Charlotte emcee Reed returns with the excellent new conscious Hip Hop EP ‘berri boi’

Reed returns with the excellent new conscious Hip Hop EP that strikes up the standard and it’s called ‘berri boi‘.

Released through Space Station Records, this is a fine release that is different from all the wack emcee’s that glorify crime and violence. This is proper Hip Hop and has been carefully crafted for our souls to enjoy. This is all about life, growing up with no money and just trying to survive this wild world. The vocals are crisp like a tasty apple, the beat crunches in your ears and you feel healthy after listening to this quality EP.

My standout tracks here are without doubt ‘Flexberri‘ and ‘Wow‘. I love the beat and the flow is so vivid on these two songs especially in my eyes. His storytelling style is a pleasure to consume and this is the best Hip Hop EP I’ve heard for some time. I love how his energy is so chilled yet his is straight forward with the content. This is all about how crazy the world is and ‘berri boi‘ from Reed is a tasty treat for our ears.

Click here and stream it now.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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