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You Want More: San Diego-based multi-talented My Dear Wendy strives for her own path on ‘Head Against The Wall’

Taken off her heartfelt release about the deep connection and the importance of communication with family called ‘The Apple Falls Far (Part 1),’ My Dear Wendy sings with such soul on the new single called ‘Head Against The Wall‘.

Amanda Gunnels aka My Dear Wendy, is an incredibly talented and well-traveled San Diego-based classically trained pianist, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and engineer, who is incredibly equally comfortable and skilled on bass guitar, acoustic guitar and drums.

This is the true life moment that so many of us have to deal with sometimes. You have been moved into a forced path for so long whilst growing up, however as you grow a bit older you feel like this is in fact not the road that you wish to drive down at all. The confusion is strong at first as you deal with this striking feeling due to the pressure to be who you were supposed to be, as you hope that you will receive the support in following your dreams, no matter if your family doesn’t feel the same way.

”After moving to Los Angeles and attending Musician’s Institute, Amanda decided to upgrade her music and create My Dear Wendy, a songwriting project that continues to be a focus of her musical career.”- My Dear Wendy

You feel her disconnected frustration that has seeped into her mind that wasn’t there before, as the sense of relief pours up her soul again when she walks away. This is the road that she is headed down and it feels right, no matter what anyone else thinks.

She sings with such a delightful tone, her life experience shines through as she brings us an indie song with hints of country, as you sing with her on this is a deeply personal song, that you know means so much to her.

Head Against The Wall’ from the soulful Atlanta-born, San Diego-based multi-talented pianist and singer-songwriter My Dear Wendy, is a splendid single all about standing up for yourself and opening up your own door to finding fulfillment. With Part 2 on its way, this is a song that grabs you courageously by the heart and doesn’t let go.

Stream this beautiful single on Spotify and see more stories on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Be Free Again: Atlanta dream-pop sensation Sarah Rae shows us the way to finding inner acceptance on ‘Dancing Sun’

As this gleefully happy beat rises above all else blocking your much-needed vision, Sarah Rae shows us what the next summer will sound like on her catchy new single called ‘Dancing Sun’.

Sarah Rae is a captivating indie dream-pop artist from the bustling city of Atlanta in Georgia. She wonderfully creates a spiritual experience that has you transfixed, as your body relaxes again to recharge after taking a battering in 2020/21.

”This dream-pop single was written to promote a state of euphoria, and acceptance. Knowing that we are the ultimate magician of our lives, and no matter what your situation — you can dance in the sun.”-Sarah Rae

You feel free, as you float in your mind and stop the pressure points from escalating to undesirable levels of pain and suffering. This is the perfect song to express the mellow state that we all need to be in, so you can be truly happy again without the stress of the world weighing you down like a ton of bricks on your tired shoulders.

Dancing Sun from Atlanta dazzling dream-pop artist Sarah Rae, has your body placed lovingly into a different orbit – as she sings through your whole soul to give the world something really special – that is a shiver to the spine to help you replenish properly, after a maddening twelve months of uncontrollable chaos.

Stream this fresh new soulful song on Spotify and see her IG page for her adventures.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


True friendship: Soulful sibling band Fox and Arrows take us for a glorious galaxy-exploring ride on ‘Astronauts’

With their heads in the calming clouds with fond memories of growing up, Fox and Arrows gladly point us upwards to reflect on what real friendship is actually about on their new single called ‘Astronauts‘.

Fox and Arrows is a three-piece indie-folk/pop band from Woodstock, Georgia featuring Anna, Taylor, and Ben. They make that meaningful music from the heart, that has been inspired by their Dad encouraging them to play since they were around six years old.

They perform with so much love and grace, each word is made with a purpose as their faith is strong and want to inspire others by sticking to their chosen craft. The vocals are warm and self-reflective, the mellow guitar only adds to the peace and tranquility, as you look up above to be thankful for what you have.

This is the story of always being real with each other no matter what detours you may face as a family, the bond can never be broken as they stay humble and mesh their skills together to make that memorable music, that will be timeless for generations to come.

Astronauts‘ from the three Tankersley’s of indie-folk gospel act Fox and Arrows, is a three year journey of evolution from a family band who have that rare tight bond, they truly love playing together and make a wonderful song here. Their bond is remarkable and they take us on a nostalgic trip here, that is one of the most lovable songs you will hear all year.

Things might change with work or study opportunities, the beards my be longer and the hairstyles might change, but that family connection seems to be closer than ever on this underground gem.

Stream this wonderful song on Spotify and see more family adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Eyes are open: The Imperial M.B has the ‘Windows Down’ on superb street-hop single

Taken off his latest pimp-rap seven-track release called ‘Atychiphobia‘, The Imperial M.B swerves in hot with the dope new track that has the ‘Windows Down‘.

