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Throwback Classic: California producer Merakai reminds us what true Hip-Hop sounds like on impressive debut track ‘Knighted’ (feat. Skyzoo, Hype and Chinch 33)

After tirelessly working on his debut EP for over a year and a half, Merakai shows us the fruits of this labor intensive process with his top tier first track named ‘Knighted(feat. Skyzoo, Hype and Chinch 33).

Jorge aka Merakai, is a California-based Hip-Hop music producer who cleverly gets a variety of top notch underground artists to join him on his well-produced tracks.

Featuring an all-star lineup and outstanding samples so dope you might need to turn this up even louder, you feel like you have fallen back into the peak 90’s when Hip-Hop seemed to be at its purest form. The ambiance takes you to three-point places – that has you swooshing up with those smartly-penned metaphors – that seem to be missing from most radio playlists for some mystifying reason.

I just dropped my first singe featuring underground legend Skyzoo and up-and-coming rapper Hype. The song is produced by me and features scratches from the talented Chinch 33. The song is a throwback to classic NY underground Boom Bap like DJ Premier, Apollo Brown, etc.” ~ Merakai

Knighted(feat. Skyzoo, Hype and Chinch 33) from the well-respected California-based music producer Merakai, is that upper echelon track that has you bouncing your head like it was the good days. There is so much to love about a world class track with that extra punch, that slides into your atmospheric lens and leaves that sweet taste in your ravenous palate.

This is easily one of the best Hip-Hop tracks you will hear in 2021, as its just filled with that natural flow, classic samples and incredibly tasty production. Just the way we like it right?

Hear this brand new track on Spotify and see more on the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Like My Life: 301 Pacs sees the sneaky vultures circling viciously on ‘Life Jacket’

As he looks down and straps up to pre-empt the collision that is possibly on the way, 301 Pacs smartly thinks ahead to be one step ahead of his evil enemies with the excellent new single ‘Life Jacket‘.

301 Pacs is an underground Maryland, USA-based indie Hip-Hop artist who seems to possess a rare skill on the mic to eloquently portray the picture he is presenting.

There is no unnecessary huff and puff that smokes out the whole story here, the flash is instead swapped with that raw storyteller grind that makes him a true unsung gem that needs to be respected. With a razor-like Gillette sharpness that is ready to bleed at any moment, you feel like this is a Lion waiting for his chance to roar into life when provoked too far.

I started writing raps since I was 13 to cope with depressive episodes.” ~ 301 Pacs

Life Jacket‘ from the Maryland, USA-based indie Hip-Hop solo artist 301 Pacs, is a thoroughly passionate freestyle-type track from a hardcore artist who doesn’t mess around. He has tasted success and sees those hawk-like eyes watching his movements – some so-called friends and others known foes – who are just waiting to bring him down when he show any sort of weakness. This is a true story in a dog-eat-dog type of world that voraciously ready to bite your earnings away from your bowl, when you let your leash get too tight and stumble.

Check out this top echelon track via Soundcloud and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Haven’t Seen You In A While: South Chicago’s Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts take us down their memory lane with ‘Could Use Some Lovin’

After so many band changes and self-inflicted pressure following the release of 2019’s ‘Love & Disruption‘, Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts have gone back to having fun and seem heartily refreshed after that summer sun good vibes feel again with their latest single ‘Could Use Some Lovin‘.

Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts is an indie rock/roots band from South Chicago in the USA. They are one of those nostalgic bands that have your healing heart feeling toasty warm, like those memorable campfires of youth.

The song is about someone being aware of the turn in front of them and just hoping the people that they’ve been friends with can come with.” ~ Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts

With a catchy sound that has you feeling all snug and rather reminiscently thoughtful about previous times that make you laugh, this is that yesteryear track – that has been made for modern day – to remind us to reach out to those true friends you value.

There is so much to like about the compellingly entertaining vocals and overall band grit from Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts, as they put on a real show with the best intentions laid out for us to lather heartily into. This is the type of song that has your happy body moving to the enticing groove – as they sweetly soak us all into a top song – that will be totally timeless due to its true authenticity.

There was so much self-imposed pressure on the last release. With this one, we wanted to just have fun and record songs that we could listen to in twenty years.” ~ Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts

Could Use Some Lovin‘ from the soulful South Chicago underground indie rock/roots legends Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts, is a true story about missing those innocent days and hoping that there are still a few old school friends around to share it all with. As the world seems to move faster, buildings being knocked down and friends drifting away for a better life, this is that lets-enjoy-this-while-it-lasts moment that all of us can truly relate to.

