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Always Believe: Matt Marlow finds his soul again from within to truly shine like a ‘Light’

After enduring such a potentially soul-crushing year as the emotional pain was at an all-time breaking point due to so many sudden tragedies, Matt Marlow decided to do something about it and fearlessly ventured into making music that conclusively helped his heart see the ‘Light‘.

Matt Marlow is an Athens, Georgia-based indie-pop solo artist and dawg dad who sings with that gritty determination that only comes when you want it enough.

It’s crazy what can happen when you believe in yourself. That’s what this kid is all about. From a shitty 2020 being alone due to Covid, losing both grandpas, his dog, and the end of a relationship, I was lost and depressed, to say the least.” ~ Matt Marlow

Matt Marlow shines a bright light on what happened in the past and how he had to fight so hard to dig himself out of a quick-sand hole so deep, that it almost took him under forever. After losing so many close ones – he can now smile and be happy again – as he has found that creative outlet that was missing his whole life.

Light‘ from the Athens, Georgia-based indie-pop solo artist and massive Braves baseball fan Matt Marlow, is such a beaming revelation that only brings joy to all those who are lucky enough to witness this excellent track. It’s incredible to think that this is a relative newcomer who is only finding his feet in this world, as he brings a smile to many faces who have been through so much hardship lately. This is an absolute gem that is sung with so much true grace and love, that is unquestionably one of the best pop releases so far in 2021.

Check out this quality song from a truly exhilarating artist via Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bring It: Atlanta-based multi-creative Weku Did That is in peak form with ‘Blood Moon’

Featuring a dazzling beat that elevates you up and has you automatically accelerating on whatever floor is in front of you, Weku Did That positively conveys his illuminating broadcast on his latest instrumental-boost-mood single that has you howling at the ‘Blood Moon‘.

Weku Did That is an Atlanta, Georgia-based Nigerian-American record producer, RnB/hip-hop musician, film and music production expert and songwriter, who is on the rise due to his mysterious style and marvellously-made music creations.

He has garnered national attention by the mystique in the use of his signature full-face mask and he is being credited as the front runner for production in the budding genre of music that he has coined as Trap Rock.” ~ Weku Did That

Atlanta’s Weku Did That fires through hot with a sensual gem via his 9-track ‘Trap Rock‘ release. There is a booming amount of passion-filled activity foaming in this fine record, that has your head drifting around like you are back in the zone again.

Blood Moon‘ from the multi-skilled Atlanta, Georgia-based Nigerian-American record producer, RnB/hip-hop artist and film/production professional Weku Did That, shows us a man on a mission for that world domination. With his name on the lips of so many right now as his bass-thumping production has the masses jumping up and down in unadulterated excitement, there is much to love about a party track like this. Bring on summer.

Soothe your ears on Spotify and see more masked adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let Me Take My Time: Janelle Sy’mone sings her way into our blushing hearts with ‘All Night’

Bringing us her latest excellent single from her highly lovable debut album ‘Good Girl TV‘, Janelle Sy’mone is absoloutely dynamite on a hot track all about telling your lucky lover that things are only between them and no one else on ‘All Night‘.

Janelle Sy’mone is an indie RnB solo singer-songwriter, former youth choir singer and actor, who is based in vibrant Atlanta, Georgia.

Noticing the power of music, Janelle knew that one day she would not only be able to change, but heal people by her storyline of experience.” ~ Janelle Sy’mone

You feel that you are listening to a sensational singer in her prime – as her beaming eyes look so hungry and ready for anything – as she performs with an enticing tone and dances with such love towards the man who she wants as her own. The lyrics are honest and to the point, as you sit back and let her take you to romantic places in your desires, which have been largely forgotten in your beating and lonely heart.

All Night‘ from the excellent Atlanta, Georgia-based indie RnB singer-songwriter Janelle Sy’mone, shows us a spark that is so steamy, you might need a cold glass of water to cool down. She sings with a real intensity that is backed up by incredible visuals, and an ambiance that has you reaching for those candles and lighter.

Love should always be about that passion you share, and less about the small-minded gossip from others that seems to follow.

See this fine new video on YouTube and see more via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

It Never Rains: Katie Belle takes us to the sexy sun-soaked beach on ‘Back to California’ (feat. Corleone)

Made by her producer Josquin Des Pres, Katie Belle has us thinking about those hot racing hearts beating rapidly as you fall in love and wish you could stay forever on ‘Back to California(feat. Corleone).

Katie Belle is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie Pop singer-songwriter, model and actress. She was formally on American Idol in 2019 and is also the lead singer of her band Color the Night.

Featuring the confident raps of well-known South-East London Hip-Hop artist Corleone, this is a steamy track all about being in the moment and being so grateful you can be in such a beautiful place, with sweaty bodies and good times everywhere you look. The mood is alive and bright with the negative emotions locked away, as the beat kicks up the sand and has you jumping happily into the sea to enjoy yourself.

Back to California(feat. Corleone) from the fast-rising Atlanta, Georgia-based indie Pop singer-songwriter, model and actress Katie Belle, is that party track to play when you need a boost to get away from your reality. Featuring crisp vocals and confident rhymes, this is the kind of sizzling song to play when you are in that pool or down by the crisply-blue ocean.

Looking around and taking it all in, is the only way to live after all.

Hear this hot new summer track on Spotify and see more news via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Eyes Collide: Electrifying Atlanta singer Norwood dazzles our senses alive with that sexy ‘Morning Light’

Recorded in both Atlanta and London during this horrific pandemic which has wreaked the world to its core, Norwood chose to use this time to be creative despite the closed doors as he opens up the ceiling to let in the crisp air of the sizzling ‘Morning Light‘.

Norwood is an Atlanta, Georgia-based experimental-hyper pop/EDM artist who bravely explores important topics about sexuality, empowerment, positive energy, cultural diversity, and creating an atmosphere of only inspiring vibes for the world to embrace.

Recorded in the midst of the pandemic, Norwood and producer Antunes collaborated virtually to make this EDM magic thousands of miles apart.” ~ Norwood

This is a sensual experience from an artist in his prime, as he flexes his vocals in such a romantic way and without too much effort. Everything seems to be so fresh and sexy – with a cheeky eye contact that leads you into this sexy story – about two hearts who just want to be together and feel safe in each others arms.

Morning Light‘ from the flourishing Atlanta, Georgia-based experimental-hyper pop artist Norwood, is that this-love-is-hard-to-explain type of vibe, as the steamy beat and passionately toned vocals has you feeling rather uplifted. This is that romantic track to play when you want to express your emotions to that person who you feel safe with, as you both own the night. Dancing together and being held tight in this scary world, is all you want and desire.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more from the exciting artist via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Crystallized Love: Atlanta’s Sarah Rae delights our thrilled senses with ‘Selenite Soul’

With a rejuvenation-filled feeling that is entranced by wonderfully beautiful and divine feminine energy, Sarah Rae has our hearts feeling full again with ‘Selenite Soul‘.

Sarah Rae is a Atlanta, Georgia-based classically trained pianist, vocalist and dream-pop indie singer-songwriter. She makes that delightful music all about the expressions of life and harmony, with a soundscape that feels like you are in a new world than is better than the current one.

Selenite Soul takes on a shoegaze form full of vocal textures that will propel you off to space. This dissonant tune was written about finding healing within yourself, and spreading that light to souls around you.” ~ Sarah Rae

You feel so much more refreshed after this caring experience, as you lather happily inside such a gloriously-made bath-like waterfall of wonder for you to wrap inside and pass on to other kind souls around. The vocals are so peaceful and you feel like you are indeed floating to a place you can’t quite explain, unless you have been there yourself.

Selenite Soul‘ from the Atlanta-based indie dream-pop solo artist Sarah Rae, is the type of song you put on to close your eyes with, as you find that strength again to heal up after recent current events. This is a track to get lost inside, as you turn up the volume and let her pure aura take you to wherever you are destined to be.

Made with a true love and fairy-like power to help you find your true calling, this is a rather special effort from a stunning musician who sings with that rare freedom you are only born with.

Hear this new single on her Spotify page and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rope On The Mattress: Fresh Atlanta electro-pop artist GoshujinSama finds the naughty one he wants on debut track ‘Princess.wav’

With a high-tempo energy and lots of sassy vibes heating up his evening just the way he wants it, GoshujinSama finds the lady who makes him feel alive inside with his debut single ‘Princess.wav‘.

GoshujinSama is an anime-fueled Atlanta, Georgia-based indie alternative electro-pop/metal, hip-hop and punk-pop solo artist.

‘My music is very familiar, yet always subtly different and interesting. I travel the uncanny valley, in Doc Martens and a Band Tee.” ~ GoshujinSama

With quick-fire vocals that are backed up with a thumping speaker-shaking sound, that feels like you are in the middle of a video game music festival. This is a unique track that has a consistent edge and never lets up – as we are thrown into a washing machine-filled experience – with a waterfall-packed sensation of electric vibrations.

Influenced by acts like Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, and Billie Eilish.” ~ GoshujinSama

Princess.wav‘ from the new Atlanta solo electro-pop artist GoshujinSama, is the message that heats up the windows in his candle-lit room. As he found the girl that will serve him in the way he desires, this is a naughty new single all about doing all those things that most others wouldn’t be keen for.

This is a hot-and-heavy effort from a youthfully exuberant musician, who is exploring his imagination all the way to the max.

Hear this debut track on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leave With You: Mikey Bank$ knows that its none of his business what she does on ‘Pikachu’

Taken from his brand new eleven-track album called ‘Pr3$$3d F0r T1me‘, Mikey Bank$ crash lands with someone so alluring on the sensual new love struck track all about wondering if she feels the same on ‘Pikachu‘.

Mikey Bank$ is a self-assured Brooklyn, New York-born, Atlanta, Georgia-raised indie hip-hop artist. Inspired by heavyweights such as 50 Cent, Fabolous and Vybz Kartel, he makes an exciting blend of party late-night vibes which takes you straight to the dance floor.

You feel the message of desire from his smoothly tinted raps which toasts warmly into the oven as they get closer and closer, his wide-open eyes are only for her. The electric energy is alive here with sensual lift off – as the thought remains if she is actually single – while you casually think about what you could be doing together, if you had a romantic night alone together to get acquainted.

This is a highly motivated artist who makes those skillful moves on mic – which shows you he is truly ready for the big time – with an honest flow that tells you the story straight up. With an optimistic outlook, it feels like he likes his chances of spending that quality time, when that elusive royal flush presents itself.

Pikachu‘ from the confident Brooklyn/Atlanta rapper Mikey Bank$, is that story about wanting to be with a girl so badly you can’t stop thinking about her. You have a feeling that she is actually with someone else but it feels so right when you are together, as you wonder if she will ever leave him for you. Made with a intoxicating beat which captures the moment like a Polaroid picture when the heat is at its most steamy – this is that late-night track to play – when you desire that person you probably shouldn’t.

Hear this fresh single on Spotify and see his IG for more music news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Ready For The Win: Atlanta rapper Carla the Poet is taking the shuttle up to the top on ‘Legend’

As she recalls the time when things were soul-breaking and tough with success so far away, Carla the Poet shows her true class on the quality new rap single named ‘Legend‘.

Carla the Poet is a monumentally talented Atlanta, Georgia-based indie hip-hop artist, music producer, photographer, poet and mix engineer. She has a superior flow to most, and takes us for a lyrically-charged journey up the flight of stairs to greatness, right up to the VIP box on this superb single.

Let the music speak.” ~ Carla the Poet

With a crystal clear start that bounces in like a classic track you just want to turn up, this is a ready-for-the-win song that has you brushing off the past. You feel the heartache that happened in the past, as this is an Olympic sprint right into the gold medal victory.

Her music touches on many topics such as love, personal growth and conspiracies.” ~ Carla the Poet

Legend‘ from the first-rate Atlanta, Georgia-based indie rapper, poet, music producer, and mix engineer Carla the Poet, is that striking moment which shows you she is ready now. After dusting off the self-doubt and the obstacles that have held her back before, this feels like her time to shine is right in front of our eyes. Reaching the top of the mountain is within her capabilities – as she has that extra desire and stunningly skillful flow – that you are born with.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Can Overcome: Preston Garland reminisces out the dark time when he was alone and ‘Tumbling Down The Hill’

Taken from his quality eleven-track album called ‘Late Start‘, Preston Garland makes up for lost time with a special effort which leaves your mind ‘Tumbling Down The Hill‘.

Soulful alt-rock/pop singer-songwriter, photographer and skilled multi-instrumentalist Preston Garland is a well-traveled Georgia-born, Nashville, Chicago, and now Los Angeles-based underground musician.

After courageously battling his inner demons that almost broke him in half, he found true love with his supportive partner and has a family of fluffy animals, to keep him feeling content with life.

As he got older, his songs got better, but his depression got worse. Years went on, and his debut album seemed farther and farther away as he continued to battle with mental illness. After years of therapy and professional help, he finally put all he had into recording his debut album Late Start at the not-so-young age of 38.” ~ Preston Garland

After spending so much time over-thinking and looking so deeply inside the rabbit hole, he fell in for a while and it was rather rough to say the least. It feels like this terrific track is what he truly needed to break the self imposed shackles, to leave it all behind forever, and to move on happily with his life.

The vocal talent is such a pleasure to witness, the heartily-penned lyrics catches your attention, as there is so much to like in all aspects. He performs with a style that has your head nodding, your mind stimulated by this true picture presented, and he is a wonderfully relevant man. He is a brave warrior who has overcome so much to now be free from the ropes which tied his confidence up, and hid him away inside for too long.

Tumbling Down The Hill‘ from the totally honest and inspiring Los Angeles-based photographer and artist Preston Garland, brings forth all the lessons he has learnt over the years. His life is the ultimate underdog story, a man who could of fallen into the quicksand forever, but stood up like a true hero for all the other anxious souls, and climbed over the doubts to claim his happiness.

Preston Garland has wanted to put out his music since he was very young and this is the moment to let his pent-up expression fly free into the world. Its never too late to follow your dreams.

Hear this new single on his Soundcloud and see more progress in his life and career via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen