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Boston pop duo Blue Doll feels like the time is now to escape this broken love permanently on None The Wiser

Fellow EP by Blue Doll

After keeping their music hidden from the world and only available if you were one of their inner circle of friends, Blue Doll guides us inside a poignant story that will give you goosebumps all over your body on None The Wiser.

Blue Doll is a Boston, Massachusetts-based indie-pop duo who are close friends and have decided that now is the time to show the world their intimate creations.

Kendall and Steve first crossed paths at college orientation in 2007… but the inspiration to collaborate wouldn’t fully strike until they were about to graduate with their degrees in Music Business in 2011.” ~ Blue Doll

Guiding us into an emotional story that shows us a body-shaking moment when you suddenly realized you were alone in keeping a relationship alive, Blue Doll is supremely sincere and embraces our hearts with an affectionately made release that is laden with serene beauty at every corner.

Showing us deeply inside that precise realization when you knew you needed to get out before your soul was crushed forever, this is an honest song that so many shall unfortunately relate to.

None The Wiser from Boston, Massachusetts-based indie-pop duo Blue Doll is a tenderly made story from the heart. With a superb vocal ambience and a lovely production that will strike you deep inside your soul, this is an anthem for anyone who knew that it was time to walk away from something once so joyous, but now so shattered.

When you feel you’re being used for your kindness, it’s time to close the door for good.

Listen up to this new single on Bandcamp and see more via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Middle Of The Darkest World: Southern Maine hard-rock act Defined Perspective ask where that true destiny is on ‘In Their Sights’

With a pure and pulsating sound that shows their deep friendship and tightly-knit togetherness, Defined Perspective return to awaken our sluggish perspective with their third single that has us ‘In Their Sights‘.

Defined Perspective is an experienced five-piece hard-rock band from Southern Maine who have been friends since those wild days at high school. They merge together their over forty years experience in music to bring us a rampaging sound, that is full of life, and has your quickening heart in a real excited flutter.

On a calm start that lures you in slowly, you are soon transformed by a hardcore sound which rages angrily into your fast-beating heart. They thunder in with a lightning bolt of electricity that shall shock many – whilst pleasing most rock fans – who have been looking to vent some of that pent-up frustration out.

In Their Sights‘ from the Southern Maine-based indie hard-rock act Defined Perspective, has our eyes alert to their riff-laden power and they swarm our minds with a tremendously vigorous display. They are looking for more meaning than what can be seen currently, and show us a world that needs a better direction, to truly succeed in being a much better place away from temptation and greed.

This is the perfect early morning track to play if you need a boost for that long day at work, as it certainly raised your mood up a few notches.

Stream this rocking track on YouTube and check out their Facebook page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Like The Way You Move Your Lips: The Morning Room impress highly on groovy love tune ‘Blush and Stammer’

As their eyes lock in tight and the enthralled heart starts to beat so much faster, The Morning Room show us that intimate moment which changes everything with the visually pleasing new music video for their second single ‘Blush and Stammer‘.

The Morning Room is an exciting indie-dream pop duo from San Diego and San Francisco, USA. They have a crisply toned and highly satisfying energy that has been created by former solo artist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Chris Avetta and music producer Ryan King.

Her scrumptiously alluring vocals are equally matched with a sensational beat that has your curious mind alive with excitement. These two make a tremendous team that brings a mood that is thrilling and full of vibes that are quite electrically-charged, with a wonderfully calm and consistent tempo.

This is the sweet story of love that has the lips quivering in anticipation – as the bite inside is quick but noticeable – when you know what you want and are on a mission to see where this could possibly lead.

Blush and Stammer‘ from the top notch indie-pop duo and longtime friends The Morning Room, is a terrific combination of excellent skill sets that shows their trust in each other. This is a fine song that is so captivating and has your mind racing as the sparks are flying, which tell you that this is going to be an exciting night that has just started.

See this party-filled music video on YouTube and see more on their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Outside My Brain: Detroit band Spyderhuff wonder if people ‘Think About Me’

With glistening vocals that have you listening closely to this true message of life, Spyderhuff carefully gaze outside and wonder intently what this complex world has come to on the true life new single ‘Think About Me‘.

Spyderhuff is an old school, life-long friend Detroit, Michigan band that fill our mind with intrigue with a potent blues-rock-country-techno mix, that will certainly rattle your senses awake.

Formed originally over fifty years ago by the underrated underground artists Tom Kuhr and Don Beyer, who both played in various jazz and rock bands back in the 70’s and 80’s, they have since added three more members to uplift our moods with a powerful five-piece team.

They perform with such passion and desire, each note has been perfectly formed to bring you that classic sound — as the lyrics are cleverly worded and have you thinking deeply — about how much time you unnecessarily think about others thinking about you.

Think About Me‘ from Detroit act Spyderhuff, lets us into a world that has changed from before, as the cellphones get more eye contact than ever before. The days of interacting innocently have changed forever, and we need to be self-aware enough to sift the real away from the fake, otherwise our minds get way too cluttered and battle to function like they should.

Hear more on YouTube link and check out the Facebook music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Speak The Truth: HaloMino impress mightily with debut single ‘Blacklight’ (feat. Ezra Skys)

With soothingly crisp vocals and refreshingly mellow beats that gets the temperature setting just right, HaloMino sends us a groovy debut to take carefully penned note of with ‘Blacklight(feat. Ezra Skys).

HaloMino is a poetic bedroom-based Neo-soul, jazz fusion and hip-hop morphing two-piece act formed by good mates Ben Cipolla and Oli Jones.

They creatively blend creative piano soundscapes, smooth saxophone brilliance and ice-cool hush beats that has you feeling so flush, as they are a new school feel that are the real deal.

You feel the marvelous beat that echos into your happy speakers, the pure love is there and you just know that he wants it to be fun like it used to be, when they had just met. With a chilled out style which has your head in the clouds and your mind alive with those reflective possibilities — you close your eyes and wonder when you will find that soul — who makes you elusively happy forever.

Blacklight(feat. Ezra Skys) from HaloMino, is a quality new track that tries to compromise into finding the heart-stopping love again, despite the sadness that comes with somehow trying to sort things out, that could be turning for the worse.

The darkness is getting you down but the sunny light is on the way — you just need time to get through this winding road that is making things rather bumpy — when it should be much simpler to be together.

Stream this debut song on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Marshall Stannus lusts for love but not yet on indie-pop ”Friends”

After reviewing ”Springbreakers”, ”Euphoria” and now ”Friends”, Australian indie rapper-singer Marshall Stannus rolls in with next track and 3rd single of 2020.

The mysteriously brilliant Melbourne artist is certainly bringing out some quality content during these covid-19 times. Music is flowing and this is up there with his best songs so far. His vocal delivery and hard-hitting style that catches your attention is back.

Friends” finds Marshall in a good place for a while before we are lowered into the story of wanting to be friends but also needing that alone time. This is a new artist inside as realizes that this is his path and if something is in the way, he needs to let go and grow. Inside however, you keep looking at your phone thinking briefly if it was the right decision.

Melbourne, Australia Indie rapper-singer Marshall Stannus brings his a-game on this Hip Hop crunched beat ”Friends” that is an excellent track from the Australian performer on the rise.

Stream this new song here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

NYC Actor and singer Paul Helou & Friends cheer us up with ”There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues) ”

A happy song to cheer us all up after a long time under lock down. This is a song to cherish all of the workers on the front lines during these tough times. This is a terrific creation by Paul Helou & friends who have toiled to bring this song to bless our lives.

This is a big effort as he brings together a strong cast that all fulfill their parts expertly. With a happy vibe this could be the happiest song of 2020. A marvelous rhythm is encapsulated throughout and this is a match made in heaven if you want to be in a good mood. I smile during this and the light energy is highly welcome.

The fantastic musicians here with Paul are: Devyn Rush: vocals (California), Christian Teele: drums & congas (Colorado), Melisa Dopazo: bass (Argentina), Manuel Trabucco: alto & tenor sax (Italy) and Josh Shilling: piano & hammond B3 organ (Tennessee).

To watch this video be sure to check the link here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen