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Where Do We Go From Here: Passionate Norwich band Red Wine Talk are quite superb on ‘What A Shame’

Taken from their recently released fourteen-track album ‘The Beauty and Elegance of Drinking Alone‘, Red Wine Talk rip the door down onto the dusty floor and pour us a glass of goodness, with a tremendous performance which shows that the hype is justifiably real on ‘What A Shame‘.

Red Wine Talk is a thrilling five-piece Norwich-based indie alt rock/pop band. They made a raw blend of riveting music creation for the soul to co-exist with, that seems to happily galvanize you into a totally different perspective than before.

With lyrics which boast an air of youthful optimism marred with undertones of morbid post-teenage angst, balanced over infectious riffs and sung with the pent up emotion of a damaged frontman.” ~ Red Wine Talk

This is a vocalist who has clearly got talent oozing skillfully from his hungry veins, as his superb voice has you in a really engaged mood. Backed up by a magnificent band who make that wonderfully groovy vibration that has a stimulating soundscape you want to jump onto, this is a local act that sizzle through the liquefied speakers just right.

What A Shame‘ from the exciting Norwich-based indie rock/pop act Red Wine Talk, is the real message of feeling that the world is such a wasted space right now. The lies have caught up and self-aware people can see through the fake smoke, as they wonder where we will actually go from here.

Performed with that extra motivated edge from a band who have never given up their dreams despite the world closing for a while, you sense that they are only just getting started.

Hear this catchy track on Spotify and see more of their growing career on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Under My Skin: Norwegian rockers One and a half Dog know this was meant to be on ‘Shine’

As they start off strong with a drum-filled beat mixed with groovy riffs for the ages, One and a half Dog raise their hands up high as they smartly avoid the doom-stacked doubts around and aim to ‘Shine‘.

One and a half Dog is a classic five-piece indie-rock act from Trondheim, Norway. They make a stunning blend of electric music that startles you at first, as you jump headfirst into their sensational soundscape.

The vocals are so atmospherically on point the whole way through, as we are taken on an exciting ride that lights a flaming-hot fire into your mind, that sweetly warms up your previously-cold heart. You feel like this is a cinematic experience through the swampy fields of doom – that soon take you to a place which has you gritting your teeth – as you rise up to move into the much more inviting greener pastures.

Shine‘ from the quality five-piece Norwegian rock band One and a half Dog, is a watch-me-do-something-special track, that climbs up bravely from the dangerous rubble and unhealthy dust, to break down the disappointment of before and turn it into a new perspective. On a terrific track that urges the miserable souls in your life to move away as you are only looking towards a new positive energy, this is a new single which will have you feeling motivated to shine bright again.

Knowing where you want to go, is the key to that all-time peace inside your hungry soul.

Hear their new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Just Want A Meal: Library Trap know that they need to get things done on ‘Borrowed Time’

Following the underground success of their first single ‘Murakami‘, Library Trap open up the creaking door to see if it is all actually real outside with their latest jam named ‘Borrowed Time‘.

Five-piece hip-hop collaboration act Library Trap, is a group who were formed back at school when they were just sixteen years young. With a fresh-faced attitude and hungry lip-licking zest for making true music which is different to the plastic norm, they give off a radiant air of creativity, which is such a blessing to our tired ears.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, working remotely slowed down their collaborative work. However, the time spent was used to refine their skills and help further enhance and push their sound.” ~ Library Trap

The busty beat here stretches your vivid imagination like a rubber band, as you are drawn quickly into the complex layers which web over the track like a skilled spider in his prime. They push the boundaries all throughout this bouncy produced gem and this is a track you haven’t heard before – as they take us on a journey through what they have seen – during this horrific pandemic-riddled mess of a is-this-really-happening world.

Borrowed Time‘ from the youthfully exuberant five-piece hip-hop act Library Trap, has our eyes peeled on our watches to find a way out of this maze before dinner – to make sure you catch your manifested dreams – before they sneeze away into the sun-lit sky as a forgotten memory. With a supremely creative body of work already, these talented artists skin up a real reason to get excited about their original output.

Time is short in life after all, so wasting efforts on nothingness is fools gold.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Middle Of The Darkest World: Southern Maine hard-rock act Defined Perspective ask where that true destiny is on ‘In Their Sights’

With a pure and pulsating sound that shows their deep friendship and tightly-knit togetherness, Defined Perspective return to awaken our sluggish perspective with their third single that has us ‘In Their Sights‘.

Defined Perspective is an experienced five-piece hard-rock band from Southern Maine who have been friends since those wild days at high school. They merge together their over forty years experience in music to bring us a rampaging sound, that is full of life, and has your quickening heart in a real excited flutter.

On a calm start that lures you in slowly, you are soon transformed by a hardcore sound which rages angrily into your fast-beating heart. They thunder in with a lightning bolt of electricity that shall shock many – whilst pleasing most rock fans – who have been looking to vent some of that pent-up frustration out.

In Their Sights‘ from the Southern Maine-based indie hard-rock act Defined Perspective, has our eyes alert to their riff-laden power and they swarm our minds with a tremendously vigorous display. They are looking for more meaning than what can be seen currently, and show us a world that needs a better direction, to truly succeed in being a much better place away from temptation and greed.

This is the perfect early morning track to play if you need a boost for that long day at work, as it certainly raised your mood up a few notches.

Stream this rocking track on YouTube and check out their Facebook page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Middle Fingers Up: Motivated Idaho metal band Artificial Aliens urge us to make it count this time with ‘Start Again’

With a powerfully rugged sound that has your ears ringing like a telephone in delight, Artificial Aliens angrily smash the locked door down to the floor as they search for that all-important purpose which will set them free on ‘Start Again‘.

Artificial Aliens is a thunderous Rupert, Idaho-based indie post-hardcore/metal five-piece band. They make that stimulating-your-senses-quickly type of speaker-shaking vibe, which has you feeling so invigorated after a long enforced slumber.

From a town with few concerts or publicity, Artificial Aliens have traveled and toured to gain exposure for their unique and aggressive sound.” ~ Artificial Aliens

You feel their electric energy transforming into something special right before your eyes, as you turn up the volume to the max, as your whole body has that rare feeling of euphoria. The powerful vocals lift you up into the smoke-filled air so quickly as the band are on top form the whole time.

Their sensationally hard soundscape has your head nodding furiously as you imagine watching them live in concert, and moshing intensely the whole way through the gig.

Start Again‘ from the high octane Rupert, Idaho-based indie metal/post hardcore act Artificial Aliens, shows us a motivated band on a real mission to grab that opportunity by sweeping the past away, as they take charge of what comes next. They remind us that its vitally important to never let the past dictate your future, as starting fresh sometimes is the only way to truly succeed.

Their lesson is simple. Middle fingers up to anyone who tries to bring you down in life.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Feel Like A Prisoner: Raging Dallas metal act RadioKing are trapped and need to ‘Turn Away’

Taken heavily off their brand new foot-stomping fourteen-track album called ‘Redemption‘, RadioKing are totally honest about these wild times that has them breaking away from where they want to be on ‘Turn Away‘.

RadioKing is a furiously intense five-piece Dallas, Texas-based indie rock/metal band. They make the kind of music shudder that has your whole room shaking rather rapidly – as they break down the frangible windows – with a high octane performance on each of their strapping tracks.

Lifelong friends Jimmy Adcock (guitar), Mark Stroface (guitar), John Cruz (bass), and Scott Crawford (drums) formed RadioKing and through numerous auditions found Alex Collins (vocals) to complete the group.” ~ RadioKing

This is the robust story about feeling locked inside and how it has mightily messed with your over-thinking mind, that was so clear and precise before. A relatable feeling indeed, from a time in the world that we would rather all forget.

With forceful vocals and a powerfully struck band performance, this is such a menacing track that will certainly awaken your drowsy senses if they were sleepy before.

Turn Away‘ from the Texas five-piece indie rock/metal act RadioKing, shows us a gripping display of mental fortitude from an electric band, who put everything on the line. Sometimes you just know you need to be doing something different, but feel compelled to go down the road you know is filled with undesirable detours anyway.

Stream this new single on Spotify and learn more on the Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Light My Fuse: New Jersey blues royalty Matt O’Ree Band splendidly spark up that real ‘Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo’

Singing the blues away and getting back on top where they belong after an unforeseen time away from playing live to reflect, Matt O’Ree Band are at their crowd-yelling best with the ultra catchy new visuals for ‘Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo‘.

Matt O’Ree Band are a highly rated five-piece blues-rock act from New Jersey, USA. They jump effortlessly on stage and turn everyone’s mood around – as they are a band that bring the house down – with their world class sound which is absolutely timeless.

Former guitarist for Bon Jovi, NY/NJ Blues Hall of Fame inductee, and crowned King Of The Blues by BB King himself, Matt O’Ree has been a driving force in the blues/rock music scene for the last twenty years.” – Matt O’Ree Band

You feel their stunning presence on this terrific track which is all about brushing away the bad vibes and rolling around in goodness again, with such an array of greatness on each second here.

Over the past few years, The Matt O’Ree Band has done what most area bands do. They’ve played their shows, developed their sound, released their records, and very quietly built a massive fan base in the process. What makes this band different from all the others is that their local fan base includes Bruce Springsteen, David Bryan (Bon Jovi), Steve Cropper (Booker T & the MG’s), John Popper (Blues Traveler), Bernie Worell (P-Funk) and Hubert Sumlin (Howlin Wolf), all of whom had volunteered to perform on the band’s album, Brotherhood.” – Matt O’Ree Band

Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo‘ from the New Jersey-based Matt O’Ree Band, shows us a group in real top form as they sing with so much belief, the guitar riffs are quite tremendous and we are treated to such a gem on this wonderfully constructed track. This is a song the whole family can jive with, as the vibe is so alive and has you reaching for those dancing shoes again. Life is so good when there is quality music like this, to help forget all those worries.

See this exciting new lyric video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hold Tight: Accrington band Escapades reach for the galaxy beyond on freshly minted new single ‘Star Collisions’

Recorded at the cozy Electric Church in Blackburn, Escapades sparkle with the imaginative love story that has you feeling so alive on the superbly created ‘Star Collisions‘.

Escapades is an exciting Accrington, England-based five-piece indie pop/rock band. They have tweaked their sound recently and the results are for all to see – with a pacey drum machine – adding so much to an already superb music output.

Her stupendously crisp voice is so full of life and exudes such class- as each note is filled with harmonious brilliance – and is backed up by some seriously groovy and catchy vibes. This terrific band has a magnificent style and your head can’t help but nod in union – you feel toasty warm and lovingly enlightened by their superb energy – and this is such a tasty treat to our hungry souls.

Star Collisions‘ from the excellent Accrington-based act Escapades, is the story about being with someone who makes you feel like you are travelling to outer space when you kiss their lips, and feel such a welcome surge of shooting star attraction flood into your whole welcoming body. They get you and you feel like you are floating somewhere peaceful, far away from the mess of this currently confusion-filled world.

This is one of the best songs released in 2021 so far – as it fantastically leaves you in awe of this fast-rising – and criminally underrated UK band.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Forget: Oakland’s 50xDIP keep it real on ‘Pray For Our Sins’

Taken off their brand new five-track ‘Members EP‘, 50xDIP spray their lines down to the ground with a united feel on the bars-filled new single that has them winning easily on ‘Pray For Our Sins‘.

50xDIP is a promising Oakland, California-based five-piece hip-hop collective who started their journey in 2017 with parties and a clothing label. They make that entertaining music which floods into your mind and keeps things fresh with street-hop rhymes, combined with a blustery beat, which lets you know that they are for real.

Their teamwork is so apparent here as they all have a have a well-earned turn on the awaiting mic — their style is honest and forthright and has no cheesy tales inside the burger– and features so much venom that the snake needs a refill. You feel their candid street-smarts come to the fold, and this is an underground track that has a lot to like entrenched inside it.

Pray For Our Sins‘ from the well-respected Oakland, California-based hip-hop group 50xDIP, has you looking for the skies above to wonder further, if karma really strikes you down if you do bad things. This is a track that is straight to the point and shreds through like a sharp slicer on the mic. The underground feel is real and an ode to the classic days, of this hugely popular genre.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Outside My Brain: Detroit band Spyderhuff wonder if people ‘Think About Me’

With glistening vocals that have you listening closely to this true message of life, Spyderhuff carefully gaze outside and wonder intently what this complex world has come to on the true life new single ‘Think About Me‘.

Spyderhuff is an old school, life-long friend Detroit, Michigan band that fill our mind with intrigue with a potent blues-rock-country-techno mix, that will certainly rattle your senses awake.

Formed originally over fifty years ago by the underrated underground artists Tom Kuhr and Don Beyer, who both played in various jazz and rock bands back in the 70’s and 80’s, they have since added three more members to uplift our moods with a powerful five-piece team.

They perform with such passion and desire, each note has been perfectly formed to bring you that classic sound — as the lyrics are cleverly worded and have you thinking deeply — about how much time you unnecessarily think about others thinking about you.

Think About Me‘ from Detroit act Spyderhuff, lets us into a world that has changed from before, as the cellphones get more eye contact than ever before. The days of interacting innocently have changed forever, and we need to be self-aware enough to sift the real away from the fake, otherwise our minds get way too cluttered and battle to function like they should.

Hear more on YouTube link and check out the Facebook music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen