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Los Angeles-based Hip hop artist Truse hopes that the wars and suffering may end soon on, ‘Invisible Enemies’

Showing us that through the pain we need to remember that hope is just a road away if we have the strength to walk there, Truse reminds us that we are facing many issues right now but have the ability to conquer all fears on, ‘Invisible Enemies‘.

Truse is a Los Angeles, California-based indie Hip hop artist who makes music to help others feel comfort and love when there is so much darkness.

I went to college in Santa Barbara and other than that I’ve been here, making music all these years.” ~ Truse

Showing why he is such a respected underground artist with a cult following of loyal fans, Truse eases the distress with a tremendous display of compassion that will fill you up with the hope that things can actually change if we join together as one.

Invisible Enemies‘ from Los Angeles, California-based indie Hip hop artist Truse is a strong track that calls for peace and understanding that sends you into a nostalgic world of mass ponder. With the carnage in droves and wars striking the hearts of peaceful souls unnecessarily, this is a track that will have you thinking deeply about what the solutions are.

Rapped with a heartfelt nature that sends your mind spinning, this is a potent single that should inspire many to rise their heads above all dispair.

Listen up to this new single on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

BLACK CAMAILEON reminds us of the brave actions from the classic movie Gladiator with ‘I Will See You Again’

Dropping the visuals from a movie that still stands with the best of all time, BLACK CAMAILEON is back with a message all about never giving up on seeing your true love on ‘I Will See You Again‘.

BLACK CAMAILEON is a New York City, USA-based indie-pop artist who blends in his love for Hip hop and RnB to make music that offers hope to the hopeless throughout his creations.

His overall mission is to help the world find common ground in humanity aimed at a compromise between all people around the world. Black Camaileon believes that America must restore the peace and integrity that we once secured to some degree.” ~ BLACK CAMAILEON

Showing us why we need to dig in when the chips are down, BLACK CAMAILEON leads us into a place that has you inspired and feeling reinvigorated with your journey to that destination that shall fill you with so much joyous excitement despite the pitfalls.

I Will See You Again‘ from New York City, USA-based indie-pop artist BLACK CAMAILEON, is a dynamic single that has you thinking back to that person who you feel so comfortable with. He sings with real intent – to show us that by keeping faith no matter what – you can always elevate into being with that soulmate you care for so much.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Just Live: South California act Hvnted return on fast-paced new single ‘The Fool’

With a full-blooded bounce that wakes you up from your previous pandemic-educed slumber, Hvnted returns with a story all about never being ‘The Fool‘.

Hvnted is a Southern California born, raised and based indie rock band. They make that kind of real music which has been designed to help us all cope with any hurt, fear and sadness, we might have been feeling lately.

Whether it’s been traveling as a band or back home, locked in our rehearsal space, we’ve met a lot of interesting people and we’ve had to deal with our share of heartache and hardship. But, we believe that these experiences have made us stronger and brought us closer together.” ~ Hvnted

Fused with the quick flick of a hungry match that wants to fire up proceedings, this is a heat-filled track with lots to lather into as you look for an escape from the dull world. There is explosive energy on all corners, as you lay back and let the lyrics guide you into a different world from before.

Our music has been a way for us to express ourselves and get it out. Our music has given us a voice. And, although these things have been pretty tough to deal with, we’ve found relief in writing about our struggles and playing our music together.” ~ Hvnted

The Fool‘ from the Southern California indie rock band Hvnted, is a full volume-d assault on the sizzling speakers that keeps up the impressive consistency the whole way though. With a stunning escapade that is filled with passionate vocals and a band that never lets up, this is a track to play real loud when you need to jump around and get back into your own skin again.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Haute Rod – Condo Dreams, Ft. PhllfthyBoiUrg: Beats for Ballers

Whilst I’m not sure the best way to go with a track is to divulge your consumerist desires, the new track by Haute Rod – Condo Dreams has a unique charm about it. There’s a delectable taste of innocence within the sound that mixes with the hope and aspiration, which is in its own special way, is pretty charming. Haute Rod may rap about getting himself a Bentley GT, but still, he offers heart felt lyrics through warming vocals.

Condo Dreams is pretty much your atypical Hip Hop Rap track, following similar styling to acts such as Kanye West and Jay Z with it’s contemporary styling and baller attitude. The track has been polished to perfection by Grammy winning mastering engineer Chris Gehringer. The sleek styling is definitely the biggest selling point of this track, it’s definitely resonating with the right audience, they’re going down as a hit with their fan base, all eager to celebrate the dope styling.

If you share a lust for the high life then make sure you check out the latest single by Haute Rod which is the first release off their debut album ‘The Complication’ on the YouTube. Condo Dreams is also available to download via iTunes now.