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Nuka-Naka – Stone D: A Soul-Stirring Fusion of Avant-Garde Reggae and Reflection

Nuka-Naka’s latest single, Stone D, is a profound musical journey that transcends the conventional boundaries of reggae. As Nuka-Naka steps away from the shadows of war-torn Russia, Stone D emerges as a hauntingly beautiful confession, a blend of personal history and musical innovation.

The song reimagines reggae, intertwining staccato rhythms with melancholically avant-garde melodies. It’s a bold departure from reggae roots, inviting listeners to cast aside their preconceptions and embrace a new realm of musical expression. After leaving Russia for Georgia, Nuka-Naka composed a guilt-ridden soliloquy that speaks to the inescapable ties of one’s homeland, regardless of the physical distance.

The song captures the essence of being perpetually connected to a war that continues to echo in a mournful psyche as the fusion of soulful blues and dreamy art-rock elements meld into this candid piece creating a sonic signature that is as evocative as it is ground-breaking.

Nuka-Naka’s Stone D is a reminder of the power of music to transcend barriers and speak to the soul. It’s a track that not only showcases Nuka-Naka’s immense talent but also promises a future rich with innovative and emotionally resonant music. For those seeking a fresh, soul-stirring sound, Stone D is a beacon of hope and artistic brilliance.

Stone D was officially released on December 22. Stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Interview: Mr. Muzix can’t wait for the new beginnings on Brandy

Telling us all about his soulfully inviting new single Brandy, Lithonia, Georgia native Mr. Muzix takes us on a reinvigorated ride with so much meaning and a new perspective to smooth over all scars. Keeping the faith and mellowing out all listeners, this is a loving interview to open up minds and guide us deep inside his vision.

Hello there Mr. Muzix. We appreciate your time. Where can we find you in the world today and what is your favourite meal?
Thanks so much. Today, in the world, you can actually find me in one of two places; Lithonia, GA or Knoxville, TN. Also, my favorite meal, currently, would probably be Pineapple & Spinach pizza.

Please tell us more about your new release.
My newest release, “BRANDY”, was written in a time of new beginnings in my life. The song was actually written about a friend I went to school with; though I’m sure she’ll never find out who she is. Beyond the concept of the track, it, like all others of mine, was written, recorded, produced, and engineered all in-house by myself. — It also includes my favorite guitar solo thus far, of all my material.

Who is the rock in your life who keeps you grounded?
At this point in my life, I would consider my supporters, a.k.a. ‘The Patch’, to be my rock. I have experienced quite a bit in the world of Music, and those that have still supported me, especially from the beginning, will always be the key to my motivation. — They keep me going and they keep me alive as an artist; just by listening to what I have to say.

Are there any good spots in your local area to watch good underground music?
There are plenty of great spots to catch great underground music in the Lithonia/Atlanta (GA) area. One of which being ‘Airloom Studios’ in Atlanta, GA. I’ve been able to hear some great music within minutes of just parking outside. I absolutely enjoy the atmosphere as well as the setup of the performance area. It all really feels like a get-away.

Which other musicians inspire you?
I find a lot of inspiration from older musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Esparanza Spalding, etc. However, I do also enjoy some newer musicians such as MonoNeon, Jacob Collier, The Pocket Queen, and a few more.

Do you think the local live music community has recovered after covid or what needs to happen to ensure its survival?
I do, in fact, believe that the local live music community has recovered. Covid has put a halt on live music and has even created a new streaming platform for musicians to engage with the world, however, I will always agree with the concept of music being 100x better in a live setting. I do think the streaming world has taken a lot away from live performances; well both streaming and technology. A lot of “live” shows aren’t even true “live” performances with so many enhancements and aids/crutches used by artists and musicians in this modern time; but I think as long as there is at least one person in the audience, live venues and performances will survive.

Final question. What is your vision for your career?
My vision for my career would be to accomplish my main goal in life/life’s motto; to show the world that ‘We Can All Be Rockstars’. It seems as though there’s such a stigma around “who can be a musical artist” or “what it takes to be a musical artist”; and though I understand a lot of hard work and dedication goes a long way, I’d like to show others that we can all be stars in the smallest things we do in life. — Keep moving with faith and keep pushing harder; you’ll find happiness and satisfaction.

Feel the experience on Spotify.

Follow his releases for further news on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

For You: Atlanta RnB artist Kay Soul is the brave warrior we needed on Profit A Man

After feeling genuine love from her last 6-track EP from 2022 called Connections, Kay Soul stuns all of our deepest senses on the wonderful new single to learn and mend from, Profit A Man.

Kay Soul is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie recording RnB artist, songwriter, plus model and aspiring actress who sings with an incredible aura which will soothe windy skies.

After recently serving as hostess for the 10th Annual One Nation Under God Music Festival, Kay Soul is rather illuminating here. This is a stunning experience which is rather outstanding and shall ease all worries away as a true angel does.

Profit A Man from Atlanta RnB singer-songwriter Kay Soul is a rather special single which will surely warm the hearts of many. This is an exquisite track which will open up many eyes and filter through into our tired souls, with an artist who is gracious and awe-inspiring in every way.

If you love graceful music with a real message, this is a perfect tonic for any stressed soul.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Think About Me: kai Kyoto refuses to go back into a toxic romance on Escape You

Wishing that he could help save a lost soul while still feeling traumatized by the entire experience, kai Kyoto finds the exit and sticks with the original plan to fly away from discontentment on Escape You.

kai Kyoto is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie hip hop artist who is on a courageous mission to help the world become a much better place to live.

If you’re not willing to take the time and understand me or listen to my art, this is not the place for you. I don’t promise to be the best, but I promise to give you my best. Just like each and every single one of you, I’m human. I make mistakes. I’m not perfect. But best believe I’m trying.” ~ kai Kyoto

Nibbling our thoughts into a turmoil-filled frenzy, kai Kyoto has the ability to change perspectives. Layered so skillfully and rather audaciously constructed as our attentions veer back into a precise moment, which had the enormous power to alter everything in an instant.

Escape You from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie hip hop artist kai Kyoto is the kind of single which so many need to hear right now. Feeling stuck in something so unloving is surely bad for the heart, as this is that important reminder to rather cruise the scene before souls are crushed unnecessarily.

When the vibes are off, it’s time to switch over into a fresh path.

Listen up to this fine new single on Spotify. See more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Loud For This One: 9dreamz drops speedy new sizzler to chomp on called TURNT

Dancing with the ladies and getting the party started with a jagged beat that might shred your skin, 9dreamz throws the hands up and gets things all TURNT.

9dreamz is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie emo hip hop artist who started his career when he was just 18 years old and hasn’t looked back since.

Arched back and ready to take us on a ride filled with memorable lyrics and a catchy persona, 9dreamz is ready for anything and is taking things up a notch. Searing with heat and pulsating the eardrums is the order of the day, on a soundtrack to when you feel invincible from any bullets flying.

TURNT from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie emo hip hop artist 9dreamz is a storming song that might set off a few car alarms. Packed with a self-assured attitude that will probably take him far, this is the kind of single that will set the mood alight with that extra match and get you feeling like anything is possible.

Life is about turning up the temperature when you know it’s time.

Listen up on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

See Through Her Disguise: Atlanta rock artist Devin Shamel knows that she is on Fire

Intuitively knowing that he should tread carefully before getting burnt too deep into her flirtatious eyes, Devin Shamel turns up the temperature with a sizzling song when you know you have met someone who will keep you on your toes on Fire.

Devin Shamel is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who shreds the strings with each performance that is rather spellbinding.

I want to be proud of the music I’ve made when I look back on it. Making Pop or R&B music was the trendy thing to do, but didn’t feel right for me. Playing the Blues and Rock music felt authentic for who I am as a person. It makes me proud to share my work,” ~ Devin says in regards to switching genres

Flowing with so much Jimi Hendrix-like brilliance and genuine class, Devin Shamel might be one of the most exciting artists you probably haven’t heard of yet until now. He is excellent beyond belief, showing that a genre change is worth it if these are the results.

Fire from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Devin Shamel is a rocket fueled track when you know you are in the crosshairs of something tantalizing but dangerous. Projected with a magnificent blend of intrigue, you will feel a sense of relief after listening to this.

Proper music with authenticity is certainly still alive.

Listen up to this groovy song on SoundCloud and check out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ariel transfused spirituality into her amalgam of rap, RnB and pop with her debut single, Self-Love


Georgia-born and raised artist, Ariel, is set to soak the airwaves in spirituality, self-actualisation, and style with the release of her debut single, Self-Love, which entwines elements of rap, RnB and pop to create her unique sonic signature.

With the sense of empowerment and soul transfused into the modernist instrumentals in Self-Love, along with the lyrics that prove wealth can only transpire from mindfulness and the only soul that you really need to look in is your own, it’s impossible not to feel emboldened by the time the artfully intricate outro is fading out.

Without tearing down the current rap icons, it’s about time that artists in the same vein as Ariel started to reign supreme in the charts; on the basis of the alluringly awakening creativity and talent exhibited in Self-Love, there’s no reason why she can’t ascend from the underground in no time.

Self-Love will officially release on October 7th. Check it out on Spotify and iTunes via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Bray Druz shows us that hard work takes you places on Aye Bray Where You Been At

Shaking our core apart like a hot knife sliding through hard butter, Bray Druz shows us he is ready for the next step on the hustler anthem you needed to hear called Aye Bray Where You Been At.

Bray Druz aka The Nawf is a Gwinnett County, Georgia-born indie hip hop artist who was recently incarcerated for 10 years and has changed his life around.

I’m proud to be able to tell my story and the stories of those who can’t.” ~ Bray Druz

Chasing a music success that many have chosen to leave alone like it was a poisoned chalice, Bray Druz drops a fiery song from a street-smart character who knows where the treasure is hidden. Bouncing through hoops like an NBA max contract, this is a single to wake you up from any sleepy distractions.

Where You Been At from Gwinnett County, Georgia-born indie hip hop artist Bray Druz is a potent track that might cause hot blushes. Filled with a brazen attitude that lets you know he is for real, this is a door breaking song to get you moving into a better mentality.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rough Times: Nolan Stich can barely see himself in the cracked mirror on Stress Fracture

Returning after his previous well-loved single Don’t Leave, Nolan Stich feels so cold right now as he misses that incredible lover from the past who he thinks of constantly on the emotional roller coaster called Stress Fracture.

Nolan Stich is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie pop singer-songwriter who makes that memorable music that is always honest and vocally pleasing.

Feeling cold and lonely as he reminisces fondly about when he was holding hands with an outstanding human, Nolan Stich recalls that relationship and sings with a passion that is so rare to find these days. His vocals are honest and pure, his memory reflective, as he longs for just another kiss.

Stress Fracture from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie pop singer-songwriter Nolan Stich is an I-miss-you-too-much single for anyone who feels so empty right now. Wishing that the phone would ring as his desolate heart feels so flat and sad, as he wonders if he should take another sip or just go to bed.

When you were with someone so special and they left you behind, it’s so hard not to blame yourself.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Melo RoZe takes care of business like a genuine boss on ‘Like Dat’

Working exclusively with respected producer Chrispy Beats on her new project, Melo RoZe shows us she is ready for anything as she drops probably the hottest single you will hear today with statement single on ‘Like Dat‘.

Melo RoZe is an Atlanta, Georgia-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based indie RnB singer-songwriter and all-round superhero who is always elevating her skill set.

She creates music that makes her fans get in-touch with their feelings, confront their haters, build their confidence, and have fun listening to her vibes.” ~ Melo RoZe

Making you ease into her growing collection with gleeful excitement, it feels like Melo RoZe has found her ideal focus and excels with a timeless classic that Ashanti would be proud of.

With her first EP, ‘Melomaniac‘ on the way in a few months, the growing entrepreneur Melo RoZe is possibly her best single yet and shows us a vocal control that shakes your laryngitis with a tingly gem to never forget.

Like Dat‘ from Nashville, Tennessee-based indie RnB singer-songwriter Melo RoZe presents to us a young woman who is on the rise and shows us why her music is the voice of a new summer. Showing us how she gracefully sings from the heart always and backs it up with that hard work needed to build the empire, her ambitious authentically seems to lather on your earlobes and is a dynamic experience to raise your game with.

Tune into the future with her Spotify release and float into her world on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen