Second Guess: Whirlin’ Jack Dervy teaches us about the rising tide on ‘Bad Trip a.k.a Existential Blues’

With his EP scheduled for January 2022, Whirlin’ Jack Dervy teases gently us with a new single that he is truly proud of and is so delighted to lead us into this honest story about that ‘Bad Trip a.k.a Existential Blues‘.

Whirlin’ Jack Dervy is a Rochester, New York-based indie folk/rock solo singer-songwriter and band member of The Wily Tycoons.

After deciding that this special track needed that extra sauce layered inside, we find a musician who is so thrilled that his creation has come to life with a professional touch from a studio that understood his vision completely.

I’m actually really proud of it.. it’s honestly the best song/recording that I’ve made so far. And I say that with absolute confidence.” ~ Whirlin’ Jack Dervy

As he entertains us with his intricate guitar playing and honest lyrics that might bring a smile to your face, Whirlin’ Jack Dervy takes a big sip and leads us into this well-made single that has you feeling like you are listening to a proper storyteller who hasn’t reached his prime yet.

Bad Trip a.k.a Existential Blues‘ from the soulful Rochester, New York-based indie folk/rock solo artist Whirlin’ Jack Dervy, is a fantastic story made by somebody who has truly lived. He shows us how that night can change for the worse when you hit that mental roadblock that can hide your mind away, as you need someone close you guide you to safety away from the storms that can blow you over off your feet.

Made with a gritty feel, this is the perfect late-evening track over a campfire as you spend time with those who truly understand your vision.

Hear this smokey new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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