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Jay Activist led the soul revolution with his hip hop single, Problems, ft. BTF Nate

Glossing his smooth-with-soul rap bars over acoustic guitar strings and acoustic percussion in place of the usual 808s, Jay Activist’s latest single, Problems, featuring BTF Nate, is a revolution in soul.

While romanticism can’t realistically abstract people from all of their problems, it is blissful to live that fantasy and see Jay Activist expose his determination to better the lives of the people that surround him. This sticky sweet yet sleek track puts weight behind the 20-year-old rapper’s claim that he’s the breath of fresh air that the rap scene needs.

The Atlanta-based luminary that pulls on his Caribbean roots always delivers his lyrics straight from the heart instead of pulling from the lost and found box of cliché rap tropes. We can’t wait to hear what the affable originator pulls out of the pipeline next.

Check out the official music video to Problems on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: Alejandra sells sonic sanctuary in her ethereal RnB house single, the people look like flowers (at last)

Inspired by identity issues imposed by her Mexican-American heritage, the Atlanta, Georgia-blossoming artist, Alejandra is here to affirm that identity is a construct and prove the collective power in raising our individual vibrations.

Her third single, the people look like flowers (at last), dropped on November 11th to create a safe and sensuous space for her listeners to explore their identities while basking in the soul that radiates from the feat of ethereal house. After an almost ambient Avant-Garde intro, the lush layers kick into downbeat house grooves while Alejandra lays her arrestingly dreamy vocal lines over the mellifluous melodies that effortlessly transplant you into a more peaceful state of mind.

“This is the latest instalment in my genre-bending discography, which aims to bridge communities together through the perspectives of a bicultural lens. The song is a lush, ethereal house track that explores the interconnectedness of this world and the power that can be harnessed through raising individual vibration.

The song uplifts the listener in love and freedom by curating a dream world for people to experience the sensations of the divine forces circulating through their physical environments. The track infuses disco, soul house, chillwave, hip hop and RnB to deliver a meditative blend that invites the listener to dance, play, and breathe deeply.”

Her commitment to reversing polarity while exploring the complexities of identity with her already awe-inspiring body of work is a sure sign of even greater things to come from the socially aware icon in the making.

Listen to the people look like flowers (at last) on Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Loud For This One: 9dreamz drops speedy new sizzler to chomp on called TURNT

Dancing with the ladies and getting the party started with a jagged beat that might shred your skin, 9dreamz throws the hands up and gets things all TURNT.

9dreamz is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie emo hip hop artist who started his career when he was just 18 years old and hasn’t looked back since.

Arched back and ready to take us on a ride filled with memorable lyrics and a catchy persona, 9dreamz is ready for anything and is taking things up a notch. Searing with heat and pulsating the eardrums is the order of the day, on a soundtrack to when you feel invincible from any bullets flying.

TURNT from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie emo hip hop artist 9dreamz is a storming song that might set off a few car alarms. Packed with a self-assured attitude that will probably take him far, this is the kind of single that will set the mood alight with that extra match and get you feeling like anything is possible.

Life is about turning up the temperature when you know it’s time.

Listen up on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

See Through Her Disguise: Atlanta rock artist Devin Shamel knows that she is on Fire

Intuitively knowing that he should tread carefully before getting burnt too deep into her flirtatious eyes, Devin Shamel turns up the temperature with a sizzling song when you know you have met someone who will keep you on your toes on Fire.

Devin Shamel is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who shreds the strings with each performance that is rather spellbinding.

I want to be proud of the music I’ve made when I look back on it. Making Pop or R&B music was the trendy thing to do, but didn’t feel right for me. Playing the Blues and Rock music felt authentic for who I am as a person. It makes me proud to share my work,” ~ Devin says in regards to switching genres

Flowing with so much Jimi Hendrix-like brilliance and genuine class, Devin Shamel might be one of the most exciting artists you probably haven’t heard of yet until now. He is excellent beyond belief, showing that a genre change is worth it if these are the results.

Fire from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Devin Shamel is a rocket fueled track when you know you are in the crosshairs of something tantalizing but dangerous. Projected with a magnificent blend of intrigue, you will feel a sense of relief after listening to this.

Proper music with authenticity is certainly still alive.

Listen up to this groovy song on SoundCloud and check out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Andrea & Mud are a rocksteady cinematic vision in their honkytonk classic country single, A World Just You and Me

Slip away from the 21st century with the honkytonk classic country single, A World Just You and Me, by the alchemically alluring Atlanta-based duo Andrea & Mud.

With Setzer-esque winding guitars which resound around the custom-crafted surf-western motifs between trickling piano keys and percussion that was crafted to jive to, A World Just You and Me is a rocksteady cinematic vision which transcends nostalgia by moving into the future of retro.

While Andrea Colburn vocally brings the grace and beguile, Kyle ‘Mud’ Moseley’s baritone vocal soul aches with sincerity, despite the playful tone of the romantically spurred lyrics.

A World Just You and Me will be available to stream and download from September 13th. Catch it on Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rough Times: Nolan Stich can barely see himself in the cracked mirror on Stress Fracture

Returning after his previous well-loved single Don’t Leave, Nolan Stich feels so cold right now as he misses that incredible lover from the past who he thinks of constantly on the emotional roller coaster called Stress Fracture.

Nolan Stich is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie pop singer-songwriter who makes that memorable music that is always honest and vocally pleasing.

Feeling cold and lonely as he reminisces fondly about when he was holding hands with an outstanding human, Nolan Stich recalls that relationship and sings with a passion that is so rare to find these days. His vocals are honest and pure, his memory reflective, as he longs for just another kiss.

Stress Fracture from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie pop singer-songwriter Nolan Stich is an I-miss-you-too-much single for anyone who feels so empty right now. Wishing that the phone would ring as his desolate heart feels so flat and sad, as he wonders if he should take another sip or just go to bed.

When you were with someone so special and they left you behind, it’s so hard not to blame yourself.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Melo RoZe takes care of business like a genuine boss on ‘Like Dat’

Working exclusively with respected producer Chrispy Beats on her new project, Melo RoZe shows us she is ready for anything as she drops probably the hottest single you will hear today with statement single on ‘Like Dat‘.

Melo RoZe is an Atlanta, Georgia-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based indie RnB singer-songwriter and all-round superhero who is always elevating her skill set.

She creates music that makes her fans get in-touch with their feelings, confront their haters, build their confidence, and have fun listening to her vibes.” ~ Melo RoZe

Making you ease into her growing collection with gleeful excitement, it feels like Melo RoZe has found her ideal focus and excels with a timeless classic that Ashanti would be proud of.

With her first EP, ‘Melomaniac‘ on the way in a few months, the growing entrepreneur Melo RoZe is possibly her best single yet and shows us a vocal control that shakes your laryngitis with a tingly gem to never forget.

Like Dat‘ from Nashville, Tennessee-based indie RnB singer-songwriter Melo RoZe presents to us a young woman who is on the rise and shows us why her music is the voice of a new summer. Showing us how she gracefully sings from the heart always and backs it up with that hard work needed to build the empire, her ambitious authentically seems to lather on your earlobes and is a dynamic experience to raise your game with.

Tune into the future with her Spotify release and float into her world on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LU reminds us about the point of genuine connection with ‘Love Be Tha Key’

Taken off his 14-track album called ‘Keep It Simple(a ukulele joint), LU urge us to join as one and to avoid the noise that can make you give up so easily if you let it break your soul in half on ‘Love Be Tha Key‘.

LU is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie alternative hip hop music producer, composer, singer-songwriter and rapper who makes those catchy tunes your whole family can enjoy.

Something to help you enjoy your summer! Every track contains ukulele.” ~ LU

Sending us into a more thoughtful place than before, LU shows us his elevated mindset that has a striking appeal for anyone who likes it conscious to the max. With a pure production that will vibrate through your veins and vocals that shall wake you up, this is a superb song that urges unity.

Love Be Tha Key‘ from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie music producer, composer, singer-songwriter and rapper LU leads the way in showing us exactly what humankind needs to focus on when there is so much noise around. Urges us to stop being so desperate and to join as one to solve all the issues in the world-this is a track to play and proud-when you need inspiration.

Life should be about connecting as one so that we can make this planet so much better.

Check out this peaceful track on SoundCloud and see his vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Christian Awong really likes what he sees on ‘Already’ (feat. Vacheron)

Showing that he doesn’t mind who is watching the smooth moves, Christian Awong asks for some patience so he can catch up to the romantic vibe via the sensual single to savor, ‘Already(feat. Vacheron).

Christian Awong is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie RnB/pop singer-songwriter who started writing songs when he was young and hasn’t looked back since.

Christian has continued to write, produce, and record everything himself or with his long time artist friends.” ~ Christian Awong

The founder of TamaLove Records returns with a candle lit and loving single to truly heat up with as Christian Awong and Vacheron join forces rather splendidly to help us unwind and keep things simple when the temperature is turned up to scorching hot.

Already(feat. Vacheron) from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie RnB/pop singer-songwriter Christian Awong is a quick-fire track that urges us to get things going when the pressure is on. Sung with a real insight into the moment that ultimately matters, this is a song that two lovers can play together when alone after a night out.

With a pulsating ambience and suggestive language, that many will unpack rather fast, a track with flair is on offer to steam up proceedings.

Listen to this new track on Spotify and see the social movements on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Donnie Vibe$ knows he needs that vacation quickly on ‘Tropic’

Guiding us to that refreshing swimming pool that is right next to a soothing jacuzzi, Donnie Vibe$ aims to avoid those old flames and keep the heat off him today on ‘Tropic‘.

Donnie Vibe$ is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie Hip hop/RnB artist who makes a smoothly toned type of music experience that will get you nodding your head rather splendidly.

Inspired by the underground rap sound and influential figures such as Isaiah Rashad and J. Cole.” ~ Donnie Vibe$

With a cool-as-can-be mentality, shades on just right and displaying a tight flow that shall stop you in your tracks, Donnie Vibe$ is a shining light on what the world needs right now after a few years of unnecessary stress.

Donnie began his foray into music in 2017.” ~ Donnie Vibe$

Tropic‘ from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie Hip hop/RnB artist Donnie Vibe$ is a track that will please those who love punch-packed beats and proper lines that shall blush your face with joy. He sends us into a summer daze with a fully loaded, blaze-filled track that shows us that sometimes we need to get away, to lose the memories of those old lovers and stay in the present.

The only way to stay in tune is to keep that mind healthy and get that break in when you need it.

Check out this new vibe on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen