Tim Mcgurl – Face The World So Green – A Heartfelt Song That Tells A Big Story

With the first few strums of the guitar I immediately knew this song has something deep and meaningful to offer. And it did not disappoint. In fact it offered a brilliant set of lyrics and an even more heartfelt performance. The gentle guitar melody and chords making up the intro offer a unique kind of melancholic feeling that at the same time is beautifully characterised with the use of space and the way notes resonate within it. But this is not all.

“Face the World So Green” is in itself a life story turned into a stripped down song which immediately hits the heart. It talks about the strength needed by a mother and her kids after the loss of her husband, in a very touching way. The fact that this song is so intimate, with just guitar and voice, makes it even more heartfelt, truly expressing the strength that is needed from the perspective of a young adolescent in such a situation.

With descriptive and image evoking lyrics, a simplistic yet impactful guitar arrangement and a brilliantly raw vocal performance, this song shows us what it means to be human in the most beautiful of ways.

Sarah Marie Bugeja

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