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Got My Family: Atlanta native SM Tone shows us what is really important with ‘Soufside Baby’

Powered by his own Souf Inner Circle, SM Tone shows us life where he sits on the vibe-conscious new single that is full of life and truthfully delivered words called ‘Soufside Baby‘.

Antonio Finley aka SM Tone, is an Atlanta, Georgia-based rapper and music executive. He also bravely assists other local artists and industry figures with their careers. Its all about helping those true souls where he is from.

Today, he works with multiple artist, producers, photographers, & graphic designers, assisting them with marketing strategies, resources, information and opportunities that aren’t available in mainstream media. His vision is to show the world that no matter the circumstances, when you truly believe in your dream and invest in yourself, that anything is possible.” – SM Tone

With a mellow cruise video to boot, we see a self-aware artist give his all on a striking track that is meant to be enjoyable and appreciated by those he truly get it. There is no fake swag here, only real lyrics about how things have been hard whilst growing up – with lots of lives lost – but he knows that family is all that he really needs to survive.

Soufside Baby‘ from the much-respected Atlanta, Georgia-based rapper and music consultant SM Tone, shows us the ways of the streets and what is really worth thinking about. With so much noise and empty braggadocios energy going down, this is the perfect tonic to ice out those sentiments as you know that this is always keeping it real. You feel his authentically wise nature breeze through into your speaker and just know that nothing is going to change him, as he knows what is really important.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more via IG.

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Ride Along: Blxck Dred sparks up that 420 and takes us for a smokey journey on ‘Cadillac Kid’

Taken off the recently-dropped ten-track rap album called ‘Black Wolf: Blue Moon‘, Blxck Dred swerves in quickly with a fine new single all about taking that blunt-filled ride with the love of his life on ‘Cadillac Kid‘.

Blxck Dred is a vibin’ indie hip-hop artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He makes that street-hop style of music and keeps it fresh with enjoyable music you can chill with and has a party element to it always.

An Immortal half god, half weakling who unleashes powerful lyrics and metaphors as if whispering into the wind.” – Blxck Dred

He raps easily with such a mellow style which is supremely likable and is meshed so nicely with her sweet voice on the catchy chorus. The calming beat has you tapping your happy feet and getting into the next gear to follow your dreams with someone who truly gets you.

Cadillac Kid‘ from Atlanta rapper Blxck Dred, opens the door to a relaxed state of mind that has you winding down the window and taking in the sights while sparking up. This is that kind of song you play when you are with your lover – and you are both loving each others company – whilst smiling that you are both on the open road together.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

My Intuition: Rising Atlanta-based rapper Detroit YB breaks out the restrictive box with the street banger ‘No Rules’

With a formidable track so hard it will bust a massive hole through your brittle speakers with resolute vengeance, Detroit YB purposefully shows us into his win-now mentality on his inspiring new single ‘No Rules‘.

Detroit YB is a wordplay-filled Detroit-born, Atlanta-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer. He flows ruggedly with a determined venom that bites into the bars — and doesn’t let the grip go with his strong teeth– as he absolutely shreds the mic off into tiny pieces all over the floor.

This is the true story of how you can grow up troubled and with very few helpful role models, as the harsh struggle to suppress your built-up anger is so real and scary. You can however make it if you want it bad enough and are able to stay away from those tempting alleys — which call your name out greedily and with evil intentions — as the blood-suckers desperately want you inside their dastardly clutches, so they can sickeningly control your every thought and move.

The busty beat is full of warrior strength — as this is the haunting message of fighting away your skin-peeling demons — and opening your own doors to the top of the mountain, with that pure hard work and inner instinct to succeed. You feel his pain and cheer him on, his skill set is motivating and tremendously expressed. This is an unflinching man who sees where he needs to go now and will never give up.

No Rules‘ from Atlanta-based rapper and music producer Detroit YB, shows us a focused artist who is playing by his own script now, as he looks to bag that paper and get it stockpiled all over his skillful rhymes. This is that hustle track to lift you off the lazy couch — as you throw away the unhealthy junk food and only aim for the top — with a true raw emcee who is heading down the right road to ever-lasting enlightenment.

That deep-rooted intuition which is hard to explain, will always be your beaming light if you open up your eyes.

Stream this quality new single on Spotify and check out more news via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Better Now Without You: Superb new Atlanta singer Sophia Dashing finds her crown on ‘High Priestess’

As she moves on and feels better for getting her transfixed body away from the unhealthy toxins of a previous relationship, Sophia Dashing is so marvelously classy on her visuals for ‘High Priestess‘.

Sophia Dashing is new and exciting indie-pop/ RnB singer-songwriter, humanitarian and dancer, born in busy Atlanta, Georgia. She sings with that extra fire in her belly, as she helps us learn from past experiences and how to overcome anything standing in your way, from reaching your destined goals that are there if you really want them.

The song is a self-discovery, self-love anthem following the journey of choosing yourself after a breakup. A High Priestess is someone who listens to their intuition and has all of the answers inside of them. It’s a positive, self-reflective anthem that also touches on spirituality. ” – Sophia Dashing

After singing in local choirs since she was just six years old and dancing at a professional level since just eight, you feel that being a world class musician was destined for this fabulous young artist. She shows so much grace and kindness throughout, as you get lost easily into her stunning vocals which takes you quickly to a better place.

She sings with such pureness and Queen-like elegance, each note is so meaningful and you can’t help but get wrapped closely into her honest lyrics, that has you believing you can get indeed away from something you know is bad for you.

The catchy beat is perfect for her smooth voice and you feel her dreamy style lathered all over your soul, as your body shivers and you turn the volume all the way up.

High Priestess’ from the wonderful Atlanta singer-songwriter Sophia Dashing, races quickly in your mind and jump-starts any feelings you have, to rev them up so you feel that heart-stopping love again. Breakups are terribly traumatic experiences that can dampen your mood but must not last forever, as you have so much to learn and do in this fickle world. This is the ultimate replenish single, which is an inspiration to anyone feeling down.

Rising up and realizing you are actually stronger now, is the only way to boost your mindset onto better days.

See this pop anthem on YouTube and find out more about her rise up to the top on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fixing The Peace: A Broken System sparks up our busy minds with the beautiful electronic debut ‘Lens Flare’

Flowing into nature like a cute butterfly looking for some peace and quiet from this crazy world, A Broken System drops the peaceful debut that will have you feeling positive and fresh called ‘Lens Flare‘.

A Broken System is a creative Mankato, Minnesota-born, Atlanta, Georgia-based electronic producer. He mixes ambient, hip hop, and synth rock into his quality music, to make a tasty pot of intriguing soundscapes for our ravenous ears to enjoy.

You feel the mellow vibe washing all over your body here and the chilled beat has so much loving care attached, as it flickers brightly and shows you where the spark in the world really is at.

This is that type of song that has you putting your pen down, shutting your mind off from the noise outside. This gets you back to a calmer place away from the messy waters of the world, that can keep you from breathing in the world’s stunning nature.

Lens Flare‘ from the focused Minnesota-born electronic producer A Broken System, swirls in rapidly like a gusting waterfall, to bring you back to where you need to be on land. This is such a cleverly created song that shows us the massive potential of an emerging producer, who clearly has all the sauce needed to produce that tasty mixture for our hungry souls.

Stream this new sweet-sounding track on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

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Shake Off The Race: Sarah Rae reminds us that its okay to be a ‘Blooming Mess’

After falling hopelessly in love with her euphoric single to help us gain that elusive inner acceptance in March called ‘Dancing In The Sun, Sarah Rae returns with a freshly salted new song which will have you smiling all over with ‘Blooming Mess‘.

Sarah Rae is a classically trained Atlanta, Georgia-based indie post-punk/dream-pop singer-songwriter, comedian, actress and pianist. She makes that embracing music which has your ears firmly listening intently, as her authentic style has you in awe of her total originality.

”The music behind Sarah Rae is driven by a plethora of sounds combining dream pop, nerve pop, and pop punk to create soulful music, with clarity that brings you both dissonance, and harmony. She seeks to balance both the ability to breathe life in to the listener with major progression, but also make them think with downward dissonance to create a clash the truly strikes your nerve.” – Sarah Rae

Featuring supremely energetic guitars, that happily swarms your ears with a very deep baseline — and fascinatingly muffled vocals that has you turning the volume up so high your tender ears shake — this is a quick-fire song to remember for so many reasons.

Blooming Mess‘ from the care-free cat-whisperer and wildly talented singer-songwriter Sarah Rae is a quality listen. She leads us eagerly into a world that has opened back up again, as her punk band days are still alive and well on this terrific track.

Stream this new easy-on-the-ear single via Spotify and see her life’s adventures on IG.

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Had To Survive: Atlanta rapper Ant earns that street ‘Respect’ (feat. MJ)

As he flows hard with such inner determination and rising confidence raining down on each busty bar, Ant strongly shows us what he has been working at achieving with the bass-heavy ‘Respect(feat. MJ).

Blake Chubb aka Ant, is a thriving Georgia, Atlanta-based indie hip-hop who started rapping when he was just eleven years old. He cleverly uses his wisely gained experience to totally enthrall the listener with gritty stories about live growing up, and what you have to do to survive and thrive.

With the impressively fierce and lyrical dominant Brownsville dynamo MJ on this track, these two skilled emcee’s connect like electricity bolted together when there is a lightning storm outside, as their raps are straight to the point like a double sided knife and full of cutting edge vigor.

This is the movie-like story of finding a way to get it done no matter what, as the mic gets hot with two rappers on a real tear and in the mood to get paid right now. The ominous beat draws you in like a finely tuned pencil, as they write their names up there with the legendary artists who are known to who really matters. The real fans.

Respect(feat. MJ) from the top notch underground Georgia hip-hop artist Ant, shows us that you can indeed earn what you deserve, but only if you are willing to consistently put the work in day after day. This is that street-hop cruise music that is hot on the streets — as they rampage willingly in with a track that shows you straight up — what is needed to eat like a King, in this crazy world full of devious characters, lurking everywhere to stop you from succeeding.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see the FB for more news.

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My Honey: Salyse roars delightfully on inspiring debut track ‘Babygirl’

When true role models are so hard to find these days, Salyse shows the ladies that they need to back themselves into following their dreams on ‘Babygirl‘.

Simone Alyse Senibaldi aka Salyse, is an exciting Everett, Boston-born, Motown and Disco-inspired, musical theater-trained indie RnB/Soul singer-songwriter based in Atlanta, Georgia.

She has a clear vest for life, genuinely kind heart and loves and making that soulful music, which is made with true intentions to help others and intended to make everyone happy no matter what they are going through personally.

Babygirl” is about loving, embracing, and celebrating every part of yourself.” – Salyse

Her voice reach far into your mind, as she takes you to a place that you have needed to be for a while. The world is a harsh place, with so much unnecessary hatred and divisiveness — but in-between those dingy alleys — there is a way to stay happy and this song represents that. Being kind to yourself and trying to be better each day — no matter your flaws — is the only path you need to take, to find that true road of enlightenment.

Babygirl‘ from the fast-emerging Atlanta singer-songwriter and wonderfully artistic creative Salyse, leads us into this sweet story about knowing what you what, being true to yourself and going for your goals, no matter how hard they seem currently. This is the type of message that needs to be heard far and wide, as it is awe-inspiring and brings you a warm feeling inside.

Hear the lovely audio on YouTube and follow her social moves on IG.

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Breaking Free: Atlanta singer Jennifer Jess shows that she is ready to make moves on ‘I Got Me’

After being inspired by her Mom who used to sing around the house, Jennifer Jess has made music her true focus and returns with the self-starter anthem called ‘I Got Me‘.

Jennifer Jess is an Arlington, Virginia-born, Atlanta, Georgia-raised, indie pop singer-songwriter with an urge to grow each day, as she sings with a glorious vocal ability that is crisp and such an ear-catching delight to immerse eagerly into.

“When I get ready to write a song, I try and pull up all of the feelings and emotions I have kept deep down inside for awhile. I give them a moment of release, and that’s when I put my pen to paper.”- Jennifer Jess

This is the story of that build up to this moment, the road has been long and there have been many sleepless nights. She doubted herself for a while but for no longer, her belief is so easy to see during her terrific vocal performance here.

The beat is catchy and sweet, you find yourself wanting her to succeed as she seems to have that genuine energy and desire to succeed.

I Got Me‘ from the spectacular talent of Georgia’s Jennifer Jess, is a wonderful single that captures the imagination and mood of an extremely focused woman who found herself and is ready to express her story to the world. After being inside for too long, she wants to makes moves and has that special glint in her eyes that proves her words correct.

When you are ready, you just know deep inside that its time to shine.

Head through to see this vibrant video on her YouTube and follow her IG for more.

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You Want More: San Diego-based multi-talented My Dear Wendy strives for her own path on ‘Head Against The Wall’

Taken off her heartfelt release about the deep connection and the importance of communication with family called ‘The Apple Falls Far (Part 1),’ My Dear Wendy sings with such soul on the new single called ‘Head Against The Wall‘.

Amanda Gunnels aka My Dear Wendy, is an incredibly talented and well-traveled San Diego-based classically trained pianist, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and engineer, who is incredibly equally comfortable and skilled on bass guitar, acoustic guitar and drums.

This is the true life moment that so many of us have to deal with sometimes. You have been moved into a forced path for so long whilst growing up, however as you grow a bit older you feel like this is in fact not the road that you wish to drive down at all. The confusion is strong at first as you deal with this striking feeling due to the pressure to be who you were supposed to be, as you hope that you will receive the support in following your dreams, no matter if your family doesn’t feel the same way.

”After moving to Los Angeles and attending Musician’s Institute, Amanda decided to upgrade her music and create My Dear Wendy, a songwriting project that continues to be a focus of her musical career.”- My Dear Wendy

You feel her disconnected frustration that has seeped into her mind that wasn’t there before, as the sense of relief pours up her soul again when she walks away. This is the road that she is headed down and it feels right, no matter what anyone else thinks.

She sings with such a delightful tone, her life experience shines through as she brings us an indie song with hints of country, as you sing with her on this is a deeply personal song, that you know means so much to her.

Head Against The Wall’ from the soulful Atlanta-born, San Diego-based multi-talented pianist and singer-songwriter My Dear Wendy, is a splendid single all about standing up for yourself and opening up your own door to finding fulfillment. With Part 2 on its way, this is a song that grabs you courageously by the heart and doesn’t let go.

Stream this beautiful single on Spotify and see more stories on her IG.

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