YNFL Cino releases Hip-Hop infused single Hazy Nights

YNFL Cino has dropped his latest single ‘Hazy Nights’ infusing Hip-Hop and Rap to create this fast-paced energetic piece.

Beginning with that quiet vocal that plays over the melody leading into that more upbeat rhythm that takes the song up a notch, as the vocals begin. The vocal ranges are fairly soft in terms of tone, keeping it more flat tending not to get higher in terms of pitch.

The pace is quick, each moment it tends to speed up that little bit more. Sometimes it can feel like there’s a lot going on with the beat overlapping the vocals and then the vocals repeating themselves.

But in terms of the melody, it really brings the lively and infectious feeling to it as you listen and the rhythm does collide with the lyrics in an impressive way. There is this steady flow throughout always making sure to keep each element mixing together to create this catchy piece.

Check out YNFL Cino Hazy Nights by heading on over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall

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