Ella Babicci – Twisted: Rhythmically Raw Throwback Grunge Pop

Hitting play for the first time on Ella Babicci’s debut track Twisted, I could have sworn I was listening to an Angel Olsen single. That’s not to say the Brisbane, Australia based Singer Songwriter doesn’t have her own iconic style. The guitar driven riffs to her latest track Twisted combined with the rhythmically on point drum rolls creates the perfect track instrumentally and vocally setting her apart from pretty much every other contemporary artist in the ever expanding genre. Ella Babicci’s iconic Grunge Pop style is something that is sure to resonate with anyone who gets a little nostalgic about the 90’s. Ella’s angelically raw yet domineering take you on a macabre meandering journey through her psyche, using her pensively penned lyrics to draw you in and the hooks make sure you stay. There’s a distinct Lo Fi reverb over her debut track Twisted that not every fan will appreciate, but for me, it creates a new wave of synergy that draw you even further into the track.

Ella Babicci’s 2018 debut track Twisted is now available to listen to over on Spotify, you’re not going to want to miss it.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



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