Los Angeles-based Hip hop artist Truse hopes that the wars and suffering may end soon on, ‘Invisible Enemies’

Showing us that through the pain we need to remember that hope is just a road away if we have the strength to walk there, Truse reminds us that we are facing many issues right now but have the ability to conquer all fears on, ‘Invisible Enemies‘.

Truse is a Los Angeles, California-based indie Hip hop artist who makes music to help others feel comfort and love when there is so much darkness.

I went to college in Santa Barbara and other than that I’ve been here, making music all these years.” ~ Truse

Showing why he is such a respected underground artist with a cult following of loyal fans, Truse eases the distress with a tremendous display of compassion that will fill you up with the hope that things can actually change if we join together as one.

Invisible Enemies‘ from Los Angeles, California-based indie Hip hop artist Truse is a strong track that calls for peace and understanding that sends you into a nostalgic world of mass ponder. With the carnage in droves and wars striking the hearts of peaceful souls unnecessarily, this is a track that will have you thinking deeply about what the solutions are.

Rapped with a heartfelt nature that sends your mind spinning, this is a potent single that should inspire many to rise their heads above all dispair.

Listen up to this new single on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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