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All in my head: Norwood is outstanding on journey to find that invisible lover on ‘Missing You’

Singing about someone he would like to meet, Norwood is sensational on his new sparkling single that will have you pondering those moments you want to happen on ‘Missing You‘.

Norwood is an exciting Atlanta, Georgia-based indie dance-pop singer-songwriter, vocal coach and actor, who performs with that fulfilling flamboyance, that drives him into your conscious with a thrilling voice, full of soul, that you can’t ever forget.

He sings with such inspiring conviction as he visualizes who he is looking at in their gazing eyes, his stunning voice is toned just right and this seems effortless, each word is passionate and the bouncy dance beat makes this song alive inside your heart.

This is the story about going on that search inside your mind and knowing what you want and never settling for anything less that what you desire.

Missing You‘ from Atlanta’s multi-talented indie singer deluxe, actor and singing teacher Norwood, gives you that feeling of optimism, as you fantasize about being close to that ideal person in your mind, you want to feel their touch but they haven’t entered your world yet.

You have that perfect picture in your mind and when you meet them, you will know within seconds that they are the right person for you. Life is a game and to win the way you want to, walking through many doors before opening the correct one, is the only way to find that ultimate lover.

Hear this catchy track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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She’s cheating on me: J’Da Prynce asks for help from the ‘Operator’ on fiery single

Taken off his seven-track album ‘Welcome to J’da’s World‘, J’Da Prynce leads us into his domestic issue-filled mess during stressful times on ‘Operator‘.

Newark, New Jersey-born, South Carolina-raised Jeremy Johnson aka J’Da Prynce, is a multi-skilled writer, educator, solo indie singer-songwriter and President and CEO of talent agency Applaud You Talent Group who is based in electric Atlanta in Georgia. He powerfully brings forth that passionate r&b-fused music experience, that grabs your tugging heart and takes you for a thrilling ride of high-octane vocals that lifts you off your seat.

He sings with a brilliant vocal range, born from his parents bringing him up with the sounds of the choir, he fills the room with stunning echos that have you impressed by the notes he can throw at you. The experience of being overseas has matured him, the different styles he immersed himself into transformed him further, into being a performer that can do any style of music and pull it off with that world class energy.

Operator‘ from Atlanta’s multi-talented J’Da Prynce, is that diversity-inspired song that drives quickly into your mind, while you think about previous issues in the heat of the moment, that required you to take a step back to find your cool again.

Sometimes you need help from strangers to figure out what is going on, before things get out of hand. If love is really strong, you will find a way to be the bigger person and not let your feelings push you to a level, where there is no coming back from.

Stream this vibrant new single on Spotify and see his music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Doing it for the right reasons: Proper Einstein is here to guide us all on ‘Music Is a Universal Language so I Can Speak to Anybody on Earth Through My Music’

Proper Einstein sings with such free-flowing effortless charm and ear-hugging wonder, via his latest smooth single ‘Music Is a Universal Language so I Can Speak to Anybody on Earth Through My Music’.

Atlanta, Georgia-based R&B/Pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Proper Einstein, is the type of deep soul musician that makes music for the love of the art form and his pure reasons to create magical music that illuminates the sky, is to spread his kind energy to inspire the world. Through music, we can heal from any pain and this is the main objective of this quality and multi-talented artist.

This is about being bright inside your soul and blooming through those manifestations that you have visualized to the universe. With a vibrant voice and a catchy chorus that eases any stress off your tired body, this is a song that makes you feel better and is one you turn up and enjoy. He has the ability to get your feet tapping and your smile wide, as he takes us on a fun groovy ride.

Music Is a Universal Language so I Can Speak to Anybody on Earth Through My Music’ from Georgia native Proper Einstein is a trip down memory lane, when music had so much character and was made with that loving nature.

This is a real performer who wants his creations to be seen and heard all over the globe. With a voice that sparks your attention and with charm for days, he can do anything he sets his mind too if he wants it enough.

Stream the finger-clicking gem on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


When love ends again: SnapDibz release emotion-filled new Hip Hop single ‘Done Believing’

SnapDibz return with a new rap track to get you thinking about starting fresh via the pulsating ‘Done Believing‘.

Atlanta, Georgia-based indie-rap artist SnapDibz, makes that inspiring music that tells real stories about love and life. With an attractive sound that flows through your heart to help you deal with loss or sadness, he has a perfect understanding about what soulful soundscapes should sound like.

This is the real story about how love was fiery and hot but soon sizzled out as she showed her true selfish ways. You had so much love for her but then it was too much to handle, as you want to be with someone genuine and not full of themselves. When you realize that you shouldn’t of been with someone like this, it can take you more time to heal, as you feel like a fool who was poisoned by an evil soul- who just wanted your good energy for themselves.

Done Believing‘ from Hip Hop artist SnapDibz, is a top notch new school track that is full of quality raps that are quick-fire and meaningful. With sultry vocals that add so much heart to proceedings, this is a fine song with a bouncy beat that lifts you up, while also making you feel so reflective from past experiences in love.

That feeling of losing hope about love is so painful and takes a while to get over, until you meet a special soul again so you get that extra heartbeat in your system. Love must always win over sadness after all.

Hear this fine single on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Atlanta R&B singer Diamonn shows us her incredible vocal ability on ‘Blame Me’

Atlanta R&B singer Diamonn shows us her incredible vocal ability on ‘Blame Me‘ and this is such a strong effort from a musician with substance. She certainly delivers on this new single and we need to all take notice.

A recently enrolled student at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, you get the feeling that this young artist is just getting started. She has that quiet confidence which has to be admired. This is a well-brought up young lady, she has class and is creative, her strength is clear to see. She wasn’t accepted at Berklee last year so what did she do? Give up and blame everyone? No, she applied again and won. That is called backing yourself.

You blame yourself for what has happened and are taking the time to have a think about everything. They have a hold over you and you blame yourself for catching feelings, you couldn’t help it. You are now going to be stronger and wiser from this experience.

Blame Me‘ from Diamonn is a bright song, full of fantastic visuals and she shows the world that this is an artist who is here to stay. The Atlanta singer is a shining light in a dark year for the world.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


New emcee’s Marcel Shreik & Tommy Gunn reminisce about life on visuals for ‘Built This City’

Marcel Shreik & Tommy Gunn reminisce about life on ‘Built This City‘ and this is a top visual for their new Hip Hop track.

Terrance Tisby aka Tommy Gunn grew up with his family in Detroit, Michigan. His cousin taught him to rap when he was just 9 years old and from there the music bug big hard. Music has the been the main motivation going forward and now this video announces their arrival globally.

Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, Tommy has joined forces with Marcel Shreik on this 420 livin’ free till you die type of Hip Hop track. This is a statement track that shows that these two are on a mission just to make good music and not worry about what other cats are up to. They know that their music is good and unlike some other crews, their music is not wack.

Marcel Shreik & Tommy Gunn roll in with a top Hip Hop track and the now Atlanta-based artists show their potential on ‘Built This City‘. This is a quality flow and the beat makes this a winner.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Atlanta band Rujen are quite brilliant on reflective single ‘Tarot’

Rujen is a Indie-Psych Rock band from Atlanta and they return with a brilliant new single called ‘Tarot‘.

Tarot‘ from Rujen is an indie-neo-psychedelic rock mixture that makes even the best chef blush, They love to create vibrant, densely layered atmospheres of tones, textures, and introspective vocals that swell, echo, and distort with fierce synergy. This self-proclaimed statement is totally true. Not a band to give themselves too much of a big head, they instead make incredible music with heart.

This is all about not knowing what the future holds and life being a big game. There is thunder and lightning everywhere and you need to be on your toes. It’s your time now and this is about doing what is best to make this music dream happen.

I love the soundtrack here. The production is fantastic and I like the softly delivered vocals that keeps you cool and calm. The song is of such standard that this could be in a movie.

Tarot‘ from Rujen is a standout single full of road-trip wanderings that is encapsulated perfectly by this fine Atlanta band.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Atlanta emcee Emperatriz is edgy and gritty on ‘Special’ feat. Euro Trilll

Emperatriz is edgy and gritty on ‘Special‘ feat. Euro Trilll and this is a train slider that gets you off the tracks and onto good Hip Hop.

Emperatriz & Euro Trilll are both from the vibrant Atlanta area and you can see their skills on this song. The wordplay is of a high level and the lyrics bite you. The production perfectly matches the soundtrack here, the video adds extra style too. Cruising on the train, moving around to get place to place and keeping it real.

This is all about some people who think they are too special for their own boots. You aren’t feeling their vibe at all and wish they would be down to earth and keep it real. Your style is all about spiting straight truth and this is what you base your life around. In this crazy world, this isn’t always possible sometimes unfortunately.

Produced by Sik-wit-Skillz, Emperatriz’sSpecial‘ feat. Euro Trilll is a quality video and track with an edge to it. These two are clearly close and they are perfect together. You can see the love and in their eyes, they have all the special that they want and need.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Head through to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Can’t Fall’ from Atlanta’s 9dreamz is the mellow Hip Hop love song to enjoy

Can’t Fall‘ from 9dreamz is the mellow Hip Hop love song to enjoy with a glass of wine and your lover.

This young Atlanta, Georgia artist impresses here. He likes to make music for the lost souls and dreamers and this is exactly that. A lo-fi song to have an excuse to turn the lights down low, with passionate lyrics to match.

You are falling for her deep but you don’t want to fall in love. You have been hurt before and are scared of getting bitten again. These are worrying but exciting times and the beat showers us with low-lit candles and two humans seeing what is going to happen next. Will you fall hard and get hurt or will this work and make you both happy?

This is a mellow track to enjoy, ‘Can’t Fall‘ from 9dreamz will get you in the mood and make you think about things. With a  chilled beat and thoughtful lyrics, this is a dream of a song.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Head down the rabbit hole with Winter Rae’s new Alt Electropop single “One of Us”

Atlanta-based Pop artist Winter Rae has invited you down the rabbit hole with her latest single “One of Us”. With a touch of archaic experimentalism within the infectiously fresh Alt Electropop mix, you can’t help but be immersed in the ingenuity which boasts quaint nuances of cabaret. Yet, One of Us stands as one of the most stylistic Pop drops of 2020.

“Fuck you but have a good day” may just be my new favourite lyric of all time. Winter Rae’s sound exceeds expectation on every single level. The authenticity, the alluring vocal timbre, the witty sass-dripping attitude in the lyrics, the commitment to ensuring that a song like One of Us has never been on the airwaves before, it’s all there. Watch this space.

You can check out One of Us on all major streaming platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast