Cin the Ciege transports our vibes intergalactally on the quick-fire release, ‘Mugwort’

Bringing us that vital spark-filled energy that lifts our frowns away from downers and into rehabilitating smilers, Cin the Ciege shows us that signature imagination that is a hallmark of this inventive soul with the latest track to give us sensory overload, ‘Mugwort‘.

Cin the Ciege is a Richmond, Virginia-based indie Hip hop artist who is lyrically advanced to most mere mortals and makes that creative blend of ear-hugging music to have you feeling alright again.

A passionate rage burned from my spirit. My soul was cracked. So, I built a defence against such darkness that in turn, I become that very darkness.” ~ Cin the Ciege

Showing us why his music is so highly regarded worldwide and bringing an air of flair that is perfect for bringing the night alive from any previous stale slumber, Cin the Ciege is on top form with a really intriguing single that has your mind travelling to places in the galaxy you thought impossible to reach before.

Mugwort‘ from Richmond, Virginia-based indie Hip hop artist Cin the Ciege, is a sensationally-stimulating release from someone who sends us into a whole new world of imagination. After some small-minded folk thought that this extremely vibrant character was gone forever – he shows that they were wrong – and sends us a sizzling mind-bender to get your body grooving in delight.

Listen in to this new single via Soundcloud and see more exciting socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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