Donnie Vibe$ knows he needs that vacation quickly on ‘Tropic’

Guiding us to that refreshing swimming pool that is right next to a soothing jacuzzi, Donnie Vibe$ aims to avoid those old flames and keep the heat off him today on ‘Tropic‘.

Donnie Vibe$ is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie Hip hop/RnB artist who makes a smoothly toned type of music experience that will get you nodding your head rather splendidly.

Inspired by the underground rap sound and influential figures such as Isaiah Rashad and J. Cole.” ~ Donnie Vibe$

With a cool-as-can-be mentality, shades on just right and displaying a tight flow that shall stop you in your tracks, Donnie Vibe$ is a shining light on what the world needs right now after a few years of unnecessary stress.

Donnie began his foray into music in 2017.” ~ Donnie Vibe$

Tropic‘ from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie Hip hop/RnB artist Donnie Vibe$ is a track that will please those who love punch-packed beats and proper lines that shall blush your face with joy. He sends us into a summer daze with a fully loaded, blaze-filled track that shows us that sometimes we need to get away, to lose the memories of those old lovers and stay in the present.

The only way to stay in tune is to keep that mind healthy and get that break in when you need it.

Check out this new vibe on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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