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ORCHAD Interview: Showing us deep inside the SKIN

Turning the volume up Canadian style and taking our hearts into a new galaxy, we sat down with ORCHAD to chat more about their heavy new release SKIN. Keeping it real and showing us the challenges of the current underground alternative scene in their hometown, this is an insightful look into how it started for the exciting Montreal band.

Hello there ORCHAD. Thanks for taking the time to slice it up with us and chat about your electrifying new single, SKIN. Firstly, please tell us who is in the band and how did things all start musically?

ORCHAD: Thanks for having us. We’re ORCHAD, a duo that’s made up of a singer and guitar player. On vocals we got Julian Della, and on guitars we got Justyn Vynn, and it’s been that way since 2018. ORCHAD started as the brainchild of Julian. After struggling to find members to complete a band, he decided to write and release the music on his own. He wanted to ground the music in rock, but be free to write anything he wanted regardless of the genre. He wrote and recorded a 6 song E.P. that ended up being ORCHAD’s first E.P. “Vices & Desires” of which he completely funded. During the recording process for that E.P. Julian called up good friend Justyn to add a few guitar solos to the tracks. Julian had wanted Justyn several times to join him, but he’d stopped playing in bands professionally. Through the process of writing and recording the solos, Julian asked again if Justyn would join, and after being floored by the level of quality with Julian’s songwriting, and his tenacity, he accepted. From there, it’s been both their goals to make you dance, and make your head bang.

Montreal, Canada is your hometown. What was it like growing up and is the local underground music scene thriving currently or not yet?

ORCHAD: Montreal is really an awesome place culturally. There’s no shortage of entertainment in the city, everything from Art shows and displays, comedy festivals & open mics, music events, so many restaurants, the nightlife is incredible. It’s brutally cold in the winter, humid as hell in the summer, and the city streets are always under construction, but we’re incredibly fortunate to be able to live in a city with so much culture, and personality. It really does inspire.

There are two ways to look at the underground music scene. On one hand, the music scenes are thriving in that there are so many acts with so much talent, and so much variety. On the other hand, there isn’t much visibility available to a lot of these acts, there’s not a ton of A&R around, especially for a metropolis like Montreal with such a diverse amount of music coming out of it. There are some very healthy scenes like the Metal scenes, Hip-Hop and Drum & Bass music scenes, but outside of those, there aren’t really any Music blogs, radio stations, etc. that are dedicated to Alternative or Rock music, especially ones that don’t fit neatly into those lines. Something we feel is important for a local scene to really thrive.

Your music seems to blur the line and is completely original. How would you describe your music style to someone who has never heard a song before?

ORCHAD: That’s our Achilles’ Heel. What is our music style? The only way we can describe it is that we make you dance, and make your head bang. It’s Rock N’ Roll with pop sensibilities, but there’s tasteful shred guitar, and electronic elements. We both love Guns N’ Roses, and Led Zeppelin, but we’re also huge fans of The Weekend, and Dua Lipa. We’ve had a hard time attempting to define our sound, and when we’ve asked members of the music industry, fans, family/friends, other artists, and those within the entertainment world, they also draw a blank to who we can compare ourselves to. If we’re to put something down, it’s adventurous Rock N’ Roll/Alternative, or Aggressive Pop!

Please name a few bands or role models who inspire you all to reach greater heights?

ORCHAD: There’s so many, and over the years the main artists we’re inspired by has changed, but right now The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, Fall Out Boy, Palaye Royale, Billie Eilish, LeBrock, Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N’ Roses, Queen, Elton John, David Bowie.

Ok, let’s dig deeper into your new release SKIN. What is the vision behind the track?

ORCHAD: SKIN deals with Toxic Hook-Up Culture, Passion, Non-Commitment, and Resentment. We’ve both had our fair share of these relationships, and we’ve both been active participants and fully aware of it. The song talks about a relationship based solely on sex and nothing more, the passion within it, the repeated cycles of attempting to end it and the eventual resentment of the other person who completely mirrors you who also doesn’t want to love you. The best description we’ve heard is that SKIN is an Anti-love song, that SKIN relates more to modern relationships than a ballad does.

Your debut album is set for release in the summer of 2023. What can new and old fans expect from this upcoming project?

ORCHAD: Expect to bang your head, expect to dance, expect for it to be fun, have some humor, be positive, and cynical, and expect that our sound will not fit into what we’ve already released before. No two ORCHAD songs sound alike, and we’re keeping it that way, but what we’ve got ready excites us so much and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

Last of all, do you have any tours or live shows on the horizon?

ORCHAD: We do! Our next show is on December 17th at Piranha Bar in Montreal, followed by some dates in Ontario in February (dates are still being settled now). From there, we’re still planning!

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Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Grinding In The Winter: Retrokid makes them fall in line on She like (feat. Chakeetab B)

Showing us the gold plated mentality that can take you into a mansion life others will be jealous about, Retrokid leads us into that store where anything is possible to buy because of that previous hard work hustle on She like (feat. Chakeetab B).

Retrokid is an underground Bossier City, Louisiana-based indie hip hop artist who is inspired by the late legends Tupac Shakur and Nipsey Hussle.

Joining forces like a well-oiled team who assists each other rise to the mountaintop, Retrokid and Chakeetab B smile while others sulk and drive us through the smoke and mirrors. Their lyrical awareness is a quality listen as they open the door to success while never looking back.

She like (feat. Chakeetab B) from Bossier City, Louisiana-based indie hip hop artist Retrokid is a supremely well-rapped single about taking charge of your own moves. Showing us that haters will always be upset as they see you stacking that paper up while they sleep in a lazy-filled slumber, this is an anthem for all those working hard.

Ignoring the noise while walking the walk is the smartest thing you can do while the small-minded just talk nonsense.

Turn up this new single on YouTube and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tightening That Box: Mindwrack gasps and flays on the emotionally raw masterpiece showing our Collapse

Gagging on the pain and showing us a cruel killer instinct that is flying around our brutal world, Mindwrack reveals that haunting moment when the eyes turn red while the whole inferno-famed world falls over like a monumental Collapse.

Mindwrack is an indie East London, UK-based alternative artist who loves to make that underground outsider music filled with post-rock, hip hop and black metal.

Self produced at home during lockdown, debut EP ‘Orbire’ consists of 6 extremely personal songs that tackle various subjects from loneliness to racism.” ~ Mindwrack

Seizing on the moment and getting us all sweaty with excitement, Mindwrack shall awaken a spirit from within that has been hiding like a lost mummy. There is so much depth here that is rather immense to witness, with a sensationally intense texture that many will either love or hate.

Collapse from East London, UK-based alternative artist Mindwrack is a roaring success that has Lion-like intimidation skills that will have you tearing off the whole bone. Seething hot and never letting us relax for a second, this is a thunderous single that has been made with so much intent.

Loud music is back in a big way. Some might need earplugs for this one.

Listen up on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DK Verano feels like he has just seen a masterpiece on PICTURE PERFECT

With a powerful flow that washes your soul with so much realness in a seemingly burnt out world, DK Verano is on absolute fire with an intense song that has many romantic intentions with PICTURE PERFECT.

DK Verano is a gritty underground hip hop artist who has a potent delivery that will shake your body awake and give you renewed energy to take on any challenge.

Overflowing with a planned out intent to show that he is actually the prince in shining armour, DK Verano impresses highly on his latest offering. Silky smooth and loaded with spark-filled eyes that certainly see the prize, this is an anthem for those who have been feeling rather shy lately.

With a smooth delivery, lyrics that will cause you to listen twice and a self-assured attitude to making sure that he shall lock hands with this new lover, this is a single to be inspired by if you are single currently.

PICTURE PERFECT from underground hip hop artist DK Verano is a formidable track from a riveting talent who is clearly in love. He likes what he sees and wants this relationship to go into the next stage of pure bliss, that will wipe all his worries away forever.

Sometimes you just know instantly when you see that perfect soul.

Boost your mood on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hey You Kids! grows sick of the dirty lies on Cure for the Common Cold

Taken from the brand new 10-track album that might cause you to listen twice, Hey You Kids! hopes that the horrid hex won’t follow him any further on the solo-cruisin’ new single Cure for the Common Cold.

Created by Per Kristoffer Hoffman, Hey You Kids! is a supremely well-oiled Brooklyn, USA-based alternative music collaboration who always has some of the best underground artists around.

Features musicians who have performed and recorded with artists ranging from Jeff Buckley, St. Vincent, Chris Cornell, Television, Joe Jackson, Freedy Johnston and more.” ~ Hey You Kids! 

After trying to make something work romantically on June 2022’s Now and Then, Hey You Kids! demonstrates to the kids how it’s done on Cure for the Common Cold. Showing expert guile, scintillating skill and pure precision this is a perfect example of how a proper track is cultivated. Brimming with smokey honesty, there is so much to appreciate about a release that has that genuine soul intertwined inside each fabric.

Cure for the Common Cold was written in the heart of the pandemic in NYC, as I lived across the street from a freezer filled with bodies waiting to be buried. Little did I know that some of my own family members would be in that freezer at some point.” ~ Hey You Kids! 

Cure for the Common Cold from Brooklyn, USA-based alternative act Hey You Kids! is a quite fantastic new single that will take you into a passion-fueled moment in your life you can’t ever forget. Realizing that if you want to win at life, you have to go for it, this is a quest to rid yourself of all previous darkness without fuss.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jarrett Beeler shows us into the divine life of the party with Hurricane

Taken off his brilliant 10-track album called The Easy Way, Jarrett Beeler tells us the legend about the one who drank rather untidily on the bar-filled new single all about that loveable human who did things her own way on Hurricane.

Jarrett Beeler is an indie rock n roll artist with a difference who certainly does not need the approval of the masses to keep this journey alive.

While his friends were flocking to their local music stores to exchange their Vanilla Ice records for Nevermind, Beeler was busy cursing Classic Rock radio DJs for talking over the endings of the Neil Young, Elvis Costello, and Beatles tunes he was trying to commit to tape.” ~ Jarrett Beeler

Produced by Jarrett Randazzo, Jarrett Beeler performs with so much gusto that flows through into our veins with a passionate abandon. This is a proper song here, stuffed with real-life issues and romances, a dynamic texture wrapped inside, with inviting vocals from someone who has actually felt this hugely memorable moment before.

Hurricane from the underground indie rock solo singer-songwriter Jarrett Beeler is a cinematically expressive single from a massively underrated performer who sings from the heart. Featuring an authentic story that many will recognize and hold on tightly to despite the broken hearts, this is a delightful effort that might be stuck in your head all day.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Doc Rhombus worries about the next step in this cruel world with ‘I’m Afraid’

Taken off the upcoming 2nd album and 9-track sizzler to listen on full volume with called RetroactionsDoc Rhombus sends our soothed palates into overdrive via the new single that tells the truth throughout on I’m Afraid.

Doc Rhombus is a Minneapolis, USA-based indie solo singer-songwriter and music producer who makes that raw sound that opens up your eyes to what the truth is.

Moved to Minneapolis in April 2020 amidst rising COVID rates and intensifying political turmoil. He turned to music as a primary mode of expression, employing novel songwriting and production techniques as a means to cope with mental health issues and make sense of what’s happening in our country.” ~ Doc Rhombus

Worrying about no answer that call to ask for help is made, Doc Rhombus reminds us to click into action right now to better the moment before everything falls forever. With a head-nodding experience on the cards, this is a sharp single to get excited about, as there is real confidence brewing through our thrilled speakers.

Every note, harmony, layer, beat, and sound on Retroactions is a direct extension of this artistic process, channeled during late-night sessions in Doc Rhombus’ home studio between summer of 2020 and spring of 2022.” ~ Doc Rhombus

The seriously good new single I’m Afraid from the always-evolving Minneapolis, USA-based solo Doc Rhombus is a real thunderbolt that will take you to an honest spot in your soul which needs to keep it authentic right now. Brimming with a reflective glow that shall immerse your whole heart, this is a hugely contemplative anthem for anyone who needs some guidance throughout this rather odd time of upheaval.

Listen up loud on Spotify and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Donnie Vibe$ knows he needs that vacation quickly on ‘Tropic’

Guiding us to that refreshing swimming pool that is right next to a soothing jacuzzi, Donnie Vibe$ aims to avoid those old flames and keep the heat off him today on ‘Tropic‘.

Donnie Vibe$ is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie Hip hop/RnB artist who makes a smoothly toned type of music experience that will get you nodding your head rather splendidly.

Inspired by the underground rap sound and influential figures such as Isaiah Rashad and J. Cole.” ~ Donnie Vibe$

With a cool-as-can-be mentality, shades on just right and displaying a tight flow that shall stop you in your tracks, Donnie Vibe$ is a shining light on what the world needs right now after a few years of unnecessary stress.

Donnie began his foray into music in 2017.” ~ Donnie Vibe$

Tropic‘ from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie Hip hop/RnB artist Donnie Vibe$ is a track that will please those who love punch-packed beats and proper lines that shall blush your face with joy. He sends us into a summer daze with a fully loaded, blaze-filled track that shows us that sometimes we need to get away, to lose the memories of those old lovers and stay in the present.

The only way to stay in tune is to keep that mind healthy and get that break in when you need it.

Check out this new vibe on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London rock band Quiet Tongues emerge from the hidden shadows with their debut ‘Ennui’

Inspired by Queens of the Stone Age, FOALS and Tame Impala, Quiet Tongues show us their entertaining brand of brilliance with a superb debut single to remember called ‘Ennui‘.

Quiet Tongues is a South London, UK-based indie rock band who was formally mysterious and has been building up a loyal following on the underground scene.

Formed in 2018 under the name Modra Luna, the quartet spent the coming years circuiting the London music scene, playing venues such as Oslo Hackney, The Finsbury, Notting Hill Arts Club and Nambucca. The band took the chance presented by the enforced break in 2020 to set a new direction and rebrand.” ~ Quiet Tongues

With their next foot-stomping single and fan favourite ‘This Water is Wet‘ due for release later on this year, Quiet Tongues enchant all of our senses and deliver an insightful single with sumptuous aplomb.

Ennui‘ from South London, UK-based indie rock band Quiet Tongues is a dynamically charged track made with that extra edge that makes them an outfit to play loud and with pride. They sizzle the airwaves like professional chefs ready for action and bring us a debut single to truly remember because of its thrilling ambience.

Check out this exciting new music video on YouTube and see more of the lads on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lafayette rockers Night Revival spin our heads around with their latest track to jam with in the ‘Green Room’

Dropping their 2nd single that comes after the underground success of their debut ‘Cloud City‘ from 2021, Night Revival is at their exciting best while showing us deep inside the ‘Green Room‘.

Night Revival is a Lafayette, Louisiana-based indie rock outfit who brings forth their bad boy edge and might remind you of a band your concerned parents warned you to stay away from.

You may not know the whole story, but rumor is, Night Revival is the band you love to hate.” ~ Night Revival

After initially being thwarted by the evil confides of this soul-sucking pandemic, Night Revival never gave up and clearly show that impressive hunger to be known globally with passionate aplomb. The vocals stretch your ears rather expertly and with a barrage of impressive guitar riffs to pour another with, this is a sizzling track that might give you a hangover tomorrow.

A major part of Night Revival’s development of sound was the addition of the lead guitarist, Logan Swift. As they soon realized the sound they were looking for, and continued their journey in the wave of alternative indie rock, only one thing was missing, a bass player. After an almost never ending search, Sean LaSalle became their saxophone turned bass player, bringing the funk to what they’ve begun.” ~ Night Revival

Green Room‘ from Lafayette, Louisiana-based indie rock band Night Revival is one of those songs you turn on loud and take your shirt off with. They shake the speakers and lead us into this late night picture of intrigue that will send you back to early Red Hot Chili Peppers days. The tightly knit crew deliver an explosive gem to gel your hair with, as they get us ready for the evening adventures ahead.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen