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Upstart Mexico City act The Shelter make debut with ‘’Black Phillip’’ single’

Alt Rock band from Mexico City, ‘The Shelter’ make their entrance into the music scene with their first released song: ‘’Black Phillip’’. 

They have some nice dummer skills on this one and the beat is fresh and downright awesome at times and I wish there were more solo’s.  The song does sound familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on the band. I’m sure they will mix things up on the next song as they don’t want to sound like anyone else.

It’s a decent debut, solid, if not spectacular at the same time. A new band in the scene, they are making their name and we hope for some more tracks over time to show their growth as they learn more about each other musically. 

Listen to ‘The Shelter’ here on their new Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Versailles upstart ALT Rock band Prosody reach for the stars with powerful single ‘’Neptune’’

If you were my Neptune /You would make me so pure/I would take you somewhere. Formed in 2017, ‘Prosody’ are making a name for themselves with their good sound and strong lyrical abilities. They are an enjoyable listen and seem like they are climbing up the European music ladder.

Previously in ‘Newborn’ in 2016, you can tell that the band are quite familiar with each other which makes such a difference. Bands take many months and years to know what each other is thinking and this can’t be faked. ‘Prosody’ is off their album ‘Keep Your Dreams Awake’ and is a fun song to listen to. Vocally I feel that an extra backing vocalist would help tremendously to get their sound out more. 

After only playing in Paris so far, let’s keep an eye out for this newish band to make a name for themselves next summer at festivals in Europe. They certainly have all the ingredients to make it big.

Get more of this fantastic French band inside your ears via YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen



Irish indie rock band Rofi James released their new single ‘Everytime I Make You Hate Me’ on April 24th 2020, an alternative pop effort that follows the success of their previous debut singles ‘Fools For Your Love’ and ‘Open Eyes’.

‘Everytime I Make You Hate Me’ is a compelling combination of the best indie pop and indie rock influences of the last decade, with its melodies sounding original and fresh among the contemporary alternative scene.

The song presents a range of pads and rhythmic guitars that broaden the sound both in the verses and choruses, and grows even wider with the balanced pop drums resulting in a almost epic harmony. The little crunch in the vocals perfectly suits the sweetness of the overall song, a fantastic contrast that will immediately catch your ear.

Head over to Spotify and listen to ‘Everytime I Make You Hate Me’.

Review by Jim Esposito.


MURMAN – Panama: The Antidote to Indie Mediocrity

North London three-piece MURMAN has shaken up the mediocrity in the contemporary Indie scene with their high-octane single Panama.

It’s the kind of hit play on, get ensnared by the explosive instrumental hooks and instantaneously decide that MURMAN is a band you need to witness live. The biting despondency of the track is one thing, the authenticity of this feat of Psych-laced kaleidoscopically chaotic track is quite another.

Growling basslines and popping guitar notes lead the way into a frenetic progressive hit which ensures that the buzzsaw riffs offer just as much palpable vitriolic bite as the blazing Psych Rock solos. Fans of the Cramps, Desert Mountain Tribe, Bauhaus, and Black Rebel Motorcycle club will definitely want to check out this aural juggernaut of a release.

You can check out MURMAN’s single Panama for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Keep up to date with the latest releases from MURMAN via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Tiny Tree’s new album ‘Embolism’ is going to be a crazy journey of post rock

If you’re into some chaotic, heavy, post rock madness then the new album ‘‘Embolism’’ by Muskegon-based band Tiny Tree will be one to check out, you’ll be able to listen to the release on April 1st.

Listening to the final track on the anthology Drowning it’s one that summarises the duo and what they’re all about perfectly. Even though it is six minutes long, which to some may seem a bit too much, every part of the song has its own special element.

The electrifying guitar riffs and thunderous drum beats illuminate the background as the vocals begin to cut through. With the gut-wrenching screams from vocalist Addison Eilers, alongside the manic instrumentals from Paul Jensen, the two together blend together in a superb way.

Giving of that aggressive tone, the vocal ranges stay similar throughout until the breakdowns hit and the heaviness collides. This collection is going to be one for those who love a bit of loud post rock, it’ll be the one to have on repeat.

Be sure to check out Tiny Tree’s new album when it releases, you won’t want to give this one a miss.

You can check out the album by heading over to their bandcamp on April 1st.

Review by Karley Myall


D’LuXE Reminds Us Of The Cyclical Nature Of Music

There is something that lies at the heart of the D’LuXE sound which seem to make me picture it playing from an old radio at a low volume at night, perhaps as the quiet sound track to the scene of a film, one tinged with love, loss and longing. It is a resonance, a certain sonic heart, a depth of classicism, and a feeling that even whilst hearing the song for the first time it is somehow woven into the very fabric of the human condition.

Although she works in a modern genre, musically she seems to possess an old soul, remembering when such music was still connected to the emotive sound of the genre of the same name and equally so to the tragedy of blues and the classic girl group era, rather than the modern influx of more pop styles which seem to have subsumed that nostalgic purity to some degree. But for all its traditionalism, Not Hiding The Pain is still very much a product of the present as well and a wonderful reminder of the cyclical nature of all music.


Check Out Refractions Swirly Guitar Acrobatics On ‘Anna’

Refractions are an indie rock band with a very special approach to melody. Their swirly guitar acrobatics, floaty rhythm sections and understated vocals make me think of bands such as Transit, American Football or This Town Needs Guns, but with a more upbeat attitude.

“Anna” is a song that showcases the band’s approach at its most eclectic, combining intimate indie atmospheres with energetic grooves and guitar chops that almost blink an eye to funk. In terms of guitar arrangement, these guys certainly learned a few valuable lessons from bands such as Maps & Atlases or Minus The Bear, going for a catchy, yet sophisticated approach.

The song is not just edgy drums and cool guitar: the vocal harmonies also play a really important mix in this particular arrangements – adding air and width to the lead vocals, which has a mellow and direct vibe.