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Singer Edenhill impresses us all with new pop debut track ‘Afterlife’

Edenhill is a new artist and impresses with a pure pop single called ‘Afterlife‘, a song that is crystal clear and shows the world a fine new talent.

With a strong voice and a riveting story, this is a track that is full of energy and desire. A new artist with lots to prove and he is off to a great start. This has that little bit extra that we all love.

You love them so much and would do anything to be with them. You always say that things are okay even if they aren’t, you want things to go well and not have any drama. You feel like you are living in a different world and are sad a lot when you are alone. The world has made things dark but you hold out hope that things will be okay down the road.

Edenhill shows us his pop style on ‘Afterlife‘ and this is a terrific sign of things to come. So often, artists come and go like the seasons but this feels different.

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Bristol’s Einsam leads the way in 2020 with the highly enjoyable Indie-Pop ‘Pressing Matters’

Bristol’s Einsam leads the way in 2020 with the highly enjoyable Indie-Pop ‘Pressing Matters‘ as he impresses on this catchy new track.

Sam Jackson is Einsam and he wrote this new song during his stay in stunning Vienna when he was on holiday. This is a lovely effort, full of fantastic flows and a beat that will be in your head for hours. The deep vocals push out the speakers perfectly and this is a wonderland of enjoyment. This is the kind of music to take your shoes off to, take a swim and think about the future.

You wonder what is to come, you are over-thinking right now and just want things to be clearer. This is the time to work out what you want in life as you know that this is the time to make it happen.

Pressing Matters‘ from UK based Einsam is a song that is all about moving forward and working out what is important in life. This is an extremely valuable lesson, full of life and is quite enchanting. A promising track from the Bristol singer, this is a track that needs to be noticed.

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RYA is tired of being messed around on his fresh house track ‘Anymore’

RYA is tired of getting messed around on his new fresh house track called ‘Anymore‘ and states his intentions.

This is a young 22 year old electro-soul singer & producer from stunning London City in the UK. He loves sunsets and parties that last way too long which isn’t too surprising as this is a last-lasting and stamina-filled house music that gets us all sweaty and blushing from ear to ear.

You are tired of her causing you pain. The love is so strong but now things are opening up like a broken door. Communication has been lost and this is a cause that can’t be saved. This is all over and now is the time to move on and grow stronger from the lessons learnt.

RYA is a talented producer and singer, his music is so relevant and his states his intentions clearly on this one. The beat is fantastic on ‘Anymore‘ and he is happy to be single for a while as he has lots of incredible music to make.

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Jay Vinci seduces on new R&B track ‘Late Nights’

Those gloomy nights are over thanks to Jay Vinci on his new song ‘Late Nights‘.

Hailing from Canada, Jason Collins better known as Jay Vinci, is an up and coming emcee and singer, with a penchant for writing infectious music and relatable narratives. Jay Vinci is greatly inspired by real life drawing inspiration from personal experiences and hardships which allows him to invoke strong emotions in people and also greatly influences him as an artist and make quality music.

Jay Vinci’s music journey began when he learnt about Hip Hop in 2010 and started to pursue his burning passion for the craft ever since. The bug bit real bad and the rest is history.

Jason Collin’s stage name Jay Vinci comes from Vinci, an island name for St. Vincent. Jay is an urban name for Jason.

The inspiration for his song ‘Late Nights‘ came from when he went to his local club in Edmonton. He kept on seeing a girl that was his crush. One day, he went over to talk to her, and that night inspired him to write ‘Late Nights‘ when he was 27 years old. He recorded ‘Late Nights‘ in Edmonton. When he’s not writing music or recording, he works as an apprentice Electrician.

Jay Vinci lights up the candles here and sets the standard on a higher level. This is a seductive song that is all about those late nights with that special person.

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LA trap rapper Lemonstar is back with 2nd single ‘Beverly Hills’

LA trap rapper Lemonstar returns with his 2nd ever single called ‘Beverly Hills‘.

This is all about showing that special person in your life that you are for real. You will go anywhere in town and show her that you should be the main man. You are willing to flex if you need to but that is not really your style. You just want to be with them and cruise wherever to be seen.

Beverly Hills‘ from LA artist Lemonstar is a smooth drive with the homies type of track. The beat is very new school, with the usual trap kind of sound. This song is less that 2 minutes and I like this track a lot. This is a fine track that flows the whole way though and makes you want to dance all night.

LA rapper Lemonstar is on the way up and has a big group of loyal fans already. He is surely set for big things as he has the sound that the youngsters into rap crave. Expect to hear more from this fine young artist.

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Dublin’s Robert O’Connor brings Skynem GT for real message on ”Over”

The Dublin-born singer-songwriter Robert O’Connor is back with Skynem GT on ”Over” (Before It’s Begun). This is a house beat with smooth vocals from the Irish singer.

This is about the age old question of if you are a true match. You want to be enough for someone but they have to feel the same for you. Otherwise this won’t work at all. This is happening now and this is a good thing. You need to know that this is going to be worthwhile or things could be worse later down the road.

After a five year absence from the music scene, Robert worked as a journalist and social media manager during this period. This shows how much he missed creating as you can tell on this video that he really enjoys it again and is fully back from his hiatus.

Robert O’Connor’s Over” is a fab track with great vocals and an earthy beat that is a tremendous listen.

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”WOOB ( When Outside Open Back)” from I-Bari (EYEBAREYE) ft Th3rd is an ode to the future

St.Thomas, US Virgin Islands is the home of I-Bari (EYEBAREYE) and he joins up with Th3rd on the future life video called ”WOOB (When Outside Open Back)”.

The name of the song says it all really. This is an ode to the future and what we can look forward to when the world opens up. Going outside, seeing friends and being free. Life will be good again.

Produced by Nova Elite Audio and JMTB this has a party and travelling message that is a scrumptious bite of flavor to the dusty taste of 2020. I like the swaggy beat that echoes through the speakers. The message is of positivism and a picture of what will and be like. Post COVID-19 of course.

I-Bari is such a real artist and shows us what life will be like when things return to some sense of normalcy. His lyrical skills shine through like a welcome light, away from the harsh realities of present time in most countries. The St.Thomas, US Virgin Island artist joins up so well with Th3rd on ”WOOB (When Outside Open Back)”.

Connect with I-Bari on Youtube.

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Cleveland band Hollin Kings power in with brilliant ”Hold On”

Hollin Kings are a riff-fusing Rock n’ Roll band from cozy Cleveland in Ohio. Their solos, strong lyrics and powerful vocals impress mightily here with the new track ”Hold On’‘.

Hold On” is all about holding onto what is important to you in life and never ever letting go. You know what you want so why not just work hard to keep it? This is a vital message in these days of flakiness and ghosting each other. I like the passion and energy here as the vocals show the hunger of the band. They have only been around for two years and show such an incredible cohesion together.

Hollin Kings flip the switch on during the ”Hold On” and the light is burning brightly. This is a band with a huge future as they make terrific music with a magnificent message. After meeting in the same town and through a shared passion of music, they are a band headed in the right direction.

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Askil Fangel returns with reflective indie track ”96 Percent”

Askil Fangel is composer, bassist and vocalist who is based in vibrant London. The London-based Norwegian musician who is a self-confessed coffee addict returns with the reflective new single called ”96 Percent”.

96 Percent” is a chilled indie song that has a tasty mixture of indie and electronic music. I find this to be quite a reflective journey from Askil. This is about talking things through with a close friend to get the full picture. It’s all about getting things straight in your head and making a plan on how to help both of you.

Askil Fangel shines on ”96 Percent” and he has such a unique voice that keeps you listening intently. He is a true storyteller and I feel like I’m on a train while listening to him. I’m looking outside and thinking very deeply, perhaps even over-thinking things. This is a very self-reflective song that makes me feel a little bit sad but I enjoy the sound and my head is always swaying along to the quality musicianship.

Stream this soulfully chilled song here on Spotify.

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Art_ILL and 1ove ride in with cruisin’ soundtrack ”Azaleas Pollen”

Taken off the new album ”Cherry Leaves”, this super track starts off with such grace and beauty. This is the new release from Art_ILL ft 1ove. ”Azaleas Pollen” is the name and this is a quality Hip Hop release.

Art_ILL is an underground rapper from Wheaton in Maryland. He utilizes dark eerie sounding beats reminiscent of the feel you would get from Noir movie scores, combined with a lyrical prowess and storytelling ability that creates the style he calls: Noir Rap.

I love the succulent female vocals on this track as they put me in a happy mood. Mixed with Art’s enthusiastic wordplay, this makes the release a fine addition in 2020.  ”Azaleas Pollen” has a jazzy hip hop feel to it with some new school beats. Art_ILL and 1ove ride in style here and this is a tasty track that gives us what we need. This is a perfect song for riding around with your homies on a hot summers day with the roof down low.

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