Those memories with good humans are certainly valued forever if you capture them, to never let them go from your heart.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more of their elevation upwards on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Drink By Yourself: Brooklyn rapper Joe Oxide knows where the party is at on ‘Do Or Die’

As he lets his music do the talking rather than talking a good game like most artists in his field, Joe Oxide urges us to go outside again and find the right party where the fun girls are at on ‘Do Or Die‘.

Joe Oxide is a Manhattan-born, Brooklyn-based indie hip-hop artist. He is a highly motivated underground artist who seems to know what he wants and makes that ride-with-me type of vibe, which is perfect for those late night adventures with your crew.

I’ve always been musically inclined since about 3 years old, I’ve always been playing the piano and listening to all different genres of music.” ~ Joe Oxide

With a go-get-it attitude, we feel the rampaging force of his hardcore flow on the mic as he heats up the fragile speakers. This is the type of man who tells things how it is when it matters, not wasting energy on fake talk. His mind sees what he desires and he manifests the results right before us, with a freestyle-like venom to bite through all foolish haters.

Do Or Die‘ from the Brooklyn-based indie rapper Joe Oxide, has a party night feel that has you gravitating to venturing outside again after being stuck inside for way too long. He raps with a gritty energy which has you dancing and having that wild night which you remember from before, staying away from drinking by yourself and feeling sad. This is an artist who tells us the story of going up to that person who you want to be with, and being so honest that they reciprocate your feelings back. Telling someone how you feel, is the only way to truly know if they feel the same way.

Check out his new track on Soundcloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

My City Is A Curse: Raw East St. Louis rapper Mak 9 shows us into the ‘Worst Of The Worst’

As he bravely climbs out of his home hell to make that much-anticipated bread so he can feed the team, Mak 9 takes us into his shell-filled world with the clip-packed new sturdy single ‘Worst Of The Worst‘.

Mak 9 is an underground East St. Louis, Illinois-based indie trap artist. He is a rampaging artist who tells us the stories straight up, through his lens of life which has seen many things he would rather forget.

I am inspired by artist such as Kevin Gates, Da Baby, 2Pac, Lil Baby, Drake, Jelly Roll, Eminem, Migos and many more.” ~ Mak 9

Bringing forth a supremely robust style which has so much strength attached, as he shows us his armory that is stacked with merchandise to help calm the stormy winds if things get a bit hectic. His raps are sturdy and mightily hulking, as the fiery bars slam down hard and with such a ferocious meaning.

Worst Of The Worst‘ from the gritty East St. Louis, Illinois-based trapper Mak 9, is that true story about having the bravery to stick through the tough times. With his tight crew and money-hungry attitude, he has a made a track that is totally raw and with a real heavy style. He brings that hardcore rap to our eyes – and shows us that he is indeed ready for any obstacles – which may come his way in this crazy world.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more of his music on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Higher Place: EDM producer Tangry takes us into the party ‘Zone’

With a fresh sound and an energetic burst of energy to transfix our minds away from current times, Tangry skillfully takes us into his exciting new world with the high-octane new EDM single named ‘Zone‘.

Tangry is a new and mysterious underground EDM producer. He likes to make that striking thunderbolt-to-your-body music that has you feeling a shock-wave of euphoria-packed kind of emotion, flowing stunningly into your hungry veins.

You feel like your starved body is in another planet entirely, as you follow the lead and enrapture yourself into the silky beat which feels like is kindly wrapping your body, into a warm lathering of incredible feelings you have locked away for too long. His easy-to-see skill on the controls is beyond brilliant – as he swiftly takes us a for a party-soaked ride – that has you feeling reinvigorated again.

Zone‘ from the underground music producer Tangry, is an EDM thunderbolt of emotions that swirls into that ravenous mind and take you places you definitely forget existed. The vibe is high paced here and this thunderous track has you thinking many things, including how you wish those massive festivals were open again. That all-empowering freedom on the dance floor with the sweaty buzz from the crowd around you, can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Hear this new single on YouTube and see his movements on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Money Moves: Motivated NYC rapper Mazzarati cashes out each day as he bags the treasure on ‘222’

With a self-assured tone and lots of flashy chains to have him looking so fresh and minted, Mazzarati returns to our attention with the hard-hitting new bank account adding single called ‘222‘.

Mazzarati is an underground indie trap rapper and massive sports fan from New York City. He makes that quick-fire music vibe that shreds through the speakers, and lets you know that he is for real in this fickle game of dice.

This is his take-notice-of-my-skills moment as he is the underdog who is still becoming known – as he raps with smoothly-lit skills – and aces in the lyrics department with a flow that should you have you taking notice. He is all about that cash and doesn’t want any other distractions, as he is all on the zone which has him thinking about those big mansion dreams.

222‘ from the confident New York-based indie trap rapper Mazzarati, is a huge statement of intent from an artist on a mission to get that respect, that he knows he deserves and feels like has been missing. With an assertive style that busts through the doors to show his skills to all – this is a young artist with bags of potential who feels like he is the GOAT already – who hasn’t been crowned yet.

Hear this new swag-laden single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Always Worldwide: Excellent Luton emcee Crazy James impresses yet again on ‘That’s My Life Cuz’

Dropped off the brand new street-mood-lifter ‘Unsigned and Unspoilt Vol 1‘, Crazy James shows us the inner determination needed to get you to where you believe you are destined to be on ‘That’s My Life Cuz‘.

Crazy James is a supremely talented Luton, England-based hip-hop/grime artist. He creates that thoughtfully real music that is taken from his experiences of travelling all over the world, as he puts his heart on the bars of every line that he drops.

After headlining shows at the legendary Luna Lounge, Bear Club, and the O2 Academy, plus releasing his criminally underrated hard-hitting first music video ‘Cautious‘ late in 2019 – this is a top class musician that you need to know if you don’t already – as he is only getting warmed up, despite being one of the underground OG’s in this fickle game.

This album has been 20 years in the making, through all my ups and downs, and over every challenge that was placed in front of me, out of the darkness came this masterpiece.” – Crazy James

This is the honest story about travelling around the world on tour and seeing many things that teach you life-changing lessons, as your hunger only elevates to a new ravenous level. It feels like he is only improving, never resting on his laurels and is only going to rip through the mic each time – as he shows new and old fans – that he is indeed the truth.

That’s My Life Cuz‘ from the highly-respected underground Luton, UK-based hardcore hip-hop/grime artist Crazy James, launches hotly like a massive missile into your curious mind, due to his intense barrage of rampaging bars that slams heavily into your unsuspecting face. This is that juggernaut type of music from a conscious man who has had a tough life – and who never took the easy temptation-riddled way out – that either leads you into those cold chains or six feet under.

This is easily one of the best songs of 2021, so turn it up real loud and embrace the understated brilliance.

Stream this fire new track on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m On Top: Garden Grove rapper Wild Kin wonders why they jumped ship on ‘Lane Switch’

As he ruggedly asks why some of his former friends changed so quickly as they drove away from the plan that was set out before, Wild Kin battles on in the only way he knows how on ‘Lane Switch‘.

Wild Kin is a underground Garden Grove, California-based indie rapper. He makes that ravenously hungry-to-baller-riches type of music, as he is from the slums where you aren’t supposed to get out from, and wants to make sure that he gets away from that life forever.

With a frustrated glance to each side as he looks around with a scowl, he wonders what happened to so many who he thought were real in his life. They vanished like quickly-diluted powder into the washing machine of temptation, never to return again. You feel the fiery anger in his voice as he dusts off their memory into the trash can, vowing to keep his circle tight and full of real soldiers only.

Lane Switch‘ from the street-smart and supremely self-confident Garden Grove, California-based rapper Wild Kin, has him revving up to full speed and sliding swiftly to where he wants to be at. He has an extra edgy style that shows you that he is for real – as he forges his path to greatness in this darkly-lit world – which is crying out for proper role models to teach the youth.

Stream this new rap track on Spotify and check out his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Address My Spirit: Ferociously determined Florida rapper Billy the Kid grinds his way to the top by himself with ‘Reaper’

As he performs with a hard-fought energy which shows that he has had some really tough times in his life, Billy the Kid finds his way through the dark with the edgy new single ‘Reaper‘.

Billy the Kid is a determined Florida-based indie trap artist. He expresses himself through a spellbinding effort here that swarms into your mind and has you thinking so deeply about your own journey in life.

Billy often recounts his experience with societal under-dwellings, exploring the themes of mischief that plagued his upbringing and was the cause for severing both family and personal ties that have left Billy scarred, solemn, and grief-stricken.” ~ Billy the Kid

He feel like he is the total underdog in this game that can swallow you up quickly if you let it, the past haunts him so much but he refuses to lay down and totally give up.  His rap style is supremely underground, as he smashes the fragile windows that were holding him back before, and flow angrily with so much fire in his hungry belly.

Reaper‘ from the Florida-based rapper Billy the Kid, is a tortured soul type of track which shows how he is bravely reaching the top of the mountain, despite what has happened before. He is a striking artist who gives his all on each viciously performed verse, as he raps a whirlwind of power through the speakers to flip your mind upside down. This is a song all about knowing you have had it tough, but have the strength to rise above all else that can blunt your progress upwards, no matter who or what is in your corner.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen