Recycled Recitals – Some Chill Music: Smoothly Stylised Electronica

Some Chill Music by Recycled Recitals

Recycled Recitals pretty much did my job for me with the title of his latest single “Some Chill Music”. But what the title failed to encapsulate was the level of arrestive hype which he managed to infuse in his cathartic beats which carry plenty of visceral energy.

Don’t expect your average electronic arrangement from the Miami-based artist, within the soundscape to Some Chill Music are infectiously feel-good Folk arrangements which brush up against the constant momentum which is laid out through the synths and drum pads. Some Chill Music stands as a testament to the independent artist and producer’s ability to create a mix which offers a cathartic level of immersivity.

If you’re looking for some potently stylised euphoria in the form of downtempo electronica, you can stream and download Some Chill Music by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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