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Mitty Kane rolls in with new Hip Hop track ‘Floss’

Mitty Kane rolls in with new Hip Hop track ‘Floss‘ and this is a banging song with plenty of intention.

This is all about knowing that your crew is the best in the hood. Your flows and style are too much for some to handle but you know its best. Other cats want to hang out but you are keeping your circle tight with no newcomers. You know what you need to do now and that involves keeping your circle focused and ready. The music is coming to you quickly and you want to take advantage of this situation.

Floss‘ from rapper Mitty Kane is a raw track, one with lots of hunger and determination. You can tell that he is the new kid on the block, making his name in the Hip Hop game in the US. This is a long road and with this fire however, the road will get a bit easier. The vocals are gritty with lots of heart and that is the best way to hear this genre. This is a promising track for 2020.

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Worldwide Music Group releases the hit compilation ‘Predicted Platinum Deluxe’ EP

Predicted Platinum Deluxe‘ is a 6-track great journey that has a bouncy-life flow that is always welcome in the year 2020.

Spearheaded by both The DJ Grid of Amada Records aka CEO, Eric Jones, and COO of Amada Records, Tiffany Gaines, who is also the owner and founder for the independent conglomerate, SS Global Entertainment; the ‘Predicted Platinum Deluxe‘ is a brand new compilation that champions the voices of an independently chosen elite few who were selectively handpicked to stand out from the rest.

Brought to you by various artists including Cee Cee Simone, Jayarson, Jakk Jo, Macck, BigBankBandz, Deadman Rashaun, DJ Live Wirez and Brisk, the album has already reached number one in the iTunes hip hop chart and number 6 in the country’s overall US iTunes chart.

This huge success is indicative of the talent and passion the project is composed of. “To give independent artists, writers and producers a platform from which they can shine and reach their true potential right alongside the many known acts of today”. This is the aim and this goal has been achieved tremendously. This shows how many of us miss these type of releases. Singles can get lots sometimes but an album like this is actually genuine and the success shows this.

The Hip Hop/R&B style with a lot of elegant soul is a marvel to hear and this has made this release so spectacular for our hearts. ‘Predicted Platinum Deluxe‘ is such a fine EP that I listen to this over an over again. Its the type of music to download and share with friends, to be played at the BBQ- its that good.

The standout tracks are all of them. The standard is so high and there are no passengers here. ‘Predicted Platinum Deluxe‘ is a look into the future where we listen to good music again and its shown in the charts.

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A.D.Smithh sings about the thoughts of ‘Always Tempted By the Vice’

A.D.Smithh sings about the thoughts of ‘Always Tempted By the Vice‘, a real indie rock journey that shows us what can happen in life.

You are so tempted to do something that you perhaps shouldn’t. Things aren’t going to well and you feel cold inside and sad. Things haven’t gone quite to plan in 2020 and you have had enough. You know you will hurt the people that you leave behind but perhaps this is for the best. Which path will you choose?

With a grungy rock entry, the guitar is in full swing here. The vocals are a bit lower than usual as the mood is ominous, you feel the passion and pain here. This is real music that you can immerse in, this is the type of music for the those late nights on the weekends. You understand the song but perhaps wouldn’t do the same thing. This is music to relate to.

A.D.Smithh sings well here on the awesome message from ‘Always Tempted By the Vice‘. Temptations are out there but you know what is right and wrong.

Watch the video here.

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From Byron Bay to New York, ‘Elements’ is Lovempires’s real-life Post-Punk gem in the dark

Taken off the full EP ‘Goodbye Darkness Hello Light‘, ‘Elements‘ is the raw and real-life Post-Punk gem from Australia-born act named Lovempire. This is the 2nd single taken off the new EP and is equally well-received from the now New York-based act.

Indie underground American/Australian darkened rock outfit Lovempire is a story of survival manifest. Morgan Phoenix is the architect of this gritty sound that is the life of the music scene. She is quite brilliant here and her vocal skills are ear-bending. This is the underground, away from the glitz and fakeness of some parts of the industry. These are the type of bands that are known as the best, respect is most cherished asset to anyone’s music bag.

You can be a good person or be naughty, that is life. This is the message here and to be the best at what you do is the point. Being yourself and being genuine is the key to life and you shouldn’t let anyone else tell you different.

The grungy post-rock-punk vibe here is brilliant. The vocals are gritty and real, you feel Morgan’s energy throughout and want to dance alongside here at the local club, its packed and sweaty. The volume needs to be turned up here for ‘Elements‘ from Lovempire.

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Seaker sings with such elegance on the awe-inspiring new single ‘You’

Seaker sings with such elegance on the brilliantly-made and awe-inspiring new single ‘You‘.

After growing up in the North East of England in the UK, Kiran Hungin is a singer-songwriter with a mysterious feel to her. She doesn’t post much on Social Media and makes incredible music that is made so well. This is a proper singer, not worried about the glitz and glamour, she only wants to sing and inspire those around her.

“I try to make music that is epic and delicate at the same time. I love those spine-tingly moments when there’s an emotional twist in a song or a tiny whispered vocal moves into a huge layered block of sound. I think for a while I associated art with sadness and only took something seriously in an artistic sense if it was melancholic. That shows still in how I write, though I also feel very full of hope and wonder, so it’s not all doom and gloom.”

This is a glorious song, full of high notes and made with so much love. Seaker sings with such beauty which is often lost in this burnt world that needs a lot of tlc. ‘You‘ is a stunning effort from the UK singer who has a voice that puts you in a different place. I feel relaxed and the world seems a bit safe thanks to this terrific track.

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16 year old songstress Amber T releases impressive new soulful single ‘No Company’

16 year old songstress Amber T releases her impressive new soulful single ‘No Company‘.

Working with producers Jamie Brown and Conor Mangan at JBJ Studios was a great idea as they have given huge guidance for this young shining star. The track was mastered by the legendary Robin Schmidt at 24-96 Mastering and the quality is totally top notch.

After starting to play music when she was just 8 years old, this is a self-taught artist with such a passion for me. She can really sing too. Amber’s vocals are classy and smooth, the years of vocal training is clear to see with the natural talent that she was given. Hard work and learning have helped her get to where she is now.

This is all about people complaining that they have no company. Its not your fault at all but they are making it your issue and you are tired of it. You are living and doing you thing no matter what. This is your time to shine and nobody is going to slow you down.

Amber T shows improvement yet again with her new indie-pop single ‘No Company‘ and this is a fine song from the young singer with a huge future.

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Alabama’s Clothesline Superman sings with meaning on ‘Devil On Her Hand’

Alabama’s Clothesline Superman sings with meaning on the new single ‘Devil On Her Hand‘.

Kevin Smith grew up in Talladega in Alabama and he served in the US Army as a Combat Medic. After his Army career, Kevin founded the healthcare IT company TrainingWheel and the success of his company allows him to give back to his hometown of Talladega through the revitalization of the Talladega Historic Square and showcase the tremendous amount of talented musicians, singers, and songwriters in Alabama.

This is all about being with someone that you don’t want to be with. You have been forced by your parents and you are not happy with this situation. They never cared about your needs or what you wanted. They love you but this mindset is not helping at all, You want to be free and love who you want to be with.

Alabama’s Clothesline Superman is excellent on his ‘Devil On Her Hand‘. This is a song that is relatable to so many woman who have had to go through this terrible thing in their life. This is well-sung with an indie-country style that is a pleasure to listen to.

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Kleyn Kutt calls out the fake people in the world on Hip Hop-flavored statement ‘Damn Shame’

Kleyn Kutt calls out the fake people in the world on Hip Hop-flavored statement ‘Damn Shame‘ and this is a top track in 2020.

In August, 2019, he competed in Custom Made’s Who Got Bars 16-bar competition. The competition was formidable, but he came out victorious. To celebrate, Kleyn turned his winning entry into a complete song, plus it can be downloaded for free too. Louisville native Kleyn Kutt is one of the top artists around, his flow is properly styled to that excellent music back in the day, clear sounds and no mumble.

This is all about making music with a good message here. Something with earthy heart and soul, the blessings of the common fan. This is for the night reasons, as for fake financial gain, it is not.

Damn Shame‘ is a top Hip Hop track for 2020 from Louisville native Kleyn Kutt as he shows us that he is not affected about the outside noise anymore. His mind is clear and focused and this is the winning formula in life. He is respected because he follows the mantra of having to have skills to rap. Otherwise you had to fall back in line and wait for your next shot to perform. Old school sentiment that has somehow gotten lost in this wild world.

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UK producer Dj Eskalator is in scintillating form with the best fresh 2020 ‘BipBop’

Dj Eskalator is in scintillating form with the best fresh house 2020 track called ‘BipBop‘.

Australian-based, UK born and raised on the wild, sweaty but tempting dance floors of the English nightclub and festival scene. This is a producer that has that style that makes you want to take off your shirt and dance all night.

You wonder what could of been, you should of just carried on but something stopped you at the time. Covid happened and seems to of got us scampering for touch at this time. When will we be free again from this awful plague. Back when we were free, we possibly thought of no consequences and had no responsibility, even for just a few hours.This is a determined Dj with his life that has been headed towards this particular path for a while.

This is a man that cares deeply about the sound and isn’t afraid to try new things. ‘BipBop‘ from Dj Eskalator is a hot track to turn up loud.

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‘I.D’ by Harkness is the groovy surfer-rock track to get us in the mood

I.D‘ by Harkness is the brand new single from the surfer-rock band with a mellow and genuine vibe.

After over 10 years of fine-tuning his music to, this is the time for Harkness to be heard. This is such a smooth, friendly style that has an island feel to it that is just so pleasant to listen to. This is home-studio styled and clearly made with love.

“These days Everyone is talking about ‘Living in the Moment’ but how closely are we really watching ourselves? As ambiguous as these song lyrics may appear, they are a call to be extremely attentive to our own inner world and maybe through that type of observation we can find the real root and source of our pain.”

I.D‘ by Harkness is an awesome New Psych song to listen to and the groovy vibes are transferred to our ears with absolute certainty. I love how this song is made and the chilled energy gives you a smile throughout these tough times.

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