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K.I.R.K – Elevate: 2PAC Would Be Proud

K.I.R.K promises an Old School Hip Hop revival, and he delivers. K.I.R.K AKA James Kirkendoll is a producer & sound engineer from Atlanta, US. It’s clear that he’s mastered his sound. Now perhaps it would be time to master his style.

The production of the track can’t be faulted, it’s flawless, well rounded and maintains a smooth flow throughout. However, this Hip Hop & Rap artist seems to be more on a journey to match his Hip Hop idols such as 2PAC & Kendrick Lemar rather than really investing in his own brand of music. It lacks the lustre and true lyrical passion. The vocal score almost comes across as apathetic, which is a real shame for this emerging artist.

An artist with such amazing mixing talent has the potential to go far. Elevate is just one of the tracks to come off the Elevation EP which was brought out in July, yet it’s gone down with mixed reviews. It’s one thing to go for the whole Rap legend aesthetic, but if you can’t back it up with a little soul, what’s the point?

Check it out for yourself using the Soundcloud link below:


SB Quan – No More L’s: Lyrical Encores of Apathy

Whilst there is undeniable talent on display by SB Quan in his debut track, it’s painfully evident, that he’s just assimilated the generic styling of Rap & Hip Hop. There’s a dramatic lack in personality, the lyrics skip from abject angst to blazing hate. Which is always a sound that’s in demand, but when do Hip Hop fans get to demand more of their artists.

The repetitive elements in the track make it clear that the vocals are just filling the sound without really contributing to anything. Music should always be plagued by it’s essence, and not just the use of regurgitated lines because they wrap rhythmically around the back beat.

It’s not that this track is without it’s merit. The beat is steady enough to support the flow of nonlinear lyrics providing some intriguing elements in dynamic complexity throughout the duration of this mid-tempo track, that’s hyped up just enough to hit the psyche.

I look forward to hearing new releases from SB Quan, once he’s found his own voice, he’ll be unstoppable.

Check out the debut hit No More L’s on the Spotify link Below:


Wuapo – I just Wanna: Flawlessly Fresh Hip Hop

As first singles go, you can’t fault Wuapo on his flawless new release ‘I Just Wanna’. Fresh off the back of his release, fans are bound to lap up the lavish sound which he has orchestrated with his debut track. What really stands out in his new track is the contrast between the angsty lyrics and his lyrical flow which pertains its own unique rhythm. There’s no grandiosity, or pseudo-macho angst, just sweet lyrical flow.

The Atlanta based rapper has already been dubbed as one as the hottest new rappers to come out of Georgia, and it’s hard not to agree with the sentiment. The mid-tempo track flows with ubiquitous ease to create a resonant sound that flows around his grinding styling which he has encapsulated within a flawless production. It’s an effortless listen. So, for Hip Hop fans that are looking for a more mellow sound, Wuapo wouldn’t go a miss on your minimalist Hip Hop playlists.

I’m sure there will be more to come of the underground rapper as his music makes waves through Georgia, but in the meantime, check out I Just Wanna on Spotify now:

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Shaded Profit – I’m Coming Home: Hip Hop At Its Cuddliest

Shaded Profit dropped his new track I’m Coming Home just 10 days ago. This Hip Hop & Rap was well influenced by his home town on the Bronx. He’s no Baller attempting to adopt some grandiose Gin and Juice persona. No, the talented solo artists music is influenced by his awkward experiences as a child as he struggled with his self-proclaimed Nerd persona. To be honest it was just nice to hear a rap artist that had respect for women.

To put it lightly Shaded Profit is adorable and so is his sound which mixes contemporary pop with lyrics that are actually a pleasure to listen to that offer endless introspective poetry. I’m Coming Home is dedicated to the men and women in the Armed Forces, it’s probably the best Hip Hop track of it’s genre since Eminem brought out Toy Soldiers. He takes a tragic subject and puts his lyrics against a traditional upbeat Hip Hop track that take away the gravity of emotion and just immerses you in the music.

If you head on over to Shaded Profit’s website you can download his all of his latest tracks off his Outsider album now!


JustMandell – Found Love: R Kelly Meets Calvin Harris

JustMandell is a Pop and R&B from Atlanta, US whose soulful sound is gaining international momentum thanks to his empyreal voice and command of over his vocal capability. He’s undeniably a man of pure, unpolished talent. He can hit highs just as succinctly as the R&B soul legends such as R Kelly with his booming baritone signature style and write lyrics just as seductive and sensual.

The production styling behind the track is a little bit of a giveaway of Mandell’s ranks in the R&B arena. The beat hits a little higher than my general preference, making for painful moments if you listen to the track at high volume. Sadly, the track is over stuffed with chaotically crass synthetic effects, and the mixing criminally steals the focus from Mandell’s voice through the chorus. With a more ambient sound styling I have no doubt that Mandell’s music could be a massive R&B hit. Which is a real shame as the vocals are absolutely flawless. The pop styling over the production is ultimately it’s down fall. That said, the track still creates for an euphoric and upbeat sound which has massive potential as a dancefloor hit!

Check out Mandell’s track Found Love on the SoundCloud link below!

Keep connected with Mandell via the social media link below:


Rexhits “Yeah I Know” Is Very Seductive

Rexhits really is the sound of east meets west, orient meets Occident, traditional verses contemporary. Having studied music of a more traditional kind as a young man in Shanghai, it was stumbling across the electric guitar which saw his world outlook shift and he set out on a path that would eventually find him with a masters degree from Georgia Tech in one hand and the dream of being an independent artist in the other. Yeah, I know is the first taste of his planned debut album.

Built on a jigsaw of sonic pieces from opposite worlds, the exotic sounds of his youth, his embracing of contemporary music, his studies on two different continents, Yeah, I Know is a slick Indie-pop track. It grooves and pops, it is sassy and seductive, it is the sound of modern club culture, the feel of urban life and the buzz of being alive. More than that, between its more obvious qualities it reveals something of the story of the composer himself.


A&R Factory Present: MYFEVER

MYFEVER is a rock band residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Not that it particularly matters when you hear them. If it did, then it wouldn’t exactly make sense to you that brothers Weston and Garrett Hine have somehow managed to capture an authentic energy of West Coast and marry it to a ‘90s sensibility, all while being from Northwest Florida and still in their mid-twenties.

After ten years of playing music together, the core-member Hine brothers have attentively distilled their love of alt-arena rock into a truly memorable and truly modern expression of the genre.

To compare MYFEVER to a homogenized list of names, with the purpose of winning you over, would be pointless. Their offerings deserve more than a casual stream or well-intended earmark. This is burn-worthy music. Theft-worthy music. The point is, you’ve got a date with MYFEVER, so show up.

See The Light is the band’s debut album, released May 2015, followed by their Twin A couplet in early 2016.

Find out more here


A&R Factory Present: Jean Kelley

A soulful Pop singer/songwriter and highly emotive artist with a resonant voice and diverse cross-genre musical influences, Jean Kelley broke onto the music scene as a breath of fresh air on season 7 of NBC’s The Voice. Following The Voice, Jean was able to rally her fans and raise over $40,000 to fund the production of her debut EP.

Jean Kelley takes influence from her past experiences to pave a new, unique sound for herself while looking to inspire hope and determination with her powerful lyrics. Keep up with Jean Kelley as she plans the release ofher debut EP featuring her empowering single, “Stacking Stones.”