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Andrea Dee sings with vigor on ‘Not Sorry’

Stunning singer Andrea Dee sings with such passion on the indie-pop statement to the world: ‘Not Sorry‘.

With a wild frame of songwriting, singer Andrea Dee invites us briefly into her wonderful world of love, passion, heartbreak, and vulnerability. Her music is always an honest take on life, the journey, and the process plus everything in the middle.

Andrea Dee is a London based producer, singer-songwriter, performer and composer, originally from Paris, France. Now in London, she is on a mission for her music to be heard all over the world.

Not Sorry‘ from Andrea Dee is a story of not accepting people that don’t really get you. You know what you want and like and aren’t taking anything less in life. You feel like you are being put in a corner and can’t express yourself.

Andrea Dee sings so well on ‘Not Sorry‘. I can’t wait to see her live and hear this tremendous talent up close and personal. She has such a fine voice and I like the meaning behind this song. We need to be free and wild, not locked in.

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Muca & La Marquise release fantastic animated video for ‘Blue Moon Bossa’

Blue Moon Bossa‘ is Muca & La Marquise‘s animated music video that was made by Ed Murray and this is a gem of note.

Muca & La Marquise, the brainchild of London based songwriter and music producer Muca, is a music project that uses sound and vision to bring to life a 22 year old girl who possesses a hauntingly unique voice that will inspire the hearts of everyone. She certainly does this to emasculate standards.

You feel like you are in outer space, the love is so vivid and you can’t look away. Love can be blind but sometimes you have to go for it and take that jump. You might fall in love and for that, you must try and see if this is what is meant to be.

Blue Moon Bossa‘ from Muca & La Marquise is a stunning song and the visuals are so well-made. This is a soulful track, made with love. There are indie-jazz droplets of goodness here and this is a video to put on again and again. The beauty here is so evident and these two just made a masterpiece here.

Click here for the YouTube page.

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‘Get over It’ from Fendahlene is a relationship problem in a catchy song

Get over It‘ from Fendahlene is a relationship problem in a catchy song that has lots of awesome riffs to keep us wildly entertained.

Fendahlene were formed in Sydney back in late 1994 by Paul Whiteley (guitar and vocals) and Ashley Hurst (bass). After moving to Europe in 2006 from Australia, they decided to have a break to reboot. They soon returned to the studio in 2018 to record their new album, High and Low and Back Again at Urchin Studios in East London over a period of two years, the album featuring ‘Get Over It’ dropped in July 2020.

The bass line are tremendous here on Get over It and this is a top act. The vocals are smooth like a bald head, the catchy vibe has you pricking your ears up to hear more. This is the mark of a quality track.

This is the story about getting over a relationship that isn’t going well. Things were great and then life happened. You are tired or being in the firing line and have decided to move on as it isn’t worth it anymore. Or will you be able to chat about it and move on? Time will tell but things aren’t looking good so far.

Get over It‘ from Fendahlene is a fine indie-rock song and the catchy elements keep you hooked all the way through. This might be the new breakup anthem of 2020.

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Richie Ravello feat. Ryan Spring Dooley bring the truth on ‘Summer Fast’

Richie Ravello feat. Ryan Spring Dooley bring the truth on ‘Summer Fast‘ as this video is so well made and sung with passion.

With a video featuring a baby and pictures from the youngster, this is a song that grabs you by the heart and makes you smile. Life is too short to waste and this is the message here. Sometimes, things happen for a reason. The world is so windy sometimes and the dusty streets can blur our eyesight sideways. Music and what matters to you deep inside, is all that really counts.

I like the message a lot on this indie-pop-rap track that is so far from wack. The message is real, the video is brilliant and the vocals are crispy and fresh. Just the way music should be. Life is too short for anything else and I’m very inspired by this track.

Summer Fast‘ from Richie Ravello feat. Ryan Spring Dooley is an awesome song and with a message that shines through. When you find that moment in your life of pure happiness, all other petty things fly away like a grumpy bird. Take charge and do what makes you happy.

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Australian rapper Rivilin rips on emotion-charged ‘I Am Nothing’

The Australian rapper Rivilin comes through charging with emotion on the new Hip Hop laced single called ‘I Am Nothing‘.

This is all about being with someone you really care for, things are great at first. However for whatever reason, things haven’t worked out and now it’s over. You thought that this would be different but its turned out just like before. In heartbreak. The raging raw emotion is something to behold here as we have vocals that are so fiery and raps that tell the whole story. You now think that that person hates you as they are cold towards you now. Then you are together again but you know that she doesn’t want you in the bed when she wakes up. Things are messy now and you need to work out what to do.

I Am Nothing‘ from Rivilin is a wild ride into the emotion of a relationship that goes up and down, it’s fun and emotional but so tough to work out. This is a new school Hip Hop track with trap-filled influences that fire in with passionate vocals and lyrics. The young Australian artist has brought out a top track and the video is terrific.

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Axl Phnxx is incredible on the remarkable ‘No More Tears’

Axl Phnxx shines brightly with the deeply constructed new single with indie-folk ‘No More Tears‘.

After the well-received ‘Feel The Night‘, this is a fine follow-up to add to the galvanizing singer’s discography with a voice that grabs you by the heart. This is an artist who likes to push himself to make music that means something. It is not fake and plastic, it is the opposite. A gem in the rough, the type of music that puts you in your good place.

With a soft and introspectively calming intro, the firm but remarkable vocals float into your ears with a cascading brilliance. This is a song to chill with, candles on, beverage in hard, smiling but also knowing that you need to be strong now. The time for tears is done and now its about moving on. Moving on to something better, something more pure and something that you feel right about. Following your heart is the key here, unlocking that happy vision and doing what you think is best.

No More Tears‘ from Axl Phnxx is a lovely indie single from an artist who is creating incredible music.

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M. Hofmann sings with heartbreak on new single ‘You Don’t Have To Stay’

M. Hofmann sings with such heartbreak and passion on new single ‘You Don’t Have To Stay‘.

Raised in Australia’s southern most state of Tasmania, Mikhail Hofmann grew up on a simple musical diet; Elvis and 90s AM Radio. This quality artist is a true musician who loves the old school sound.

It wasn’t until his early teens, that Hofmann first picked up a guitar, which would become a daily ritual. He then tried his hand in various bands over the years, moving around before arriving in Sydney. Meanwhile, a private therapeutic songwriting habit helped keep a steady stream of creativity and experimentation throughout his teens and twenties, until the decision to strike out on his own became a clear one.

Now with three singles under his belt (You Don’t Have To Stay, Not There Yet, Dead and Gone), Hofmann’s sound blends Heartland Rock, Americana, and Indie Rock, with synthesisers, 12 string guitars and rhythmic acoustics laying the foundation for self reflecting lyrics. These songs give us a glimpse into what to expect from his debut album that he is currently working on.

With an 80’s feel, this is a top indie-rock song that saunters in and grabs you gently by the ears. The vocals are smooth, with heart and make you suddenly move into a reflective move. You think old old relationships and how they ended. Sometimes they end and the person you were madly in love with leaves, just like that. It’s over. You will move on and this is a lesson.

Australian singer-songwriter M. Hofmann does a fine job on ‘You Don’t Have To Stay‘ and this is a sad song that makes you think. A fine effort.

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Smooth Retsina Glow groovy it up with the psychedelic wonder ‘New Frontier’

Smooth Retsina Glow bring us sweet melodies on the brand new track called ‘New Frontier‘.

Formed in July 2015 by Colin Wolf and Marie DeFilipps, Smooth Retsina Glow are one of the most exciting and original bands to emerge from the Eastern Pennsylvania music scene in some time. As they currently enter their third year as a performing and creative outift, they have established themselves as a creative act.

In 2017, they joined forces with Reading bass legend Bennie Simms to produce their eponymous debut record, which received critical acclaim from press.

The solos here are fantastic and they make me float into a different hemisphere. The vocals are real and thoughtful and those bass lines are so sexy they will make all listeners blush.

New Frontier‘ from Smooth Retsina Glow is a groovy new single with quality vocals and the guitar skills are off the charts. This is a fine song that is beautiful and gets us excited about the future and inspirational for us to always go for our dreams, no matter what the barriers in front of us. The video from Spire Studios matches this bands dreams too.

Click here for the YouTube link.

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Ettie sings with delicious vocals on ‘Pepsi’

Singer-songwriter Ettie is back with more fantastic music on ‘Pepsi‘.

Ettie is an up and coming singer-songwriter from London, who drinks a lot of wine and has a lot of feelings. She infuses classic pop-punk melodies with personal, storytelling narratives. Her unique sound coupled with her background in English Literature allows for an immersive sonic experience, using word play and allusion to bring her songs to life.

You hate the way they talk their way up and aren’t sure if they are right for you, you go with it however. After a while, reality strikes and you start to regret what is going on. The temptation starts to fade however and things need to move quickly otherwise you will go home.

Ettie’s influences are Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Pale Waves, 80s synth pop, Kim Wilde, Patti Smith, L Devine. She has played at many London venues, supporting acts like Calvin Rodgers. This new song was self-written and produced by Charles Westropp in his studio. The song is highly influenced by 80s synth-pop to bring a classic delivery to a classic story.

Pepsi‘ is Ettie’s pop fantasy. She turns towards commercial from her classic pop-punk roots to establish herself as a true alt-pop artist. The song is about not having a dazzling connection with someone, but deciding to go with it anyway; like when you ask for a Coke in a restaurant and they ask if pepsi is okay? It’s not exactly what you ordered but it’s a start.

This is a sweet song with such interesting lyrics from Ettie on her new song ‘Pepsi‘. The way she expresses herself is so fantastic and this is a true tale of nights out after a few drinks. I love her music and she is like no other artist. This is a good thing.

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MYCL rocks the beat with the classy ‘Freely’

MYCL is here with his trap-filled beat on the new single called ‘Freely’.

Michael Gramling, better known by his stage name MYCL, is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. MYCL is naturally talented at playing the piano which is how he gained his producer name, Mikeyzz. He comes from a strong line of musicians in his family. Music literally runs in his blood due to this but this is what he does.

MYCL signed to Rich Life Moguls Management in July 2019 as this has helped boost his career for sure. Now, he can just focus on the music and let his team worry about the rest.

Freely’ from MYCL is all about living the life you want. You are caring less and less about what other people think and doing what you want. This is about just going for it and not looking back. With such a real message, we are all reminded that this is the way to go. Worrying about what other people think and concerning yourself with small-minded comments is a waste of time.

Click here for the YouTube link.

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