Born Marcus D. Burston, raised Musiarte Bossverso and now The Imperial M.B, the multi-skilled Atlanta, Georgia chef, producer, engineer, writer and rapper, with that King mentality, willingly brings us more cutting-edge street-hop bounce.

We are cruising around in the back of his fresh new ride, seeing his empire growing from his various business ventures, the real talk is magnified in your imagination, by a true underground artist at the top of his game.

This is the story of a man who is ultra alert to all that is going on outside, his mind is sharp like a Victorinox knife, as he bends his will to making sure that his family are eating like royalty every night.

Windows Down‘ from the underrated Atlanta emcee The Imperial M.B, is the epitome of a man who is feeling confident in himself and headed in the right direction, to achieve all his visualized dreams.

His eyes are wide open to capture it all in like a HD camera, and by not letting any distractions blow into his direction from these messy streets full of undesirable characters lurking at every street corner, he is free to create that real hip-hop that the world needs more of.

Rev up the engine on Spotify and see his style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


All in my head: Norwood is outstanding on journey to find that invisible lover on ‘Missing You’

Singing about someone he would like to meet, Norwood is sensational on his new sparkling single that will have you pondering those moments you want to happen on ‘Missing You‘.

Norwood is an exciting Atlanta, Georgia-based indie dance-pop singer-songwriter, vocal coach and actor, who performs with that fulfilling flamboyance, that drives him into your conscious with a thrilling voice, full of soul, that you can’t ever forget.

He sings with such inspiring conviction as he visualizes who he is looking at in their gazing eyes, his stunning voice is toned just right and this seems effortless, each word is passionate and the bouncy dance beat makes this song alive inside your heart.

This is the story about going on that search inside your mind and knowing what you want and never settling for anything less that what you desire.

Missing You‘ from Atlanta’s multi-talented indie singer deluxe, actor and singing teacher Norwood, gives you that feeling of optimism, as you fantasize about being close to that ideal person in your mind, you want to feel their touch but they haven’t entered your world yet.

You have that perfect picture in your mind and when you meet them, you will know within seconds that they are the right person for you. Life is a game and to win the way you want to, walking through many doors before opening the correct one, is the only way to find that ultimate lover.

Hear this catchy track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


She’s cheating on me: J’Da Prynce asks for help from the ‘Operator’ on fiery single

Taken off his seven-track album ‘Welcome to J’da’s World‘, J’Da Prynce leads us into his domestic issue-filled mess during stressful times on ‘Operator‘.

Newark, New Jersey-born, South Carolina-raised Jeremy Johnson aka J’Da Prynce, is a multi-skilled writer, educator, solo indie singer-songwriter and President and CEO of talent agency Applaud You Talent Group who is based in electric Atlanta in Georgia. He powerfully brings forth that passionate r&b-fused music experience, that grabs your tugging heart and takes you for a thrilling ride of high-octane vocals that lifts you off your seat.

He sings with a brilliant vocal range, born from his parents bringing him up with the sounds of the choir, he fills the room with stunning echos that have you impressed by the notes he can throw at you. The experience of being overseas has matured him, the different styles he immersed himself into transformed him further, into being a performer that can do any style of music and pull it off with that world class energy.

Operator‘ from Atlanta’s multi-talented J’Da Prynce, is that diversity-inspired song that drives quickly into your mind, while you think about previous issues in the heat of the moment, that required you to take a step back to find your cool again.

Sometimes you need help from strangers to figure out what is going on, before things get out of hand. If love is really strong, you will find a way to be the bigger person and not let your feelings push you to a level, where there is no coming back from.

Stream this vibrant new single on Spotify and see his music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music RnB

Doing it for the right reasons: Proper Einstein is here to guide us all on ‘Music Is a Universal Language so I Can Speak to Anybody on Earth Through My Music’

Proper Einstein sings with such free-flowing effortless charm and ear-hugging wonder, via his latest smooth single ‘Music Is a Universal Language so I Can Speak to Anybody on Earth Through My Music’.

Atlanta, Georgia-based R&B/Pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Proper Einstein, is the type of deep soul musician that makes music for the love of the art form and his pure reasons to create magical music that illuminates the sky, is to spread his kind energy to inspire the world. Through music, we can heal from any pain and this is the main objective of this quality and multi-talented artist.

This is about being bright inside your soul and blooming through those manifestations that you have visualized to the universe. With a vibrant voice and a catchy chorus that eases any stress off your tired body, this is a song that makes you feel better and is one you turn up and enjoy. He has the ability to get your feet tapping and your smile wide, as he takes us on a fun groovy ride.

Music Is a Universal Language so I Can Speak to Anybody on Earth Through My Music’ from Georgia native Proper Einstein is a trip down memory lane, when music had so much character and was made with that loving nature.

This is a real performer who wants his creations to be seen and heard all over the globe. With a voice that sparks your attention and with charm for days, he can do anything he sets his mind too if he wants it enough.

Stream the finger-clicking gem on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


When love ends again: SnapDibz release emotion-filled new Hip Hop single ‘Done Believing’

SnapDibz return with a new rap track to get you thinking about starting fresh via the pulsating ‘Done Believing‘.

Atlanta, Georgia-based indie-rap artist SnapDibz, makes that inspiring music that tells real stories about love and life. With an attractive sound that flows through your heart to help you deal with loss or sadness, he has a perfect understanding about what soulful soundscapes should sound like.

This is the real story about how love was fiery and hot but soon sizzled out as she showed her true selfish ways. You had so much love for her but then it was too much to handle, as you want to be with someone genuine and not full of themselves. When you realize that you shouldn’t of been with someone like this, it can take you more time to heal, as you feel like a fool who was poisoned by an evil soul- who just wanted your good energy for themselves.

Done Believing‘ from Hip Hop artist SnapDibz, is a top notch new school track that is full of quality raps that are quick-fire and meaningful. With sultry vocals that add so much heart to proceedings, this is a fine song with a bouncy beat that lifts you up, while also making you feel so reflective from past experiences in love.

That feeling of losing hope about love is so painful and takes a while to get over, until you meet a special soul again so you get that extra heartbeat in your system. Love must always win over sadness after all.

Hear this fine single on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A thing for battle scars: Georgia’s Sarah Mootz misses their parents and ‘The Dog’ on heartfelt breakup story

With a lusciously classy voice that is so lovable you just want to hug her, Sarah Mootz is supremely self-reflective on the passionate story about being used in a relationship she regrets on ‘The Dog‘.

Sarah Mootz is a spirited Athens, Georgia indie-pop songwriter, who sings passionately with that inner desire to teach others to be themselves and to embrace their quirks and flaws, whilst always being authentic and real, no matter what the small-minded say.

Her honest vocals strike your heart instantly as you remember being in her place before, with someone that is only with you for one reason and as soon as its done, you just miss their family and that’s it. You feel like it was actually a waste of time romantically but at least you made a new friend in the pup and had a strong connection with their parents. Lyrics about not listening to your Dad adds so much to the story, when you are young you always think you know better but should of trusted their instincts.

The chorus so marvelously catchy and you can’t help but feel for her, as you close your eyes and remember those times when you thought you were with the right person. Her lyrics are so touching and the splendid soundscape takes you into a different world, while feeling sad at times but knowing that she will find her true love, through the darkness after all.

The Dog‘ from the syrup-tipped voice of Georgia’s Sarah Mootz, is a true story of being with someone that didn’t love you as much as you cared for them. The harsh but valuable lesson has been learnt and it might make you a bit colder for a while, but hopefully the warmth will come back into your heart, so you can love like you should again. Those battle scars always heal over time and make you stronger.

Hear this wonderfully authentic single on her Spotify and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Showing how it should be done: Kelvin D’artegnan drops top shelf Hip Hop single ‘Gimme Dat’

Kelvin D’artegnan is back with his undeniable quality on the passion-filled Hip Hop laced single ‘Gimme Dat‘.

After being forever-inspired by his father playing old school Hip Hop records in the house while growing up, that true love for proper music was firmly entrenched, deep inside his body and has stayed there ever since. The experienced podcaster, producer, composer and emcee was born in Warner Robins, Georgia and grew up in Prattville, Alabama where his passion for performing live only blossomed from there.

Right now, he is worldwide where his music is only growing day by day as he took time to build the foundations, and that core is so strong, he feels like he can only go upwards and never look back.

After dealing with multiple losses of his recorded music due to hard-drive issues, he never gave up and is now flourishing whilst doing what he loves. When you listen to him rap, you can feel the true realness and passion of a man that is a deep soul who respects the old school feel of a magnificent genre, that has sadly been watered down by so many narrow-minded rappers. Thankfully, he shows us what that true Hip Hop should sound like and lays down a barrage of clever lyrics and a busty bass production that will have you sweating in delight.

He feels like he has made it and now the next step is here. While so many others only want and won’t give, this story of being humble and working hard is a great example to the kids out there. With so many fake role models that flash in the pan and are soon washed down the drain due to their obvious shortcomings, this is an emcee who raps with skills that are due to many hours of perfecting them, when the days might of seemed dark but now the lights are on so bright, you will need UV-tinted sunglasses to fully enjoy this music.

Gimme Dat‘ from the multi-skilled Kelvin D’artegnan shows us that if you want it bad enough, you will go to great lengths to achieve your goals. Keeping it real to those you care about and meet in life, is the only way forward in this wild world.

Stream this fire new Hip Hop track on his Spotify and see his story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen