfriend or wife doesn’t hear this otherwise he will be on the couch tonight if he isn’t already.

Stream this track right here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Norwegian artist Mörmaid dazzles through electronic genres with debut ”Turn Away”

London-based Norwegian artist and producer Mörmaid is such a huge talent and she drops the world a stunning dream-pop flavored bundle of joy right here. With such an intoxicating beautiful voice I get so lost and daydream to a happy place. This song is all about love and the different instruments here makes me shake my head in amazement.

Turn Away” is all about starting again as you reminisce about what once was. You have healed up and are ready to date again with a brand spanking new perspective on everything. You are a bit wiser and feel the new energy inside your body and soul.

After seeing that Mörmaid is based in London, I was overcome with happy feelings. This is a musician that I would love to see live and witness her majestically musician skill set on my eyes and ears up close so I can understand the creative process.

Turn Away’‘ is so beautiful and this song has made my day. This phenomenally talented artist is on her way to the top with this fantastic release. After changing her artist name from Solpsiche to Mörmaid, this is magnificence personified.

Follow this incredible musician from Norway here on her Facebook.

For the music release on 3rd July, stream this outer-worldly song here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Press Kampe shows his eccentric side with catchy ”Tuck in the Socks”

Your style is timeless. You don’t care for normal styles at all. In fact, you are doing everything you can to stay away from any trend that is happening. You are ahead of your time and just want to put out good music.

The beat is so smooth on Press Kampe’s new track. He has such an unmistakable flow and wow, this is so catchy.

Tuck In The Socks” strolls in like a rugged skater about to attempt a wild trick. Press absolutely shreds these bars here like a hungry fox that has just pulled his head outside and is so hungry for that dinner.

With influences such as the late great Mac Miller (RIP), this is a dazzling display of words like a real pro. For such a young act he is really developing nicely to be at the top of the food chain real soon. I feel like his energy and unique style really sets him a part from other artists and the beat is really funky fresh with extra ice cubes.

Tuck In The Socks” is a fine song from Los Angeles emcee Press Kampe and this is a new rapper in the game to follow closely.

Stream this new banger from the 8th July on sunny Soundcloud

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Alt Rock band New Manhattan impress with rock-filled demo debut ”New York”

New York” is the smashing debut from brand new band New Manhattan. I love music like this and the energy is tremendously displayed like old wily professionals that are hungry. This is band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously at all. They are here to rock the crowds socks right off.

New Manhattan stroll in with ”New York”. There is some blues infused into the song here and gosh, that rock n roll style shines straight through the sunglasses that have had too much UV rays. The band are returning to New York and they are so excited. The vocals are so crisp like a packet of lightly salted Lays that eases into your mouth.

New Manhattan impress here with such a high-energy song that is marked by some excellent drum solos that makes me just want to dance and shake my body all on the sweaty dance floor. This is a new act that will surely rev their engines at all the best venues and festivals. This is music to motivate and make us happy.

Click here for the new track that is on the band’s Soundcloud channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A Part A Party slams down the door with stomping debut ”Stummy”

Stummy” is the brand new track from A Part A Party. He craves the love of a good woman and this pandemic hasn’t helped matters. He loves getting rubbed on his tummy and thinks out aloud about what his next move is. He is trying to keep things together and pulls in with this baseline that is so catchy. The goal of making money is vital right now and he knows the rest will come when the time is right.

The inspiration has been building for some time and you can feel the energy that has been tied up. Lock down has inspired you to put out music and you cruise through the front door. The beat is drum & bass influenced plus there is a trap Hip Hop flow to this.

There are a few genres at play here and I love the variety. The drum fused bass beat keeps you intrigued and the bars absolutely shred through the dazzled speakers.

There is so much potential here from this debut track from A Part A Party. The violin echoes through like an announcement. This new artist is here with a bang and will shine through.

Click on the Soundcloud to hear this debut track.

To follow this new artist on Instagram.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Chicago’s Chandler Joshua sends deep message with ”Who Are You?”

Who are you really inside? Do you look at the mirror and not like what you see? This is an age old problem that has engulfed our world. With Social Media dominating our lives, self-love and mental health is even more vital these days. You need to love yourself in a humble manner to fully love someone else.

”This song is about someone who hates who they see in the mirror, someone who recognizes that they are no one, and tries to convince themselves that it does not bother them, when it is one of the most overwhelming things in their life.”- Chandler Joshua

Who Are You?” from Chandler Joshua is a sad song. No question. This is an artist that is in pain as he does not like what he sees and is trying to convince himself that it doesn’t bother him but it does. The vibe is deep and meaningful and let’s hope this song helps him grab out of the hole that he is in. Let’s hope this young Chicago artist is able to go outside more and meet that special soul that helps him. He shows promise with his music and it will be interesting to see what kind of style he puts out next.

You are someone Chandler. We believe in you.

Click on the Soundcloud page to hear this song and more from this young artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Melbourne’s Marshall Stannus steps up to new level with ”Euphoria”

Your heart is lonely all the time and it feels like you are stepping into quicksand all the time. You aren’t too sure what is wrong and can’t quite work it out. Your friends are not really there for you and you know you need new ones. The world feels like a blur and deep down you know that something needs to change. Otherwise you will constantly be in this bad state.

After reviewing ”Springbreakers” from Marshall Stannus recently I was delighted to hear the new track ”Euphoria” from this incredible talent. This Australian singer rips through with real lyrics and cutting edge beats. Marshall writes so well and from the heart. He touches on how he really feels and being lonely is such common theme unfortunately.

Euphoria” is a quality new song that certainly lives up to expectation. This is a top track from Marshall Stannus and he has a huge future. The Australian artist is slowly getting new fans and will surely hit the big time in 2021.

Check out his Facebook page for more info and news on live gigs.

Click here to the Soundcloud link now to hear this track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Gotti 100 sends a message with raw and rugged ”Hood Credit”

Atlantic City rapper Gotti 100 has just got out of jail and he is keen to send out a message. Tired of selling drugs and getting into trouble this young emcee wants to get in the Hip Hop game and ever get out. This is a clear message of his intent and has already made moves by announcing that he is going to be on New York legend Jadakiss’s next mix-tape. This is a great move and one that will help him reach the next level in the crazy Hip Hop world.

Hood Credit” is a statement message from Gotti 100. He is tired of jumping in and out of jail. He knows that hood credit is vital but he wants more. He wants the respect of the whole music scene so he can show what he’s got now. A strong move and this is very honest and self-aware. With a raw flow on this track made from home due to corona this track comes off like a freestyle which is very memorable.

Gotti 100 is a name to watch as he raps his way to the top. With a way in now there is no telling what level he rises to.

Stream this new street banger via his Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Project Qoria fly straight through the nu-metal clouds with ”Almost Human”

Sometimes music is just meant to smash you in the ears and resonate with you. Nu-metal is a very popular genre in the world as music users enjoy the raw and rugged style. They like to head bang and keep it rowdy all night. You can feel that this band is influenced by Slipnot and Korn as they really go for it. Their music is hardcore and the speakers give us a sigh of relief when the song is finished.

Project Qoria give it horns with ”Almost Human”.This is a power-hitting band and they really go for it. Project Qoria is a character within itself and was created by musician/producer/­former Resonate front man, Jake Packard.

If you are looking for a peaceful song full of roses then this isn’t that. This a power song all about how crazy the world is and we are caught right in the sandstorm. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the strength and sound must be congratulated. This is a band headed for the light and who don’t care what gets in the way.

Check this out on Soundcloud and enjoy the heavy-hitting energy.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen