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Immerse yourself in the artfully metamorphic instrumentals in Blinded By Hope’s seminal prog-rock release, All We Know

Blinded by Hope

Emotion charters the path through the artfully metamorphic instrumental arrangement in one of the standout singles from Blinded by Hope’s debut LP, The Darkness That Surrounds Us.

The Australian innovators found their signature sound between the landscapes of prog-rock, melodic rock, and art rock to allow the seminal single, All We Know, which unravels as an emotionally resonant and sonically complex piece which takes you through the dark depths of human emotion via a backdrop of artfully progressive instrumentation.

From the opening notes, All We Know draws the listener into its profoundly reflective aura which swells around the alt-metal roots in the complexity of musical structures. But don’t let the gravitas in the release fool you, the track is as accessible as it is resonant as it vies for your attention through technical prowess and the emotional odyssey it represents.

The vocals echo the tender yet powerful style of Incubus, adding a soulful depth to the track. This vocal gravity anchors the song’s tumultuous ebb and flow, creating a captivating tension that is both stirring and poignant. The band’s focus on crafting a meaningful song, rather than just showcasing technical skill, shines through every note and lyric, making All We Know a superlatively compelling listen.

Stream Blinded by Hope’s music on Spotify, and keep up to date with news of the release via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lucifers Beard is flawlessly frenetic in his alt-rock hit, Shake on the Floor

Lucifers Beard

Shake on the Floor is the latest scuzzed up and writhing alt-rock hit from the UK based artist, Lucifers Beard, AKA Christopher Barnes.

With its filthier than Eagles of Death Metal feel and energy that makes you want to throw away every façade you’ve ever known, there’s no denying that Shake on the Floor is an addictive earworm from the first hit.

I always find a deep sense of irony in how the true power of autonomy is quashed by culture and its oppressive associations – even amongst alt scenes; there’s always an element of conformity. Shake on the Floor refreshingly proved that I’m not alone in this social dissection. So much of our modern anxieties stem from fear of judgement. How much saner would society be if we refused to subjugate to the banality of normativity?

Shake on the Floor will officially release on April 4th. You can check it out for yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Art-soul goes pop in James Asare’s latest single, Star-Crossed

If all artists were as ambitious with their storytelling narratives as James Asare, the airwaves would be a utopia of expression that brings the world closer through shared experience and emotion. The singer-songwriter’s latest art-folk single, Star-Crossed, goes back to the roots of storytelling while planting modernist marks in the soundscape.

With Pavement-style guitars sporadically ringing in the quiescently folkish single that ambiently twists and turns through the azure melodies, Asare perceptibly made the single his own while making it as heart-wrenchingly soulful as Dusty Springfield’s You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.

Star-Crossed is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The underdog that wants it bad: Nigerian born UK emcee Mukhy makes a huge statement on ‘SWERVE!’(ft DxBoY)

Sometimes you get that special feeling when you turn on a new song. Mukhy takes a blowtorch to all obstacles in his way on his new track ‘SWERVE!’ (ft DxBoY). The mysteriously intense tiptoe shaker beat blusters in with a blazing entry that busts through the creaking door. This is the way to make an memorable entrance.

With the self-confidence of a man that knows what he wants plus a ravaging lyrical delivery that eats away at those corny rappers that get too much love, he’s already half way there to getting where he wants to go.

He swerves out of the way from sewage-type bad vibes that stinks out the joint. He has an ominous rap style that is so refreshing in a world full of short-term mumble pop-tarts that have no place on the mic.

The beat couldn’t have been made any better for the vision of the track and this song is like a powerful jack-hammer against the wall of cheesy music that is soft and breaks easily. This is a man who is fired up, knows who his real friends are, and is only concerned with respect from the true music fans and long-lasting success.

If you want it, you gotta go and get it. Mukhy seems to want success more than most and proves this on ‘SWERVE!’ (ft DxBoY). With a vicious lyrical flow, he sweeps all others under the mat to gather dust. Time will tell if he has the self-motivation to carry on when the chips are down but the odds are on him winning. When you quit your dull job to get back into music, losing is not an option.

View this fiery song featuring two of the best emcee’s around via YouTube and find out more about Mukhy on his FB and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Asking for forgiveness: ‘Rose Colored Home’ by Nashville’s Streetlight Curfew is the story of redemption

Taken off their brand new full release called ‘Better Luck Next Year‘, this is a band that starts us off by teasing their electric guitar style that simmers like a hot cuppa coffee, and percolates so nicely into your ears. You get the feeling that this is going to be a top track, and this intuition is justified rather quickly. The passionate vocals are soon lifted high in the sky and we sit back, and enjoy the 5 Piece Nashville Punk-Rockers honesty as Streetlight Curfew swarm the airwaves, like hungry bees on ‘Rose Colored Home‘.

His vocals lift the mood and we are soon introduced to the second singer, they add a vibrant energy and you can’t help but like this Punk sound that reminds you of bands back in the 2000’s. They mesh together like a bunch of friends who love being together, they make music for the love, not the glamour and fame.

The sad regret is there in the song and the feeling of letting down someone close is firmly entrenched into the lyrics laid out before us. The band are humble, they show self-awareness and add a gritty edge to the track and you sway your body back and forth, remembering when you bought your first Blink 182 CD.

The Tennessee Punk Rockers Streetlight Curfew are in inspired form on ‘Rose Colored Home‘, this is their biggest track yet as fans are hungry for a return to more music like this, tired of the watered down Rap and cheesy Pop that dominates so many minds and ears.

The band are likable and they have shared a song about letting someone close to them down when they needed you most. After all, showing humility and asking for a second chance, is the step in the right direction to gain forgiveness.

See the band play this new track live via YouTube and see their journey here on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leading the way during troubled times: ‘Ill’ by RABArtist is the relevantly self-aware anthem from one of the UK’s best

The breath-taking start lifts you up high into the gloomy sky, and you feel like this is going to be a pumping track with plenty of bluster. This notion is proved correct as the thudding beat with much promise and galaxy-sounding vocals, soon brings us into this powerfully real story. The UK Emcee and Actor, RABArtist is healthy and hungry on his newly dropped single called ‘Ill‘.

With a skillful production that pushes through the door from the patient musician, this is a fast-paced melody of mad skills that morphs on the mic with fluid energy. He raps about relevant topics that have taken over our lives and distracted the world from more important issues, now swept under the carpet and mostly forgotten. Issues such as 5G and Corona is all the papers and news talk about, only magnifying the growing frustration with lack of proper leadership at the top of the food chain.

Life was good and now the doom and gloom masks what is really going on, this is song that needs to be on all Hip Hop playlists to spread the message. With most Rappers carrying on per usual with lame raps about flashy cars on ego-boosting nursery rhymes, this is that adult type of music for the real music fans. With R&B, Grime and Drill influences, the beat is busty and fresh, with real care and compassion so evident.

The bars here are so refreshingly ‘Ill‘ and RABArtist leads the way with the call for level-heads to prevail and stop the current disillusionment, and frustration in the UK right now. Staying positive and bringing up important topics to help instigate change, is the sign of a true leader after all.

Hear this ferocious track with meaning here on Spotify and follow him on Insta for more inspiration.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Singer Edenhill impresses us all with new pop debut track ‘Afterlife’

Edenhill is a new artist and impresses with a pure pop single called ‘Afterlife‘, a song that is crystal clear and shows the world a fine new talent.

With a strong voice and a riveting story, this is a track that is full of energy and desire. A new artist with lots to prove and he is off to a great start. This has that little bit extra that we all love.

You love them so much and would do anything to be with them. You always say that things are okay even if they aren’t, you want things to go well and not have any drama. You feel like you are living in a different world and are sad a lot when you are alone. The world has made things dark but you hold out hope that things will be okay down the road.

Edenhill shows us his pop style on ‘Afterlife‘ and this is a terrific sign of things to come. So often, artists come and go like the seasons but this feels different.

Click here to stream

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK online collaboration The Ruby Tears drop (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding?

(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding? by The Ruby Tears

The Ruby Tears drop a true throwback with their truthful (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding

Born from the weirdness of 2020. To date, The Ruby Tears has been an entirely online collaboration between Manchester solo musician John Goodfellow and Liverpool guitarist and songwriter Jeff Skellon. These two form a terrific team and this is a delightful offering that reminds you of the good days. This is real music, made with that extra bit of time that is quite rare.

This is about walking through the world and thinking about all this crazy things going on. Is all hope lost or can we be better as humanity. Made with that authentic feel, this new gem has two legendary musicians in grand form with a blend of rock that is a blessing during these wild times in the world.

From the The Bloody Marys and Lalabambam days, John and Jeff have a skill like very few around, the vocals are soaked in truths learnt on the open road and at various music venues all over. The gritty story is a pleasure to the ears and soul. This is that music to play for the whole family. This is that type of song to play on the weekend as this is reflective.

Click here for the Bandcamp page.

Head to the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Lone Wolf’ from Christelle is a real electro-soaked story about toxic people and staying true to yourself

Lone Wolf‘ from Christelle is a real electro-soaked story about toxic people and staying true to yourself. A real tale of life.

This song is about thinking you are better off alone, you are tired of toxic people around you and just need a break. New friends will come but you need lots of time to be out there in nature, listening only to birds and other animals. Not fake stories and pointless gossip. This is your time to get away and learn to be fully independent.

You would rather we alone than misbehave and be in pain. You like making the decisions and have been hurt before by people that have showed their selfish side and you are taking a stand.

Lone Wolf‘ from Christelle is a quality new single from an artist who sings with such strength, the lyrics bite hard and you know that this is a song that is made with truth.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ben Kidson flows in with his soulful music on ‘Mind Made Up’

Ben Kidson is a producer, creative and blessed singer-songwriter who has just dropped his new single called ‘Mind Made Up‘.

This has cats, fires and lost love. A song all about breaking up due to personal differences can be very tough and this is an indie story that delves deep into the heart. You can’t do everything so there needs to be two people on the same mindset otherwise it just won’t work unfortunately.

With a pop-filled grungy guitars with ravishing RnB sexy synths to sprinkle a sonic platter of a full meal of music. The self-described “punk-pop and everything pink” style is foremost in the mind. The sparkle is bright here and you sit while thinking of past relationships here. Your mind races and you think of how to be a better person next time.

Ben Kidson sings with such passion on Mind Made Up and this is a song to put on full volume on your lonely speakers. With a top team of cinematographer Miguel Carmenes and direct by indie filmmaker Oh Neve on the video, this makes everything right again. A top song and an excellent video to match.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Head through to the Insta link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen