Daniel J Morrow – Up or Alive: Sonically Angular Alt Rock

After checking out Daniel J Morrrow’s latest single Up or Alive I can actually confirm that I’m both.

The alternative Rock single may be one of the most blissfully concordant offerings of Post-Punk I have ever heard. There is such resonance to be found in the depth and texture of the heavily reverbed and distorted guitars which almost allowed the track to meander into the Shoe Gaze arena, yet the riffs and chord progressions of the sonically angular instrumentals don’t bleed into the mix. So, it’s safe to say the production quality on this track is absolutely flawless. The vocals are the perfect accompaniment to the instrumentals in Up or Alive.  Whilst the vocal style may be a little more Indie rock, or dare I say it ‘Emo’ they sit above the instrumentals with an almost perfect offering of warm melancholy.

Up or Alive was the first release from Daniel J Morrrow’s debut solo album, I’d definitely stay tuned for this one, in the meantime; head on over to SoundCloud where you can drink in the anthemic wonder that is his first single

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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