Edith Lane Reinvents 90s No Wave Alt-Rock with Latest Single “Polaroid”


No Wave fans will definitely want to turn their attention to the latest release “Polaroid” from up and coming Alt Rock artist Edith Lane.

Sharing the same alluringly antagonistic energy as the likes of the Pixies and Jane’s Addiction with the same sonic riffs and bity vocals it’s hard not to fall into the caustic track from the first verse and be pulled along by the volatility of the instrumental tide.

You may find more chaos than concordance in Polaroid, but if you look for that malevolence in music, you’ll find a new aural home in the Melbourne-based 5 piece powerhouse’s latest single.

Even at 7 minutes long, Polaroid still doesn’t feel like an endurance test, the constant and unpredictable progressions in the soundscape will ensure that you don’t get a moment of complacency.

You can check out Edith Lane’s single Polaroid for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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