Middle Of The Darkest World: Southern Maine hard-rock act Defined Perspective ask where that true destiny is on ‘In Their Sights’

With a pure and pulsating sound that shows their deep friendship and tightly-knit togetherness, Defined Perspective return to awaken our sluggish perspective with their third single that has us ‘In Their Sights‘.

Defined Perspective is an experienced five-piece hard-rock band from Southern Maine who have been friends since those wild days at high school. They merge together their over forty years experience in music to bring us a rampaging sound, that is full of life, and has your quickening heart in a real excited flutter.

On a calm start that lures you in slowly, you are soon transformed by a hardcore sound which rages angrily into your fast-beating heart. They thunder in with a lightning bolt of electricity that shall shock many – whilst pleasing most rock fans – who have been looking to vent some of that pent-up frustration out.

In Their Sights‘ from the Southern Maine-based indie hard-rock act Defined Perspective, has our eyes alert to their riff-laden power and they swarm our minds with a tremendously vigorous display. They are looking for more meaning than what can be seen currently, and show us a world that needs a better direction, to truly succeed in being a much better place away from temptation and greed.

This is the perfect early morning track to play if you need a boost for that long day at work, as it certainly raised your mood up a few notches.

Stream this rocking track on YouTube and check out their Facebook page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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